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You can customize how the tech logos look in the Flashpoint launcher. Below is a list of the available packs and a comparison between them.

As of version 11.1, they now come included with Flashpoint, but need restarting the launcher to properly apply the correct set.

The logos are .pngs with transparency, results may vary depending on the background color of the Launcher Theme you're currently using.


Name Created by Description Status Download
Default Flashpoint team This pack is the default option. Each is the one that represents the tech the best, usually the most recent logo applies with a few exceptions (End of life Dark Red Shockwave and Flash logos excluded in favor of the iconic Orange and Red). Up to date 11.1+ Included with launcher
Adobe Blue 404_11 In an alternate dystopian reality, Adobe bought all the plugins and they are still actively developed. With that comes a logo change to unify the ecosystem, truly beautiful, the peak of graphic design, perfectly balanced. Up to date 11.1+ Included with launcher
Millennium 404_11 Go back to the early 2000s with these 32x32 pixel art renditions of the default icons. Up to date 11.1+ Included with launcher
Macintosh 404_11 Enjoy the look of the Apple Macintosh System 1 OS icons, in their 32x32 angular monochrome dithering glory, without the boot error most of the machines have nowadays. Up to date 11.1+ Included with launcher
Old School 404_11 Some techs had their logo redesigned during its life cycle, and this pack brings back the first known logo for each of them. Up to date 11.1+ Included with launcher
Aesthetic Cezarr Just bless your eyes with that nice and calm special logo pack. Up to date 10.1 Get it here.

Download them here for Flashpoint 10 and below. Move the extracted subfolders to Flashpoint's Data\LogoSets folder, then open the launcher and select a set in the Config tab.


Current platforms

Icon Default Millennium Macintosh Old School Adobe Blue
3D Groove GX 3D Groove GX Logo.png 3D Groove GX Millennium Logo.png 3D Groove GX Macintosh Logo.png 3D Groove GX Old School Logo.png 3D Groove GX Adobe Blue Logo.png
3DVIA Player 3DVIA Player Logo.png 3DVIA Player Millennium Logo.png 3DVIA Player Macintosh Logo.png 3DVIA Player Old School Logo.png 3DVIA Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
AboutPeople AboutPeople Logo.png AboutPeopleMillennium Logo.png AboutPeople Macintosh Logo.png AboutPeople Logo.png AboutPeople Adobe Blue Logo.png
AboutTime AboutTime Logo.png AboutTime Millennium Logo.png AboutTime Macintosh Logo.png AboutTime Logo.png AboutTime Adobe Blue Logo.png
ActiveX ActiveX Logo.png ActiveX Millennium Logo.png ActiveX Macintosh Logo.png ActiveX Logo.png ActiveX Adobe Blue Logo.png
Alambik Alambik Logo.png Alambik Millennium Logo.png Alambik Macintosh Logo.png Alambik Logo.png Alambik Adobe Blue Logo.png
Ambulant Ambulant Logo.png Ambulant Millennium Logo.png Ambulant Macintosh Logo.png Ambulant Logo.png Ambulant Adobe Blue Logo.png
AnimaFlex AnimaFlex Logo.png AnimaFlex Millennium Logo.png AnimaFlex Macintosh Logo.png AnimaFlex Logo.png AnimaFlex Adobe Blue Logo.png
ASAP WebShow ASAP WebShow Logo.gif ASAP WebShow Millennium Logo.png ASAP WebShow Macintosh Logo.png ASAP WebShow Logo.gif ASAP WebShow Adobe Blue Logo.png
Atmosphere Atmosphere Logo.png Atmosphere Millennium Logo.png Atmosphere Macintosh Logo.png Atmosphere Logo.png Atmosphere Adobe Blue Logo.png
Authorware Authorware Logo.png Authorware Millennium Logo.png Authorware Macintosh Logo.png Authorware Old School Logo.png Authorware Adobe Blue Logo.png
AXEL Player AXEL Player Logo.png AXEL Player Millennium Logo.png AXEL Player Macintosh Logo.png AXEL Player Logo.png AXEL Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
BitPlayer BitPlayer Logo.png BitPlayer Millennium Logo.png BitPlayer Macintosh Logo.png BitPlayer Logo.png BitPlayer Adobe Blue Logo.png
Blender Blender Logo.png Blender Millennium Logo.png Blender Macintosh Logo.png Blender Logo.png Blender Adobe Blue Logo.png
Burster Burster Logo.png Burster Millennium Logo.png Burster Macintosh Logo.png Burster Logo.png Burster Adobe Blue Logo.png
Calendar Quick Calendar Quick Logo.png Calendar Quick Millennium Logo.png Calendar Quick Macintosh Logo.png Calendar Quick Logo.png Calendar Quick Adobe Blue Logo.png
Cult3D Cult3D Logo.png Cult3D Millennium Logo.png Cult3D Macintosh Logo.png Cult3D Old School Logo.png Cult3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
DeepV DeepV Logo.png DeepV Millennium Logo.png DeepV Macintosh Logo.png DeepV Logo.png DeepV Adobe Blue Logo.png
D'Fusion D'Fusion Logo.png D'Fusion Millennium Logo.png D'Fusion Macintosh Logo.png D'Fusion Old School Logo.png D'Fusion Adobe Blue Logo.png
DPGraph DPGraph Logo.png DPGraph Millennium Logo.png DPGraph Macintosh Logo.png DPGraph Logo.png DPGraph Adobe Blue Logo.png
e-animator E-animator Logo.png E-animator Millennium Logo.png E-animator Macintosh Logo.png E-animator Logo.png E-animator Adobe Blue Logo.png
Envoy Envoy Logo.png Envoy Millennium Logo.png Envoy Macintosh Logo.png Envoy Logo.png Envoy Adobe Blue Logo.png
EVA EVA Logo.png EVA Millennium Logo.png EVA Macintosh Logo.png EVA Old School Logo.png EVA Adobe Blue Logo.png
Flash Flash Logo.png Flash Millennium Logo.png Flash Macintosh Logo.png Flash Old School Logo.png Flash Adobe Blue Logo.png
Flatland Rover Flatland Rover Logo.png Flatland Rover Millennium Logo.png Flatland Rover Macintosh Logo.png Flatland Rover Logo.png Flatland Rover Adobe Blue Logo.png
Formula One/NET Formula One NET Logo.gif Formula One NET Millennium Logo.png Formula One NET Macintosh Logo.png Formula One NET Logo.gif Formula One NET Adobe Blue Logo.png
Fractal Viewer Fractal Viewer Logo.png Fractal Viewer Millennium Logo.png Fractal Viewer Macintosh Logo.png Fractal Viewer Logo.png Fractal Viewer Adobe Blue Logo.png
FreeHand FreeHand Logo.png FreeHand Millennium Logo.png FreeHand Macintosh Logo.png FreeHand Logo.png FreeHand Adobe Blue Logo.png
GoBit GoBit Logo.png GoBit Millennium Logo.png GoBit Macintosh Logo.png GoBit Old School Logo.png GoBit Adobe Blue Logo.png
Harvard WebShow Harvard WebShow Logo.png Harvard WebShow Millennium Logo.png Harvard WebShow Macintosh Logo.png Harvard WebShow Logo.png Harvard WebShow Adobe Blue Logo.png
HotSauce HotSauce Logo.png HotSauce Millennium Logo.png HotSauce Macintosh Logo.png HotSauce Logo.png HotSauce Adobe Blue Logo.png
HTML5 HTML5 Logo.png HTML5 Millennium Logo.png HTML5 Macintosh Logo.png HTML5 Old School Logo.png HTML5 Adobe Blue Logo.png
Hypercosm Hypercosm Logo.png Hypercosm Millennium Logo.png Hypercosm Macintosh Logo.png Hypercosm Logo.png Hypercosm Adobe Blue Logo.png
Hyper-G Hyper-G Logo.png Hyper-G Millennium Logo.png Hyper-G Macintosh Logo.png Hyper-G Logo.png Hyper-G Adobe Blue Logo.png
Illuminatus Illuminatus Logo.png Illuminatus Millennium Logo.png Illuminatus Macintosh Logo.png Illuminatus Logo.png Illuminatus Adobe Blue Logo.png
iPix IPix Logo.png IPix Millennium Logo.png IPix Macintosh Logo.png IPix Old School Logo.gif IPix Adobe Blue Logo.png
Java Java Logo.png Java Millennium Logo.png Java Macintosh Logo.png Java Old School Logo.png Java Adobe Blue Logo.png
JCAMP-DX JCAMP-DX Logo.png JCAMP-DX Millennium Logo.png JCAMP-DX Macintosh Logo.png JCAMP-DX Logo.png JCAMP-DX Adobe Blue Logo.png
