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This is a full list of games in Flashpoint, seperated by platform and sortable by title, genre, developer, and publisher. You can search it via using Ctrl+F. Try searching partial names before full names, i.e. 'Stealing' for 'Stealing the Diamond'.

Testers should use Testing_Results.

This list is accurate as of Flashpoint 5.5.

If you want to request a game and it isn't listed here, use this form.


Title Genre Developer Publisher
broken self.com Toy BoxOfChocolates N/A
Carious Weltling 2: Regurgitated Puzzle Diverse Creations N/A
Trollface Launch Arcade PiterGames MaxGames.com
Think Tanks Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Scenic Racing Shockwave.com N/A
Sara's Super Spa: Vegas Style Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Sara's Super Spa: Slots Gambling Shockwave.com N/A
One Will Survive 2 Strategy N/A Box10.com
Legend of the Chambered (prototype) RPG Notch N/A
Leduchamp.com Toy Rafael Rozendaal N/A
Diversity: Find your Way Escape the Room Nils Wikberg, Simon Söderman, Mikael Berg and Rickard Ramnefält N/A
Da Vinci Cannon Artillery Ololo Games Addictinggames.com
ColorFlip.com Toy Rafael Rozendaal N/A
Zombies and Donuts Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Word Groove Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
UFO Terminator Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Truck Rush Seasons Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Trolley Express Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
The Railway Robots Road Trip Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Slam Drift Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Seedz Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
Port Pilot Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Pixel Quest Platformer FreeOnlineGames N/A
Pick and Dig 2 Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Monster Truck 3D Reloaded Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Mole Mines Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Material Mole 3 Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Match 3 Aventure Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
I Need Air Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Happy Builder Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Genetic Madness Platformer FreeOnlineGames N/A
Fun Math N/A FreeOnlineGames N/A
Flight 3D Aerobatics Training N/A FreeOnlineGames N/A
FOG Tennis Cup Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Crazy Battle Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Color Traffic 2 Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Bedazzled Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Asteroid Mining Empire Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
Alias Runner 2: Apocalypse Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Advanced Army Training Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Sint Nicolaas Platformer Mike Wiering Wiering Software
Sinterklaas Platformer Mike Wiering Wiering Software
Wild West Showdown Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Valet Parking FOG Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Twitchpack Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Tower Moon Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
TV Darts Show Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Sweet Tooth Sammy Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Penalties Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Parabirds Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Paper Floods 2 Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Material Mole 2 Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Lunar Commander Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
Deep Diver 2 Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Bar Balance Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
3D Quad Bike Racing Racing FreeOnlineGames N/A
Snow Brawl Fight v2 Action Cartoon Network cartoonnetwork.com
Snow Brawl 2 Action Cartoon Network cartoonnetwork.com
Solar System Explorer Variety NASA N/A
Quicky's Quick Snap Arcade Zentropy Partners Nesquik.com, Disney.co.uk
Quicky's Jungle Adventure Variety Zentropy Partners Nesquik.com, Disney.co.uk
Park My Car Puzzle N/A gamesgames.com
Memory Reloaded: The Downfall Puzzle Molleindustria N/A
Juno Quest Puzzle NASA N/A
Grindcraft Flash Clicker N/A Crazy Games
DSN Uplink-Downlink Arcade NASA N/A
Straight-Up Carnage Shooter Ben-Spurgin N/A
Snowboard Slalom Sports Boys' Life N/A
Sindicate Simulation Adam Telfer Renegade Entertainment
Seal Volleyball Sports Tom Fulp Newgrounds
Cub Scout Rocket Racer Racing Boys' Life N/A
Polar Bears and Penguins Puzzle Boys' Life N/A
Order in the Library Toy N/A StMarysBroom.wa.edu.au
Merit Badge Challenge Puzzle Boys' Life N/A
JelloTime.com Toy Rafael Rozendaal N/A
Flooded Village Puzzle Boys' Life N/A
Fire Stopper Artillery Boys' Life N/A
Cub Scout Skateboarding Sports Boys' Life N/A
Climate Challenge Strategy BBC N/A
Bop a Seal Arcade Tom Fulp N/A
28 Weeks Later Action N/A N/A
World Cup Cricket Practice Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Randy's Empire Choose Your Own Adventure FreeOnlineGames N/A
Pick & Dig Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Paper Kid Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Paper Floods Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Navy Glory Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Kaban Racetrack Racing FreeOnlineGames, SonarGames N/A
High Rise Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Hell Diggers Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Getaway Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Find The Suspect: Extended Edition Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
FOG 3D Quick Pool Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Counter Specialist Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Cops vs Supers Artillery FreeOnlineGames N/A
Colonize Me Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
Bowls Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Boom Boom Bloon Artillery FreeOnlineGames N/A
3D Stunt Pilot Racing FreeOnlineGames N/A
Twilight BMX Motocross FreeOnlineGames N/A
Squash Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Luchador Cannon Blast Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Freecell Solitaire Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Dash or Crash Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Cricket Game Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Creepy Colums Puzzle FreeOnlineGames, hardcircle N/A
Basketball Shots Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Army Training Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
The 'Give Lawrence a Blowjob' Game Adult Fambini N/A
Inside Gaming Dress Up Dress-Up Fambini N/A
Funhaus Kissing Fun Arcade Fambini N/A
Funhaus Jerk-em-off Adult Fambini N/A
Flur Toy Kaiparasoft ninjakiwi
Tasha's Phantasy Dream Spirits Platformer Double Fine N/A
SpongeBob: Vs The Big One Arcade Nickelodeon N/A
The Space Game Puzzle The Casual Collective N/A
Slurm Platformer relevance4.com N/A
Pokemon Campaign RPG OrangePylon, dellaciel, lucawesome N/A
Planarity (Small Window) Puzzle John Tantalo N/A
Planarity (Big Window) Puzzle John Tantalo N/A
My Game About Me - Olympic Challenge Arcade Double Fine N/A
Meeblings: Player Pack I Puzzle ninjakiwi N/A
Lost in Pandation Strategy Sebastien Benard N/A
Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity Adventure Double Fine N/A
Hormiga Escape 2 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Hormiga Escape Adventure Esklavos N/A
Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg Adventure Sarbakan N/A
FunHaus Dress-Up Game Dress-Up ZombieMesh N/A
Flora's Flower Shop Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Evil Elves II Arcade ? N/A
Epic Saga - Extreme Fighter Fighting Double Fine N/A
Emergency Code [Judgement] Puzzle Necocoya N/A
Don't Do That - With a Kid Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - To Your In-Laws Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - On the Bus Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - In the Airplane Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - First Date Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - During an Interview Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - At the Supermarket Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - At the Restaurant Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - At the Pool Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - At the Museum Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - At the Hospital Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - At the Funeral Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - At the Customs Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
Don't Do That - At a Concert Toy Sarbakan BitMagic
The Dark Knight: Gotham City Street Chase Arcade Warner Bros. N/A
さーにゃをそんなめでみてみたい Puzzle ? N/A
Caribou Stampede Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Bumper Stars Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Bored Meeting Toy N/A BitMagic
Bored Corp - Cubicle Party Toy N/A BitMagic
Beadz! Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Alkirian: The Wind Stone Adventure Esklavos N/A
Alkirian: The Stone of Fire Adventure Esklavos N/A
Ashes of Alkirian Adventure Esklavos N/A
Alkirian 4 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Alkirian 3 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Alkirian 2 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Alkirian 1 Adventure Esklavos N/A
A Small Car 2 (still hard to control) Racing A Small Game A Small Game
(Don't) Save the Princess Puzzle Shen Games Marsh, Ninjakiwi
Pacmania III Arcade Alawar Games N/A
Sandcastles Toy VectorPark N/A
Fly Hard Arcade Gameshold GamesFree.com
England Academy Sports BBC N/A
Assembler 3 Puzzle N/A FreeWebArcade
Assembler 2 Puzzle N/A N/A
Assembler Puzzle N/A N/A
The Impossible Game Lite Arcade FlukeDude N/A
Ribbitation Puzzle Pixel Love Games N/A
Incredibox V3 Toy So Far So Good N/A
Iridescent Arcade PixlWalkr N/A
Via Sol 2 Strategy Flyborg N/A
Trollface Quest 2 Puzzle Bored N/A
Swarm Queen Strategy Flyborg N/A
Rainforest Slots Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Genocide Monkey Shooter Flyborg N/A
Destroy the World Shooter Flyborg N/A
Conan O'brien the Barbarian Platformer Flyborg N/A
Bunny vs World Platformer Flyborg N/A
Angel of Death Shooter Flyborg N/A
Amigo Pancho Puzzle ConmerGameStudios N/A
Truck Loader Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Tower 100 Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
The Pizza Guy Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Sim Air Traffic Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
Mountain Bike Challenge Motocross FreeOnlineGames N/A
Droptris Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Climber Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Blood Bath Bay Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Beat The Banker Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
Battleships Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
Battle Over Berlin 2 Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Battle Over Berlin Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Air Traffic Chief Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
The Treasures of Mystery Island Find Shockwave.com N/A
Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch Find Shockwave.com N/A
Rainbow Monkey Rundown Shooter Cartoon Network N/A
Super Pen Click Race 5000 Arcade Flyborg N/A
Palin As President Toy Foteos Macrides N/A
Codename: Kids Next Door Operation Tommy Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation S.T.A.T. Puzzle Cartoon Network N/A
Operation: Caked Four Racing Cartoon Network N/A
Leeloo's Talent Agency Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
LPC ローポリシリンダ Arcade funbyjohn N/A
Jumpr Platformer supernaught N/A
Codename: Intruders in the Park Shooter Cartoon Network N/A
Grounded Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
Find Her Differences: Mega Edition Find Find Her Differences N/A
Fashion Solitaire 3 Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Codename: Kids Next Door: Downhill Derby Racing Cartoon Network N/A
Codename: Kids Next Door: Codebreaker Puzzle Cartoon Network N/A
Blue Reef Ember Puzzle SigilCipher N/A
Codename: Kids Next Door: Beat Your Vegetables/Cell Shock Shooter Cartoon Network N/A
Youda Marina Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
Tahiti Hidden Pearls Find FreeOnlineGames N/A
Storm Rage Racing FreeOnlineGames N/A
Randy's Jail Break Choose Your Own Adventure FreeOnlineGames N/A
Pro Skate Motocross FreeOnlineGames N/A
Journey to the East Brawler FreeOnlineGames N/A
Iron Snail Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Farm Mania Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Extreme Snowboard Motocross FreeOnlineGames N/A
Cup Stacking Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Boat Rush Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Big Truck Adventures 3 Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
nanoTank Puzzle Armor Games N/A
Uno^3 Card King.com King.com
Triggerman Shooter Coolio Niato Armor Games
Ragdoll Tennis Arcade Sphaera Obscura gamesfree.com
Ragdoll Invaders Arcade Ragdollsoft.com N/A
Ragdoll Avoider Arcade Flashground.net Armorgames.com
Press Your Luck! Arcade Pacdude Games Newgrounds
Codename Kids Next Door: Operation Z.E.R.O.: Outnumbuh'd Shooter N/A Cartoon Network
Kids Next Door: Operation G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S. Shooter N/A Cartoon Network
Chowder Rump A Thump Platformer Cartoon Network cartoonnetwork.com
Snail Bob 5: Love Story Puzzle Andrey Kovalishin, Maxim Yurchenko, Eugene Kisterev, Andrey Ivanov, Alexander Ahura, Ytred Ned A10.com
Snail Bob Puzzle Andrey Kovalishin, Maxim Yurchenko, Dmitry Petyakin Agame.com
Sleepy Time Rhythm Kayabros N/A
Dilberito Toy N/A Dilbert.com
Smash: The Break Out Arcade N/A Flashportal.com
Smash 2: The Combination Arcade N/A N/A
Sentinels of Mijil Shooter Soybean Soft Armor Games
Ragdoll Cannon 4 Puzzle N/A Notdoppler
Nepo-DXM Shooter N/A N/A
Wordz (FOG) Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Wiggi World Rescue Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Where Is Osama Find FreeOnlineGames N/A
Wheelers Racing FreeOnlineGames N/A
Tower Defence Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Tourist Trap Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
The Shepard Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
The Professionals 2 Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
The Professionals 3 Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
The Mothership Platformer FreeOnlineGames N/A
The Lost Warrior Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
The Last Soldier Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Taxi Driver Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Tank Wars (FOG) Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Tabla Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Sweet Tooth Platformer FreeOnlineGames N/A
Swat Attack Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Swamp Treck Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Super K9 Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Sundown Shootout Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Street Drifting Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Street Avenger Brawler FreeOnlineGames N/A
Stone Breaker Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Stalingrad 2 Tower Defense FreeOnlineGames N/A
Space Bugs Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Soul of the Katana Brawler FreeOnlineGames N/A
Solitaire (FOG) Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Smugglers Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Sky Fire Fighter Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Sim Lemonade Millionaire Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
Seesaw Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Ruma Pipe Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Qube-In Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Pyramid Adventures Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Push It Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Premiere League Foosball Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Pointless Game Platformer FreeOnlineGames N/A
Pirates vs Ninjas (FOG) Brawler FreeOnlineGames N/A
Pharaohs Treasure Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Numbers Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Ninja Pop Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Mushroom Farm Defender Tower Defense FreeOnlineGames N/A
Muay Thai 2 - FOG Brawler FreeOnlineGames N/A
Mouse in Danger 2 Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Mini Pool 3 Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Metal Wall Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Mesmemarble 2 Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Maximus Artillery FreeOnlineGames N/A
Maxim's Seaside Adventure Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
18 Wheeler 2 Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Robokill Trainer Shooter Rock Solid Games N/A
Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack Puzzle RagdollCannon.net N/A
Ragdoll Cannon 3 Puzzle Bubblebox.com N/A
Message for 2K Australia Platformer Jarrad N/A
Dummy Never Fails Community Puzzle Tanoku Playhub
Chicken Jockey Simulation Hafiz Kassam Q-Kumber Software
Fizgig! Puzzle Splashworks Game Show Network
Wasted Youth, Part 1 Adventure GP Studios TwoTowersGames.com
Scooby-Doo 2: Escape from the Coolsonian Escape the Room N/A Warner Bros.
Dragon Slayers 2 Artillery UltimateFlashGame.com Addicting Games
Dragon Slayers Artillery Ultimate Flash Game Archive Addicting Games
Young Lee Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Sim Taxi Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Mountain Bike Motocross FreeOnlineGames N/A
Mini Moto Racing FreeOnlineGames N/A
Match The Bugz Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Logical Dominos Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Little Shepherd Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Last Tank Standing Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Last Shot Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Kingdom of Gold Platformer FreeOnlineGames N/A
Keep Ups 2 Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Jewel Thief Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Island Defense Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Hypercube Platformer FreeOnlineGames N/A
Hamster Ball Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Gringo Bandido Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Gold Diggers Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Go Green Go Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Glass Works Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Gangster Life Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Fly Catcher Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Flash Minesweeper Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Flash Bombs Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Fat Fred Platformer FreeOnlineGames N/A
Fart Control Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Farewell Gift Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Evil Nights Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Evil Minion Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Escape Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Dungeon Hunt Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
18 Wheeler Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
WALL-E: Treasure Round-up Arcade N/A Disney
WALL-E: Trash Tower Puzzle N/A Disney
WALL-E: Scrap Shoot Shooter N/A Disney
WALL-E: Pop! Arcade N/A Disney
WALL-E: Image Maker Toy N/A Disney
WALL-E: Cup Shuffle Puzzle N/A Disney
The Cyclone Action Game Show Network Game Show Network
The Berenstain Bears: Pack a Picnic Find N/A PBS Kids
Straws! Puzzle Game Show Network Game Show Network
Illinois Lottery Powerball Powerplay Arcade Game Show Network Game Show Network
Horse Play Arcade Game Show Network Game Show Network
Basket Case Arcade Game Show Network Game Show Network
zymbolz Puzzle popopt N/A
Storm Boat: Vietnam Mayhem Shooter GameTop N/A
StoneAge Sam 2: The Ice Age Adventure 2DPlay N/A
StoneAge Sam Adventure 2DPlay N/A
Reverb - Part 2 Action FreeAsANerd N/A
Reverb - Part 1 Action FreeAsANerd N/A
Planetcide: Genesis Shooter popopt N/A
POID 01 Platformer popopt N/A
Ninja Rampage Action IggyZuk N/A
Nimian Hunter Adventure popopt N/A
Nimian Garden Simulation popopt N/A
Nimian Flyer 2 Shooter popopt N/A
Nimian Flyer Arcade popopt N/A
Fafu The Ostrich RPG Platformer Wiesi N/A
Animatastica Dress-Up popopt N/A
Andagel Shooter popopt N/A
Touch The Bubbles 3 Arcade GameBalance N/A
Portal Panic Platformer Elvidian N/A
Mouse Quest Arcade Oiloid N/A
Incriminati Arcade seethru N/A
Imperium II Strategy belugerin N/A
Click 'em Up! II Arcade cobcris N/A
Click 'em Up! Arcade cobcris N/A
The Black House Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Strong Bow Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
House of Chocolates Puzzle FreeOnlineGames N/A
Doomland 2154 Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Dirt Bike Championship Motocross FreeOnlineGames N/A
Cursed Winds Strategy FreeOnlineGames N/A
City Under Siege Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Captain USA Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Boris Brawler FreeOnlineGames N/A
Big Truck Adventures Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
4x4 Soccer Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Vertical Drop Heroes (HD Demo) Arcade Nerdook N/A
How the Gritch Jacked the Holidays Shooter SESSNET N/A
Weather Blitz Football Sports N/A Hasbro Inc.
Wayfinder Episode 2 Adventure ImpendingRiot N/A
Hot Wheels Track Builder Toy Mattel Hot Wheels
Squeeze Arcade ImpendingRiot N/A
A Series of Unfortunate Events Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Richl.com Rock, Paper, Scissors Rock Paper Scissors RichL N/A
Random Heroes Arcade Armor Games N/A
Panda Star Arcade ImpendingRiot N/A
NERF N-STRIKE Reconnaissance Platformer N/A Hasbro Inc.
NERF N-STRIKE Agent Training Shooter N/A Hasbro Inc.
NERF - KING OF THE BLOCK Sports N/A Hasbro Inc.
Myosotis Chapter 5 Puzzle ImpendingRiot N/A
Inspector Kloo 9 Find Esklavos N/A
Inspector Kloo 8 Find Esklavos N/A
Inspector Kloo 7 Find Esklavos N/A
Inspector Kloo 6 Find Esklavos N/A
Inspector Kloo 5 Find Esklavos N/A
Inspector Kloo 4 Find Esklavos N/A
Inspector Kloo 3 Find Esklavos N/A
Inspector Kloo 2 Find Esklavos N/A
Inspector Kloo Find Esklavos N/A
Funky Chicken Tower Defense Tower Defense glowmonkey N/A
Fire Truck Heroes Arcade glowmonkey N/A
The Emoticon Collab Toy Various Newgrounds artists N/A
Elves & Ornaments Toy glowmonkey N/A
Electric Armor Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Dirt Bike Maniac Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Digispores Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Dart Tag Video Mashup Game Toy N/A Hasbro Inc.
Daily Jigsaw Space Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Crop Circles 2 Tower Defense glowmonkey N/A
Crop Circles Tower Defense glowmonkey N/A
Creepy Halloween Differences Find glowmonkey N/A
Costume Kid Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Choose your Weapon: Tower Defense Tower Defense glowmonkey N/A
Choose your Weapon 4 Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Choose your Weapon 3 Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Choose your Weapon 2 Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Choose your Weapon Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Bluey Puzzle glowmonkey N/A
Asylum Horror DanMalo N/A
AEvil Shooter Daniel Strong N/A
Prins Joachim Other Sosker N/A
Street Pirate Driving Sosker N/A
Terrible game Toy Sosker N/A
Punch Squad Action Sosker N/A
POTATO POTATO POTATO (etc) Arcade Sosker N/A
Number Two Arcade Sosker N/A
Ninjanoids Shooter Sosker N/A
Monky Panda Magic WTF Sosker N/A
McPixel Christmas Special Action Sosker N/A
Kukulki Arcade Sosker N/A
Crazy Soccar Sports Sosker N/A
Christmas Shotgun Defense Action Sosker N/A
Snowbrawl Fight Action Cartoon Network cartoonnetwork.com
Pixelsphere Platformer Alex Smith N/A
The King's League: Odyssey Strategy Kurechii N/A
Economia Simulation European Central Park N/A
Dino Launch Puzzle HotWheels N/A
Capoeira Fighter 2 Fighting Scott Stoddard N/A
Capoeira Fighter Puzzle Scott Stoddard N/A
Auto Trek Arcade Mattel N/A
Wooly Jumper Arcade Aardman Animations Ltd. Aardman Animations Ltd.
Shaun's Big Lunch Puzzle Aardman Animations Ltd. Aardman Animations Ltd.
School Supply Snap Find Corus Entertainment Inc. N/A
One Dog and his Sheep Puzzle Aardman Animations Ltd. Aardman Animations Ltd.
Masquerade参加作品「Sound Catcher」 Arcade D4U Geocities.jp
Farmscapes Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Bleatbox Rhythm Aardman Animations Ltd. Aardman Animations Ltd.
Welly Wanger Arcade Aardman Animations Aardman Animations
TrashPaint Toy AdamAtomic Flixel
System Defender Tower Defense Disney Canada Inc. Disney Canada Inc.
しぐたんぬるぽげーむ (Siggame) Arcade D4U Geocities.jp
Rockman Neo Prequel Action Andrew Traviss asylumavatars.f2o.org
Infinity Typing Arcade D4U Geocities.jp
Fuck Your Champion v1.8 Dress-Up Corta N/A
FlxTeroids Arcade AdamAtomic Flixel
FLAPPYBALT Arcade AdamAtomic Flixel
EZPlatformer Platformer AdamAtomic Flixel
Dump Escape Runner Flashinlights N/A
Ahri PornStar - M/F [interactive] Adult Washa N/A
Virtual Farm Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Adventure Shockwave.com N/A
Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean Find Shockwave.com N/A
Star Fireworks Arcade ? N/A
Princess and Prince Maker Dress-Up Madmoiselleclau, DollDivine N/A
ペンキぬり Arcade N/A N/A
おいしいコロッケをつくろう! Quiz N/A N/A
New Testament Brawler N/A N/A
John's Jackpot: Flash Remake Edition Gambling Newsdee N/A
Jane's Realty Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Jack of All Tribes Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
こ~こはど~この箱庭じゃ? WTF N/A N/A
Go to the Light Arcade N/A N/A
Fashion Solitaire 2 Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Eva Game Arcade N/A N/A
Dino Destroyer Arcade Addicting Games N/A
Dawn of the Sniper 2 Shooter Brutal Studio Newgrounds.com
Daily Spot The Pic Bonus Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
顔風船 Quiz N/A N/A
Click Sword Arcade N/A N/A
Catwalk Countdown Adventure Shockwave.com N/A
Cafe Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen DressUpGames.com
A Break in the Road Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Wheely 8: Aliens Puzzle Pegas Games N/A
U.F.A. Action Tom Fulp N/A
Triclops Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
The Treasure of Montezuma 3 Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Codename Kids Next Door: Operation Startup Platformer CN N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Sneaky Castle Find Melting Mindz N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Hot Rods Find Melting Mindz N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Big Apple Find Melting Mindz N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Autumn Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Kairi's Ice Cream Shoppe Arcade Melting Mindz N/A
Island Tribe 4 Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Dainty Doughnuts Puzzle Melting Mindz N/A
The Daily Word Search Bonus Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Daily Spot The Pic Silhouettes Bonus Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Daily Spot The Pic Icons Bonus Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Daily Spot The Panda Bonus Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
9 Little Pics Daily Bonus Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
The Ruins of Machi Itcza Platformer Mr. No Wind's Studios N/A
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So, What's the Difference?? Find Melting Mindz N/A
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Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Zoo Hunter Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Tokyo Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
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Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Sneaky Shopper Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Illusions Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
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Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Crystal Hunter Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy: 10 Rooms Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Rings of Light Arcade Melting Mindz N/A
Pomg Adventure Stuffed Wombat N/A
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Trinklit Supreme Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
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Sneaky Land 3 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Sneaky Land Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
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Robob-Z Arcade Melting Mindz N/A
Melting-Mindz Quiz Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
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It Finds It 3 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
It Finds It 2 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
It Finds It Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
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Have you Seen it? DVD Cover Trivia: Quentin Tarantino Movies Quiz Melting Mindz N/A
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Trijong Puzzle Tropix N/A
Solitaire (Tropix) Puzzle Tropix N/A
Puffey Popper Puzzle Tropix N/A
Coco-Bowl Arcade Tropix N/A
Cascade Puzzle Tropix N/A
Superfighters Ultimate Arcade Mythologic Interactive N/A
Nick Bounty 2: The Goat in the Grey Fedora Adventure Pinhead Games N/A
Nick Bounty: A Case of the Crabs Adventure Pinhead Games N/A
Letters from Nowhere Find Shockwave.com N/A
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Cave Story Platformer Studio Pixel N/A
Carrot Fantasy Extreme Tower Defense Free Online Games N/A
Carrot Fantasy 2: Undersea Tower Defense Free Online Games N/A
Carrot Fantasy Extreme 2 Tower Defense Free Online Games N/A
Carrot Fantasy 2 Desert Tower Defense Free Online Games N/A
Carrot Fantasy 2: Boss Mode Tower Defense Free Online Games N/A
Carrot Fantasy Tower Defense Free Online Games N/A
Burger Island Arcade techFront N/A
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Have you Seen it? DVD Cover Trivia: Quiz Melting Mindz N/A
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Treasure of Big Totem: The Narrative Adventure Esklavos N/A
Treasure of Big Totem: Chapter 17 Adventure Esklavos N/A
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Treasure of Big Totem: Chapter 9 Adventure Esklavos N/A
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A Small Car (that is hard to control) Racing A Small Game A Small Game
Unbeetable Arcade Mausland, Felix Wiesner (Wiesi) Newgrounds.com
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Shark Lifting Arcade Mausland, Felix Wiesner (Wiesi) Crazymonkeygames.com
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Super Mario 3D Shooter Shooter Taco Team Productions, Bas Baudoin (banaalbas) N/A
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Pedro & Ordep's Space Adventure (BL) Arcade N/A N/A
Line Game Arcade Everybody Panic Albino Blacksheep
Imaginary Realm 1 (English) Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
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Wallace & Gromit: Snow Drift Sports BBC N/A
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Word Roundup Frenzy Puzzle Shockwave N/A
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Sniper: Year One Shooter Stu Hogton; RobotJam N/A
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FlashTrek - Assault Strategy N/A N/A
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I Wish I Were The Moon Adventure Daniel Benmergui N/A
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Game.Init() Platformer keybol N/A
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4th & Goal 2014 Sports glowmonkey N/A
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Panic Action Coin-Op N/A
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Death Lab Shooter Vogd & Assaulter, Tanya Volynskaya-Fedorova, Anton Popov N/A
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Ashley the Existentialist Adventure Abroy N/A
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The Mind Platformer Nitrome Jam N/A
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Picma Puzzle Moonberry Studios N/A
Last Legacy Chapter 1 Adventure Runouw, Robert Hewitt, Steven Hewitt lastlegacy.us
Foreign Creature Adventure Belugerin Games Bubblebox.com
Hungry Hungry Hamsters Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Circle Cycle Shooter ABAGames N/A
Mad Princess Tower Defense AdventureIslands N/A
Yukinone Shooter heriet N/A
Fantasy Girl Dress Up Dress-Up VeggieStudio N/A
Royal Dress-Maker Game Dress-Up Sarriathmoonghost N/A
Pop-Tarts: Match Game Puzzle Pop-Tarts, Kellogg N/A
Bullet the Bounty Hunter Platformer 8bit Skull N/A
Sonic Lost in Mario World Platformer Tumtoons N/A
Buster's Movie Maker Toy PBS N/A
Billiards Sports Xifer Technologies N/A
Extreme Luge Canyon Sports Mark Fennell N/A
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Rage Brawler Seth Wooten CrazyMonkeyGames.com
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Chick Cannon Artillery Kou N/A
Power Swing Fighting Sun Studios N/A
Greens Survive When Reds Die Platformer Friedpixel Games N/A
Steam Birds Strategy Andy Moore, Daniel Cook, Jordan Fehr, Danny Baranowsky, ArmorGames
Meet n Fuck Lavindor Kingdom Adult VadimGoD N/A
Bowman 2 Artillery N/A FreeWorldGroup.com
Towing Mania Driving Gang of Gamers N/A
Numballs Arcade sorrowxiii Newgrounds
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Storm Winds 1.5 Shooter Hero Interactive N/A
Strong Buy Strong Sell Arcade ABAGames N/A
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Street of Dreams Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Carnival Freakshow Arcade Pinball Pinball Arkadium N/A
Destroy the Village Flying Peter Kasbar, Gametornado Gametornado.com
The Empty Kingdom Adventure Daniel Merlin Goodbrey N/A
The Great Bathroom Escape Escape the Room Pastel Games N/A
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p.i.g Platformer Zillix N/A
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World of Dreams Platformer Paranoia Brainflay.com
You Are Still A Box Puzzle Ben Schlessman MyPlayYard Games
Batman: Ice Age Platformer WB Games N/A
Sonic: The Broad Jump (JP) Artillery Sega N/A
Hannibal - Will Graham Dress Up Game Dress-Up Ekzotik N/A
3 Card Moe Puzzle Kiba Games N/A
着せ替えキャラメイク (chara.swf) Dress-Up ゆゆづき, yuyuzuki N/A
Phantom Mansion 6 Puzzle gimme5games N/A
Onomastica Platformer mif2000 N/A
Bubble Tape Carnival Toss Arcade BubbleTape.com BubbleTape.com
Rock 'n' Risk Blitz Arcade Sina Jafarzadeh, Michael Sung N/A
Flaming Zombooka Artillery LongAnimals; RobotJam N/A
Gunbrick Arcade Nitrome N/A
Traumata Adventure Tempalabs N/A
Natsume 2 Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Aeternus Lamnia Duo Action Phendrana N/A
The Tower 68F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Nitrohaul Puzzle Oscar Koly N/A
Kingdom of Liars - Stonepath Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Dress My Babe 6 Dress-Up Geneticeye N/A
Smells Like Art Adventure Snap Break N/A
Chop'Kdo (Hacked) Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
10 Gnomes 5: the Shipyard Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Parking Lot Driving Gamezindia N/A
Space Scout Dredd Speed's Solar Shoot Out Shooter N/A N/A
Full Auto Mayhem Driving BulletProof Arcade N/A
Sex Kitten: Jungle Mayhem Adult YomToxic, lengendary-41, NekoMika, Newpurple, Pervyfox88 N/A
TrollFace Quest 3 Adventure N/A N/A
Free Super Mario Bros. Platformer Jeux Gratuit N/A
Money Miner Arcade Box10.com N/A
Apparition Adventure ClassParody N/A
Must Pop Words Typing Bart Bonte N/A
Montreal Mobility Adventure Pyrozen N/A
Star Squadrons Strategy Anegmetex Software Onlinegamer.cc
Soccer Shootout Sports CBC Kids N/A
Spot the Designer Find N/A N/A
Supermarket Adventure Quiz PBS N/A
Furious Space Shooter N/A N/A
bit Dungeon RPG Action N/A
Quantum Corps Action Hypnohustler N/A
Mad Head Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Monster Trucks Attack Driving Peter Kasbar, Gametornado Gametornado.com
Robo Flu Puzzle CCat Games Addictinggames.com
Circus Free Action Vogd3 Addicinggames.com
Emo Game 1.5: Alkaline Trio vs Hell Action Jason Oda N/A
Pink Tac Toe Puzzle Drud14 N/A
Peta's Striptease Quiz Quiz PETA N/A
Bungee Bear Arcade Orisinal N/A
SpongeBob: Fang in There Runner N/A Nickelodeon
Zodiac Starz (Blitz Version) Puzzle Raketspel N/A
Where is 2009? Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Hell Storm Shooter Popova L., Kirilov I. N/A
Megaman X RPG Chapter 1 RPG ChamberACR N/A
Covert Front: All Quiet on the Covert Front Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Interlocked Puzzle We Create Stuff ArmorGames.com
Room Escape 3 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Incursion 2 - The Artifact Tower Defense BOBLYC N/A
Buried Alive Arcade EntropicOrder N/A
Regular Show Trash n Dash Arcade Cartoonnetwork.com Cartoon Network
Pussymon: Episode 14 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Space on the Case Adventure Mouse City N/A
Kure Waste Chase Racing KQED N/A
Maze of Darkness Action Nexogames N/A
Aeternus Lamnia Action Phendrana N/A
Bloons: Player Pack 3 Puzzle Ninja Kiwi N/A
The Tower 31F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Mutant Alien Assault Platformer XN1TE N/A
Pupzzle Puzzle Pencil Kids N/A
Deep Chalk - 2 Adventure ZS N/A
Alien Hominid Xtreme Shooter DoodleBin, Torrunt, Schimitar N/A
Music Catch Arcade Reflexive N/A
Mr. Runner 2 Platformer bitBattalion N/A
Cider Attack Arcade SylrePony N/A
The Hoosiers: Cops and Robbers Runner TinyMania N/A
Nanobots Shooter Nitrome N/A
Vuvuzela Crisis Shooter Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Ultimate Five Leaf Clover Clicker Moczan N/A
The Mosquito Project Action Tiny Mantis Entertainment N/A
Tower of Heaven Platformer Askiisoft N/A
My Little Pony: The Sim Date Adult YomToxic, lengendary-41 N/A
Hackers VS. Hackers Strategy Foofa Studios S.n.c, Matteo N/A
Special Mission Shooter mikeflasher N/A
Cat With Bow Golf Sports D_of_I N/A
Angol Mois Hentai Adult Kaijo N/A
Deep Reef Puzzle BibaGames.com Shockwave.com
Ultimate Crab Battle Shooter Mausland CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Stop the Presses Arcade Arkadium N/A
Hare Divider Shooter heriet N/A
Wonder Rocket Arcade JJWallace Not Doppler
The Tower 2F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
10 Puzzle IoJoe N/A
Island Tribe 5 Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
A.l.i.a.s 3 Shooter Marc-Andre Toupin N/A
SpongeBob: Winter RUN-derland Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Crimson Hell Shooter TOGE Productions N/A
Graphics Are Everything Puzzle Cashew Poison, Pat S Addictinggames.com
Bloons 2 Puzzle Ninja Kiwi N/A
Carnival Catch Keno Puzzle Shockwave Shockwave.com
Super Police Persuit (Hacked) Racing RumbleSushi 3D N/A
Pumpkin Remover 3 Puzzle Gaz Thomas N/A
Bleep Sheep Arcade Aaants N/A
Bruce Lee Tower of Death Fighting whoa002 N/A
Warehouse Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Alfy Lemonade Stand Visual Novel ALFY N/A
Tortuga Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Bobblestitch Find N/A N/A
Girl Dressup Dress-Up Unknown N/A
Full Metal Alchemist Presents Winry Rockbell Adult HentaiKey N/A
Pumpkin Man Action Person333 Newgrounds.com
Sneak Thief 1 - Prime Catch Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Grand Theft Counterstrike Shooter Gahe.com N/A
Zilch Arcade Playr Playr
Bilbo: The Four Corners of the World Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Club Penguin Follow Me (Beta Team) Typing Disney N/A
Bike Mania Arena 3 Motocross FlashGames247 N/A
Hex Empire Strategy MetaSauce MiniJuegos.com
Milk the Cow Arcade Orisinal N/A
Cubis 2 Puzzle FreshGames BigFishGames
CCC Dress up v.2 Dress-Up O-OVinnie (Vinnie Veritas) N/A
Manufactoria Puzzle PleasingFungus N/A
Galaxy Siege 3 Shooter dennatolich N/A
Sir Henry Placeholder and the Badly Timed Parade Arcade Robin Allen N/A
K.O.L.M.I.A.M Platformer Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Tommy Robin, Daniel McNeely, Lucy Laveele, Joel Atkinson Armorgames.com
Sparkle Puzzle Gamehouse, Myth People, Jonathon Geer Shockwave.com
Dog Pound (Hacked) Quiz PBS N/A
Ultimate Down Shooter Louissi N/A
Mutiny Artillery Nitrome N/A
Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Puzzle Conceptis N/A
Civiballs: Xmas Levels Pack Puzzle PITon32 N/A
Orbital Onslaught Strategy nerdook N/A
GROW nano ver.0 Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Astral Guard Action ElionSea N/A
Linx Easy Set Puzzle Retrocade.net N/A
DressUpGames - Preppy Princess Dress-Up Tweendoll Dressupgames.com
Rhythm Doctor Rhythm Hafiz Azman N/A
Sickle Cell DNA Quiz Edheads N/A
Slalom (Hacked) Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Rations Please Visual Novel cosmicadventuresquad N/A
Go Go Ufo Racing Nitrome N/A
Anti TD Tower Defense Dmitry Zheltobriukhov, Sugar-Free-Games.com
Billiard Blitz 2 Sports Andromedus N/A
Champions of Chaos RPG Epic Llama. Hernan Lopez, Fabian Peruggia Agame.com
Imagia 3 - The Quarry Adventure Kayzerfish N/A
Holio U 4 Adult Holio.net N/A
Robot Gladiator Action FlashDistrict N/A
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows Tower Defense Game in a Bottle N/A
Balloon Invasion Shooter Game in a Bottle N/A
Cats Me If You Can! Racing N/A Nickelodeon
Ownage Burst Demo Shooter The Style Machine N/A
Tifa Lockhart Hentai Adult Kaijo N/A
Soul Core Adventure PowerAbuse.co.uk N/A
SpongeBob: Patty Panic Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Keybank - unlock it! Puzzle Game Show Network Game Show Network
Paper Mario World 2 Platformer Lesjuh N/A
Questopia Action Aleksey Spirkin, Alexander Ahura GamesFree.com
SpongeBob: Operation Holiday Hero Runner Indigo Entertainment Nickelodeon
Urban Specialist Action N/A N/A
StarCraft Flash 5 Action Special Edition Strategy DZ N/A
Fairy Tail Fighting Awu N/A
Into Space 2 Flying Barbarian Games N/A
The Undead Survival Test Quiz Crooked Alley N/A
Flash Flappy Bird Arcade UF3K N/A
Kaylink's Fox Maker Dress-Up Kaylink N/A
Epic Battle Fantasy IV RPG Matt Roszak Kongregate.com
Plumber Pickle Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Quimdung Tower Puzzle Quimdung Kongregate.com
Apartment 13 Adventure OCR Nations in Science N/A
Music Bounce Puzzle Rowland Rose, LetsMakeAGame N/A
Revenge Dojo Runner Deqaf Studio N/A
Enemy 585 Arcade Nitrome N/A
Pol Arcade preshing N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 8 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Cell Defender 2 Strategy digitalraiders N/A
Mini Train Puzzle Peter Kaspar GameTornado
Galactic Gravity Golf Arcade ArmorGames / Armegalo N/A
Synapsis Adventure robotJAM N/A
Pig Toss Artillery Funbrain N/A
Cube Escape Case 23 Escape the Room Rusty Lake N/A
Stamper's Quest For Fags Runner Kevin N/A
Gunball Arena Action flazm N/A
Feed Them All Puzzle Nowgames.com N/A
Marooned 2: Secrets of the Akoni Find Shockwave N/A
Zuma's Revenge Puzzle Popcap Games N/A
Cake Mania 3 Simulation Sandlot Games N/A
X Attack Arcade CBC Kids N/A
Meat Boy Map Pack Expansion Platformer Team Meat N/A
Can your Pet Toy Can Your Pet Armorgames.com
10 Gnomes in Bologna Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) 2 Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Dead Frontier: Outbreak Choose Your Own Adventure JaggedBlade Software N/A
Pause Ahead Platformer Askiisoft N/A
Yoko Littner Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Where is 2010? Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Sex Kitten RPG2: MindFuck Adult YomToxic N/A
Don't Shoot The Puppy Toy RRRR N/A
Pour the Fish Level Pack Puzzle Alexandr Coolmath-games.com
Bite Jacker Shooter Secret Base, Rayteoactive, Ky Ang, Ph Chye, HyperDuck, Kevin Carville N/A
Pico Sim Date Dating Sim Moosh Productions N/A
Bloons: Insanity Puzzle Ninja Kiwi N/A
Frost Bite (Funbrain) Arcade Funbrain N/A
Mahjongg Puzzle N/A Miniclip.com
Sushi Cat 6: Storycraft World Creator Toy Armor Games N/A
Ninja Miner 2 Puzzle SilenGames N/A
Pico's Cousin 2 Adventure Magna N/A
Sonic Maze Craze Puzzle Sega N/A
Sugar, Sugar 2 Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Dreamscapes: The Sandman Adventure Shockwave N/A
Take Control of the Situtation (Prequel Adventure) Action Kazerad N/A
16 Platformer franck fitrzyk Game Design, Vidya Games N/A
My Little Pony - Twilight Running Runner Mdvgames N/A
Pop-Tarts: Your World. Your Pop-Tarts. Platformer Pop-Tarts, Kellogg N/A
Pico's Sweat Shop Adventure EZ2 N/A
HentaiKey Girl 2 Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Little or Large Puzzle British Museum N/A
Super Energy Apocalypse Strategy LarsiusPrime N/A
Plazma Burst: Forward to the Past Shooter Sibitrix N/A
Vehicles Level Pack Puzzle NewStage, Vogd, Shturmovick N/A
Run Runner Player_03 N/A
College Romance Visual Novel NaweG N/A
Overhaul Strategy ryzed N/A
Abduction Arcade Oddity Games Andkon.com
Deep Forest Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
FLTron 2.0 Arcade Dan Hsu N/A
Avatar: Trials Of Serpent's Pass Puzzle Nickelodeon N/A
Cube Mayhem Puzzle Kevin Gu Armor Games
Cosmo Cabs Action Super Flash Bros N/A
SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom or Bust Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Keep the Brick Puzzle Maxim Alexandrovich (Maks_chip) Ultik Addictinggames.com
StrongBadZone Arcade Videlectrix N/A
Damnation: Doom Game E1M1 Choose Your Own Adventure Flat-line N/A
Courage The Cowardly Dog: Nightmare Vacation Shooter N/A N/A
HRmageddon Strategy Adult Swim ArmorGames
Dodgeman 2 Arcade Holmade Games ArmorGames
Super Mario: Time Attack Remix Platformer Games Of Gondor N/A
Qoosh Puzzle Aethos Games N/A
Windfall Simulation Persuasive Games N/A
It Takes Two Arcade Orisinal N/A
Elements (jmtb02) Arcade John Cooney (jmtb02), Wingon Studios
League Bowling Sports BizarroTom Newgrounds.com
Thumb Fighter Fighting Avix N/A
Atari Centipede Arcade Atari N/A
Twizz'ed Firefarta Platformer whileworking N/A
Pact RPG Lorestrome N/A
Wolf Maker Unleashed Dress-Up Wyndbain N/A
G.I. Joe A Tank Named Grizzly Action EA N/A
Riddle School 2 Adventure JonBro N/A
Dragon Vector Shooter Jason Reinsvold N/A
King of the Hill Shooter Miniclip N/A
Burger Island 2 Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Whack Your Computer Arcade Doodieman N/A
Infectonator: World Dominator Strategy TOGE Productions Bubblebox.com
Quietus II Platformer TimeBlog N/A
Yoshino's Style Adult HentaiKey N/A
Super Combo Ball Action finefin N/A
Soul Shot Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Dance Element in the Keyboard (version 2.0) Rhythm 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Kingdom Rush Tower Defense Ironhide Game Studio ArmorGames.com
Super Rally Challenge Racing insane hero N/A
Evolution Adventure 58 Works N/A
Internet Avenger Platformer NoLanLabs N/A
Islander Boys Arcade Godlimations N/A
Vagina Simulater Toy Leigh N/A
Protector IV Tower Defense undefined N/A
The Great Automate - Chapter 1 Adventure N/A N/A
Crazy Halloween Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 5 Rhythm BekhoTeam, Nicolas Villarroel, Nicolas Veas, Marcelo Serres, Bruno Camousseigt, Charlie Parra Del Riego, Eduardo Bromhbley Newgrounds
13 Days in Hell Shooter BubbleBox.com N/A
Chestnut Avenue 102 Escape the Room Milica Andelkovic, Stefan Nikolic N/A
Coil (Nitrome) Arcade Nitrome N/A
Ice (Hacked) Arcade Uzinagaz ArmorGames
Warp Shot Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
Stacko Level Pack Puzzle Oleg Kuzyk, Georgiy Stepanov, Yuri Kuzyk Armor Games
They Took Our Candy! Shooter Level One Wizards, Matt Nida N/A
Cooking Mama: The Unauthorized PETA Edition Variety PETA N/A
Soviet Rocket Giraffe Arcade jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Moon Police Driving Gametornado Gametornado
Infect. Evolve. Repeat. 2 Simulation MINDistortion.tv N/A
Thor The Defense of Asgard Arcade Marvel Kids N/A
G-Switch Runner Serius Games N/A
Sift: Renegade 3 Brawler Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Monkey Kick Off Arcade N/A Miniclip.com
Dr. Null Shooter N/A N/A
Tiny Island Adventure Platformer AdventureIslands N/A
The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen Find JoyBits Shockwave
Seen on Screen Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Family Rush Runner Denis Vasilev N/A
Helixteus Strategy Apple0726 N/A
Tofu Ninja Platformer Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Hospital Trash Clicker finefin N/A
May (Haruka) PokeHentai Adult Kaijo N/A
Daymare Town Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
4th & Goal 2015 Sports glowmonkey N/A
Majesty of Colors Adventure Ludus Novus Kongregate.com
Avalanche Arcade Nitrome N/A
Dirt Bike Motocross fog.com N/A
Treasure Hunter 4 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Digital Upgrade Puzzle iluvAS, Argentin N/A
Murloc Stranglethorn Fever RPG GamerDisclaimer.com Newgrounds.com
Palisade Guardian 4 Shooter erebosGames N/A
Flip Out Arcade Arkadium N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 6 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Ball Drop One Arcade Ttursas N/A
Monkey Go Happy 5 Puzzle Pencil Kids N/A
Spy 2 Action N/A N/A
Fillz Puzzle Oleg Kuzyk, Georgiy Stepanov Armor Games
ControlCraft 2 Strategy Badim, Squall_SS N/A
Aggy Extrapolate (Prequel Adventure) Action Kazerad N/A
Boulder Basher Arcade Blitz Gamer N/A
Misha Cosmosphere Part 1 Visual Novel Koei Tecmo N/A
Smoking Kills Shooter FreeSpark Games N/A
Storm the House 3 Action Case Hollingsworth & Robbie Lee ArmorGames.com
Dental Damage Arcade odd-job-jack N/A
Obsolescence Shooter ConnorUllmann N/A
Create a Fox Dress-Up Xiik N/A
Atari Crystal Castles Arcade Atari N/A
The Rise of a King Brawler SeethingSwarm ArmorGames.com
Pogo Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Meet'N'Fuck: Ocean Cruise Adult N/A N/A
Find-O-Vision Find Arkadium N/A
AndroKids Platformer Max Games N/A
MegaDrill Action Kevin Trepanier N/A
Soul Plane Prizzents: High Steppin Take Off Arcade N/A N/A
Christmas Escape Toy Escape the Room Neutral N/A
A Second Chance Adventure Major Bueno N/A
La Foire Aux Mysteres 2 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombie Cricket! Sports Mousebreaker N/A
Holiday Time Travel Escape Saint Patrick's Day Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Pussymon: Episode 22 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Decision 3 Shooter Flyanvil, Musicloops.com. Fiverr.com, ArmorGames N/A
Defence of Portal 2 Action DanilosFlasher N/A
Club Penguin Puffle Soaker (The Fair) Action Disney N/A
The Tower 20F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Hexagon Arcade Terry Cavanagh N/A
BloodBug Arcade Armegalo ScienceYear.com
Symon Adventure GAMBIT N/A
Skip Around The World Finland-Suomi Adventure Esthetix N/A
Sketch Quest Platformer teamsteampipe N/A
Cosmosphere Infel Stage Level 1 Visual Novel Koei Tecmo N/A
Beat Chaser 2 Shooter Nonako N/A
Omega Tower Defense 2 Tower Defense N/A N/A
Duke Dashington Remastered Platformer Adventure Islands N/A
El Chicken Fantastico Toy Teletoon.com Teletoon.com
Vortex Point Adventure Mouse City N/A
Looming Adventure Gregory Weir Newgrounds.com
Toast Boy the Pointless Game (One Day Prototype) Platformer mnrART N/A
Timmy Arcade Flantower, Igor Lyubchak, Elias Canrise, Angelsosa, Ivlaa Armorgames.com,
Crazy go Nuts 2 Artillery Funderoo N/A
Grey Matter Arcade Edmund McMillen N/A
Seiba to Oishiyasan Gokko Variety Marvelous Entertainment Inc. N/A
The Tower 33F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
FFX Wakka's Solo Adult humbuged N/A
The Old Tree Adventure Reddwarf Games N/A
Stochastic Action UKB N/A
Cuboy: Hot Pants Arcade EdibleCastle N/A
Sex Kitten: Mesa Madness Adult YomToxic N/A
Cosmosphere Binary Stage Level 2 Visual Novel Koei Tecmo N/A
Pimp Hand Strong Racing N/A N/A
Thief of Hearts Card N/A Lifetime
Cyberchase: PlaySpace Toy Pbs N/A
Robo Racing Racing Smokoko Kongregate.com
Death Village Puzzle Nigoro N/A
Penguins Attack 3 Tower Defense Jon Bartram N/A
Heart's Medicine Season 1 Strategy Xylom N/A
Doctor Ku-The Alien Room Adventure Esklavos N/A
Mafia Driver Driving Baller Arcade Addictinggames.com
Rebuild Strategy Two Towers Games Two Towers Games
SpongeBob: Bags Away! Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Paper Mario World Platformer Lesjuh N/A
Creepos Tales 2 Adventure Carmel Games N/A
World Wars Strategy AddictingGames N/A
Morbid 2: The Cure Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Silversphere Puzzle Damien Clarke Miniclip.com
Coast Runners Racing LongAnimals, asute N/A
Ninja Gravity Adventure Platformer CartoonGamesfree.com CartoonGamesfree.com
Sugar, Sugar: The Christmas Special Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Prototype: NES Artsyle Shooter mnrART N/A
Magic Pen Puzzle Alejandro Guillen Bubblebox.com
Ninjufo Platformer Ninjadoodle.com, Tom Vencel N/A
Soulmech: Shinobu Brawler Cerberus Studios N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 17 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Super Big Gun Adventure Platformer NFyre GameFools.com
Iron Shinobi Brawler Epic Llama N/A
Zombie Survival Outbreak Shooter Placeable Armorgames.com,
Aquarium Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Metal Gear Solid X Adult humbuged N/A
Creeper World - Training Simulator Strategy Knuckle Cracker N/A
Yeti Sports 7: Snowboard Freeride Sports Chris Hilgert N/A
Force Leader: Kill'Em All Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 1 - The Royal Journey Adventure Click Shake Games N/A
Jewel Quest 2 Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Serendipity in 2D Puzzle N/A N/A
Room Escape 20 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
.Hack (dotHack) Puzzle N/A N/A
Swordsman Steve: The Polytizans Brawler StickPage Games N/A
Adventures Of Gyroatoms Action Donovan Jackson N/A
Min Hero - Tower of Sages RPG Toy Chest Games SoGood.com
Office Lover Kiss Arcade N/A N/A
Caila Raven and the Bard Tears Adventure Esklavos N/A
Caila Raven and the Temple of the Order Adventure Esklavos N/A
Globs Puzzle Jacksmack N/A
Holio U Pink Blonde Adult Holio.net N/A
Lachez-Prise Adventure N/A N/A
Save Chicks Arcade PETA N/A
Shorties's Kingdom 2 Strategy Dennatolich N/A
Super Pinkie World Platformer CertaintyPrinicple N/A
Super Amigos Toy Cromy N/A
My Dolphin Show Arcade AGame N/A
Volvo FH16 700 Motocross Volvo N/A
Red Rogue RPG Aaron Steed ArmorGames.com
ふわふわコロン Arcade Yukawa's Soft N/A
Shrinkit 2 Puzzle npgam.es (game by), Helth (music) PhysicsGames.net
Box Clever Platformer Gaz Thomas N/A
Phantom Mansion 4 Puzzle gimme5games N/A
Monster Basement 2 Adventure Godlimations N/A
Draw4Play2 Platformer Alex Gagin AddictingGames.com
Psychosomnium Platformer mirosurabu, cactusquid.com N/A
Blue Rabbit's FreeFall Arcade The Super Flash Bros N/A
Isle of Tune Toy Happylander Ltd N/A
Crazy Helicopter Arcade AddictingGames N/A
Forest Escape Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Jewelanche Puzzle Myrmeleo N/A
Deactivator Puzzle PlaysPal N/A
Hot Coffee Variety Pippin Barr N/A
Office Mini-Golf Sports TBS N/A
The Love Letter Action Axcho, Knivel77, TeoAcosta N/A
Solitario Arcade TVNDEPORTES.CL N/A
Write in the Death Note Toy Hunternif N/A
Fleeing the Complex Choose Your Own Adventure Puffballs United StickPage.com
Grey Platformer Kevin McGrath N/A
The Video Game of Life Platformer Keybol Cool Math Games
Tetris'd Platformer LittleMonsterGames.com StickPage.com
Bon Bon Pickup Puzzle petpetpark.com N/A
SpongeBob: Clash of Triton Brawler N/A Nickelodeon
SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs Makes Cent$ Puzzle N/A Nickelodeon
Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure Adventure Untold Entertainment Inc. N/A
Artillerize Shooter N/A N/A
All Hallows Eve Tower Defense Skip Ernst Newgrounds.com
Luigi's Mansion Interactive Variety Nintendo N/A
Plan It Green Strategy NatGeo Games N/A
BearBoy and the Cursor Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Up to the Roof Platformer N/A N/A
Turbo Turbo Turbo Racing Adult Swim N/A
Mad Truckers Racing GameTeam N/A
Park Them All Driving Ace Viral - Box 10 N/A
Dress Up Spice Nurse Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Lakeview Cabin Adventure;Horror Roope Tamminen N/A
Precede (Prequel Adventure) Adventure Kazerad N/A
Waterslide Inferno Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Terrain Chapter 3: Strange Attractor Action MarchMedia N/A
Royal Warfare Strategy Iden Games MaxGames.com
Nano War Strategy Benoit Freslon Kongregate
The Artist Is Present Adventure Mariana Abramovic N/A
Claustrophobium Adventure N/A N/A
Mario Downhill Skiing Sports CartoonGames.org N/A
3D Maze Puzzle N/A N/A
Turkey Eggz Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Knightfall Puzzle Megadev N/A
Reflections Puzzle Input Entertainment N/A
Sara's Super Spa Me Arcade Shockwave N/A
Flying Candy Puzzle Silen Games N/A
Herm The Germ Platformer Eric Bernier, PixelChunk, Daniel Davis, Herbert Boland, Traveler Addictinggames.com
Room Escape 9 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Demogorgon Tower Defense Wizard Studioz N/A
Scooby Doo Pirate Ship of Fools Ep 4 Adventure Warnerbros N/A
Celebrity Fight Club Fighting TechRadium Studios N/A
Not to Scale Puzzle Stephen Xu, Sharon Xu, Anna Hsu, Eric Xu, TaylorS N/A
Grow Maze (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Warbears - Adventures Adventure Gionatan Iasio N/A
Zizzo Challenge Variety GameRival N/A
Pico vs. Uberkids Rock Paper Scissors Tom Fulp N/A
Tikiballs: Curse of Tane Arcade urbansquall N/A
Train of Afterlife - Demo (German) Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
The Tower 54F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
DICEWARS Strategy Gamedesign N/A
Ambition Episode 5: The Tryst Part 2 Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
The Last Prince of Egypt Adventure abroy.com N/A
Genetic Glow - Character Test Quiz Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
Garage Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Revenge of the Kid Shooter Flashchaz, Bitnest Software N/A
TeleGrav Puzzle Aethos Games N/A
Dish It Out Puzzle PBS N/A
Monster's Den: Book of Dread RPG Daniel Stradwick Kongregate.com
ZOM-TV! Action Tony N/A
GunRox Zombietown Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Train of Afterlife - Demo (English) Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
Escape from Seychelles Island Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Apple Jack's Race to the Bowl Arcade Kelloggs, Neopets Neopets.com
Game & Watch: Dodgeman (Limited Edition) Arcade Holmade Games ArmorGames
Spindle Brawler AngryBinary N/A
Ghost Trick Minisite Puzzle Capcom N/A
Allstate Road Trip Sudoku Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Super Mario Flash Platformer poeuetpu-games.com N/A
Deportation The Game Quiz killfrog.com www.killfrog.com
Eye Surgery Simulation A10 Games N/A
Pussymon: Episode 23 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Dino Meat Hunt 2 Extra Platformer PupuGames N/A
100% Complete Platformer NoLanLabs N/A
Lesaria Simulation FSC N/A
The Wikileaks Game Platformer roundgames.com N/A
RPG WIP RPG Spacecoma N/A
MADNESS: Family Duels Brawler 53xy83457 N/A
Lolly vs The Energy Monkeys Adventure funergy! N/A
Yuriuss House of Spooks Adventure Snap Break N/A
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Stone Circle 5 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Spookathlon! Variety Kinelco N/A
Agados Trailers Driving TinySoft N/A
Hollywood Jumble Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Pretentious Game Platformer Keybol Kongregate.com
Mr. Planet Arcade Arkadium N/A
Super Soccer Sports Disney N/A
Sad Bunny Face Platformer mnrART N/A
Fly-Squad Dress-Up Sarakuan, Dolldivine N/A
Wave Warrior Sonic EXE Episode 1 Visual Novel Arthuria99 N/A
Ute Adult Lea Schonfelder N/A
Tealy and Orangey Platformer Anthony Gowland N/A
Muck and Brass (BBC) Toy N/A N/A
Raze Action AddisonR + Juice-Tin ArmorGames.com
BLYM Platformer GameShot.org A10.com
Mutually Assured Destruction Action N/A N/A
CrystAlien: Redux Bugfix Edition Strategy CrystAlien Redux Project N/A
Hood Episode 1 Adventure Hyptosis, RampantMusik, TheLizardofOdd N/A
Super Stacker Puzzle The Game Homepage Andkon.com
The King of Fighters Wing Fighting Flashwing N/A
Dragondash Runner GameGarage N/A
Zuma (King.com, Hacked) Puzzle King.com, PopCap King.com
Looney Tunes Sylvester Under the Sea Arcade Warner Bros N/A
Lipton Better BBQ Challenge Arcade Soap N/A
Hero's Adventure Adventure Terry Cavanagh N/A
King's Game 2 Artillery Smokoko N/A
Make Me Laugh Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Peacefree: Intergalactic Liberation Army Strategy Adventure Cat N/A
The Fog Fall 2 Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Zoo Keeper Puzzle Robot Liquid Light Group Ltd.
Trump Saw Game Adventure InkaGames N/A
Germinator (Hacked) Action PBS N/A
Happy Tree Friends After Amok Shooter Flippy Amok N/A
Harry Quantum 2 Adventure Turbo Nuke N/A
Ultimate Spider-Man: Monsters Under Midtown Shooter Marvel, Disney Disney
Goin' Mental Arcade Samulis, Cenaf, test-object, TharosTheDragon N/A
SpongeBob: Squeaky Boot Blurbs Toy N/A Nickelodeon
Plant Pong Puzzle Cadin Batrack BunnyGames.com
Doughnut Jump Arcade Inbox.lv N/A
Walls Logic Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
SpongeBob: Jellyfish Shuffleboard Sports N/A Nickelodeon
Wiring Puzzle Dreamgate Company N/A
Jessica Rabbit Dress Up Game Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
Aerial Mahjong Demo Puzzle Enkord N/A
Area-X Demo Visual Novel Zeiva N/A
The I of It Puzzle Gameshot.org ArmorGames.com
Infect. Evolve. Repeat. Simulation Manuel Fallmann N/A
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Ultimate Collection Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
Flakboy Action Spilgames.com Gamesgames.com
Dash'n Knights Strategy Alif Karsan Pradipto N/A
Mutant Rampage Brawler N/A N/A
An Early Spring Arcade Orisinal N/A
Potty Racers 2 Arcade Gonzo Games N/A
SpongeBob: RoboShot Arcade WorkinMan Nickelodeon
Svetlograd Puzzle Enkord N/A
The Right Way Puzzle myplayyardgames N/A
Frantic Shooter Polymer Rabbit CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Match Me Match Me Puzzle Chevron N/A
Dragon Boy II RPG Godlimations N/A
バーチャルドール脱衣ブロック崩し Arcade N/A N/A
Esklavos Chapter 13 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Finding My Heart Adventure ktrepanier N/A
A Dog For All Seasons Arcade Orisinal N/A
DragonflyTV: ROV Find N/A N/A
Heiankyo Parameters Clicker Nekogame N/A
Warbears - Mission 03 Strategy Gionatan Iasio N/A
Rick and Morty: Rushed Licensed Adventure Adventure Adult Swim N/A
WWEi - Raw Edition Choose Your Own Adventure MessiaH N/A
Crumbled 2 Platformer Pyroflame Games N/A
Fruit Loops Escape From the Frootoctopus! Arcade Neopets, Kellogg's Neopets.com
Tallest Tower of Terror / Tall Towers of Terror Platformer thesaint11, Aeon N/A
Circus.Free! Puzzle Vogd N/A
Dress Paris in Jail Dress-Up ArmorGames N/A
Code Lyoko: Race 2 Racing Zipzap (Canal + Pologne) N/A
Deep Chalk - 3 Adventure ZS N/A
Entomo Adventure tdlk N/A
