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This is a list of web game technologies that we hope to support in the future. If you'd like to help us add one of these technologies to Flashpoint, please join the #development-chat channel in our Discord.

Here are some places to find more technologies to add to Flashpoint: - Windows PluginDoc [1]

GitHub Gist - a list of over 10,000 plugins

K-Meleon Extensions Central - Web Browser Plugins

QuickTime VR

Download Links

Example Games/Applications

Problems Encountered

Uses the Windows system directory and is not portable.


The latest version available on requires Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Service Pack 1 MFC.

Both Apple Application Support and QuickTime are required. Registry entries point to their locations.

Registry files: apple.reg quicktime.reg

Not all data in quicktime.reg is likely needed.

In Flashpoint, Basilisk is currently configured to disable QuickTime by default to avoid conflicts.

Some of the npqtplugin.dll files may interfere with other video/audio plugins or built-in behavior. It may make sense to have the QuickTime plugin available only when viewing a QuickTime curation. Basilisk's built-in MIME type configuration dialog can also be used to choose what plugins are used for different types of content.

Atomic 3D / Neutron Viewer

Download Links*/*

Example Games/Applications

lost 3D model of a nuclear power plant

Panda3D Plugin

Download Links

Install and demos:

Latest runtime:

Example Games/Applications

Open directory of Panda3D stuff:

Pac-Bat - tested and working on 2019-07-21

Dice in a Stone Box

A3P - Acquire, Attack, Asplode, Pwn! - tries to install Python and crashes

Problems Encountered

Has a huge number of runtime components that are downloaded and installed on demand. They are listed here:

The runtime components are all available from this open directory:

MDL Chime

Download Links

Install and demos:

Problems Encountered

When the plugin is installed, navigating to a page that uses the plugin immediately crashes K-Meleon.

Google Native Client

Slimjet 10, Used by oshaboy for testing:

Example Games


Bastion Demo (Some Assets lost)

Super Tux


Problems Encountered

"[6708:11872:0517/] DuplicateHandle() failed" on Chromium 40

.nexe and .pexe files get downloaded by the browser, but don't start.

Slimjet 10 can't see the PNaCl compiler plugin when running through a proxy. (See chrome://components) (That was because the compiler was not in the user folder)


Download Links

Example Games/Applications

Problems Encountered

"TclError: Can't find a usable init.tcl in the following directories:" error when trying to run Grail (Solved)

"An exception occurred during applet loading : exceptions.TypeError: compile, argument 1: expected string without null bytes, string found" error on all official Grail demo applets, except for Clocks, Play A Sound File, Demos Similar to Common Java Demos, Show Grail's Applet Exception Handling, Calendar and A Little Joke. (That's because Grail can't decrypt gzipped http packets)

"An error occurred in a callback function : audiodev.error : no audio device" error if trying to play a sound in Play A Sound File. It's possible the audio files don't exist where they originally existed.


Old versions of Python and Tcl/Tk are required. These may work:

Python 1.5.2:


Alternatively, an all-in-one package can be used instead.

All-in-one packages:, (more portable version)


Download Links

A list of some X3D players:

Example Games/Applications

Examples: Scene Archives for X3D:

FreeWRL examples:

Problems Encountered

Flux Player 2.1 loads indefinitely under TheWorld 3.5.03

Castle Game Engine Web Plugin

Download Links

Example Games/Applications

Problems Encountered

Can't find C:\Program on PATH.

Exception "Exception":

windres failed, cannot create Windows resource

Further notes

No precompiled builds are available yet. As such, you may have to download any of the following files to compile the plugin:

Lazarus: (it might be best to download the version with the highest version number)

Free Pascal (included with Lazarus, but also linked to separately in case that helps get the plugin compiled):

Castle Game Engine:

Tulip 3D

(Note: It's unclear whether these two links reference the same plugin or two different plugins with Tulip in the name)

Adobe Atmosphere

[Logo Discussion]

Download links

Latest plugin:*/

Standalone version:*/

Example Games/Applications

Problems Encountered

  • The Javascript used by Galleries doesn't seem to work in newer IE. Curation guide might need to specify replacing the gallery's Javascript with code to create the <object> tag. This appears to because of a use of VBScript. VBScript can be reenabled via registry, or it might be cleaner to replace the JS. VBScript and galleries work fine as-is in Flashpoint Secure Player.
  • Some older Atmosphere worlds don't work in the plugin. Newer worlds (including galleries) won't work fully in the standalone player.
  • Low FPS. Can seemingly be fixed by changing "Throttle when not active". Hardware acceleration can be added by editing a text file, but it results in oddities in the tic tac toe world (
  • Cannot point plugin directly at an .aer file, an <object> tag must be used. (This is an original Adobe Atmosphere limitation)
  • Some worlds automatically close chat. Some other worlds put useful information in the chat. The chat open/closed preference is saved, so worlds with chat should probably have some code to open chat embedded.
  • Excessive caching may be a possibility.
  • Stairs are tricky to climb. Could be related to missing avatars? Might want to include default avatar in htdocs.


Example Games/Applications


A proposal by Google for a standard 3D API for the Web. WebGL supplanted it. Google eventually wrote a WebGL version of O3D, but conversion is not automatic and the Beach demo was not converted

Download links

No known trustworthy downloads, although source code exists. was tested and works, but the site is sketchy.

Example Games/Applications


Plugin for a cross-platform programming language. Unfortunately the plugin only works in Internet Explorer.

Download Links

Example Games/Applications


Some kind of 3D viewer for .mcf files, which are things like sitemaps

Example Games/Applications (requires a multitude of plugins)




An image compression plugin mainly used for orthophotos.

Download links

Window on the UK, Window on the Universe (Volumes 1 & 2) and the plugin installer:


Download Link



Player using ocx files, but when trying run as ActiveX Control giving error "Registry Failed".



Could potentially be considered just another ActiveX control?

Download Link



The sample at (linked from personal projects) reportedly has Flash <-> XVR interaction. This might not be supportable in Flashpoint unless Flash can be added to Flashpoint Secure Player or an NPAPI version of XVR is found.


  • No independent download, added to Internet Explorer in IE 5.5 and removed in IE 9. X-UA-Compatible does not appear to work


AXEL Player


Browser Plugin:

Standalone Player:

Download links for all known versions:




Is a standalone player built with Flash and Shockwave, playing both contents.

it downloaded files from the internet on a daily basis. things called BitGames or BitFlicks there was also ads.

The file extension is .bm which just contains a .swf

There were around 2000's various files in its short life, we have only been able to save a little less then 500.


(most of these you might have to search for bitmagic) [Michiel Frackers Interview - Co-founder] [Co-founder flash website] [animators website] [more info] [linkedin profile] [about book by cofounder] [more info 2] [website were player could be downloaded] [blog talking about various inside happenings]


BitMagic should be good for the next release

Items can not be fully curated in the Curate Tab though, items will not directly play so no screen shots etc.

[Download of player and needed files] [Recent Discord Post]

Examples are included in the download


  • bitmagic_converter extracts the Flash or Shockwave file embedded in a BitMagic file and shows metadata such as name, creator/note, and edition (which is usually a date, presumably the date it was published)
  • minimagic_extractor extracts BitMagic .bm files from Minimagic .exes. Minimagic was a way of packaging up a BitMagic animation as a standalone executable.

Technologies Included

Added in Flashpoint 8.1


Pulse3D was previously called "Platinum VRML."

Download Links*/

Available from MICD2001_11_NR2.iso here:


Netscape version:

Example Games/Applications CDX search CDX search CDX search CDX search CDX search CDX search


Browser plugins (at least the NPAPI one, didn't check ActiveX) seem to look for Pulse by using ShGetFolderPathA to find CSIDL_FLAG_CREATE | CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES if that function exists (and if not, looking at a Registry entry).

Some files seem to need a command sent to the plugin (for example, Fozzie needs "play obj=Dummy01 pkg=assets/fozzie/Package2.pws transition=0.30 heading=yes behave=joke"). The NPAPI version of the plugin looks like it relies on LiveConnect, which might not be supported in Basilisk.

Added in Flashpoint 8.2


Download Links

A list of some VRML players:

Cosmo Player:


Example Games/Applications

*; Also contains links to other places containing VRML content.

Andrew's VRML Games and Puzzles:


Web3D Amusements* (The English version of VRML GAME. It has VRML programs not in the other version, which is in Japanese):

A Little Bit About Me:

VRML resources for the 3E15 lecture - 14 October 1998*:

A list of chat worlds and games at VR Internal (on the left sidebar):

FreeWRL examples:

Internet Archive Search: subject:"VRML":

Google search for VRML, limited to addresses*:

Floops episodes 7, 10, 24, 28, 29, 31, 36, 38 and 46 from Floops' Greatest Hits, a CD-ROM published in 1997 by Silicon Graphics:

Google search for VRML, limited to addresses*:

The Haunted House (created by Nekochan member nongrato):

Google search for VRML, limited to VRML archives*:

Google search for VRML, limited to addresses*:

Google search for VRML, limited to .edu addresses*:

Lots and Lots of VRML 1:

All VRML worlds from Archive Team's Geocities scrape (1,985 .wrl files total)

Problems Encountered

Flux Player 2.1 is stuck loading under TheWorld 3.5.03

Too many players with variations: Which ones should get included?

Live3D: Crashes on page navigation resolvable by using in Netscape 4

Cosmo Player: Struggles with large worlds. Direct3D renderer (the default) seems to cause dropped polygons (in Mod Gun and Beat Monk Bash at least) and drifting cameras (in Mod Dance Party) and wrongly rendering textures (in Dilbert animation I Think Therefore I Am). Have been unable to get software renderer to work. OpenGL renderer (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CosmoSoftware\CosmoPlayer\2.1.1\renderer = OPENGL) seems to work fine on one system, needs testing before any decision to hardcode.

Blaxxun Contact 4.4: If a world has sounds but a sound has not played yet, low FPS. This seems to occur in a full install too.

Blaxxun Contact 4.4: Some worlds rely on RealPlayer G2. Include in Blaxxun config? Example world:

Tcl Plugin

academic paper

Japanese presentation

Download Links

Example Games/Applications

See for many examples.

Problems Encountered

The Tcl plugin may not load unless these conditions are met:

  1. The page with the Tcl embed has to be the first page loaded by the browser (not counting about:home).
  2. The page must be allowed to complete loading without scrolling the page or moving the mouse over the embed area.

Tested in latest K-Meleon (non-Goanna) version on 2019-08-17.


Download Links

Example Games/Applications*/*