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| iPix Viewer
| iPix Viewer
| 11.0
| 11.0
| [ iPix_SP.7z]
| [ iPix_SP.7z]
| <code>FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe</code>
| <code>FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe</code>
| style="background-color:#eeffee" | [[iPix Curation]]
| style="background-color:#eeffee" | [[iPix Curation]]

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This is the page of all web game/animation technologies ("Platforms") supported by Flashpoint.

Here's what each column in each table means:

  • Logo: The logo that represents each technology.
  • Short Name: The name of the technology displayed in Flashpoint Launcher.
  • Official Name: The official name(s) of the technology. Useful for searching for information about the technology or looking for games online.
  • Entry Count: Number of game/animations for this technology in Flashpoint. Only updated at new releases, so it may not be 100% accurate.
  • Version Added: The Flashpoint version the platform was added in.
  • Support Pack: The support pack you can download to add a new platform to your copy of Flashpoint.
  • Default Application: The path to the default application used to launch a game of this technology.
  • Curation Tutorial: A link to a curation tutorial for this technology. Some tutorials are not available yet, so please help create them if you can!
  • Common File Extensions: List of the common file extensions associated with each platform.

Current Platforms

Platforms which are available in the latest build of Flashpoint.

As of version 10.1, there are 35 total platforms, with more coming in future updates.

Logo Short Name Official Name Entry Count Version Added Default Application Curation Tutorial Common File Extensions
Flash Logo.png
Flash Adobe Flash Player 104407 0 FPSoftware\Flash\flashplayer_32_sa.exe Curation Tutorial, Flash Curation .swf, .swc, .swz .spl
HTML5 Logo.png
HTML5 HTML, HTML5, WebGL, or WebAssembly 9724 3.3 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe HTML5 Curation .html, .htm, .php, .aspx
Shockwave Logo.png
Shockwave Adobe Shockwave Player 3689 3.2 FPSoftware\Shockwave\PJ101\SPR.exe Shockwave Curation .dcr, .dir, .dxr, .cct, .cst, .cxt, .w3d
Unity Logo.png
Unity Unity Web Player 1274 4.0 FPSoftware\startUnity.bat Unity Curation .unity3d
Java Logo.png
Java Java Applets 1120 4.1 FPSoftware\startJava.bat Java Curation .class, .jar
Vitalize Logo.png
Vitalize Clickteam Vitalize! 439 8.0 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Vitalize Curation .ccn
VRML Logo.png
VRML VRML, Virtual Reality Modelling Language 344 8.2 Multiple, refer to curation tutorial VRML Curation .wrl, .wrz
Silverlight Logo.png
Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight 219 5.0 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Silverlight Curation .xap
3DVIA Player Logo.png
3DVIA Player 3DVIA Player, 3D Life Player, Virtools Player 195 5.1 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe 3DVIA Curation .cmo, .vmo, .nmo
ShiVa3D Logo.png
ShiVa3D ShiVa3D Plugin 144 7.1 FPSoftware\startShiVa.bat ShiVa3D Curation .stk
Authorware Logo.png