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike Logo.png Lightning Strike Millennium Logo.png Lightning Strike Macintosh Logo.png Lightning Strike Old School Logo.png Lightning Strike Adobe Blue Logo.png
Live Picture Viewer Live Picture Viewer Logo.png Live Picture Viewer Millennium Logo.png Live Picture Viewer Macintosh Logo.png Live Picture Viewer Logo.png Live Picture Viewer Adobe Blue Logo.png
LiveMath Plugin LiveMath Plugin Logo.png LiveMath Millennium Logo.png LiveMath Macintosh Logo.png LiveMath Plugin Logo.png LiveMath Adobe Blue Logo.png
MapGuide MapGuide Logo.png MapGuide Millennium Logo.png MapGuide Macintosh Logo.png MapGuide Old School Logo.png MapGuide Adobe Blue Logo.png
MHSV MHSV Logo.png MHSV Millennium Logo.png MHSV Macintosh Logo.png MHSV Old School Logo.gif MHSV Adobe Blue Logo.png
NoteWorthy Composer NoteWorthy Composer Logo.png NoteWorthy Composer Millennium Logo.png NoteWorthy Composer Macintosh Logo.png NoteWorthy Composer Logo.png NoteWorthy Composer Adobe Blue Logo.png
o2c-Player O2c-Player Logo.png O2c-Player Millennium Logo.png O2c-Player Macintosh Logo.png O2c-Player Logo.png O2c-Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
Octree View Octree View Logo.png Octree View Millennium Logo.png Octree View Macintosh Logo.png Octree View Logo.png Octree View Adobe Blue Logo.png
Pixound Pixound Logo.png Pixound Millennium Logo.png Pixound Macintosh Logo.png Pixound Logo.png Pixound Adobe Blue Logo.png
Play3D Play3D Logo.png Play3D Millennium Logo.png Play3D Macintosh Logo.png Play3D Logo.png Play3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
PointPlus PointPlus Logo.png PointPlus Millennium Logo.png PointPlus Macintosh Logo.png PointPlus Logo.png PointPlus Adobe Blue Logo.png
PopCap Plugin PopCap Plugin Logo.png PopCap Plugin Millennium Logo.png PopCap Plugin Macintosh Logo.png PopCap Plugin Old School Logo.png PopCap Plugin Adobe Blue Logo.png
ProtoPlay ProtoPlay Logo.png ProtoPlay Millennium Logo.png ProtoPlay Macintosh Logo.png ProtoPlay Logo.png ProtoPlay Adobe Blue Logo.png
Pulse Pulse Logo.png Pulse Millennium Logo.png Pulse Macintosh Logo.png Pulse Logo.png Pulse Adobe Blue Logo.png
REBOL REBOL Logo.png REBOL Millennium Logo.png REBOL Macintosh Logo.png REBOL Logo.png REBOL Adobe Blue Logo.png
ShiVa3D ShiVa3D Logo.png ShiVa3D Millennium Logo.png ShiVa3D Macintosh Logo.png ShiVa3D Old School Logo.png ShiVa3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
Shockwave Shockwave Logo.png Shockwave Millennium Logo.png Shockwave Macintosh Logo.png Shockwave Old School Logo.png Shockwave Adobe Blue Logo.png
Show It! Show It! Logo.png Show It! Millennium Logo.png Show It! Macintosh Logo.png Show It! Logo.png Show It! Adobe Blue Logo.png
Silverlight Silverlight Logo.png Silverlight Millennium Logo.png Silverlight Macintosh Logo.png Silverlight Logo.png Silverlight Adobe Blue Logo.png
SmoothMove Panorama SmoothMove Panorama Logo.png SmoothMove Panorama Millennium Logo.png SmoothMove Panorama Macintosh Logo.png SmoothMove Panorama Logo.png SmoothMove Panorama Adobe Blue Logo.png
Squeak Squeak Logo.png Squeak Millennium Logo.png Squeak Macintosh Logo.png Squeak Old School Logo.png Squeak Adobe Blue Logo.png
Surround Video Surround Video Logo.png Surround Video Millennium Logo.png Surround Video Macintosh Logo.png Surround Video Old School Logo.png Surround Video Adobe Blue Logo.png
SVF Viewer SVF Viewer Logo.png SVF Viewer Millennium Logo.png SVF Viewer Macintosh Logo.png SVF Viewer Logo.png SVF Viewer Adobe Blue Logo.png
Tcl Tcl Logo.png Tcl Millennium Logo.png Tcl Macintosh Logo.png Tcl Old School Logo.png Tcl Adobe Blue Logo.png
ThingViewer ThingViewer Logo.png ThingViewer Millennium Logo.png ThingViewer Macintosh Logo.png ThingViewer Logo.png ThingViewer Adobe Blue Logo.png
Unity Unity Logo.png Unity Millennium Logo.png Unity Macintosh Logo.png Unity Logo.png Unity Adobe Blue Logo.png
Viscape Viscape Logo.png Viscape Millennium Logo.png Viscape Macintosh Logo.png Viscape Millennium Logo.png Viscape Adobe Blue Logo.png
Visual WebMap Visual WebMap Logo.png Visual WebMap Millennium Logo.png Visual WebMap Macintosh Logo.png Visual WebMap Logo.png Visual WebMap Adobe Blue Logo.png
Vitalize! Vitalize Logo.png Vitalize Millennium Logo.png Vitalize Macintosh Logo.png Vitalize Old School Logo.png Vitalize Adobe Blue Logo.png
VRML VRML Logo.png VRML Millennium Logo.png VRML Macintosh Logo.png VRML Logo.png VRML Adobe Blue Logo.png
WebAnimator WebAnimator Logo.png WebAnimator Millennium Logo.png WebAnimator Macintosh Logo.png WebAnimator Logo.png WebAnimator Adobe Blue Logo.png
X3D X3D Logo.png X3D Millennium Logo.png X3D Macintosh Logo.png X3D Logo.png X3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
Xara Plugin Xara Plugin Logo.png Xara Plugin Millennium Logo.png Xara Plugin Macintosh Logo.png Xara Plugin Logo.png Xara Plugin Adobe Blue Logo.png
WebGlide WebGlide Logo.png File:WebGlide Millennium Logo.png File:WebGlide Macintosh Logo.png File:WebGlide Old School Logo.png File:WebGlide Adobe Blue Logo.png
WebXpresso WebXpresso Logo.png File:WebXpresso Millennium Logo.png File:WebXpresso Macintosh Logo.png File:WebXpresso Old School Logo.png File:WebXpresso Adobe Blue Logo.png
Winds3D Winds3D Logo.png File:Winds3D Millennium Logo.png File:Winds3D Macintosh Logo.png File:Winds3D Old School Logo.png File:Winds3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
XVR XVR Logo.png File:XVR Millennium Logo.png File:XVR Macintosh Logo.png File:XVR Old School Logo.png File:XVR Adobe Blue Logo.png

