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A tag is used to describe a major element of a game from its gameplay type (strategy, action, arcade) to any specific subset of that gameplay type (scrolling shooter, lane-based strategy). You can have more than one tag per game, in fact, that's kind of the point. If there is a tag that you would like to have on this page, let someone with a color name know on Discord. We don't want tags that will only apply to one or two games; it should be a relatively well-used tag, to prevent the list from getting too long.


What is the primary genre that this game represents?

Tag Category Description Example
Action Action A game with reaction-based gameplay and a high pace; can refer to a lot of different types of games, including other tags like Platformer or Shooter. Alien Hominid
Adventure Adventure A game where the main feature is exploring and puzzle-solving, usually with a mouse or movement of an on-screen character (Also known as Point and Click.) The Last Door
Arcade Arcade Used to describe simple games with easily graspable gameplay and a focus on getting a high score. Helicopter Game
Artillery Action A game where the focus is using a set power and angle to throw an object at a target of any kind of form. Crush the Castle
Brawler Action A game where you control a character who fights multiple other characters at the same time using simple combos and special moves. Dad 'n' Me
Breakout Arcade A game involving a paddle, a ball, and brickbreaking. bloXplatter
Card Puzzle A game played using a set of rules based around a deck of cards, whether it be the standard deck of 52 or more custom arrangements. Solitaire
Choose Your Own Adventure Adventure A game where you're presented with some kind of story, in which you make one of a set of choices to progress said story. The Sagittarian
Clicker Incremental A game where you primarily click to increase numbers. AdVenture Capitalist
Daily Mechanic A game with content that updates or changes every day. Drift n' Burn 365
Dating Sim Adventure A game where the main focus is to date a hero or heroine, usually presented in a Visual Novel / Choose Your Own Adventure format, but is sometimes more complicated with things like stats, day/night cycles, etc. SIMGirls
Dress-Up Other A game where you choose clothes for an included character to dress them up. Dead Baby Dressup
Driving Driving Games that have driving, but aren't particularly about racing. Cab Driver
Escape the Room Adventure A subset of the Adventure genre where you're in a single room / low amount of rooms, a general lack of story, and puzzles to solve in order to get out of it. Cube Escape: The Cave
Experimental Other Games that defy categorization and break convention. Crumbling Room
Fighting Action A type of game that places two characters head to head with a series of included moves, combos and rounds. Pencak Silat
Find Puzzle A game where you need to find something; whether it be objects, usually hidden in a room or among a bunch of other objects, or differences in two pictures. 5 Differences
Flying Arcade A type of game where you're flying a vehicle, but not actively fighting or racing with it. Fly Like A Bird
Gambling Other A game that either recreates a form of real world gambling such as slots or poker, or is completely focused on some fictional kind of betting, winning and losing. Blackjack Elf
Horror Theme A game that intends to provide an unsettling, creepy, spooky, scary skele-cough atmosphere. Isn't exclusive to any other tag. Exmortis
Idle Incremental A game where numbers go up while you're away. Most of the incremental games are idle ones. NGU Idle
Incremental Incremental A game primarily about increasing numbers, either idly or through very simple actions that don't require skill. Universal Paperclips
Level Editor Creative Games with level editors. Warp
Math Informational A game where you mostly solve math problems. Math Shootout
Music Theme If music is a major part of gameplay, then use this tag. Can also be used with the Creative tag for music creation applications. Symphony
Microsite Other Not so much a game as an interactive website backed up from the internet. Often exists to promote another product. J.K. Rowling Official Site
Motocross Driving A game that usually involves some form of vehicle in a side on view affected by physics that you have to use to surmount a challenging set of physical terrain. Trials 2 Flash Preview
Pinball Arcade A game based on either a recreation or fresh conception of the real world diversion. Pinbill
Puzzle Puzzle There are many types of puzzle games, but they usually involve some kind of logical task/brainteaser that needs to be solved. Bloxorz
Match-3 Puzzle A puzzle game where you match objects on a grid to make a line of three, which then disappear and refill the grid. Galactic Gems
Physics Mechanic Objects in the game are affected by real world/akin to real world forces. Red Remover
Pong Arcade A game based on the classic Pong game. PONGS
Quiz Informational A game that asks you questions about any particular subject matter. 50 States
Racing Driving A game that has you in a competition of speed; in particular, to reach a finish line first. Not entirely reliant on things like vehicles, but usually includes vehicles. Cyclomaniacs
Parking Driving A game where you use a car to attempt to park in a parking spot, usually with nearby obstacles. Parking Lot
Rock-Paper-Scissors Mechanic A game based off the classic three-way head-to-head mind game. Pico vs. Uberkids
Roguelike Adventure Players get one life, with all or the majority of their progress lost on death. Yet Another Roguelike
RPG Adventure Can take many different forms but usually involves a world to explore, an in-depth story, stats, equipment that raises said stats, leveling up and battles. Sonny
Runner Arcade A game that usually involves you moving down a path automatically, avoiding obstacles in order to either get a high score (endless) or finish a level. Canabalt
Shooter Action Can be used to describe any game where your main form of engagement is blasting enemies with any kind of ranged weapon. Space Invaders
First-Person Shooter The game is played from the point of view of the player character. Usually applies to shooters. Sierra 7
Side-Scrolling Mechanic The game that's played with a playfield that scrolls from the left to the right. Sometimes ships, sometimes on foot. Usually applies to shooters or platformers. Heli Attack 3
On-Rails Shooter The game is played with a viewpoint that moves automatically, with no input available to the player. Applies almost always to shooters. Xiao Xiao no. 4
Vertically-Scrolling Shooter The game is played with a playfield that scrolls from bottom to top (usually in a ship). Enigmata 2
Simulation Simulation A catch-all term for games that involve managing some kind of business, or attempt to simulate any real-world activity. Papa's Pizzeria
Sports Simulation A recreation of any set of real world sports (anything from baseball to football). Stick Cricket
Strategy Strategy Comes in many forms, but usually involves controlling units in an efficient way to defeat some kind of enemy. Age of War
Real-Time Strategy The player and the enemy can give orders at the same time, and the action continues on even if neither are involved. Creeper World: Evermore
Node-Based Strategy The player and the enemy each control 'nodes', which they can send units to and from. Tentacle Wars
Lane-Based Strategy The player and the enemy have multiple 'lanes' that they can send troops down as attacks. Plants vs Zombies (Web Version)
Single-Lane Strategy The player and the enemy share one 'lane' in which they send all their units down to fight. Age of War
Story-Driven Theme Any game that places emphasis on a story, regardless of genre. ?
Sokoban Puzzle A puzzle game in which you push or boxes around in a warehouse, trying to get them to storage locations. Aggressive Sokoban
Tabletop Simulation A recreation of a board game from the real world, or a game formatted to play like a game from said real world. Snakes and Ladders
Tetris Puzzle Based on the classic Tetris game. Tetris Heaven
Tower Defense Strategy A type of game where the player places towers on the field to defend from enemies coming for a certain point on the map (usually, but not always, the end of a preset path). Bloons TD 5
Toy Other A game that has no set objective, and just lets you play with a sandbox of toys or a set of preset options. One Man Band
Turn-Based Mechanic The player and the game take turns. Often applies to Strategy games. Sonny
Tutorial Informational A game that is more akin to a tutorial, showing you how to do something in an interactive fashion. Newgrounds Levels
Typing Informational A game where the main goal is to type as efficiently and mistake-free as possible. Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing!
Variety Arcade A game where the gameplay changes frequently, such as in minigame collections. Four Second Frenzy
Visual Novel Adventure A game where a story is told through text and pictures, and sometimes allows the player to make choices to change the story. Usually more verbose, character and story focused than a Choose Your Own Adventure title. Aurica Cosmosphere Part 1
Walking Simulator Simulation A game that involves the player exploring a world by walking around it while the story unfolds around them. (Generally, if a game involves combat, platforming, or anything more than just walking around, it usually isn't a walking simulator.) Dear Esther
Word Puzzle A type of puzzle or arcade game where you spell words, solve crosswords, or something similar. WordUp
Adult Content Games meant entirely for titillation, often with no proper gameplay to speak of. Usually only has things like customizing certain elements of the animation. Super Deepthroat