Authorware Authorware Web Player 120 6.1 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Authorware Curation .aam, .aas
Hypercosm Logo.png
Hypercosm Hypercosm Player 120 8.0 FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe Hypercosm Curation .hcvm
Viscape Logo.png
Viscape Superscape Viscape 111 8.0 FPSoftware\startSVR.bat Viscape Curation .svr, .xvr, .ssv
ActiveX Logo.png
ActiveX Each game generally uses its own ActiveX control name 102 6.0 FPSoftware\startActiveX.bat ActiveX Curation .cab, .dll, .ocx
Alambik Logo.png
Alambik Alambik Player 102 10.0 FPSoftware\startAlambik.bat Alambik Curation .tv, .tvs, .tvd, .tvv, .tvb, .tvl
Atmosphere Logo.png
Atmosphere Adobe Atmosphere Player 83 10.0 FPSoftware\startAtmo212d.bat Atmosphere Curation .aer, .atmo
Xara Plugin Logo.png
Xara Plugin Xara Plugin 75 10.0 FPSoftware\startXaraPlugin.bat Xara Plugin Curation .web
Tcl Logo.png
Tcl Tcl Plugin 70 8.2 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Tcl Curation .tcl
Cult3D Logo.png
Cult3D Cycore Cult3D 53 10.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Cult3D Curation .co
LiveMath Plugin Logo.png
LiveMath Plugin LiveMath Plug-In 50 10.0 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe LiveMath Curation .thp
BitPlayer Logo.png
BitPlayer BitMagic Player 34 10.1 FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe BitPlayer Curation .bm
3D Groove GX Logo.png
3D Groove GX 3D Groove GX 32 5.3 FPSoftware\startGroove.bat Unknown if more exist yet .grv
AXEL Player Logo.png
AXEL Player AXEL Player 27 10.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat AXEL Curation .axs
AnimaFlex Logo.png
AnimaFlex AnimaFlex 18 10.0 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Unknown if more exist yet .afl
Burster Logo.png
Burster Burster Plugin 12 8.2 FPSoftware\startBurster.bat Burster Curation .blend, .blendz
PopCap Plugin Logo.png
PopCap Plugin PopCap Plugin 12 5.0 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe All content already included .cab
ProtoPlay Logo.png
ProtoPlay Altia ProtoPlay 12 10.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Unknown if more exist yet .dsn (+.rtm)
Pulse Logo.png
Pulse Pulse Player 12 8.1 FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe Pulse Curation .pwc, .pws
REBOL Logo.png
REBOL REBOL 10 10.0 FPSoftware\startRebol.bat REBOL Curation .r
Octree View Logo.png
Octree View Octree Viewer, Octree FastView 9 10.0 FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe Unknown if more exist yet .oct
Visual WebMap Logo.png
Visual WebMap Visual WebMap Client/Server Concept, Visual WebMap for Microstation Files 5 10.1 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Visual WebMap Curation .dgn, .rle, .cit, .vec
DeepV Logo.png
DeepV DeepV Plugin 3 10.0 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Unknown if more exist yet .DeepV
GoBit Logo.png
GoBit GoBit Games Plugin 2 6.3 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe All content already included .cab
Hyper-G Logo.png
Hyper-G Hyper-G Web Protocol, Hyper-G Scene Description Format 2 10.0 FPSoftware\startVRweb.bat Unknown if more exist yet .sdf
Play3D Logo.png
Play3D Play3D Plugin 1 10.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Unknown if more exist yet .p3d