Other icons

Icons such as the tag icon cannot currently be customized. Whether customization of other launcher image assets through logo packs will be supported is unknown.

Icon Default Millennium Macintosh Old School Adobe Blue
Extreme Icon Extreme Icon.png Extreme Icon Millennium.png Extreme Icon Macintosh.png Extreme Icon.png Extreme Icon Adobe Blue.png

Upcoming platforms

All logos after this point should only be created after the initial research and implementation attempts of the technologies into Flashpoint;

- The tech might be currently lost and no efforts can be made to add it.

- The tech might not be able to work in Flashpoint due to several factors.

- The correct logo that should be used might change during research/implementation.

- We might not understand if the tech even fits into the project yet (such as the PowerPoint plugin).

note: a lot of these appear to already be in Flashpoijt already, and therefore this section needs heavily updated.

Icon Default Millennium Macintosh Old School Adobe Blue
20-20 3D Viewer 20-20 3D Viewer Logo.png File:20-20 3D Viewer Millennium Logo.png File:20-20 3D Viewer Macintosh Logo.png File:20-20 3D Viewer Old School Logo.png File:20-20 3D Viewer Adobe Blue Logo.png
Animated Widgets Animated Widgets Logo.png File:Animated Widgets Millennium Logo.png File:Animated Widgets Macintosh Logo.png Animated Widgets Logo.png File:Animated Widgets Adobe Blue Logo.png
bioPlayer BioPlayer Logo.png BioPlayer Millennium Logo.png File:BioPlayer Macintosh Logo.png File:BioPlayer Old School Logo.png File:BioPlayer Adobe Blue Logo.png
Chem3D Chem3D Logo.png File:Chem3D Millennium Logo.png File:Chem3D Macintosh Logo.png File:Chem3D Old School Logo.png File:Chem3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
CambridgeSoft ChemDraw CambridgeSoft ChemDraw Logo.png File:CambridgeSoft ChemDraw Millennium Logo.png File:CambridgeSoft ChemDraw Macintosh Logo.png File:CambridgeSoft ChemDraw Old School Logo.png File:CambridgeSoft ChemDraw Adobe Blue Logo.png
Common Ground Common Ground Logo.png Common Ground Millennium Logo.png Common Ground Macintosh Logo.png Common Ground Logo.png Common Ground Adobe Blue Logo.png
Cool 360 Cool 360 Logo.png Cool 360 Millennium Logo.png Cool 360 Macintosh Logo.png Cool 360 Logo.png Cool 360 Adobe Blue Logo.png
DevalVR DevalVR Logo.png File:DevalVR Millennium Logo.png File:DevalVR Macintosh Logo.png File:DevalVR Old School Logo.png File:DevalVR Adobe Blue Logo.png
DjVu DjVu Logo.png DjVu Millennium Logo.png DjVu Macintosh Logo.png DjVu Old School Logo.png DjVu Adobe Blue Logo.png
DX Studio Player DX Studio Player Logo.png File:DX Studio Player Millennium Logo.png File:DX Studio Player Macintosh Logo.png File:DX Studio Player Old School Logo.png File:DX Studio Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
EGI EGI Logo.png File:EGI Millennium Logo.png File:EGI Macintosh Logo.png EGI Old School Logo.png File:EGI Adobe Blue Logo.png
Electrifier Electrifier Logo.png File:Electrifier Millennium Logo.png File:Electrifier Macintosh Logo.png File:Electrifier Old School Logo.png File:Electrifier Adobe Blue Logo.png
FastBid FastBid Logo.png File:FastBid Millennium Logo.png File:FastBid Macintosh Logo.png File:FastBid Old School Logo.png File:FastBid Adobe Blue Logo.png
FIGLeaf FIGleaf Inline Logo.png File:FIGleaf Inline Millennium Logo.png File:FIGleaf Inline Macintosh Logo.png File:FIGleaf Inline Old School Logo.png File:FIGleaf Inline Adobe Blue Logo.png
Flick Flick Logo.png File:Flick Millennium Logo.png File:Flick Macintosh Logo.png File:Flick Old School Logo.png File:Flick Adobe Blue Logo.png
fractal eXtreme Fractal eXtreme Logo.png Fractal eXtreme Millennium Logo.png File:Fractal eXtreme Macintosh Logo.png File:Fractal eXtreme Old School Logo.png File:Fractal eXtreme Adobe Blue Logo.png
GLG Plugin GLG Logo.png File:GLG Millennium Logo.png File:GLG Macintosh Logo.png File:GLG Old School Logo.png File:GLG Adobe Blue Logo.png
HyperChem HyperChem Logo.png HyperChem Millennium Logo.png File:HyperChem Macintosh Logo.png File:HyperChem Old School Logo.png File:HyperChem Adobe Blue Logo.png
Jamagic Jamagic Logo.png Jamagic Millennium Logo.png Jamagic Macintosh Logo.png Jamagic Logo.png Jamagic Adobe Blue Logo.png
Jutvision Jutvision Logo.png Jutvision Millennium Logo.png Jutvision Macintosh Logo.png Jutvision Logo.png Jutvision Adobe Blue Logo.png
mBed MBed Logo.gif MBed Millennium Logo.png MBed Macintosh Logo.png MBed Logo.gif MBed Adobe Blue Logo.png
MegaView MegaView Logo.png File:MegaView Millennium Logo.png File:MegaView Macintosh Logo.png File:MegaView Old School Logo.png File:MegaView Adobe Blue Logo.png
Mirage Mirage Logo.png File:Mirage Millennium Logo.png File:Mirage Macintosh Logo.png File:Mirage Old School Logo.png File:Mirage Adobe Blue Logo.png
MrSID MrSID Logo.png MrSID Millennium Logo.png MrSID Macintosh Logo.png MrSID Old School Logo.png MrSID Adobe Blue Logo.png
NAPLPS NAPLPS Logo.png File:NAPLPS Millennium Logo.png File:NAPLPS Macintosh Logo.png File:NAPLPS Old School Logo.png File:NAPLPS Adobe Blue Logo.png
NetWriter NetWriter Logo.png File:NetWriter Millennium Logo.png File:NetWriter Macintosh Logo.png File:NetWriter Old School Logo.png File:NetWriter Adobe Blue Logo.png
PanoramIX PanoramIX Logo.png PanoramIX Millennium Logo.png PanoramIX Macintosh Logo.png PanoramIX Logo.png PanoramIX Adobe Blue Logo.png
Petz Player Petz Player Logo.png Petz Player Millennium Logo.png File:Petz Player Macintosh Logo.png File:Petz Player Old School Logo.png File:Petz Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
QuickSilver QuickSilver Logo.png File:QuickSilver Millennium Logo.png File:QuickSilver Macintosh Logo.png File:QuickSilver Old School Logo.png File:QuickSilver Adobe Blue Logo.png
RealiView RealiView Logo.png File:RealiView Millennium Logo.png File:RealiView Macintosh Logo.png File:RealiView Old School Logo.png File:RealiView Adobe Blue Logo.png
Scorch Scorch Logo.png Scorch Millennium Logo.png Scorch Macintosh Logo.png Scorch Old School Logo.png Scorch Adobe Blue Logo.png
Sizzler Sizzler Logo.png File:Sizzler Millennium Logo.png File:Sizzler Macintosh Logo.png File:Sizzler Old School Logo.png File:Sizzler Adobe Blue Logo.png
Supercard Roaster SuperCard Roadster Logo.png File:SuperCard Roadster Millennium Logo.png File:SuperCard Roadster Macintosh Logo.png File:SuperCard Roadster Old School Logo.png File:SuperCard Roadster Adobe Blue Logo.png
SVG Viewer SVG Viewer Logo.png File:SVG Viewer Millennium Logo.png File:SVG Viewer Macintosh Logo.png File:SVG Viewer Old School Logo.png File:SVG Viewer Adobe Blue Logo.png
TurnTool XPCOM TurnTool Logo.png File:TurnTool Millennium Logo.png File:TurnTool Macintosh Logo.png File:TurnTool Old School Logo.png File:TurnTool Adobe Blue Logo.png
TWF TWF Logo.png TWF Millennium Logo.png File:TWF Macintosh Logo.png File:TWF Old School Logo.png File:TWF Adobe Blue Logo.png
Virtuoso Virtuoso Logo.png File:Virtuoso Millennium Logo.png File:Virtuoso Macintosh Logo.png File:Virtuoso Old School Logo.png File:Virtuoso Adobe Blue Logo.png
Visviva Visviva Logo.png File:Visviva Millennium Logo.png File:Visviva Macintosh Logo.png File:Visviva Old School Logo.png File:Visviva Adobe Blue Logo.png
VReam VReam Logo.png VReam Millennium Logo.png VReam Macintosh Logo.png VReam Logo.png VReam Adobe Blue Logo.png
Web-Active Web-Active Logo.gif File:Web-Active Millennium Logo.png File:Web-Active Macintosh Logo.png File:Web-Active Old School Logo.png File:Web-Active Adobe Blue Logo.png