Pandemic II Strategy Dark Realm Studios CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Hamtaro's Day Out Variety N/A N/A
Flag Day Mahjongg Dimensions Puzzle Arkadium N/A
MoonType Typing Armor Games N/A
Mad Trucker 3 Action Maxim Mordasov N/A
Youda Mystery - The Stanwick Legacy (Demo) Adventure N/A N/A
DragonflyTV: Weebits Simulation N/A N/A
Mario Ride-3 Arcade N/A Gameseverytime.com
Boys' Life Mad Planet Platformer N/A N/A
Zombie MowDown Action Armegalo Armorgames.com, Funnylishus.com
Crazy Flasher 7 - The Day After the End Game Brawler Andy Law N/A
Labyrinth iXi Strategy Tea Games N/A
Resu Race Racing Mattia Fortunati Games N/A
Halloween Basketball Legends (Hacked) Arcade Y8.com N/A
Starsky & Hutch: Pinball Arcade Game Pinball N/A N/A
Seventh Sky Action Tanaka U N/A
The Classroom 2 Puzzle Luksy N/A
Royal Squad Tower Defense Iden Games MaxGames.com
Qwerty-Hurty Arcade Alan Hazelden N/A
ICS II Platformer Knight52 N/A
Infectonator 2 Strategy TOGE Productions ArmorGames.com
Ultimate Robotnik Duels Fighting Digimarks N/A
The Great Living Room Escape Escape the Room Pastel Games N/A
Wave Warrior Sonic EXE 2 Dark Visual Novel Arthuria99 N/A
Inculcation Adventure Chris Ayres Newgrounds.com
Gruella's Eye-Scream Factory Puzzle CBC Kids N/A
Mr. Walter's Grand Excursion Platformer jmtb02 N/A
A Royal Saga Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Ultimate Defense 2 Tower Defense Likwid Games Bubblebox.com
Kaboom Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Slacker Adventure Adventure TikiLoungeGod Newgrounds.com
Crazy Pool 2 Sports 2DPlay.com N/A
Frog Dares Platformer Toffee Games N/A
I Hate Ice Levels Platformer Coolio-Niato N/A
Breakit 2 Arcade terrypaton1 N/A
Statetris USA Puzzle IntenCT N/A
Expiration Date Adventure Addicting Games N/A
The Tower 39F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
City Invasion Strategy Spil Games N/A
Cursor 10 Arcade NEKOGAMES ArmorGames.com
ASCIIvania Puzzle gharding3 N/A
Thanks for Playing Platformer Alkemi Games N/A
Incredibox V1 Toy So Far So Good N/A
Sub Commander Arcade Miniclip N/A
Grow Ornament (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Dusk Drive Racing Turbo Nuke N/A
Doctor Ku-The Kitchen Adventure Esklavos N/A
Anti-XANA Formation Arcade Jetix N/A
LAB Shooter Mutantleg N/A
Meet and Fuck: Android Adult crimson-caesar, snowfender N/A
Doctor Compactor Arcade smashingideas.com N/A
Space Bounty Action N/A PlayNow3DGames.com
Raiden X Shooter Go0gley CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Sudoku X Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Slow and Blow Puzzle Anton Velmozhniy; Ocheretko Evgen N/A
SpongeBob: Banquet Bolt Arcade Indigo Entertainment Nickelodeon
Steelcurse Adventure Lorestrome N/A
SporeCraft Strategy Nemo N/A
Adventure Time - Candy Scramble Sports Ben Olding Games N/A
Flash Trek: Broken Mirror Strategy Vexxiang N/A
Festival Days Sim Date Dating Sim Pacthesis Games N/A
Deadly Venom 2: Origins Action Pyrozen N/A
Contact Arcade Ubagames.com, Dan-O N/A
Hero's Arms RPG Bezerk Studio, Marc-Antoine Jean, Etienne Jean Simon Lachance, Jod Lamarche Kongregate.com
Pico: U.F.O. / U.F.O. uber kids flying objects Shooter Glaiel-Gamer N/A
Viricide Shooter 2DArray N/A
Shoot Shooter N/A N/A
Bunny Invasion: Easter Special Shooter GP Studios BubbleBox.com
Wheely 7: Detective Puzzle Pegas Games Cool Math Games
Carlos and The Dark Order Mystery Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Last Egg Standing Adventure Mateuz Skutnik N/A
Ching-Chong Beautiful Platformer TheSwain Newgrounds.com
Blast RPG Arcade Nitrome N/A
Levers Puzzle Patrick Smith N/A
Purgatorium Horror Leffler Web Design N/A
1HG: A Schoolgirl Fantasy Adult OneHandGames N/A
Needy Bankers Puzzle Alan Hazelden, Ashley Gwinnell N/A
Canary Action Nitrome Nitrome.com
Mahjongg Dimensions Independence Day Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Moths Adventure Mateuz Skutnik N/A
Astral Crashers Strategy MoliGames N/A
Jungle ATV Motocross Game Top N/A
The Binding of Isaac Demo Action Edmund McMillen, Florian Himsl N/A
Kill The Popups Arcade Andale524 B3ta.com
V-Tech Rampage Action Ryan Lambourn N/A
Line Rider Beta 2 Toy Boštjan Čadež N/A
Blood Tyrant RPG Flat-line N/A
Stunt Dirt Bike Motocross IriySoft AddictingGames.com
Bloopers 2 Puzzle Lushpigan Alexandr (or Cool Math Games
Dusty's Castle Adult Gorepete, Eggplants, psyk323 N/A
Nekra Psaria Adventure Drawmaneater N/A
Orisinal Flowers Toy Orisinal N/A
Devilment Strategy Deqaf Studio Armorgames.com
World Gate Adventure William Buchanan, Semaspore Jayisgames.com
Max Dirt Bike 3 Motocross Maxgames.com N/A
Zombie at the Gates Brawler ArmorGames.com N/A
Sky Island Platformer N/A N/A
Crazy Flasher 4 Brawler Andy Law N/A
The Last Door Chapter 1 Adventure The Game Kitchen ArmorGames.com
Flash Dump v6 Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Samurai Jack: Code of the Samurai Action Cartoon Network N/A
Defuse Puzzle IIAOPSW N/A
Zomgies 2 Shooter LongAnimals N/A
Boys' Life Ollie's Outboard Adventure Platformer N/A N/A
The Enchanted Cave 2 RPG Dustin Auxier, Grant Kirkhope Armorgames.com
Crazy Pool Sports 2DPlay.com N/A
La Birbichette (Hacked) Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Big Truck Adventures 2 Driving FreeOnlineGames N/A
Bomberman in the Land of the PUMPKIN Puzzle AznohKroy N/A
Free Ice Cream Adventure HKU, Groep 6, Brian Van Bruggen, Peter Groeneweg, Dennis Haak, David Kamerman, Martijn Kors N/A
The Greedy Sponge Puzzle ivicaa N/A
Operation Fox Shooter 3d4udovishe.com N/A
Echoes: Operation Stranglehold Shooter We Create Stuff N/A
Metal Arm Fawege: Battle Machine Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
WEG Search Butterflies Find World Escape Games N/A
Talesworth Arena RPG jinxology N/A
Flash Stuntz Sports MDickie N/A
The Tower 24F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
the second line Adventure N/A Domino Record Co.
F2Jam The Music Game V3.0 Rhythm XceeD N/A
Brute Wars Strategy distractionbeast N/A
Effing Worms Action Effing Games Kongregate.com
City Siege 2: Resort Siege Action thepodgegames N/A
Let's go Home Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Sunny Day Sky Arcade Orisinal N/A
Dibbles Puzzle Podge N/A
Cat in Japan Adventure Bart Bonte N/A
Big Tree Top Gun Shooter Burstyx Studio, Iiley, LT, Don & Lei, HH ArmorGames
The Zombie 8 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Stackbots Arcade Arkadium N/A
Phantom Mansion II: The North Sea Puzzle gimme5games N/A
Questionaut Adventure N/A N/A
Stoneage Assassin Revenge Shooter StoneAgeGames N/A
Helicops Territories Shooter Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP),Mathieu Goulet-Aubin, Tommy Robin, Daniel McNeely, Kevin Macleod Armorgames.com
Fireboy and Watergirl in The Forest Temple Platformer Oslo Albet ArmorGames.com
Tomb of Doom Escape the Room Lut ArcadeStreet.com
The Legend of the Rice Hat Warrior Brawler Lazy-nation.com, forsterbar N/A
Nameless THE GAME Action LazyMuffin, Outrage92 N/A
Jack the Fugitive Shooter Noxins N/A
Phage Wars Strategy Joey Betz ArmorGames.com
Alfy and The Time Capsule Visual Novel ALFY N/A
Ghost Motel 6: Demon Bar Choose Your Own Adventure Violet-AIM N/A
Wake Up the Box 2 Puzzle Eugene Karataev N/A
I Am An Insane Rogue A.I. Puzzle nerdook Kongregate.com
Polarium Puzzle Challenge Puzzle Nintendo N/A
Sex Kitten Sim-Date 4 Adult HaZard N/A
King of Buttons 3 Toy GameCubicle N/A
Arc of Templar Action Goody ArmorGames.com
Drakojan Skies - Mission 1 Shooter Drakota Studios Entertainment N/A
This Game Makes Sense Platformer Manly-Chicken N/A
Scooby-Doo: Mine Madness Arcade Cartoon Network Cartoon Network
Stop GMO 2 - Underground Action Dennatolich N/A
The Dawn Platformer Idsan Profil N/A
Golden Pharaoh Slots Gambling Arkadium N/A
Museum of Thieves Find DifferenceGames N/A
Scout Master Creator (Boys' Life) Toy N/A N/A
Room Escape 23 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Dungeon Robber Choose Your Own Adventure Blog of Holding Blog of Holding
On the Run (Callum) Platformer Callum Stamp, Robert Hewitt, Bounds of Modesty Runouw.com
Alien Transporter Driving Ant Karlov N/A
Garbage Dreams Strategy ITVS Interactive PBS
Water Wars Arcade Arkadium N/A
Insert Coin Arcade Dr.LudoS N/A
The Tower 57F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Shop Empire 1 Simulation Little Giant World N/A
Rat Maze 2 Arcade Richard Grillotti, Miles Tilmann N/A
Cybercat Arcade helgravis N/A
Room Escape 11 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Fat Warrior 2 RPG Foofa Studios N/A
Heli Attack 3 Shooter SquareCircleCo Miniclip.com
Un Show Mas Golpe de Puno Brawler Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Spongebob Squarepants Pyramid Peril Arcade This Is Pop Nickelodeon
Card Toss Arcade Pod Digital Design N/A
SpongeBob: Coloring Book Toy N/A Nickelodeon
Mindfeed Simulation K-Guare N/A
Island Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Homuran Arcade Shimage N/A
Clue Sweeper+ Puzzle N/A N/A
Lipton Dinner Games Arcade Red i Studios N/A
Room For Two Adult Jasonafex, Lion21 N/A
Hivex Puzzle Oleg Kuzyk, Georgiy Stepanov, Yuri Kuzyk Armor Games
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 8 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Cemetery Guard Shooter Danil Zhuravlev (Danilos) Addictinggames.com
Demolition City Puzzle Joey Betz ArmorGames.com
Sky Marauder Arcade Wildpulsegames.com Wildpulsegames.com
Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time, Episode 3: Future Arcade Disney N/A
IncrediBots 2 Puzzle Jaybit N/A
Spider-Man 3 Action Sony N/A
Park My Train Driving AddictingGames & Gamezindia N/A
Genghis Khan Strategy Free World Studios FreeWorldGroup
Realtor Tycoon Simulation Elite Games N/A
Achievement Unlocked Platformer jmtb02 N/A
Pop-Tarts: Yeti's Freezer Challenge Arcade Pop-Tarts, Kellogg N/A
Double Match 3 Puzzle N/A OnlyGames.net
DragonflyTV: Matching Game Quiz N/A N/A
Total Drama: The Big Picture Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
Dress Up Tinker Bell Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
New Star Soccer Sports Simon Read N/A
Ribbit Arcade Nitrome N/A
Sequester Adventure Tony N/A
Ben 10: Omniverse Collection Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
Sudoku (Shockwave.com) Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Where is 2012? Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Starcraft FlashAction 4 Strategy N/A N/A
Habla Kadabla Adventure Mouse City N/A
War Machines Rock Paper Scissors Nobstudio N/A
Llama Adventure Adventure Jmtb02 Armorgames.com
The Milk Quest Adventure FastGames.com N/A
Super Sneak Action qdrj N/A
Bloons TD 4: Expansion Tower Defense Ninja Kiwi Ninja Kiwi
Water Mania Action Gametornado Gametornado
Ninja Kot Shooter leonardozimbres N/A
Day of the Bobteds Puzzle Robin Allen N/A
Sonic XX Adult CuisineSonikko, SpazztikSid N/A
Disney XD Pelea en la Nieve Sports Cartoon Network N/A
PGX Snowboarding Arcade PsychoGoldfish N/A
Star Wars Pinball Pinball Unknown N/A
Pixel White Rhythm Karma Team N/A
Eleventh Hour Shooter Chris Jeff N/A
Pica-Pic Variety Hipopotam Studio N/A
Chibi Girl Monster Dress Up Dress-Up Panaworld S.L. Bonnie Games
Parking Lot 3 Driving Gamezindia N/A
Alice Is Dead Chapter 3 Adventure Lorestrome Newgrounds.com
Kid Paddle - Canyon Monsters Arcade www.dupuis.com N/A
Emo Game 2: The Epic Quest Continues Action Jason Oda N/A
Flash Element TD 2 Tower Defense The Casual Collective N/A
Monster Truck Ride Driving PahaGala N/A
Mahjongg Garden Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Egg Knight RPG Goody GameWorks N/A
Light Designer Toy Armegalo ScienceYear.com
