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A list of wanted games that have not been found, requested for Kahvibreak. Please correct or fill in missing details to help with findings. Re-color rows appropriately when found. JPN refers to all Japanese-centric mobile game technologies.

Green Found, awaiting addition to Kahvibreak
Cyan Found, but not currently submitted
Orange Found, but cannot be emulated
Yellow Not found, no solid proof of release
White Not found, known to have been released

J2ME / Mophun

Title Publisher Developer Date Links Notes Requester
Cherry Hunt Sumea Sumea 2002 Screenshot Maybe unreleased. Prorok40
Fly Wizard NotTheFly.com NotTheFly.com - Website
- Prorok40
Rally Bunny bbmf bbmf - Screenshot Excitebike clone. Prorok40
Eternal Quest / Бесконечный поиск - - - Screenshot Karateka clone. Prorok40
Jump Boy Samsung SteamHouse - - Samsung SGH-T301G Prorok40
Model Fighter Toomtam - 2002 Website Nokia 7650. More games listed. Prorok40
Combat Zone Elkware Elkware - - Color version. Prorok40
Smashing Kick - Igor Maznitsa 2000s Website list
More games listed. Prorok40
SmileVille Bubble - - - Title screen
- Prorok40
Tower Adventure Funmobile Funmobile - Screenshot - Prorok40
Tank Wars Shamrock Games - - Screenshot - Prorok40
Submarine - Ismar - Screenshot B&W Prorok40
GARAGE - Ismar 2002 - Monochrome game for Nokia 3410 and color 128x128, etc. "Get your car, as fast as possible, out of the jammed garage. Your wife is waiting. A typical brain teaser." Prorok40
Lock'Em Up Ludigames Ludigames 2001 Title screen
Color version. Prorok40
Just Married - - - Screenshot B&W Prorok40
Pupus Rescue - - - Screenshot B&W Prorok40
Tomato Rain Mjoy NET Co Ltd - - Screenshot - Prorok40
Crazy Skipping Mjoy NET Co Ltd - - Screenshot - Prorok40
Water Balloon Mjoy NET Co Ltd - - Screenshot - Prorok40
Star Fall - - - Screenshot - Prorok40
WolfGang ("Nu Pogodi" alternate) - - - Screenshot - Prorok40
Galaxy Battle - Touchlink Mobile - Website - Prorok40
Lost Angel - Touchlink Mobile - Website - Prorok40
Oracle - Touchlink Mobile - Website - Prorok40
StoneAgeBattle - Touchlink Mobile - Website - Prorok40
2D-Arcanoid - Touchlink Mobile - Website - Prorok40
Forest for Mist Zgroup Mobile - - Publisher's website - Prorok40
Dark Slayer - eFUSION - Website - Prorok40
Tower of Babel - eFUSION - Website - Prorok40
The Destroyer - eFUSION - Website - Prorok40
Assault Tank - eFUSION - Website - Prorok40
Wild West - - - Screenshot Provided short description text: Wild_West_1825 - Jste kovbojem na divokém západě. Prorok40
Alone: The Horror Begins Vivendi Centerscore 2005 GENESIS' video
IGN articles
Footage possibly from a trailer or showcase video, since the game seems lost. E1M1Zach
50 Cent: Blood On The Sand Vivendi Vivendi 2008 - Another port of a console game by Vivendi. E1M1Zach
Die Drei 2 / 4 Exozet Games - - - - EugenG
Epic Heroes: Walls of Troy - - - - - EugenG
Bubble Boost - - - Discord post Found, but requires Siemens API. EugenG
Destroy all Aliens!!! THQ Wireless Big Blue Bubble 2005 - English version requested. EugenG
Yetisports 4/5/6/7 and Director's Cut - - - Discord post Most found, but none work on Kahvi emulators. EugenG
Knight Dreams 2 KOAN Games KOAN Games 2007 Website Unreleased. EugenG
Mr. Bean Racer - - - Discord post Failed to launch. EugenG
Sony Erricson WTR Tour Sony Erricson - - - Failed to launch (MascotCapsuleV3). EugenG
Super Real Tennis 3D Sony Erricson - - Discord post Failed to launch (MascotCapsuleV3). EugenG
Egypt Mystery - - - Discord post Failed to launch (MascotCapsuleV3). EugenG
Saboteur - - - TOC Mobile
Failed to launch. EugenG
Cave Man Mobile2Win Mobile2Win - Screenshot - EugenG
SpongeBob: The Movie Game - - - - Failed to launch. EugenG
Steam Iron - The Awakening Episode 1 / Steam Iron: The Fallen - - - - Failed to launch. EugenG
Ninja Inferno - - - - English version requested. EugenG