Work-in-progress platforms

this section also needs updating

Icon Default Millennium Macintosh Old School Adobe Blue
Astound Web Player Astound Web Player Logo.png File:Astound Web Player Millennium Logo.png File:Astound Web Player Macintosh Logo.png Astound Web Player Old School Logo.png File:Astound Web Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
Atomic3D Atomic3D Logo.png Atomic3D Millennium Logo.png Atomic3D Macintosh Logo.png File:Atomic3D Old School Logo.png File:Atomic3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
Chime Chime Logo.png Chime Millennium Logo.png Chime Macintosh Logo.png File:Chime Old School Logo.png Chime Adobe Blue Logo.png
EMBLAZE EMBLAZE Logo.png EMBLAZE Millennium Logo.png EMBLAZE Macintosh Logo.png EMBLAZE Logo.png EMBLAZE Adobe Blue Logo.png
Neuron Neuron Logo.png File:Neuron Millennium Logo.png File:Neuron Macintosh Logo.png File:Neuron Old School Logo.png File:Neuron Adobe Blue Logo.png
O3D O3D Logo.gif File:O3D Millennium Logo.png File:O3D Macintosh Logo.png File:O3D Old School Logo.png File:O3D Adobe Blue Logo.png

Potential future platforms

This section is intended more to collect tentative game logos rather than display logo set variants. A large amount of these plugins are still yet to see substantial research.

Cells with a red background indicate that the image is not in the png format and should be replaced.

