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These are outdated packages of Flashpoint for Linux, provided for informational purposes only. Be aware that they likely will not work properly. They are only useful as examples of completed packages, in case developers need them when working on future packages.

Stand-Alone Packages

These are standalone packages suitable for all common Linux distributions.

Installation Instructions for Infinity packages

  1. Download and extract the .7z file.
  2. Install PHP and the 32-bit version of Wine if you do not have them. See the Wine installation instructions.
  3. Change to the Launcher folder and run the flashpoint-launcher binary

Flashpoint 10.0 Infinity


  • This is the experimental stand-alone package of Flashpoint 10.0 Infinity for Linux, created on July 26, 2021. Currently everything is going through Wine.
  • sha256 hash: 9f23efb4c4655cf1e21bedf4e5396bf005b22bed4f6604256a76276b936de003
  • qemu-system-i386 required for Apache gamezip server/forwarder
  • Requires GLIBC 2.29+ for the time being (Debian stable/Ubuntu 18.x/19.x affected)
  • Be sure to run from the Launcher directory
  • PHP and QEMU are not killed correctly upon exit. Example launch script to handle this:
killall php
killall qemu-system-i386

Flashpoint 8.1 Infinity


  • This is the experimental stand-alone package of Flashpoint 8.1 Infinity for Linux, created on July 4, 2020. Currently everything is going through Wine.

Flashpoint 9.0 Core / Ultimate


  • Contains only the client/server files. You will have to download the games separately.

Installation instructions

  1. After obtaining Ultimate or Core, extract the .gz file to the folder where you extracted Flashpoint
  2. Move the Legacy/htdocs folder to Legacy_Linux/htdocs
  3. Run Server_Linux/
  4. Run Launcher_linux/flashpoint-launcher

Distro-specific Packages

These are experimental packages for specific Linux distributions. If you don't see a package for your system here, please use the stand-alone package instead!

Debian / Ubuntu

Flashpoint Infinity 8.2-2 .deb

Debian Installation Procedure

  1. Download and extract the .7z file above into any folder - /Downloads is fine.
  2. It's recommended to run the .deb from the command line so the install progress is clear. From the folder where the .deb is: sudo apt install ./flashpoint-infinity_8.2-2_amd64.deb and it will install. The install can take a while as it has wine and php as dependencies. Graphical installer (from just double-clicking in the .deb) might not show much info as dependencies are being installed and so it might appear frozen.

First Run Procedure

After installation, start Flashpoint Infinity either from the command line as flashpoint-infinity or from your desktop environment (it should be listed in Games). At first run you'll get two popups: click 'Yes' on 'You must install the Upgrade on the home screen', and then 'yes' again to 'The Flashpoint folder is not set or is invalid. Do you want to choose a folder?'. Anywhere in your home directory is fine to install it (you need write access to it). Click 'yes' again to 'Is this correct?' if the directory is correct. You should see the download/extract progress, and then a prompt to restart. When it comes back up after restart all (60k!) games should be visible.

It's recommended to use the native Basilisk for HTML5. To enable this change go to the config tab and in the Native Platforms drop-down, select the box for HTML5. For Flash it's still recommended to go through Wine (this is the default), though native Flash projectors can be enabled in the Native Platforms drop-down too if desired.

On the first time using Wine to launch a game, it does some configuration so it could take some time.

Flash, HTML5, and Shockwave games run well generally. More about other platforms below.

Debian Update Procedure

If you are updating the Debian package from a previous version, first back up your favorites and save data if you'd like to keep them. Then run the .deb file same as above. Once the update is completed, open the launcher and click on Download, which will install the new Flashpoint folder. Once it restarts the update is complete and all features of this version should be available.

Notes about the package

  • The 'Flashpoint folder' above can go anywhere the user can write to - home is a convenient place for it
  • It installs binaries into /usr/lib/flashpoint-infinity/, and /usr/bin/flashpoint-infinity links to the launcher
  • Extreme games are disabled by default in version 8.2-1 which was up from October 23, 2020 until November 7, 2020. To enable them or change other configuration options, edit config.json in the /usr/lib/flashpoint-infinity/ folder.
  • Debian source package: The source lives as a branch 'debian' off of Launcher's /master (on one of Launcher's forks). This is the commit that is tagged "Infinity-8.2-2"

Outdated Information

Information below this point has been retired from the main page because it is either outdated or confusing. It is kept here in case someone finds it useful.

Launcher Issues

A lot of work has been done to allow Flashpoint Launcher to support Linux, but there's a lot of room for improvement. This Trello post outlines some potential improvements.


Some work has been done on getting Pipelight working with Flashpoint. Currently the Pipelight plugin itself is figured out and Shockwave has been tested working, but every NPAPI plugin has it's quirks and they have to made into Pipelight versions one at a time.

General Information

Download Links


All in one package with instructions:

Problems Encountered

Unity gives "Failed to update Unity Web Player"

Next Version (outdated as of 2019)

WIP Changelog:

  • New Launcher features from Master
    • Splash Screen while loading (no half loaded XMLs when browsing anymore)
    • Search Overhaul
    • Background Services in Developer (Restart/stop/start the Router on the fly)
  • Removed 'Use Wine' option, effectively enabled by default, use 'Native Platforms' to use native execs instead.
  • Partial ActiveX support, requires heavy testing. ThwartPoker, Butterfly Escape, Big City Adventure, Astro Avengers 2 and HamsterBall do not work yet.
  • Updated to support multiple command-line parameters: replace "$1" with "$@" on line 8