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This index is adapted from the Flash section on the respective wiki. The index there will likely be more up-to-date than this one. Said wiki also documents the history of the earlier Game Maker game editions, and includes download links for all archived versions.

Dark green Found, in the latest release of Flashpoint
Green Found, awaiting addition to Flashpoint
Cyan Found, but not currently submitted
Blue Found, but modified
Red Not found, confirmed to have existed
Orange Not found, likely existed
Yellow Not found, no solid proof of existence

Main games


The versions containing built-in levels, both hosted on the @coloraze page and distributed to flash game sites across the internet.

Versions of the 42-level original standalone are called "standalone" here, and the 90-level updated version "player-pack".

ID Release date Format Proof of existence Notes
Flash Logo.png Old standalone (42 levels)
standalone-2011xxxx 2011-xx-xx SWF Trailer The version shown in the official trailer.[note 1]
standalone-20111013 2011-10-13 SWF This is at least believed to be the initially released version.[note 2]
standalone-20121012 2012-10-12 SWF Notable differences from the initial release.[note 3] Interestingly implied by both ProductInfo and Metadata to be compiled in late 2012, long after the release of the player pack and removal of the old standalone from TrackMill.
Flash Logo.png Player pack (90 levels)
player-pack-20120113 2012-01-13 SWF ProductInfo implies a compilation date of 2011-11-25, but Metadata lists 2012-01-13
player-pack-20120113-distributable 2012-01-13 SWF Newgrounds The version of the player pack distributed to other sites. Almost always shows a loading screen, whereas the local version usually does not; otherwise plays identically. Does not contain ProductInfo.


Versions intended for playing custom levels in the Coloraze database, found on custom level pages.

ID Release date Format Proof of existence Notes
play-20111013 2011-10-13 SWF First released version
play-201110xx 2011-10-XX SWF Archived screenshot The wheel was made to look like a pumpkin
play-201110xx 2011-10-XX SWF A version may or may not have been released solely to fix a bug resulting in the wheel getting stuck inside of color locks after changing color intersecting one. However, this change may have just coincided with other changes.
play-20111108 2011-11-08 SWF TrackMill Updated to support the six newly added blocks.
play-20111121 2011-11-21 SWF TrackMill Optimization update
play-20150310 2015-03-10 SWF


Level editor versions of Coloraze intended for the creation of custom levels, connected to the TrackMill API and level database.

ID Release date Format Proof of existence Notes
create-20111013 2011-10-13 SWF Archived screenshot First released version
create-20111110 2011-11-10 SWF TrackMill Updated to support the six newly added blocks.
create-20111xxx 2011-1x-xx SWF Inactive color locks are still animated. Color lock sticking bug not present. Modify date 2011-11-21T17:26:58. Probably the first Six New Blocks build, but no way to confirm.
create-201xxxxx 201x-xx-xx SWF Inactive color locks are no longer animated.
create-20150314 2015-03-14 SWF


The status of these versions is unknown, but they are known to exist or have existed.

ID Release date Format Proof of existence Notes
flash-b-20110615 2011-06-15 SWF 64Digits An early beta version of Coloraze in Flash, publicly accessible
flash-20110810 2011-08-10 SWF 64Digits A public testing version of Coloraze, likely without TrackMill branding. Boosts were allegedly also completely solid for wheels not of the same color. May or may not have been the same as the build released on September 4.
flash-201109xx 2011-09-XX SWF 64Digits Boost block mechanics were changed.

This thread concerns the release of an optimization update, but is unclear as to which of the three swf files it applies to.

Dead links

These links at one point led to historical versions of the game (or pages containing them) which are currently not archived, and have since succumbed to link rot, and archive sites such as the Wayback Machine do not have sufficient backups of these files either. These are kept here strictly for documentation purposes - clicking them is not recommended.


  1. Timer does not count centiseconds, and boost blocks appear to be more reactive.
  2. There is no bug where the player can become stuck inside of color locks - it is not known if this issue was exclusive to custom levels.
  3. Level 1's message is considerably shortened, and lock physics are strange (they no longer melt away effortlessly when unlocked and can stop player movement, sometimes outright. There is no longer a loading screen for ads. Recovered from an old Windows XP computer: modify date 2011-11-28T15:45:58