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This index tracks what versions of the Java applet for Conway's Game of Life, created by Alan Hensel, have been archived and which have not.

As there appears to be no changelog and version numbers were announced directly on the About page, only three versions are known to exist.

Dark green Found, in the latest release of Flashpoint
Green Found, awaiting addition to Flashpoint
Cyan Found, but not currently submitted
Blue Found, but modified
Red Not found, confirmed to have existed
Orange Not found, likely existed
Yellow Not found, no solid proof of existence


ID Release date Format Proof of existence Notes
Java Logo.png Conway's Game of Life
v0.41b About
v0.41c 1999-01-22 About The original source code is mostly archived, however a file was missing.
v0.41d 2001-01-31 About

Source code

The source code was released alongside presumably each version of the applet. This has been archived for both v0.41c and v0.41d, however in the case of v0.41c was missing. In the source code download provided below, this has been replaced with the form v0.41d, with the internal comments modified to state this. It is not known if compilation of the applet from this code would provide a bit-perfectly identical applet to the original v0.41c.

Help with compiling this source code would be appreciated, as there have likely been many changes to Java in the last 20 years to deprecate the compilation of applets due to their loss of support, as well as possible changes to Java itself in the meantime which may produce different results in the compiled code.