Fear Island (Остров Страха) - - - - Detected as malware. EugenG
Six Fears - - - - Failed to launch. EugenG
Book of Masters - - - - "all versions i tried pushed me back in the main menu after few minutes of gameplay" EugenG
Alphaman - - - Download Failed to launch. EugenG
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Ultimate Escape - - - - A version that works on emulators requested. EugenG
Eternity's Child (Not by Alten8) - - - Download
News article
- lanzz
Drainage - - - Description / Screenshot - lanzz
Puzzle Bobble Multiplayer
Rubiks Cubed Multiplayer
Viva La Mobile Viva La Mobile 2006 Website All games from the developer. lanzz
Barbarian - - - - Detected as malware. lanzz
Cinderella Soco Soft Soco Soft 2007 Video trailer
Title screen
- lanzz
Castle Phraktus 1/2 - - - - Full version requested. lanzz
Shadows of Malquidious - - - - Full version requested. lanzz
Tank Mission
War of Malquidious
PalmSoft Drag Racer
Golden West - Bang
Red Hood Racing
Fighters of CARIBBEAN
Jogo da Sedução
Fencer Duel
Crimson After Dusk
Shadows of Malquidious
MDEV PalmSoft Technologia - Portfolio PDF All games from the developer. lanzz
Dreamland Adventure - - - - (Kirby inspired name?) lanzz
Toilet Panic
Pupu's Rescue
Just Married
Condom Hunt
Future Design Group FDG Soft 2002 Website B&W. lanzz
Rok & Role - Nerode 2004 Review - lanzz
Zod's Quest Mophun Spark Creative 2002 Website Mophun version of the game requested. The website has a pop-up for playing a demo on a now broken in-browser emulator. lanzz
Spring Break - Surfing 3D Superscape Global Wireless Entertainment 2007 Video trailer - vitons
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude WonderPhone Vivendi 2005 News article 18+, a notorious adult-themed series. te_lanus
Ninja Up Gameloft Gameloft 2014 - Needs confirmation that a J2ME port exists. Included on feature phones. te_lanus
Asphalt 2: Urban GT (3D) Gameloft Gameloft 2005 - 3D version of the game requested. WSDguy2014
Marble Madness 3D - - - - Failed to launch (MascotCapsuleV3). Croc Volcano Panic
The Untouchables Overloaded Overloaded 2007 Portfolio Other games developed by Edouard Albert (from linked portfolio) have been curated. Vipzérix
Silent Storm (EN) JoyBits JoyBits - Website English version needs to be found, as shown in screenshots on the website. Vipzérix
Zoozoo Club - - - - LG KP265. SergioFLS
Игры из жизни - - - Screenshot - BlueSky605
Gangstar: Samurai Gameloft Gameloft 2011 Wiki Fan-made English translation by Mobinfo.pl from the original BREW version. Screenshots here and here. NightHnh099
Ratchet and Clank Clone Home Sony Pictures Mobile Handheld Games 2006 Search progress
Discord server
- sgoc
The Powerpuff Girls - Mojo Madness - GlobalFun 2010 Wiki
Requested version working on emulators sgoc
The Call Of Cthulhu: The Darkness Within: Book 2 - - - - - hergezod
Zombieland Sony Pictures Mobile Javaground 2009 Website BREW version also. hergezod
Mini Game Pack 2 Com2US Com2US - - - Onion Mastori
Ren & Stimpy Pinball Sorrent Sorrent 2004 Wiki - Onion Mastori
Puchi Carat Taito Taito - - If J2ME or i-mode port exists. Onion Mastori
Inuyasha Glu Mobile Glu Mobile 2005 Website Alongside a BREW version. Onion Mastori
Füles Mackó M Factory Kft. Aquajava - Website Graphical patch of Aquajava's Mobario tymime
Ali the Penguin - Inlogic Software - - Failed to launch. tymime
GP Pinball - Mr.Goodliving - - Failed to launch, requires Siemens APIs currently unsupported on Kahvi's emulators. tymime
Pinball - KnockAbout - - Failed to launch, requires Motorola APIs currently unsupported on Kahvi's emulators. tymime
Mini Game Planet LG Electronics Com2US - - - Devan Wolf
Mini Game World LG Electronics Com2US - - - Devan Wolf
Bob Esponja: Fábrica de Siriburguer Nick Nano Games 2008 Gameplay Website - Devan Wolf
Jimmy Neutron: Enigma das Supernovas Nick Nano Games 2008 Gameplay Website - Devan Wolf


