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| -
| -
| Excludes a parameter from the search. Can be used as part of other prefixes.
| Excludes a parameter from the search when used before other prefixes.
| <code>-tag:Soccer</code>
| <code>-tag:Soccer</code>

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This article describes how the search system in the Flashpoint Launcher works.


  • Flashpoint uses docopt parsing: ([-][[(no|not|missing|is|has|<field>):]|[@|#|!]](<phrase>|"<phrase>"))...
  • A search query can contain any number of phrases (tag:arcade tag:platformer platform:flash jump run)
  • Phrases containing spaces must be wrapped in quotes or will count as separate parameters (developer:"Firstname Lastname")
  • Searches are not case sensitive, can have incomplete names (except tags) and a name backwards (both nana cr and CRASH NANACA will find NANACA†CRASH!!)
  • Phrases without metadata prefixes are matched against a curation's Title, Alternate Titles, Developer and Publisher. The phrase only has to match one of these fields for the game to be included.

Metadata Prefixes

Prefix Example
title: title:Bowman
alternateTitles: alternateTitles:II
series: series:Sonny
developer: developer:Devname
publisher: publisher:Newgrounds
playMode: playMode:"Single Player"
status: status:Partial
releaseDate: releaseDate:2010-01
version: version:2.0
language: language:pt
tag: tag:Toy
platform: platform:Flash
applicationPath: applicationPath:Basilisk
launchCommand: launchCommand:localflash
notes: notes:Extras
originalDescription: originalDescription:ninja
id: id:cdeb30c5
  • broken: and activeDataOnDisk: are special cases since their values are boolean; for example, broken: without a phrase will display games that are not broken in Infinity while broken:1 (or any other phrase) will search the opposite. You still must enable broken in Infinity (for Infinity users) games in the Launcher to see these. activeDataOnDisk: can be used to filter by GameZIPs.
  • In 9.0 and prior, extreme: was a boolean value for extreme games; You still must enable extreme games in the Launcher to see these. There is no current replacement.

Other Prefixes

Prefix Explanation Example
- Excludes a parameter from the search when used before other prefixes. -tag:Soccer
no: The field that matches the phrase must be false or empty. not: and missing: have the same purpose. no:releaseDate
has: The field that matches the phrase must be true or not empty. is: has the same purpose. is:extreme
@ Short-hand for developer:. @Devname
# Short-hand for tag:. #Shooter
! Short-hand for platform:. !Unity