Yaruo Quest 7: Mystery of Red White Island Japanese RPG Atelier-C N/A
Powerfox Arcade Wiesi N/A
Donkey Bomb Arcade Mousebreaker N/A
Let's Get Cookin' for Thanksgivin' Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Luminara Shooter jmtb02 N/A
Super Mario Bros. Goomba Mode Arcade SugarToast N/A
Crimson Sin Adventure Scott Jund N/A
Four Second Frenzy Variety jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Flash Critical Beats Rhythm XceeD N/A
Blocky's Escape Puzzle Sandip Pai, Imperious Interactive Cool Math Games
William and Sly Platformer Lucas Paakh Newgrounds.com
Shuffle Challenge Puzzle Wild Snake Software N/A
Tom & Jim Escape Adventure N/A N/A
Lesson 2 Estiweight Puzzle Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Joel Atkinson, Chris Ignatov, Cryrus Jackson, AL-3B-D. Armorgames.com
Cap'n Marcela Parrot Chamber Adventure Snap Break N/A
Alien Crash Platformer GamesGames.com N/A
Rodeo Grobot (Hacked) Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Nintendogs Puppy Quiz Quiz Nintendo N/A
Bastion Tower Defense N/A N/A
Black Bit Ninja 2 Puzzle HeroPunch N/A
Sheepish Arcade GamesArcade.net N/A
Metroid: Genesis Shooter The-EXP N/A
Boys' Life Basketball Challenge Sports N/A N/A
Race Choppers Racing StunGames N/A
Naked Hero 3 Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Pel Puzzle ApprenticeChef N/A
Stan Skates Runner MiniWorldGames N/A
The EVILS Shooter Armegalo N/A
Civilizations Wars 3 Strategy tjcarlos N/A
Hands of War 2 RPG Axis-Games N/A
Pussymon: Episode 27 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 3 - Know Thy Enemy Adventure Click Shake Games N/A
SpongeBob: Fry Cook Flip Out Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
The Adventures of Funky Samurai Kengou-chan Brawler Retroarts N/A
Exmortis Adventure Ben Leffler N/A
Sonic RPG Episode 1-2 Visual Novel MidNightMaren N/A
Ragdoll Cannon Puzzle Johnny-K Play4all.net
Bubble Friends Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Batman: Ice Age (Remake) Platformer WB Games N/A
Pixel Wizards Shooter Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Dan McNeely, Matt Humphreys, Kevin Macleod Armorgames.com
Radioactive Teddy Bear Zombies Arcade Adult Swim N/A
The Evening of the Son Action Lorestrome N/A
Pizza Shack Deluxe Simulation Smooshie Games N/A
Adopt a Pet Dress-Up Jcling N/A
Club Penguin Feed A Puffle (The Fair) Shooter Disney N/A
Phantom Imperial Action Elven Games, Akira Fujimaru, Mahdi Bashroni Rizal, Seto Aji Nugroho, Dimas Novan Delfiano N/A
Dreams Find DifferenceGames N/A
Build a Flag Toy PBS N/A
Room Escape 13 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
TWEE Platformer CodinSoft N/A
Realm Grinder Clicker Divine Games N/A
Hangman Extreme! Puzzle ArmorGames N/A
Looney Tunes Crazy Catch Arcade Warner Bros Entertainment Boomerangtv.co.uk
Contour Puzzle N/A GamesReloaded.com
Beat Me Up Arcade AddictingGames N/A
Guild Dungeons Adventure Lorestrome N/A
My Little Pony: Applejack's Horseshoe Toss Sports Drud14 N/A
Geisha Dress-Up Game Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
Combat Instinct 2 Shooter McFretN N/A
Deadly Neighbours Strategy Nerdook, Ockeroid N/A
The remake of GROW ver.3 Toy Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Puzzatales Puzzle Matthew Stradwick N/A
10 Bullets Arcade Tremor Games N/A
Da Pink Knight Brawler MindChamber N/A
60 Seconds Burger Run Platformer Gameshot.org Addictinggames.com
Mate Master Puzzle Alex Programming N/A
Over Explode Arcade ABAGames N/A
Flaming Zombooka 2 Level Pack Artillery TurboNuke N/A
Phantom Mansion Puzzle gimme5games N/A
Island Escape 2 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Prince of War 2 Action Asvegren N/A
Castle Wars 2 Strategy Mads S. Lundemo, RobotJAM, Jon Ninja Kiwi
The Looney Tunes Show There Goes the Neighborhood Platformer Warner Bros Entertainment Boomerangtv.co.uk
Swords and Sandals 4 Strategy EGames.com N/A
Friends Always Stick Together Arcade Orisinal N/A
Bug Breaker Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Epic War Strategy ArtLogic Games Kongregate.com
Pathologic Puzzle Itamar Bledsoe, Ido Adar Sogood.com
Surf Quest Sports CBC Kids N/A
Heaven's Messenger Shooter Nightmare (Lochie) , Noodle (Goat-Man) Arcadevoid.com
Escape from Abandoned Factory Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Tank 2008 Shooter Tremor-_-. Zenon FreeWorldGroup.com
Rail of War Extended Action Youda Games N/A
Chomp and the Temple of Puzzles Variety Discovery Kids N/A
Submachine 5: the root Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Nambers Level Pack Puzzle Oleg Kuzyk, Georgiy Stepanov Armor Games
Madness Combat Defense Tower Defense SageGames N/A
Rail of Death 3 Arcade thegames8 N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 1 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Black Fox Chicken Trouble (Russian) Arcade Black Fox Studios N/A
WEG Search: Birds Find World Escape Games N/A
Stealing the Diamond Choose Your Own Adventure Puffballs United StickPage.com
Truck Loader 3 Puzzle flazm N/A
Apocalipseed Strategy Fliptic N/A
A Blobwork Orange Adventure squidly N/A
Leaf me Alone Platformer Mark Foster & David Fenn N/A
The Haunted House Choose Your Own Adventure N/A Neopets
Go Go Goblin 2 Arcade IriySoft N/A
Strike Force Heroes 2 Shooter Sky9 Games ArmorGames.com
Rapid Fire Shooter 2Dplay N/A
Stick Figure Penalty 2 Simulation Ringfinger N/A
Grayscale Puzzle Florian Himsl Coolbuddy.com
Sum Points Puzzle Elio Landa (game), Alexy Anatolievich (Putty UI Pack), Bahati Kiro (music) Cool Math Games
Super Battle City Shooter Grmaster Gamezhero.com
Tofu Hunter Shooter Adult Swim N/A
Hanoka Action Wolve N/A
Soccer Strip Quest Puzzle Bad Suzy N/A
Swordsman Arcade Orisinal N/A
Strategy Defense 3 Strategy Belugerin Games CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Alfy Halloween Visual Novel ALFY N/A
Generic Zombie Shootup Shooter Joseph Barrington N/A
Houdini 2 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Hank's Desert Dash Racing Chevron N/A
Brick Stacker Puzzle Ttursas N/A
Johnny Rocketfingers Adventure Ryan Khatam N/A
Click Battle Madness Puzzle Game Ark N/A
Wordz Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Ball 28 in Space Arcade ABAGames N/A
10 Gnomes 11: the Remains Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Reloaded Arcade Adult Swim Wingon Studios
The Chambers 3 Adventure Igor Krutov N/A
Liru The Werewolf Hentai Game Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Battle for Gondor Strategy Games of Gondor Newgrounds.com
リナのエッチシミュレーター Simulation Pochi Pochi
Roly Poly Arcade Nitrome N/A
Elevator Breakout Action Robby Scherer N/A
Thing Thing Arena 3 Shooter crazymonkeygames N/A
Strong Bad's Message Bored Header Variety Homestar Runner N/A
The Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS): Chapter II Escape the Room Jan Albartus N/A
The Compound Machine Quiz Edheads.org N/A
Mytheria Card Diffusion Games N/A
Power Terminator D3 Shooter 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Weird Bicycle Game Arcade RVWD N/A
Taringa Escape Escape the Room Chacki N/A
Zombie Balloon Heads Halloween Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Droplem Puzzle EMPTYHiLL N/A
Club Penguin Pizza Oven (Beta Team) Puzzle Disney N/A
Donkey Kong (Funzola) Arcade N/A N/A
Dead Frontier: Outbreak II Choose Your Own Adventure JaggedBlade Games N/A
Madness: Commencement Shooter Tupo26 N/A
Icarus Proudbottom's World of Typing Weekly!: S1E3: Questions & Answers Typing Holy Wow Studios N/A
Hurdle Turtle Action Holmfry N/A
Escape the Car Escape the Room Afro Ninja Productions AddictingGames.com
Tom's Trap-O-Matic Puzzle N/A N/A
Shadez 2 Strategy Sean Cooper N/A
No pulses el botón rojo (Parte 2) Clicker masternicoN73 N/A
Epic Combo Arcade jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Mario Bros. (MarioSonicGames.com) Arcade obscure N/A
Effing Hail Arcade Jiggmin / Greg Wohlwend N/A
Empty Room Escape Escape the Room Krustovig, Stasy N/A
Tasty Planet Arcade Dingo Games N/A
Cargo Shipment: New York Tower Defense nx8games N/A
Papa's Scooperia Simulation Flipline Studios Papalouie.com
Sleepless Knight 2 Platformer Tony N/A
Gemsona Maker Toy Doll Divine N/A
Daily 2048 Puzzle The Article 19 Group Shockwave
Super Maria Platformer Shockwave Jeux.MU
The Fight for Glorton Fighting locklegion.com N/A
Music Box of Life 2 Find FunBun Games N/A
From Four Sides Arcade ABAGames N/A
Deep Forest 2 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
8-Bit Odin Sphere Action Atlus N/A
Drift Runners 2 Racing LongAnimals N/A
Quietus Platformer ConnorUllmann, Liam Berry N/A
NyaHaX'93 Shooter alty (game design, original programming), nanoray (game design, graphics), fin (music), NEW (music), claude (music), MoN (Flash programming) Bio_100%
Boschvos Shooter Babarageo N/A
Paralyzer Shooter heriet N/A
Boomerang Chang 2 Action Michael Gerard N/A
Jinx: Dark and Stormy Night Adventure Michael Lalonde YTV
Heist II - Greed is Hell Adventure Highwitamic, OzMafioso ArmorGames.com
DragRacer (Drag Racer V1) Racing Phantom Games N/A
Sonny RPG ArmorGames.com ArmorGames.com
Sketch Man Shooter Zion Play Miniclip.com
Crime Shit Adventure N/A N/A
Pussymon: Episode 08 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Sex Kitten - Maids Adult Klacid N/A
Baron's Door Action Dragosha Games Y8.com
Rick Rock in Space (Demo) Platformer Design Assembly N/A
Acid Factory Arcade Miniclip N/A
Quest for Eclaire Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Cheese Dreams New Moon Arcade Nitrome N/A
Zombie Society Dead Detective: Roving Eyes Adventure Interactales N/A
Simon (Neave) Puzzle Neave N/A
Vatican Quest Action RoundGames.com N/A
Super Mario Defence Strategy Paul Hogg N/A
Mighty Mighty Mahjong Puzzle CBC Kids N/A
Frank's Adventure 2 Adult Mausland Entertainment N/A
Warbears - Mission 02 Strategy Gionatan Iasio N/A
Sonic Blox Puzzle virtualtoy N/A
Smokin Barrels 2 Shooter gamesheep N/A
Roly Poly Rodeo Arcade Funbrain N/A
Battalion: Vengeance Strategy Urban Squall N/A
Fire Fight (demo) Shooter Flat-line N/A
Jinx 2 1/2: Portal Peril (Hacked) Arcade Corus Entertainment YTV
Transform (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Clarence Salva el Dia Adventure Cartoon Network N/A
Prince of Persia Special Edition Platformer Ubisoft N/A
Building Demolisher Arcade NotDoppler N/A
Gravity Driver Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Scooby Doo Adventure 2 Creepy Cave-In Ep 2 Adventure Warnerbros N/A
Madness Deathwish Choose Your Own Adventure Arkuni N/A
Nim Puzzle Gamedesign N/A
Noidzor 2 Arcade MoFunZone N/A
Home Story: 1971 Adventure Justwo N/A
Sonic RPG Episode 3 Visual Novel MidNightMaren, Acid Shiver N/A
Clavier Chiant Typing ? N/A
Unreal Flash Shooter Erik S ArmorGames.com
Spitfire vs The Shadowbolts Arcade CertaintyPrinciple N/A
Piece by Piece Puzzle British Museum N/A
The Legend of Zelda and the Lampshade of No Real Significance RPG Super Flash Bros N/A
Thor: Bring the Thunder Platformer Big Pixel Studios N/A
Night At The Laboratorium Shooter RapidSmith, sYrge, Airideas, BlazingDragon, Elventales Games Armorgames.com
Balloons vs Zombies 2 Puzzle Gamesonly.com N/A
Walker Puzzle EAEverything N/A
Draw That Habitat Toy PBS N/A
The Ultimate Idiot Test Quiz Ryan Curtis N/A
Naked Hero 4 Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Cave Master Whiskers / Cave Master Wiskers Simulation Lorestrome N/A
Blackbeard's Escape Escape the Room Pine Point N/A
Brutal Swing Arcade Brutal Studio Newgrounds.com
SpongeBob: Friend or Foe Trash Bash! Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
