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This guide will show you how to curate Alambik content using Flashpoint.

Before you start

  • This tutorial will assume you've read the standard Curation Tutorial, which is highly recommended to go through. Try curating a Flash game before moving on to other platforms like Alambik.
  • For older versions of the launcher, you must extract the Alambik Support Pack Update into it.

Which Application Path to use

Use startAlambik.bat with just the Alambik file first. See the Troubleshooting section if it doesn't work or is too fast.

How to recognize an Alambik application

  • It is described as an Alambik application somewhere on the site.
  • It mentions MCNL (Multi Content Natural Language) or Alambik Script.
  • It uses the .tv, .tvs, .tvv, .tvb, .tvl, or .tvd file extension.

Meta Fields

Many meta fields can be found by right clicking, then pressing View Sources. This works in both standalone and the browser, however only works on some files.

  • Title - Use the Script name field unless there is a different title in the game itself, and all titles mentioned elsewhere should be added as Alternate Titles.
  • Developer - Use the Author field.
  • Release Date - Use the Production date field; this is the date (in MM.DD.YYYY format) of which the file was produced, but it doesn’t always match with the actual release date; use one from the site (or in-game) if there is one.
  • Original Description - Use the Short comment field; append any other descriptions to this with two blank lines separating them.
  • Version - Do not use the Alambik Script version or Mediamaker version fields; use a version located elsewhere if you can find one.


  • It doesn't work in the player or is a microsite/needs an embed! Add browser to the beginning of your Launch Command, changing it to something like browser
  • It's too fast! Add cpu speed to the end of the Launch Command, replacing speed with a number that can be found using trial and error (200 is a good starting point), changing it to something like cpu 300. This works with the above browser change.
  • The player requests some tracking files, from,, and, alongside some "redirect" subpages. These can be safely ignored; do not place them in your curation, even though some of them 404.
  • If you have any questions/problems, ask in the #plugin-chat channel in our Discord server.

Wrapping It Up

First, make sure that you have thoroughly tested your curation and followed the Curation Format. Scroll down in the Curate tab and click the Export button at the bottom of your curation to save it as a .7z file. After you've exported the curation, you can find it by clicking the Exported Curations button on the Curate tab (as long as you didn't choose to save it somewhere else). Once you have the file, submit it to the Flashpoint Submission System. An explanation of how the site works is available here.

After you have uploaded your curation to the website, a Curator will check it. This can take some time, so please be patient. You will be pinged in the #fpfss-notifications channel about whether or not your submission was approved, and if any changes need to be made.

Congratulations! Your submitted game/animation will appear in a future version of Flashpoint.