Title Publisher Developer Date Links Notes Requester
Snakes Nokia Nokia - Gameplay - That19
Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D Activision Polarbit 2008 Wiki - Dachimotsu
Panda Manda TheBubbleGames TheBubbleGames 2008 Website
Video trailer
Nokia N95, N82 (S60v3). Vipzérix


Title Publisher Developer Date Links Notes Requester
Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode: Final Fantasy VII - - - - LG VX-9800. jelloshooter848
YS Book 1: The Vanished Omens - - - - - jelloshooter848
Hexcite Fusion - - - - - jelloshooter848
Inuyasha Glu Mobile Glu Mobile 2005 Website Alongside a J2ME version. Onion Mastori
Zombieland Sony Pictures Mobile Javaground 2009 Website J2ME version also. hergezod
Gangstar: Samurai Gameloft Gameloft 2009 Discord post
Video trailer
Screenshots here. Gameloft employee said they aren't aware of it. Fan-made English J2ME version as well. NightHnh099


Title Publisher Developer Date Links Notes Requester
Ghost Hunter In-Fusio In-Fusio 2004 Mobygames entry - Prorok40
Jungle Run In-Fusio In-Fusio 2004 Mobygames entry - Prorok40
Alfred Hitchcook Psycho Kaolink Kaolink - Screenshot - lanzz
Dream Quest In-Fusio In-Fusio - Screenshot B&W. lanzz


Title Publisher Developer Date Links Notes Requester
THE 地球防衛軍シューティング~出撃!ペイルウイング~
THE 地球防衛軍MOBILE(襲来編)
地球防衛軍3 / Earth Defense Forces 3
i-mode, EZweb, Y!Keitai. E1M1Zach
アテナフルスロットル / Athena: Full Throttle SNK Playmore Corporation SNK Playmore Corporation 2006 MobyGames
i-mode. Coverage: Athena-Asamiya, GameSpy, Terrafor. johndripper
The Legend of Kabuto SkyArts SkyArts 2003 Website - lanzz
Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII Square Enix Square Enix 2004 Wiki NTT DoCoMo FOMA 900i Series, SoftBank Yahoo! Mobile phones, AU EZweb jelloshooter848
Chokkan♪ Crash Bandicoot - - 2007 Wiki DoCoMo SH904. Dachimotsu
新イースI -3D ("New YS I -3D")
新イースI -3D-外伝 ("New YS I -3D-Gaiden")
- - - - "Apparently listed under the Role Playing category in i-Mode." Abstraction
I am 魚 kemco - - Website i-mode. Bestest
Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake Konami Konami 2004 Screenshot - sgoc
King's Field Mobile 1, 2 and EX FromSoftware FromSoftware 2004 Website
- Seziki Tetrahedrone
Puchi Carat Taito Taito - - If J2ME or i-mode port exists. Onion Mastori
風のクロノア / Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Namco - 2008 Wikipedia i-mode. Onion Mastori
Strawberry Sweet Pop Sega Sega - LMWiki i-mode; FOMA 90X/70X. Sonic Cafe service run by Sega. Onion Mastori
とことんぷよぷよ / Puyo Puyo Sega Sega 2000s Wikipedia i-mode, S!App, #BREW, EZapp. All games from the series. Onion Mastori
にゃんこ大戦争 / The Battle Cats
クマんちゅ ロワイアル / Kumanchu Royale
Ponos Ponos - Wikipedia
Y!Keitai, EZapp. Onion Mastori
Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright - Justice for All
Phoenix Wright - Trials and Tribulations
Capcom Capcom - Wikipedia
i-mode, S!App, EZapp. Alexis
Gyakuten Poker
Gyakuten Hanafuda
Gyakuten Saiban Puzzle
Capcom Capcom - Wikipedia
i-mode, S!App, EZapp. Violet
PaRappa the Rapper Mobile / パラッパラッパー モバイル SCEI Dwango 2003 News article i-mode, EZweb. pips
Battle City / バトルシティー Namco Namco 2003 Wikipedia i-mode, S!App. Seem like only official ports of the game to cellphone. Vipzérix
Bomberman / ボンバーマン
Adventure Island / 高橋名人の冒険島
Nuts & Milk / ナッツ&ミルク
Planet Bowling / プラネットボウリング
Klondike / クロンダイク
泡泡球 / キャノンボール
KG Telecom Hudson Soft 2003 News
i-appli (JP), DoJa (EU), BREW (EZapp). A bunch of Famicom ports for mobile phones part of a "GameMaster" service. Vipzérix
Theresia II: Dear Lizst
Arc System Works WorkJam 2008 Website
i-mode, EZapp , S!App hergezod
いただきストリートMOBILE SQUARE ENIX - 2007
(Updates in 2010 and 2011)
First edition
Third edition
i-mode, EZapp , Y!Keitai
Demo bundled with the docomo PRIME series N-01A, docomo STYLE series N-02A and ソニーエリクソンの「re」(Sony Ericcson "re") devices


Title Publisher Developer Date Links Notes Requester
The Legend of Mir LG - 2007 Reddit findings
Forums (2021 finds)
Can be found on LG KG130: firmware & service manual (CPKB wiki). The phone would need to be reverse-engineered for an emulator. Vipzérix
Snake Xenzia Nokia Nokia - - Monochrome from early phones and color versions from Nokia S30s. Could run on Nokia SDKs? Vipzérix
Soccer League Nokia - 2000s - Nokia S30 prebuilt, unlikely to be J2ME. vitons
Go! Hamster - - 2003 Gameplay Samsung SGH-E700 Onion Mastori
Flee! Motorola - - [1] [2] Motorola V3i Prorok40