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Before curating ActiveX, make sure that you have the latest version of Flashpoint.

Recognizing ActiveX application

  1. You can see text like "This game uses an ActiveX control and will not play in your browser" on the page.
  2. The app tells you it needs Internet Explorer to work.

How to curate an ActiveX application

The first thing you need to do is locate your ActiveX Control. This is typically a DLL or OCX file. You'll often find ActiveX Controls distributed in Cabinet (CAB) files. If your ActiveX Control is in a Cabinet file, open it in Windows Explorer so you can get the DLL or OCX file.

Once you have the ActiveX Control, you need to move it into an ActiveX folder. If you look in Flashpoint at FPSoftware\ActiveX, you'll see a number of folders, and every folder has an ActiveX Control inside. Create a folder for your ActiveX Control and put it inside. The folder can have any name, but is typically named after the control itself. You'll need to include your ActiveX folder in your curation when done. Include a FPSoftware folder alongside your content folder. Match the structure of your FPSoftware folder to the one in Flashpoint, i.e. create an ActiveX subfolder inside of it.

Now, use the Flashpoint Launcher to create a new curation like normal. Set the Application Path to the startActiveX script:

Application Path: FPSoftware\startActiveX.bat

When you set the Launch Command, start with the URL. Then, specify the ActiveX Control's location within the ActiveX folder. But then, only for the first time you run this, add --activex onto the end of the Launch Command. Here's an example Launch Command, for the game Zenerchi: ZenerchiWeb.\zenerchi. --activex

The first argument is the URL. The second argument is the location of the control (under FPSoftware\ActiveX.) And finally --activex.

Now, when you run this, it's going to prompt for administrator privileges. Then it's going to take about five seconds to import the control. And then (hopefully) it'll say it imported successfully and you can close the window.

Finally, remove --activex from the end of your Launch Command. so now it looks like: ZenerchiWeb.\zenerchi.

And now, when you run it, it'll open a browser to the page with the control on it (and it should work). Importing the control will have created a new configuration file in FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayerConfigs, named after the control. Include this configuration file in your curation. Put it in the FlashpointSecurePlayerConfigs subfolder of the FPSoftware folder in your curation.

If the control does not work, it's possible that it requires other changes. For example, it may require to be run with Windows Compatibility Settings, or need to be run as an administrator. If so, the Flashpoint Secure Player can be used to accomplish that. If you are having trouble figuring out the correct options, ask for help in the Flashpoint Discord server.

To be absolutely clear: your final curation should not have --activex in the Launch Command. Only you, the curator, should have it in your Launch Command the first time you launch the game, so that the configuration file is created.