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This page aims to display the default logos for all current and upcoming platforms in a higher-density layout. Logo variants can be found at Flashpoint Launcher Logo Packs.

Current platform logos

Current platforms
3D Groove GX Logo.png 3DVIA Player Logo.png 20-20 3D Viewer Logo.png ASAP WebShow Logo.gif AXEL Player Logo.png AboutPeople Logo.png
3D Groove GX 3DVIA Player 20-20 3D Viewer ASAP WebShow AXEL Player AboutPeople
AboutTime Logo.png ActiveX Logo.png Alambik Logo.png Ambulant Logo.png AnimaFlex Logo.png Animated Widgets Logo.png
AboutTime ActiveX Alambik Ambulant AnimaFlex Animated Widgets
Atmosphere Logo.png Authorware Logo.png BioPlayer Logo.png BitPlayer Logo.png Blender Logo.png Burster Logo.png
Atmosphere Authorware bioPlayer BitPlayer Blender Burster
Calendar Quick Logo.png CambridgeSoft ChemDraw Logo.png Common Ground Logo.png Cool 360 Logo.png Cult3D Logo.png D'Fusion Logo.png
Calendar Quick ChemDraw Common Ground Cool 360 Cult3D DFusion
DPGraph Logo.png DX Studio Player Logo.png DeepV Logo.png DevalVR Logo.png DjVu Logo.png E-animator Logo.png
DPGraph DX Studio Player DeepV DevalVR DjVu e-animator
EGI Logo.png EVA Logo.png Envoy Logo.png FIGleaf Inline Logo.png FastBid Logo.png Flash Logo.png
EGI EVA Envoy FIGLeaf FastBid Flash
Flatland Rover Logo.png Flick Logo.png Formula One NET Logo.gif Fractal eXtreme Logo.png Fractal Viewer Logo.png FreeHand Logo.png
Flatland Rover Flick Formula One/NET fractal eXtreme Fractal Viewer FreeHand
GLG Logo.png GoBit Logo.png HTML5 Logo.png Harvard WebShow Logo.png HotSauce Logo.png Hyper-G Logo.png
GLG GoBit HTML5 Harvard WebShow HotSauce Hyper-G
HyperChem Logo.png Hypercosm Logo.png Illuminatus Logo.png IPix Logo.png JCAMP-DX Logo.png Jamagic Logo.png
HyperChem Hypercosm Illuminatus iPix JCAMP-DX Jamagic
Java Logo.png Jutvision Logo.png Lightning Strike Logo.png Live Picture Viewer Logo.png LiveMath Plugin Logo.png MBed Logo.gif
Java Jutvision Lightning Strike Live Picture Viewer LiveMath Plugin mBed
MHSV Logo.png MapGuide Logo.png MegaView Logo.png MrSID Logo.png NAPLPS Logo.png NetWriter Logo.png
MHSV MapGuide MegaView MrSID NAPLPS NetWriter
NoteWorthy Composer Logo.png O2c-Player Logo.png Octree View Logo.png PanoramIX Logo.png Petz Player Logo.png Pixound Logo.png
NoteWorthy Composer o2c Octree View PanoramIX Petz Player Pixound
Play3D Logo.png PointPlus Logo.png PopCap Plugin Logo.png ProtoPlay Logo.png Pulse Logo.png QuickSilver Logo.png
Play3D PointPlus PopCap Plugin ProtoPlay Pulse QuickSilver
REBOL Logo.png RealiView Logo.png SVF Viewer Logo.png SVG Viewer Logo.png Scorch Logo.png ShiVa3D Logo.png
REBOL RealiView SVF Viewer SVG Viewer Scorch ShiVa3D
Shockwave Logo.png Show It! Logo.png Silverlight Logo.png Sizzler Logo.png SmoothMove Panorama Logo.png Squeak Logo.png
Shockwave Show It! Silverlight Sizzler SmoothMove Panorama Squeak
Surround Video Logo.png TWF Viewer Logo.png Tcl Logo.png ThingViewer Logo.png TurnTool Logo.png Unity Logo.png
Surround Video TWF Viewer Tcl ThingViewer TurnTool Unity
VRML Logo.png VReam Logo.png Virtuoso Logo.png Viscape Logo.png Visual WebMap Logo.png Visviva Animation Player Logo.png
VRML VReam Virtuoso Viscape Visual WebMap Visviva
Vitalize Logo.png WebAnimator Logo.png WebGlide Logo.png WebXpresso Logo.png Winds3D Logo.png X3D Logo.png
Vitalize WebAnimator WebGlide WebXpresso Winds3D X3D
XVR Logo.png Xara Plugin Logo.png
XVR Xara Plugin

Upcoming platform logos

Upcoming platforms
Alice Logo.png Astound Web Player Logo.png AudioGraph Logo.png Babyz Player Logo.png Chem3D Logo.png Cyberworld Logo.png
Alice Astound AudioGraph Babyz Player Chem3D Cyberworld Browser
Electrifier Logo.png EMBLAZE Logo.png HTMLTIME Logo.png Mirage Logo.png Neuron Logo.png QuickDraw 3D Logo.jpg
Electrifier EMBLAZE HTML+TIME Mirage Neuron QuickDraw 3D
QuickTime Logo.png SPX-Plugin Logo.png SuperCard Roadster Logo.png Viola Logo.png Web-Active Logo.gif WildTangent Logo.png
QuickTime SPX-Plugin SuperCard Viola Web-Active WildTangent
XVL Player Logo.png
XVL Player

Work-in-progress platform logos

Work-in-progress platforms
Atomic3D Logo.png Chime Logo.png DirectAnimation Logo.png O3D Logo.gif Panda3D Logo.png
Atomic3D Chime DirectAnimation O3D Panda3D

Potential future platform logos

Potential future platforms
3Di Logo.png 3DMLW Logo.png ActiveVRML Logo.png Blink3D Logo.png Brilliant 3D Logo.png BSContact Logo.png
3Di OpenViewer 3DMLW ActiveVRML Blink3D Brilliant 3D BS Contact
Buro Zicht Logo.png Caligari Logo.png Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Logo.png Community Place VRML Logo.png Concerto Logo.png Converse3D Logo.png
buro Zicht Caligari Castle Community Place VRML Concerto Converse3D
Cortona VRML Logo.png Curl Logo.png Day timer Logo.png DigitalSpace Traveler Logo.png Disney Game Player Logo.png EarthTime Logo.png
Cortona VRML Curl Day-Timer DigitalSpace Traveler Disney Game Player EarthTime
Enliven Logo.png EonX Logo.png ERMapper Logo.png ExitReality Logo.png Famous3d Logo.png Flying Carpet Logo.png
Enliven EonX ERMapper ExitReality Famous3d Flying Carpet
Fusionetics Player Logo.png GeoMedia Web Map Logo.png GLView Logo.png Google Native Client Logo.png Grail Logo.png Haptek VirtualFriend Logo.png
Fusionetics Player GeoMedia Web Map GLView Google NaCl Grail Haptek VirtualFriend
HD View Logo.png Hollywood3d Logo.png HyperStudio Logo.png HyperWire Logo.png IconAuthor Logo.jpg IgLoader Logo.png
HD View Hollywood3D HyperStudio HyperWire IconAuthor igLoader
Kit-show Logo.png Liquid Reality Logo.png Media Conveyor Logo.png Meme Viewer Logo.png Microsoft Virtual Worlds Logo.png MozaWeb 3D Viewer Logo.png
Kit-show Liquid Reality Media Conveyor Meme Viewer Microsoft Virtual Worlds MozaWeb 3D Viewer
MPen Clicktoons Logo.png MPire Logo.png NCompass Logo.png NetMC Logo.gif OLiVR Viewer Logo.png Opal Player Plugin Logo.png
mPen Clicktoons mPire NCompass NetMC OLiVR Viewer Opal Player Plugin
OpenScape Logo.png OpenSimulator Logo.png PlayCom Logo.png RadMedia Logo.png Rapid Logo.png Scratch Logo.png
OpenScape OpenSimulator PlayCom Player RadMedia Rapid Scratch
Scream Logo.png Sense8 WorldUp Logo.png Slingshot Logo.png SparkPlug Logo.png Stagecast Creator Logo.png Topper Logo.gif
Scream Sense8 WorldUp Slingshot SparkPlug Stagecast Creator Topper
Triplex Logo.png Tulip 3D Logo.png VRealm Logo.png VR-Platform Logo.png VR Scout Logo.png WebAddon3D Logo.png
Triplex Tulip 3D VRealm VR-Platform VR Scout WebAddon3D
WebExplorer Logo.png WebFX Logo.png WebMax Logo.png WildPockets Logo.png WorldsPlayer Logo.png WorldView Logo.png
WebExplorer WebFX WebMax WildPockets WorldsPlayer WorldView