Xara Plugin Curation

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This guide assumes you've read the standard Curation Tutorial, which is highly recommended to go through.

Recognizing Xara Plugin

  • Xara Plugin content files use the .web file extension. The website can also mention a program called Xara Webster, which was used to create .web files; this is why Xara Plugin has "W" as its logo.
  • Xara Plugin MIME types are application/vnd.xara and application/x-CorelXARA.
  • Other products from the developer such as CorelXARA (graphical editor), Xara3D and Xara X are not related to the plugin.

Curation Steps

Set the Application Path to FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe and put the xaraplugin prefix in the Launch Command, following the format prefix URL. Xara images can run directly, but the plugin will crash at resolutions higher than 1600x1600. To prevent that, you should embed your image. This is a sample for embedding Xara, where width and height must be lower than 1600 and maintain the image's aspect ratio:

<embed src="image.web" type="application/vnd.xara" width="x" height="y">

Save this as a .html file and set the Lauch Command to the HTML.


If a file downloaded from Wayback Machine displays "Incompatible plugin version", it mainly means that the image was saved incorrectly and there is nothing can be done about it.