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This guide will show you how to curate o2c-Player using Flashpoint.

Before You Start

Recognizing o2c-Player

  • Plugin uses file extensions from external programs dedicated to create 3D models (like AutoCAD). If o2c-Player is not mentioned on the site, these files could not work with it, whether or not it's explicitly mentioned.

Curation Steps

  • Many o2c-Player sites are galleries of similar models, those can be curated as a microsite.
  • Models can be multiasset, but plugin will show missing files in logs only after interaction with part that using this asset. Make sure to check if the model you're curating is not interactive!

This ring is the indicator of interactivity: O2c interactive.png

o2c-Player uses two different Application Paths:

  • First, set the Application Path to FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe and check if it works.
  • If it doesn't, set the AP to FPSoftware\startActiveX.bat and put o2c\O2CPlayer.OCX and the end of the launch command, it should look similar to this: http://example.com/page.html o2c\O2CPlayer.OCX

Wrapping It Up

First, make sure that you have thoroughly tested your curation and followed the Curation Format. Scroll down in the Curate tab and click the Export button at the bottom of your curation to save it as a .7z file. After you've exported the curation, you can find it by clicking the Exported Curations button on the Curate tab (as long as you didn't choose to save it somewhere else). Once you have the file, submit it to the Flashpoint Submission System. An explanation of how the site works is available here.

After you have uploaded your curation to the website, a Curator will check it. This can take some time, so please be patient. You will be pinged in the #fpfss-notifications channel about whether or not your submission was approved, and if any changes need to be made.

Congratulations! Your submitted game/animation will appear in a future version of Flashpoint.