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Accessing the Sheet

To see all the pending game requests, simply follow this link: In order to mark requests as completed, you will need editing privileges on the sheet. Sign into your Google account and request access to the sheet, and you'll receive editing privileges shortly!

Completing Requests

1. Find a request you would like to work on in the Requests List sheet. You can use the links to the right to quickly jump to a filtered version of the sheet. 2. Use the link to locate the game and curate it. Follow the CurationFormat guide and submit your zip file in the Flashpoint Discord server. 3. After you've submitted the game, return to the Requests List sheet and change the cell for that request's "Completed?" column to Yes.

Editing Requests

If you see an invalid or duplicate request, please correct the problem! The guidelines for this are listed below. To add information to a request, edit its Curator Notes column. Never add comments to the sheet!

To correct or update information in a request, double-click the corresponding cell of the request and edit it.

To remove and invalid or duplicate request:

 1. Check if the request contains useful information, such as an alternate link for a game. If it does, copy that information to the original request's Curator Notes column (if applicable)
 2. Select the row of the request you need to delete.
 3. In the top menu, click Edit -> Delete Row.

If you're not sure whether a request is valid, please ask in the Flashpoint Discord server.