Icon Default Millennium Macintosh Old School Adobe Blue
3Di OpenViewer 3Di Logo.png File:3Di Millennium Logo.png File:3Di Macintosh Logo.png File:3Di Old School Logo.png File:3Di Adobe Blue Logo.png
3DMLW 3DMLW Logo.png File:3DMLW Millennium Logo.png File:3DMLW Macintosh Logo.png File:3DMLW Old School Logo.png File:3DMLW Adobe Blue Logo.png
ActiveVRML ActiveVRML Logo.png File:ActiveVRML Millennium Logo.png File:ActiveVRML Macintosh Logo.png File:ActiveVRML Old School Logo.png File:ActiveVRML Adobe Blue Logo.png
Babyz Player Babyz Player Logo.png File:Babyz Player Millennium Logo.png File:Babyz Player Macintosh Logo.png File:Babyz Player Old School Logo.png File:Babyz Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
Blink3D Blink3D Logo.png File:Blink3D Millennium Logo.png File:Blink3D Macintosh Logo.png File:Blink3D Old School Logo.png File:Blink3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
Brilliant 3D Brilliant 3D Logo.png File:Brilliant 3D Millennium Logo.png File:Brilliant 3D Macintosh Logo.png File:Brilliant 3D Old School Logo.png File:Brilliant 3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
BS Contact BSContact Logo.png File:BS Contact Millennium Logo.png File:BS Contact Macintosh Logo.png File:BS Contact Old School Logo.png File:BS Contact Adobe Blue Logo.png
buro Zicht Buro Zicht Logo.png File:Buro Zicht Millennium Logo.png File:Buro Zicht Macintosh Logo.png File:Buro Zicht Old School Logo.png File:Buro Zicht Adobe Blue Logo.png
Caligari Caligari Logo.png Caligari Millennium Logo.png File:Caligari Macintosh Logo.png File:Caligari Old School Logo.png File:Caligari Adobe Blue Logo.png
Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Logo.png File:Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Millennium Logo.png File:Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Macintosh Logo.png File:Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Old School Logo.png File:Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Adobe Blue Logo.png
Community Place VRML Community Place VRML Logo.png File:Community Place VRML Millennium Logo.png File:Community Place VRML Macintosh Logo.png File:Community Place VRML Old School Logo.png File:Community Place VRML Adobe Blue Logo.png
Concerto Concerto Logo.png File:Concerto Millennium Logo.png File:Concerto Macintosh Logo.png File:Concerto Old School Logo.png File:Concerto Adobe Blue Logo.png
Converse3D Converse3D Logo.png File:Converse3D Millennium Logo.png File:Converse3D Macintosh Logo.png File:Converse3D Old School Logo.png File:Converse3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
Cortona VRML Cortona VRML Logo.png Cortona VRML Millennium Logo.png File:Cortona VRML Macintosh Logo.png File:Cortona VRML Old School Logo.png File:Cortona VRML Adobe Blue Logo.png
Curl Curl Logo.png File:Curl Millennium Logo.png File:Curl Macintosh Logo.png File:Curl Old School Logo.png File:Curl Adobe Blue Logo.png
Cyberworld Browser Cyberworld Logo.png File:Cyberworld Millennium Logo.png File:Cyberworld Macintosh Logo.png File:Cyberworld Old School Logo.png File:Cyberworld Adobe Blue Logo.png
Day-Timer Day timer Logo.png File:Day timer Millennium Logo.png File:Day timer Macintosh Logo.png File:Day timer Old School Logo.png File:Day timer Adobe Blue Logo.png
DigitalSpace Traveler DigitalSpace Traveler Logo.png File:DigitalSpace Traveler Millennium Logo.png File:DigitalSpace Traveler Macintosh Logo.png File:DigitalSpace Traveler Old School Logo.png File:DigitalSpace Traveler Adobe Blue Logo.png
Disney Game Player Disney Game Player Logo.png File:Disney Game Player Millennium Logo.png File:Disney Game Player Macintosh Logo.png File:Disney Game Player Old School Logo.png File:Disney Game Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
EarthTime EarthTime Logo.png File:EarthTime Millennium Logo.png File:EarthTime Macintosh Logo.png File:EarthTime Old School Logo.png File:EarthTime Adobe Blue Logo.png
Enliven Enliven Logo.png File:Enliven Millennium Logo.png File:Enliven Macintosh Logo.png File:Enliven Old School Logo.png File:Enliven Adobe Blue Logo.png
EonX (Vimtek-EON) EonX Logo.png File:EonX Millennium Logo.png File:EonX Macintosh Logo.png File:EonX Old School Logo.png File:EonX Adobe Blue Logo.png
ERMapper ERMapper Logo.png File:ERMapper Millennium Logo.png File:ERMapper Macintosh Logo.png File:ERMapper Old School Logo.png File:ERMapper Adobe Blue Logo.png
ExitReality ExitReality Logo.png File:ExitReality Millennium Logo.png File:ExitReality Macintosh Logo.png File:ExitReality Old School Logo.png File:ExitReality Adobe Blue Logo.png
Famous3D Famous3d Logo.png File:Famous3d Millennium Logo.png File:Famous3d Macintosh Logo.png File:Famous3d Old School Logo.png File:Famous3d Adobe Blue Logo.png
Flying Carpet Flying Carpet Logo.png File:Flying Carpet Millennium Logo.png File:Flying Carpet Macintosh Logo.png File:Flying Carpet Old School Logo.png File:Flying Carpet Adobe Blue Logo.png
Fusionetics Player Fusionetics Player Logo.png Fusionetics Player Millennium Logo.png File:Fusionetics Player Macintosh Logo.png File:Fusionetics Player Old School Logo.png File:Fusionetics Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
GeoMedia Web Map GeoMedia Web Map Logo.png File:GeoMedia Web Map Millennium Logo.png File:GeoMedia Web Map Macintosh Logo.png File:GeoMedia Web Map Old School Logo.png File:GeoMedia Web Map Adobe Blue Logo.png
GLView GLView Logo.png GLView Millennium Logo.png File:GLView Macintosh Logo.png File:GLView Old School Logo.png File:GLView Adobe Blue Logo.png
Google Native Client Google Native Client Logo.png Google Native Client Millennium Logo.png File:Google Native Client Macintosh Logo.png Google Native Client Old School Logo.png Google Native Client Adobe Blue Logo.png
Grail Grail Logo.png Grail Millennium Logo.png File:Grail Macintosh Logo.png File:Grail Old School Logo.png Grail Adobe Blue Logo.png
Haptek VirtualFriend Haptek VirtualFriend Logo.png File:Haptek VirtualFriend Millennium Logo.png File:Haptek VirtualFriend Macintosh Logo.png File:Haptek VirtualFriend Old School Logo.png File:Haptek VirtualFriend Adobe Blue Logo.png
HD View HD View Logo.png File:HD View Millennium Logo.png File:HD View Macintosh Logo.png HD View Old School Logo.png File:HD View Adobe Blue Logo.png
Hollywood3D Hollywood3d Logo.png File:Hollywood3D Millennium Logo.png File:Hollywood3D Macintosh Logo.png File:Hollywood3D Old School Logo.png File:Hollywood3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
HyperStudio HyperStudio Logo.png File:HyperStudio Millennium Logo.png File:HyperStudio Macintosh Logo.png File:HyperStudio Old School Logo.png File:HyperStudio Adobe Blue Logo.png
HyperWire HyperWire Logo.png File:HyperWire Millennium Logo.png File:HyperWire Macintosh Logo.png File:HyperWire Old School Logo.png File:HyperWire Adobe Blue Logo.png
IconAuthor IconAuthor Logo.jpg File:IconAuthor Millennium Logo.png File:IconAuthor Macintosh Logo.png File:IconAuthor Old School Logo.png File:IconAuthor Adobe Blue Logo.png
igLoader IgLoader Logo.png File:IgLoader Millennium Logo.png File:IgLoader Macintosh Logo.png File:IgLoader Old School Logo.png File:IgLoader Adobe Blue Logo.png
Kit-Show Kit-show Logo.png File:Kit-show Millennium Logo.png File:Kit-show Macintosh Logo.png File:Kit-show Old School Logo.png File:Kit-show Adobe Blue Logo.png
Liquid Reality Liquid Reality Logo.png File:Liquid Reality Millennium Logo.png File:Liquid Reality Macintosh Logo.png File:Liquid Reality Old School Logo.png File:Liquid Reality Adobe Blue Logo.png
Media Conveyor Media Conveyor Logo.png File:Media Conveyor Millennium Logo.png File:Media Conveyor Macintosh Logo.png File:Media Conveyor Old School Logo.png File:Media Conveyor Adobe Blue Logo.png
Meme Viewer Meme Viewer Logo.png File:Meme Viewer Millennium Logo.png File:Meme Viewer Macintosh Logo.png File:Meme Viewer Old School Logo.png File:Meme Viewer Adobe Blue Logo.png
Microsoft Virtual Worlds Microsoft Virtual Worlds Logo.png Microsoft Virtual Worlds Millennium Logo.png File:Microsoft Virtual Worlds Macintosh Logo.png File:Microsoft Virtual Worlds Old School Logo.png File:Microsoft Virtual Worlds Adobe Blue Logo.png
MozaWeb 3D Viewer MozaWeb 3D Viewer Logo.png File:MozaWeb 3D Viewer Millennium Logo.png File:MozaWeb 3D Viewer Macintosh Logo.png File:MozaWeb 3D Viewer Old School Logo.png File:MozaWeb 3D Viewer Adobe Blue Logo.png
mPen Clicktoons MPen Clicktoons Logo.png MPen Clicktoons Millennium Logo.png File:MPen Clicktoons Macintosh Logo.png File:MPen Clicktoons Old School Logo.png File:MPen Clicktoons Adobe Blue Logo.png
mPire MPire Logo.png File:MPire Millennium Logo.png File:MPire Macintosh Logo.png File:MPire Old School Logo.png File:MPire Adobe Blue Logo.png
NCompass NCompass Logo.png File:NCompass Millennium Logo.png File:NCompass Macintosh Logo.png File:NCompass Old School Logo.png File:NCompass Adobe Blue Logo.png
NetMC NetMC Logo.gif File:NetMC Millennium Logo.png File:NetMC Macintosh Logo.png File:NetMC Old School Logo.png File:NetMC Adobe Blue Logo.png
OLiVR Viewer OLiVR Viewer Logo.png File:OLiVR Viewer Millennium Logo.png File:OLiVR Viewer Macintosh Logo.png File:OLiVR Viewer Old School Logo.png File:OLiVR Viewer Adobe Blue Logo.png
Opal Player Plugin Opal Player Plugin Logo.png File:Opal Player Plugin Millennium Logo.png File:Opal Player Plugin Macintosh Logo.png File:Opal Player Plugin Old School Logo.png File:Opal Player Plugin Adobe Blue Logo.png
OpenSimulator OpenSimulator Logo.png File:OpenSimulator Millennium Logo.png File:OpenSimulator Macintosh Logo.png File:OpenSimulator Old School Logo.png File:OpenSimulator Adobe Blue Logo.png
