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This index tracks what versions of MJCell have been archived and which have not.

Dark green Found, in the latest release of Flashpoint
Green Found, awaiting addition to Flashpoint
Cyan Found, but not currently submitted
Blue Found, but modified
Red Not found, confirmed to have existed
Orange Not found, likely existed
Yellow Not found, no solid proof of existence


ID Release date Format Proof of existence Notes
Java Logo.png Mirek's Java Cellebration
v.0.63 1999-10-18 ZIP Changelog
v.0.64 1999-10-18 ZIP
v.0.65 1999-10-18 ZIP
v.0.66 1999-10-18 ZIP
v.0.67 1999-10-18 ZIP Changelog
v.1.00 2000-02-29 ZIP Changelog
v.1.01 2000-03-10 ZIP Changelog
v.1.02 2000-03-19 ZIP Changelog
v.1.10 2000-05-27 ZIP Changelog
v.1.20 2000-06-20 ZIP Changelog
v.1.25 2000-07-19 ZIP Changelog
v.1.50 2000-11-27 ZIP Changelog
v.1.51 2005-02-23 ZIP Changelog

ZIP downloads

As the ZIP files are extracted and modified for Flashpoint processing and usage, this means that the original zips are not accessible through said means. They can be downloaded here: