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These are experimental Linux packages, slightly ahead of the last build below. If an install method is missing for your distro or you have any feedback, please visit the Discord server and join #launcher-chat.
These are experimental Linux packages, slightly ahead of the last build below. If an install method is missing for your distro or you have any feedback, please visit the Discord server and join #launcher-chat.

* '''flashpoint-bin.deb''' amd64 (Ubuntu / Debian) -
* '''flashpoint-bin.deb''' amd64 (Ubuntu / Debian) -
* PPA Repository - In Consideration.
* PPA Repository - In Consideration.
* '''flashpoint-bin''' AUR (ArchLinux) -
* '''flashpoint-bin''' AUR (ArchLinux) -

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Linux support in Flashpoint is currently experimental due to a lack of maintainers. This page describes the current state of our Linux support.


A release is planned alongside 7.0. Testing would be highly appreciated.

These are experimental Linux packages, slightly ahead of the last build below. If an install method is missing for your distro or you have any feedback, please visit the Discord server and join #launcher-chat.

You must install the Flashpoint Infinity - Linux upgrade package from the Launcher home screen. Future Infinity upgrades will be distributed through these packages - You will be prompted on the home screen, never forced.

Latest Package


  • This is the latest experimental package of Flashpoint Infinity for Linux, created on September 28, 2019.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download and extract the .tar.gz file.
  2. Install PHP and Wine if you do not have them. See Wine installation instructions below.
  3. Run the Flashpoint shortcut.


September 28:

  • Updated to Flashpoint 6.3
  • Bundled WIP Launcher with better Multi-Platform Support
    • Proper linux argument escaping (Supersonic RC works now, yay!)
    • SPR games automatically use port 22500 (Hacky, may be removed later)
    • Wine will always (and only) be used for running .exe files (even if use Wine is turned off in Config)
    • .bat files will always run their .sh equivalents (even if use Wine is turned on in Config)
    • Windows execs are mapped to native execs (if existing), so Windows game XMLs should work out the box. (See execs.json)
    • Can mark a platform as 'native' in Config, will force native execs to be used instead of Windows execs even if use Wine is turned on.
      • If no native execs are available (like Shockwave) then it will fallback to running the Windows exec with Wine.
  • Added native Basilisk support files
  • Updated SPR files
  • Updated router.php

September 18:

  • Added new SPR version (see and Shockwave XMLs
  • Added interim Launcher hack to make Shockwave games that use SPR work properly
  • Made the save manager scripts use a valid interpreter (/bin/sh)
    • TODO: they still need further work/testing

July 21 and prior:

  • Configure Flash games to run using the Windows player, flashplayer_32_sa.exe
    • The Linux flash player suffers from too many graphical glitches
    • Requires Wine to be installed and enabled to play
  • Updated JDK to version 8u212
    • instructions and script updated
    • Made executable
  • Added support for Authorware Platform
  • Adds Linux versions of the Save Manager scripts
  • Adds a "Flashpoint" shortcut (replacing the Windows version)
  • Adds Flashpoint 6.2 games
  • Removed the game logos, as in Flashpoint Infinity 6.2 for Windows
  • Removed the Wineprefix because it was not used

To-Do List

  • Test Unity 2.x and 3.x games
  • Fix, since it modifies K-Meleon's config, which is no longer necessary
  • AMF support for games like Neon Rider for the community levels


Currently, only Flashpoint Infinity is available for Linux. Like its Windows counterpart, it uses router.php as a proxy server. But unlike Windows, Linux provides native ways to set per-application proxy settings, so no equivalent to the Flashpoint Redirector is used. On Windows, the HTTP system proxy is set to localhost:8888, and the Redirector forwards traffic to port 22500 if it originates from one of Flashpoint's applications. On Linux, each application is simply told to use localhost:22500 as a proxy server. For example, before Flashpoint Launcher opens the Flash projector, it sets the http_proxy environment variable to http://localhost:22500/.

The Flashpoint FAQ contains a list of all web game technologies ("Platforms") supported in the Windows version of Flashpoint. The Linux version currently supports a subset of these platforms. This is explained in detail below.

Supported Platforms

  • Flash: Supported through Wine by default. Although a Linux Flash Projector exists, it suffers from graphical glitches on many systems. If you'd like to try your luck with the native projector, then either turn off use Wine, or tick it as a 'Native Platform' on the Config page.
  • Shockwave: Supported through Wine.
  • HTML5: Supported natively through the Basilisk browser. To update Basilisk, download it from here and extract it such that the executable is located at FPSoftware/Basilisk-Portable/linux/basilisk. By default, Basilisk will store its configuration in the location defined by XDG_CONFIG_DIR, so Flashpoint uses a shell script to set the configuration location. A pre-configured copy of Basilisk, along with the shell script, is packaged and also available here. This text file describes Basilisk's configuration.
  • Java Applets: Supported natively using the JDK.
  • Unity Web Player: Supported through Wine. Unity 2.x and 3.x games may not work; this needs further testing.
  • PopCap Plugin: Supported through Wine.
  • Authorware Web Player: Supported through Wine.
  • GoBit Plugin: Supported through Wine.

Unsupported Platforms

  • Silverlight: In the past, Pipelight allowed Linux users to use Silverlight, but the repository is no longer available for most Linux distros. Moonlight was another option, but is also no longer available. Attempts to use Silverlight in K-Meleon using Wine have failed.
  • 3DVIA Player: A previous tester received this error, which crashed K-Meleon: Error: Access was denied while trying to open files in your profile directory. We need another tester to help us narrow this down.
  • 3D Groove GX: When the http_proxy variable is set, Groove Player downloads but fails to load the file. Maybe the registry method described here would work better, but this needs to be tested. Two of our testers received the following set of errors: 1 2 3
  • ActiveX: The most promising method so far was to install Internet Explorer 8 and each ActiveX plugin into the Wine prefix, but this needs considerable work.

Launcher Issues

A lot of work has been done to allow Flashpoint Launcher to support Linux, but there's a lot of room for improvement. This Trello post outlines some potential improvements.


Most games rely on technology only available on Windows. A lot of these however can be run through Wine. If there is no native executable, or you have the Native Platform option unticked for the game's platform then the launcher will run it through Wine.

You may choose to use the native versions, in which case tick the platform under Native Platforms in Config.

If you wish to play games that rely on Wine then make sure it installed. There are links below to distro specific install guides:

Next Version

WIP Changelog:

  • New Launcher features from Master
    • Splash Screen while loading (no half loaded XMLs when browsing anymore)
    • Search Overhaul
    • Background Services in Developer (Restart/stop/start the Router on the fly)
  • Non-Flash technologies provided via an upgrade package.
  • Removed 'Use Wine' option, effectively enabled by default, use 'Native Platforms' to use native execs instead.
  • Partial ActiveX support, requires heavy testing. ThwartPoker, Butterfly Escape, Big City Adventure, Astro Avengers 2 and HamsterBall do not work yet.
  • Updated to support multiple command-line parameters: replace "$1" with "$@" on line 8