Upcoming Platforms

Platforms which are ready for addition to the next version(s) of Flashpoint, but not in the current version. Curations for these platforms are accepted, assuming you have added the support packs to Flashpoint Core.

As of the addition of Scorch, the number of upcoming platforms exceeds the number of current platforms by 11.

Logo Short Name Official Name Version Added Support Pack Default Application Curation Tutorial Common File Extensions
O2c-Player Logo.png
o2c-Player objects to see, o2c, O2C, 02c, o2c-Player, o2c Player, o2c player 11.0 o2c-Player_Support_Pack_corrected.7z Multiple, refer to curation tutorial o2c-Player Curation .o2c, .e3d, .aco
HotSauce Logo.png
HotSauce HotSauce, Project X 11.0 HotSauce_Support_Pack_new_logo.7z FPSoftware\startHotSauce.bat HotSauce Curation .mcf
FreeHand Logo.png
FreeHand Adobe FreeHand, Shockwave for FreeHand, Shockwave Graphics Player 11.0 FreeHand_Support_Pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat FreeHand Curation .fhc, .fh4, .fh5, .fh7
ThingViewer Logo.png
ThingViewer ThingWorld ThingViewer 11.0 FPSoftware\startThingViewer.bat ThingViewer Curation .tms
DPGraph Logo.png
DPGraph DPGraph, DPGraph: Dynamic Photorealistic 3D Graphing Software for Math and Physics Visualization 11.0 FPSoftware\startDPGraph.bat DPGraph Curation .dpg
Envoy Logo.png
Envoy Envoy 11.0 Envoy_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Envoy Curation .evy
Pixound Logo.png
Pixound Pixound Plug-in 11.0 Pixound_Support_Pack.7z FPSoftware\startPixound.bat Unknown if more exist yet .pxd
Show It! Logo.png
Show It! Corel Presentations Show It! Plug-in 11.0 Show_It_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Unknown if more exist yet .pqi
MHSV Logo.png
MHSV Multimedia Home Space Viewer, VHSB, Virtual Home Space Builder, D96 Plug-in Viewer, D96 Netscape Plug-in, Virtual Space Viewer 11.0 HMSV_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat MHSV Curation .mus, .d96
PointPlus Logo.png
PointPlus PointPlus Plug-in, PointPlus Plug-in Viewer 11.0 PointPlus_SP.7z FPSoftware\startPointPlus.bat Unknown if more exist yet .css
Calendar Quick Logo.png
Calendar Quick Calendar Quick Plugin 11.0 Calendar_Quick_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Calendar Quick Curation .cqk
Squeak Logo.png
Squeak Etoys Plugin, Etoys, Squeak 11.0 FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe Squeak Curation .pr
E-animator Logo.png
e-animator E-アニメータ, e-animator, SharpMotionART 11.0 e-animator_Support_Pack_4.7z FPSoftware\startEanimator.bat e-animator Curation .nva
EVA Logo.png
EVA Extended Vector Animation 11.0 EVA_Support_Pack_5.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat EVA Curation .eva
Flatland Rover Logo.png
Flatland Rover Flatland Rover 11.0 FlatlandPack.7z FPSoftware\startFlatLandRover.bat Flatland Rover Curation .3dml
D'Fusion Logo.png
DFusion D'Fusion @Home Web Plug-In, D'Fusion Web Plugin 11.0 DFusion_SP.7z FPSoftware\startDFusion.bat D'Fusion Curation .dpd, .dll
WebAnimator Logo.png
WebAnimator DeltaPoint WebAnimator 11.0 WebAnimator_support_pack.7z FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe WebAnimator Curation .wan
Harvard WebShow Logo.png
Harvard WebShow Harvard Graphics WebShow 11.0 Harvard_WebShow_support_pack_np.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Harvard WebShow Curation .pr4
SVF Viewer Logo.png
SVF viewer Simple Vector Format Viewer 11.0 SVF_viewer_support_pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat SVF Curation .svf
Surround Video Logo.png
Surround Video Surround Video™ Plug-in for Netscape™ 11.0 Surround_Video_SP_logo_updated.7z FPSoftware\startSurroundVideo.bat Surround Video Curation .svh
Formula One NET Logo.gif
Formula One Formula One/NET 11.0 Formula_One_Support_Pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Unknown if more exist yet .vts
Illuminatus Logo.png
Illuminatus Illuminatus 11.0 Illuminatus_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Illuminatus Curation .ilm, .ilz
ASAP WebShow Logo.gif
ASAP WebShow ASAP WebShow, ActivePresenter WebShow 11.0 ASAP_WebShow_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat ASAP WebShow Curation .asp, .ap
Lightning Strike Logo.png
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike 11.0 Lightning_Strike_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Lightning Strike Curation .cod, .tcod