Are there any other genres that could be applied to this game? NOTE: Please use these sparingly, small parts of a game such as minigames or in-game parodies of a genre do not warrant a Subgenre tag.

(These are just the Genre tags applied as Subgenre tags)


How does the player interact with the game?

Tag Description Example
Shooter Involves firing projectiles. ???
Rhythm Involves performing actions in time to a song or beat. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3
Platformer Involves traversing the environment via platforms. Super Mario 63
Side Scroller Game progression involves moving your character from one side of the screen to the other. ???
Run and gun Gameplay involves running on foot while shooting. ???


What is the primary experience intended for the player?

Tag Description Example
Story Driven Story is a major focus of the game. ???
Arcade Achieving a high score is a major focus of the game. ???
Creative Anything that facilitates user-created content, whether that's a game with a level editor, a painting program, or something else. Sonic Scene Creator 5
Competitive Competing against other players is a major focus of the game. ???
Exploration Exploring the environment is a major focus of the game. ???
Educational Educating the player on real world topics is a major focus of the game. Annual Precipitation in California
Adventure Completing a series of challenges or levels is a major focus of the game. ???


Are there any existing themes or fantasies that the game pulls from?

Tag Description Example
Western Cowboys, six shooters and yeeing your last haw. Wild West Showdown
Holiday Games with holiday themes like Christmas and Halloween get this tag. Snow Line
Anime A game with an anime art style. Anime Character Maker 2.2
Science Fiction A game with a futuristic or science fiction theme. Alternator
Space Any game with an outer-space theme. Planet Cruncher
Fantasy A game with a fantasy setting, such as a fairy tale. Talesworth Adventure Episode 1
Historical A game based on a historical event or time period. Western Front 1914


Is there anything in the game that one would find objectionable?

Tag Description Example
Gore ??? ???
Sex ??? ???
Nudity ??? ???
Mature Language ??? ???
Loud Sounds ??? ???
Flashing Images ??? ???