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== Guide ==
#REDIRECT [[Curation Tutorial]]
* Download [ Flashpoint Core], a lightweight developer version of Flashpoint
* Most games are tested within <code>Flashpoint Core X.X/Games/Flash/htdocs</code>. X.X is the version number
* Make note of the direct URL to the game's main files you've extracted
<blockquote>'''Important''', for most non-flash games, you need to save not only the game main file, but also the HTML code snippet in which the main file is embedded - place that in an index.html file, and keep reading </blockquote>
* Within htdocs, make a folder with the website name
** i.e. <code></code>, <code></code>, etc
* Within that folder, begin mimicking the URL by building corresponding subdirectories.
** i.e. <code></code> - you would make an <code>alienhominid</code> subfolder, if your url has more, keep adding subfolders until it looks like your url
* Finally, place your game's main files in the last subfolder (along with an <code>index.html</code> if you've created one)
'''Now that you have the code set up correctly in htdocs:'''
* Open up Flashpoint Core and click on New Game on the bottom right corner
* Click on <u>Application Path</u> and select the appropriate path for your extracted game
** i.e. flashplayer.exe for flash, startUnity.bat for Unity, etc.
* The <u>Launch command</u> should be the exact URL to where you extracted the game
** '''However''', for most non-Flash games, you need to link it to the html in which the game is embedded
* If you want to edit these locations later, head to the Arcade tab and select the game (there will be a pencil image and a trash image next to the name) and click the pencil
* You should see a new game in the launcher list
* Run it
== Debugging ==
* Observe the Flashpoint redirector window and see if you're getting 404 errors - you can grab any missing assets or code by going to the indicated URL locations, downloading it and placing it correctly in the htdocs
* Hunt down other websites in which the game has been embedded or even originally hosted if any of the files end up being broken
Once it works, follow the instructions on the [[Curation_Format]].

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