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Welcome to the Flashpoint Database.

Important Pages:

Game Master List - All the games in the latest release of Flashpoint.

Animation Master List - All the animations in the latest release of Flashpoint.

Testing Results - If you've successfully completed a game or found a bug, report that here.

Curation Format - Read this page before curating!

Instructions for Curating - In-depth steps for testing your extracted games inside Flashpoint.

Genres - All of the genres to choose from when curating.

Requests Sheet - How to use the Game Requests Google Sheet.

Help Wanted List - Technologies and features we need help implementing in Flashpoint.

Other Pages (may be outdated):

Games Lost

Help Wanted Games - Games we can't currently add to Flashpoint for one reason or another.

Multiplayer Games - List of multiplayer games we've found.

Extracting Flash Games

You can also view every page on the Wiki: Special:AllPages