Panda3D Panda3D Logo.png Panda3D Millennium Logo.png Panda3D Macintosh Logo.png Panda3D Old School Logo.png Panda3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
PlayCom Player PlayCom Logo.png File:PlayCom Millennium Logo.png File:PlayCom Macintosh Logo.png File:PlayCom Old School Logo.png File:PlayCom Adobe Blue Logo.png
QuickDraw 3D QuickDraw 3D Logo.jpg File:QuickDraw 3D Millennium Logo.png File:QuickDraw 3D Macintosh Logo.png File:QuickDraw 3D Old School Logo.png File:QuickDraw 3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
QuickTime QuickTime Logo.png QuickTime Millennium Logo.png QuickTime Macintosh Logo.png QuickTime Old School Logo.png QuickTime Adobe Blue Logo.png
RadMedia RadMedia Logo.png File:RadMedia Millennium Logo.png File:RadMedia Macintosh Logo.png File:RadMedia Old School Logo.png File:RadMedia Adobe Blue Logo.png
Rapid Rapid Logo.png File:Rapid Millennium Logo.png File:Rapid Macintosh Logo.png File:Rapid Old School Logo.png File:Rapid Adobe Blue Logo.png
Scratch Scratch Logo.png File:Scratch Millennium Logo.png File:Scratch Macintosh Logo.png Scratch Old School Logo.png File:Scratch Adobe Blue Logo.png
Scream Scream Logo.png Scream Millennium Logo.png File:Scream Macintosh Logo.png File:Scream Old School Logo.png File:Scream Adobe Blue Logo.png
Sense8 WorldUp Sense8 WorldUp Logo.png File:Sense8 WorldUp Millennium Logo.png File:Sense8 WorldUp Macintosh Logo.png File:Sense8 WorldUp Old School Logo.png File:Sense8 WorldUp Adobe Blue Logo.png
Slingshot Slingshot Logo.png File:Slingshot Millennium Logo.png File:Slingshot Macintosh Logo.png File:Slingshot Old School Logo.png File:Slingshot Adobe Blue Logo.png
SparkPlug SparkPlug Logo.png File:SparkPlug Millennium Logo.png File:SparkPlug Macintosh Logo.png File:SparkPlug Old School Logo.png File:SparkPlug Adobe Blue Logo.png
Stagecast Creator Stagecast Creator Logo.png File:Stagecast Creator Millennium Logo.png File:Stagecast Creator Macintosh Logo.png File:Stagecast Creator Old School Logo.png File:Stagecast Creator Adobe Blue Logo.png
Stereoscope Stereoscope Logo.png File:Stereoscope Millennium Logo.png File:Stereoscope Macintosh Logo.png File:Stereoscope Old School Logo.png File:Stereoscope Adobe Blue Logo.png
Topper Topper Logo.gif File:Topper Millennium Logo.png File:Topper Macintosh Logo.png File:Topper Old School Logo.png File:Topper Adobe Blue Logo.png
Triplex Triplex Logo.png File:Triplex Millennium Logo.png File:Triplex Macintosh Logo.png File:Triplex Old School Logo.png File:Triplex Adobe Blue Logo.png
Tulip 3D Tulip 3D Logo.png File:Tulip 3D Millennium Logo.png File:Tulip 3D Macintosh Logo.png File:Tulip 3D Old School Logo.png File:Tulip 3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
VR Scout VR Scout Logo.png File:VR Scout Millennium Logo.png File:VR Scout Macintosh Logo.png File:VR Scout Old School Logo.png File:VR Scout Adobe Blue Logo.png
VR-Platform VR-Platform Logo.png File:VR-Platform Millennium Logo.png File:VR-Platform Macintosh Logo.png File:VR-Platform Old School Logo.png File:VR-Platform Adobe Blue Logo.png
VRealm VRealm Logo.png File:VRealm Millennium Logo.png File:VRealm Macintosh Logo.png File:VRealm Old School Logo.png File:VRealm Adobe Blue Logo.png
WebAddon3D WebAddon3D Logo.png File:WebAddon3D Millennium Logo.png File:WebAddon3D Macintosh Logo.png File:WebAddon3D Old School Logo.png File:WebAddon3D Adobe Blue Logo.png
WebFX WebFX Logo.png File:WebFX Millennium Logo.png File:WebFX Macintosh Logo.png File:WebFX Old School Logo.png File:WebFX Adobe Blue Logo.png
WebMax WebMax Logo.png File:WebMax Millennium Logo.png File:WebMax Macintosh Logo.png File:WebMax Old School Logo.png File:WebMax Adobe Blue Logo.png
WildPockets WildPockets Logo.png WildPockets Millennium Logo.png WildPockets Macintosh Logo.png File:WildPockets Old School Logo.png File:WildPockets Adobe Blue Logo.png
WildTangent WildTangent Logo.png File:WildTangent Millennium Logo.png File:WildTangent Macintosh Logo.png File:WildTangent Old School Logo.png File:WildTangent Adobe Blue Logo.png
WorldsPlayer WorldsPlayer Logo.png File:WorldsPlayer Millennium Logo.png File:WorldsPlayer Macintosh Logo.png WorldsPlayer Old School Logo.png File:WorldsPlayer Adobe Blue Logo.png
WorldView WorldView Logo.png File:WorldView Millennium Logo.png File:WorldView Macintosh Logo.png File:WorldView Old School Logo.png File:WorldView Adobe Blue Logo.png
XVL Player XVL Player Logo.png File:XVL Player Millennium Logo.png File:XVL Player Macintosh Logo.png File:XVL Player Old School Logo.png File:XVL Player Adobe Blue Logo.png
Platforms without known logos

The following tentative platforms currently do not have any known or decided-upon logos:

  • Chromeffects
  • Cyber Theatre