SmoothMove Panorama Logo.png
SmoothMove Panorama SmoothMove Panorama 11.0 SmoothMove_Panorama_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat SmoothMove Panorama Curation .pan
Ambulant Logo.png
Ambulant AMBULANT Open SMIL Player 11.0 FPSoftware\startAmbulant.bat Ambulant Curation .smi, .smil, .grins
IPix Logo.png
iPix iPix Viewer 11.0 iPix_SP.7z FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe iPix Curation .ipx, .ips, .bub, .aut
Fractal Viewer Logo.png
Fractal Viewer Fractal Viewer 11.0 Fractal_Viewer_Support_Pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Fractal Viewer Curation .fif
JCAMP-DX Logo.png
JCAMP-DX JCAMP-DX 11.0 JCAMP-DX_support_pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat JCAMP-DX Curation .jdx, .dx
AboutTime Logo.png
AboutTime AboutTime 11.0 AboutTime_Support_Pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat AboutTime Curation .vef
AboutPeople Logo.png
AboutPeople AboutPeople 11.0 AboutPeople_Support_Pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat AboutPeople Curation .vcf
Live Picture Viewer Logo.png
Live Picture Viewer Live Picture Viewer 11.0 Live_Picture_Viewer_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Live Picture Curation .ivr
X3D Logo.png
X3D Extensible 3D Graphics 11.0 FPSoftware\startView3dscene.bat X3D Curation .x3d, .x3dv, .x3db
NoteWorthy Composer Logo.png
NoteWorthy Composer NoteWorthy Composer Browser Plug-in 11.0 NoteWorthy_Composer_SP_FINAL2.7z FPSoftware\startNoteWorthyComposer.bat NoteWorthy Composer Curation .nwc
MapGuide Logo.png
MapGuide Argus/Autodesk MapGuide 11.0 MapGuide_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat MapGuide Curation .class, .mwf
Blender Logo.png
Blender Blender 3D Web Plug-in, Blender Game Engine plugin 11.0 Blender_support_pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Blender Curation .blend
VReam Logo.png
VReam VReam, WIRL Interactive VR Browser TBA VReam_Support_Pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat VReam Curation .vre, .vrw
Common Ground Logo.png
Common Ground Common Ground MiniViewer Plug-In TBA Common_Ground_SP.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Common Ground Curation .dp
Jutvision Logo.png
Jutvision Jutvision Plug-In TBA jutvision_support_pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Jutvision Curation .jut
Cool 360 Logo.png
Cool 360 Ulead COOL 360 Plug-in 1.0 TBA Cool_360_support_pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Cool 360 Curation .upj, .uvr
MrSID Logo.png
MrSID MrSID Browser Plug-in TBA MrSID_SP_FIXED.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat MrSID Curation .sid
PanoramIX Logo.png
PanoramIX PanoramIX Plugin TBA PanoramIX_Support_pack.7z FPSoftware\Basilisk-Portable\Basilisk-Portable.exe PanoramIX Curation .svh, .svj, .pan
MBed Logo.gif
mBed mBed Plug-in TBA MBed_support_pack.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat mBed Curation .mbd
DjVu Logo.png
DjVu DjVu Browser Plug-in TBA DjVu_SP_OLD.7z FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat DjVu Curation .djvu, .djv
Jamagic Logo.png
Jamagic Jamagic TBA Jamagic_support_pack.7z FPSoftware\startJamagic.bat Jamagic Curation .3dd
Scorch Logo.png
Scorch Sibelius Scorch, Scorch Netscape Plugin TBA Scorch_SP.7z FPSoftware\startScorch.bat Scorch Curation .sib

Work in Progress

The following platforms are actively being worked on for implementation to Flashpoint. However, support for them is not yet complete. You are encouraged to assist in the implementation of these platforms into Flashpoint if you have the necessary skills.

Note that this section only includes technologies which have had a significant amount of work put into implementing them. A more comprehensive list of technologies which may be added in a future update can be found in Technologies to Add.

Logo Short Name Official Name Version Added Curation Tutorial Common File Extensions
Atomic3D Logo.png
Atomic3D Atomic3D, Neutron Viewer TBA Atomic3D Curation .agp, .psq
Chime Logo.png
Chime MDL Chime, Chemscape Chime TBA Chime Curation .mol, .rxn, .pdb, .emb, .embl, .xyz, .gau, .mop, .spt, .csm, .csml, .jdx, .dx, .scr, .tgf, .skc, .cub, .cube
SVG Viewer Logo.png
SVG Viewer Adobe SVG Viewer TBA SVG Viewer Curation .svg, .svgz
EMBLAZE Logo.png

See also