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| [[MrSID Curation]]
| [[MrSID Curation]]
| [[File:NaCl Logo.png|center|20px]]
| [[File:Google Native Client Logo.png|center|20px]]
| [[wikipedia:Google Native Client|NaCl]]
| [[wikipedia:Google Native Client|NaCl]]
| Google Native Client
| Google Native Client
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| [[Visviva Animation Player Curation]]
| [[Visviva Animation Player Curation]]
| [[File:Wildpockets Logo.png|center|20px]]
| [[File:WildPockets Logo.png|center|20px]]
| Wildpockets
| Wildpockets
| Wildpockets
| Wildpockets

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Mentioned Platforms

Main article: Technologies to Add

Platforms which are planned to be added in a future version of Flashpoint, but are not yet in a fully functional state. You can help work on implementing these plug-ins in #plugin-chat.

To add: D'Fusion

Logo Short Name Official Name Mention Curation Tutorial
Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Logo.png
Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Technologies to Add Castle Game Engine Web Plugin Curation
Flatland Rover Logo.png
Flatland Rover Flatland Rover Technologies to Add Flatland Rover Curation
Grail Logo.png
Grail Grail Logo set Grail Curation
IgLoader Logo.png
igLoader igLoader Technologies to Add igLoader Curation
MrSID Logo.png
MrSID MrSID Technologies to Add MrSID Curation
Google Native Client Logo.png
NaCl Google Native Client Logo set NaCl Curation
O3D O3D Technologies to Add O3D Curation
Opal Player Plugin Logo.png
Opal Player Plugin Opal Player Plugin Technologies to Add Opal Player Plugin Curation
Panda3D Logo.png
Panda3D Panda3D Logo set Panda3D Curation
QuickTime Logo.png
QuickTime QuickTime VR Logo set QuickTime Curation
Scratch Logo.png
Scratch Scratch Screenshot Scratch Curation
Sense8 WorldUp Logo.png
Sense8 WorldUp Sense8 WorldUp Technologies to Add Sense8 WorldUp Curation
Squeak Logo.png
Squeak Squeak Technologies to Add Squeak Curation
Tulip 3D Logo.png
Tulip 3D Tulip 3D Technologies to Add Tulip 3D Curation
Visviva Animation Player Logo.png
Visviva Animation Player Visviva Animation Player Technologies to Add Visviva Animation Player Curation
WildPockets Logo.png
Wildpockets Wildpockets Technologies to Add FreeHand Curation
WildTangent Web Driver WildTangent Web Driver Technologies to Add WildTangent Web Driver Curation
X3D Logo.png
X3D X3D Logo set X3D Curation
XVR Logo.png
XVR XVR Technologies to Add XVR Curation