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  • "Quiz": Purely for The Impossible Quiz. A quiz, but not really.
  • Action: High-speed games that aren't heavily focused on jumping (platformer) or shooting (shooter), or don't fit into any other genre otherwise. Example: Demonic Defense 3.
  • Adult: Games purely meant for titillation. Should always be marked as Extreme. Example: Kasumi Rebirth.
  • Adventure: Point and click adventures. Example: The Reincarnation series.
  • Animation: Not games but included for full collections of something like Orisinal. Example: Orisinal Flowers.
  • Arcade: Skill tests or purely aiming for high scores go here, if they don't fit another genre first. Example: Winterbells.
  • Artillery: Worms, Scorched Earth, or any other game like that - if you're firing a projectile at a certain angle and power... Example: Crush the Castle.
  • Brawler: Side-scrolling beat-em-ups. Example: Dad'n'Me.
  • Card: Should be obvious. Gambling takes priority in games where you bet virtual cash. Example: Monster Master.
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Your only interaction with the game is picking a path and seeing what happens. Example: The Henry Stickmin series (Escaping the Prison, etc.)
  • Dating Sim: Pick options, take girls on dates, try to get them in the end. Example: SimGirls.
  • Dress Up: Give someone different clothes and see what looks best. Usually Extreme, but not always. Example: Dead Baby Dressup.
  • Driving: Games that have driving, but aren't particularly about racing. Example: Parking Space.
  • Escape the Room: A very specific subgenre of Adventure about working your way out of a room using items found inside it. Example: Viridian Room.
  • Fighting: Usually one-on-one or tag team with combos, healthbars and multiplayer support. Example: Bloody Rage.
  • Find: You're looking for objects, whether they be people in a crowd or things in a room. Example: 4 Differences.
  • Gambling: Bet virtual money in the attempt to win more virtual money. Usually slots, poker and what have you. Other genres win out if there's more gameplay involved than something inside your usual casino. Example: Slots.
  • Horror: Slightly undefinable genre about scary games. If another genre would thoroughly win out, it does. Example: Exmortis.
  • Motocross: Very specific 2D vehicle based physics enabled racing games. Once you've played one, you'll know. Example: Dirt Bike.
  • Pinball: The physical game in Flash. Example: Short Circuit.
  • Platformer: Run, jump and get to the goal. Beats out other genres if the platforming is the main focus. Example: Tower of Heaven.
  • Pong: The classic, in Flash. Example: Insane Orb.
  • Puzzle: Figure out the solution to a conundrum of many different kinds. Includes both set levels and score attack games. Example: Bejeweled.
  • Quiz: Actual quizzes. Example: 50 States.
  • Racing: Against the clock or other people. Doesn't have to be cars. Example: Cyclomaniacs.
  • Rhythm: Hit notes to the beat, or any other kind of music-focused rhythm game. Example: F2Jam.
  • Rock Paper Scissors: The classic game in Flash form. Example: Pico vs. Uberkids.
  • RPG: Do battles, level up, upgrade stats and gear, follow a long plot. Also applies to Strategy RPGs. Example: Sonny.
  • Runner: No movement outside of dodging, always moving forward. Example: Canabalt.
  • Seizure-Inducing: Mainly for Ronald GOTY.
  • Shooter: You have a gun and fire it for the entire game, with that being the focus? In here it goes. Everything from scrolling shooters to FPSes. Example: Boxhead.
  • Simulation: Real-life simulations, or just weird little things trying to mimic life. Example: Papa's Pizzeria.
  • Sports: Any real world sport in Flash form. Example: Mini Pool.
  • Strategy: Place your units carefully, for the right man in the right place can win it all. Example: Age of War.
  • Tower Defense: Place your towers and defend the goal from waves of enemies. Example: Bloons TD.
  • Toy: No set goal, no real genre, just something to click on and enjoy for a while. Example: Interactive Buddy.
  • Tutorial: Entirely for Newgrounds Levels at this point.
  • Typing: If your game is entirely about keyboard practice, here it goes. Example: Keyboard Warriors.
  • Variety: Mini-game collections or constantly changing gameplay. Example: Four Second Fury.
  • Visual Novel: Normally a straightforward text-based story with some interactivity, like choices. Example: Sonic RPG.
  • Walkright: Only for the game Walkright at this point.
  • WTF: Absurd games with no distinct genre. Usually extreme. Example: Queer Power.


  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Experimental
  • Informative
  • Music Video
  • Spam
  • Screensaver
  • Other
  • Adult