R-Type Stage 2 Shooter Koriblik N/A
Cube Droid Saves the Galaxy Puzzle DevilishFree N/A
Park your Ride 2: Shanghai Driving driverarcade.com N/A
Thing Thing 3 Action Diseased Productions CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Plant Tycoon Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Boxhead Rooms Shooter Sean Cooper CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Hoshi Saga 5: Ringoame Puzzle NekoGames N/A
Bad Dudes vs. Bin Laden Fighting Tom Fulp N/A
Holio U Bessie James Adult Holio.net N/A
These Little Pigs Arcade Orisinal N/A
Parking Super Skills Arcade TurboNuke N/A
Sector Warfare Strategy Sniph Game Studio Armorgames.com,
Town of Fears RPG MuHa Games N/A
Neighbours ver.0 Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Flash Maze Escape Adventure InkaGames N/A
The Heist 2 Racing JohnnyTwoShoes N/A
Johto Puzzle Puzzle mnrART N/A
Don't Look Back Platformer Terry Cavanagh Kongregate.com
Character Creator Dress-Up Twai N/A
Defem Shooter Scattle N/A
Sherlock Holmes Secret Escape the Room Abroy N/A
40xEscape Escape the Room Bart Bonte N/A
Fish Tycoon Simulation Last Day Of Work Shockwave.com
Ninja Ninja Brawler Bee Works N/A
Sakura's Scandal Adult HentaiKey N/A
Boys' Life Pedro Space Adventure 2 Arcade N/A N/A
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 2 Toy Filipe Sheepwolf OnlineDJGames.com, ArcadeCabin.com
Broadside (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Shift 3 Platformer Tony N/A
Roadkill Revenge Arcade Kizi N/A
Forbidden Asylum Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Ultimate Flash Sonic Platformer Menace.ch N/A
SpongeBob: Ghostly Gold Grab Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Toon Crisis 2: Toon Raider Shooter KillerViral N/A
Supermuzhik Action Aimar N/A
SpaceCom Chapter 1: The Big Gib Shooter Tetrageddon N/A
Blast the Mooks! Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Alpha Bounty Shooter NutStation.com N/A
Rocket Panda Shooter Gamer.now.com Addictinggames.com
Mario Ghosthouse Platformer ArcadeBoss N/A
Bubble Tanks Shooter Hero Interactive ArmorGames.com
Type Writer Typing Arkadium N/A
Easter Golf Sports Armegalo Kongregate.com
E7 Platformer Jonas Richner N/A
Jonny Backflip Motocross Yzigames N/A
Jack Stone: Save the Day Puzzle Lego N/A
Deponia (demo) (Hacked) Puzzle Daedalic Entertainment N/A
Gastly's Hidden Haunt! Find pokemon.com N/A
GunRox Valentines Day Wars Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Shadow Shoot Shooter Phendrana N/A
Ghost Trick Demo (Japanese) Puzzle Capcom N/A
300 Miles to Pigsland Runner Vlad G N/A
I Am Flying To The Moon Arcade Massagames, Konstantin Gorshkov, Grin Davilov Addictinggames.com
Comic Creator Toy PBS N/A
Mad Day 2: Revenge Action SMOKOKO S.A. N/A
Pico's Surprise Party Shooter dietzribi N/A
Sling Fire Puzzle Ezone N/A
Rock & Roll Space Monkey Action CRAZYGIRL & AddictingGames Addictinggames.com
Combat Hero Adventures Shooter N/A N/A
Arms Dealer Simulation FOG N/A
Armored Fighter New War Shooter Funny Monster N/A
Kaiser Permanente Mahjongg Dimensions Puzzle Game Show Network Game Show Network
Devotion Platformer HappyBlack N/A
Kerry Aerobics Toy Miniclip N/A
Mission to Saturn Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Star Racer Racing Flash Game N/A
Jostle Parent Simulation Pippin Barr N/A
Crush 2 Arcade SugarToast N/A
Tesla Death Ray Tower Defense NSBrotherhood N/A
3 Car Monte Carlo Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
And Everything Started To Fall Platformer Alexitron N/A
Super Puzzle Platformer Plus Arcade Adult Swim N/A
ShellCore Command Episode 2 Infection Strategy Flashbacker, Sloppy N/A
Zap the Cap (Sprite) Arcade Red i Studios N/A
Zero Escape Minigame: Vice's Last Reward Arcade Spike Chunsoft N/A
Akame ga Kill Girls Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Spider-Man: City Raid Platformer GameZHero.com N/A
Putt It In Sports QIGames N/A
Fish so sage Arcade simatten0131 N/A
Submachine 2: the Lighthouse (original version) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Another Box of Hotcorn Puzzle Ninja Kiwi N/A
Wreck-It Ralph: Fix It Felix Jr. Arcade Disney N/A
Monster Detective Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Bubble Islands Puzzle Dot-Invasion N/A
Parachute Retro Arcade jmtb02 N/A
Cinco de Mayo Jigsaw Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Holidays Kissing WTF Girlgaming.com N/A
ppppSuperWiiU Interactive Adult Minus8 N/A
Rizzoli & Isles - The Boston Butcher Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Mario & Luigi RPG - Wariance RPG J Muja N/A
Valthirian Arc II Strategy Agate Studio N/A
Glass Fish Rhythm Adventure Rhythm PrettyMuchBryce, CareCharity, rossthesauce N/A
Skull Kid Action chance Newgrounds.com
Tightrope Theater Platformer AdventureIslands N/A
Holio U Bonnie Cage Adult Holio.net N/A
Gun Mayhem Shooter KevinGu ArmorGames
Midnight Strike Shooter ArcadeTown N/A
Kaos Kommander Strategy Frooma & PM Studios N/A
Viaduct Designer Puzzle ImpishMouse N/A
Mighty Miner Arcade OneSexyPaperBag N/A
Gunihilation Shooter RoboPixelGames.com N/A
Suit-Able Platformer Godlimations N/A
Holio U 5 Adult Holio.net N/A
Fixation Adventure Eli Piilonen ArmorGames.com
6 Seconds Difference Puzzle Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto) Mofunzone.com
The Bird and The Sea Arcade Orisinal N/A
Cate West: The Vanishing Files Find Her Interactive N/A
Mario Combat Deluxe Action Sun-Studios N/A
Parachute Retrospect Arcade jmtb02 N/A
Windows ABC - SP2 Toy Matty2-and-a-half N/A
Jelly Truck Driving Gametornado Gametornado
Pac-Xon Deluxe Puzzle gametop.com N/A
The Daily Snoop Silhouettes Bonus Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Word Monaco Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Meowcenaries (Hacked) Action Adult Swim N/A
JEU REGULAR SHOW - LES ROIS DU STRIKE Puzzle Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.fr
Galactic Paperboy Puzzle Aaants N/A
Rektagon Action yfan N/A
99 Bricks Puzzle Weirdbeard Games N/A
Murloc II Episode 1: Camp Gizbo RPG MaskedVillain.com Newgrounds.com
Sword & Spoon Tower Defense GoodyPundit, Goody Gameworks, Mattashi, Wesley Jue Armorgames.com
The Bonte Room 2 Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Thing Thing Arena 2 Shooter crazymonkeygames N/A
UpBot Goes Up Puzzle bateleur N/A
Tic Tac Toe Action Neave.com N/A
Suds (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Cover Orange 2 Puzzle Johnny-K N/A
Ryoko Hakubi Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Maverick Bird Arcade Terry Cavanagh N/A
The Breakfast Club: The Videogame Platformer LG Video Games N/A
BMX Park Sports CBC N/A
Lance la Hache sur Jean-Marie Messier Arcade Uzinagaz ArmorGames
Let's Get Bakin Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Scourge Puzzle N/A N/A
Shrek Merry Xmas Showdown Platformer Dreamworks/Nickelodeon N/A
Tsure Game 7 Escape the Room gokuraku_kung fu N/A
Lost Fluid Adventure JJWallace N/A
Necromanthus Dizzy the Prince Arcade Necromanthus N/A
Verkiezingstrijd 2006 Arcade Playability N/A
Trancendance - Prison Planet Platformer Fierce the Bandit N/A
Rockman Crossover Reborn - Scaravich Stage Action ultimatemaverickx N/A
Daymare Town 2 Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Beauty and the Beast The Table of Enchantment Arcade Disney, Neopets Neopets.com
La Foire Aux Mysteres 3 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Battle Force Shooter Y8 N/A
Qlight Platformer Sharkpie N/A
Bomb It 2 Puzzle Agame.com N/A
Demon Hunter Platformer Fenris78, Dniric Factor N/A
Hungry Shapes Puzzle Ozdy N/A
Lost Your Marbles Arcade Armegalo ScienceYear.com
Balanz Puzzle UGotGames.com N/A
Antichromatic Platformer arkeus N/A
Thief Maze Puzzle N/A N/A
Back2Back - Reloaded Shooter 3Way Interactive N/A
Reincarnation: The Evil Next Door Adventure Chris Gianelloni N/A
Q*bert Arcade qbertflash.com N/A
Gearlock RPG Lorestrome N/A
Heli Strike Shooter N/A N/A
It's Just TIC TAC TWO Puzzle xmatos N/A
Zombie Breakout Action Aumegames N/A
Potty Racers III Racing Gonzo Games N/A
Skywire 2 Arcade Nitrome N/A
Amateur Surgeon Simulation Adult Swim Games N/A
Learn to Fly Arcade Light Bringer MaxGames.com
Collapse! Puzzle Zone.com N/A
Cursor Race Racing Vector Game N/A
Pussymon: Episode 15 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Ayame's Pleasure Adult HentaiKey N/A
The Alien's Adventure Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
The battle of Undermountain RTS Strategy Megabyteceer N/A
Artillery Tower Action Seth Wooten N/A
Stacks Shooter Tony N/A
Moving In The Matrix Arcade CBC Kids N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 22 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Deep Sea Xplorer Shooter CBC Kids N/A
Gunny Bunny Shooter Net Terminator N/A
Leaky World Toy Molleindustria N/A
Sea Word Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Pussymon: Episode 04 RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Alchemy Swap Puzzle Glowing Eye Games N/A
Ice Breaker: The Gathering Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Papa's Freezeria Simulation Flipline Studios ArmorGames
Portal: The Flash Version Puzzle We Create Stuff Newgrounds.com
Diepix Heroes Shooter Awoke, isabelinha56, Ferretferret N/A
Zombie Balloon Heads 3 Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Rescue Team (Shockwave.com) Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Dirt Shooter J0xFlasher N/A
Beneath the Waves Platformer GregoryWeir N/A
Matsumoto's Body Adult HentaiKey N/A
G.I. Joe Shadow Ascent Action EA N/A
Ski Free Flash Version Sports Zoranan N/A
Bee Honey Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
The Ballad of Ketinetto 2 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Slayer 2: Deathwing Arcade ScottProductions2002 N/A
Apple Season Arcade Orisinal N/A
Monster Brawl Strategy Godlimations N/A
Zombie Hooker Nightmare XXXMas Shooter Adult Swim N/A
The Great House Escape Escape the Room Pastel Games N/A
Deadly Venom 4 Action Pyrozen N/A
Snowball Siege Puzzle Alma Games, Box2D N/A
Snowboard Challenge Sports Chevron N/A
10 Gnomes in Venice Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
3 Slices Puzzle TheGameHomepage, GazThomas N/A
Find Your Valentine Find Nobstudio N/A
Ashleys Journey Dress-Up Laguna Games N/A
Sonic RPG Episode 4-2 Visual Novel MidNightMaren, Acid Shiver N/A
Hexiom Connect Puzzle Biclops Games N/A
The Most Wanted Bandito 2 Shooter YepiGames N/A
Zombie Soccer Arcade N/A ht83.com
The Kill Kar II: Revenge Action Jazza Studios N/A
Dangerous Adventure 2 Puzzle Deqaf Studio N/A
Music Mania! Variety Coolio-Niato, XceeD N/A
Friv Balls Toy Oleg Skutte friv
Toilet Success 3 Puzzle HeroPunch N/A
Riddle School 3 Adventure JonBro N/A
Storm Ops 4 Shooter 3KG Games, Dmitri Kurteanu, Egor Kurteanu, Kevin Macleod N/A
Isoball 3 Puzzle CandyFlame N/A
Euroleague Trickshots Sports sportingbet N/A
Fractured 2 Platformer N/A N/A
Bowser World Destroyer Arcade Pupu Games N/A
Train Mania Driving Gametornado Gametornado
Cake Mania 2 Simulation Sandlot Games N/A
Kitten Creator Dress-Up Kamirah, Dolldivine N/A
Johnny Why Are You Late?! Adventure keybol N/A
Edgy Wedgy Arcade Teletoon.com Teletoon.com
Metroid Blaster Shooter OneMrBean N/A
Room Escape 1 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Caravaneer RPG suger-free-games.com / Dmitry Zheltobriukhov N/A
The Algorithm Crew - Proving Ground Action N/A N/A
Dark Cut 2 Simulation jmtb02 N/A
DOT-OUT Arcade finefin N/A
Ghost Roast Action E19 Industries LLC, Darklight17 Addictinggames.com
Gates vs Jobs The Game Fighting SuperNews, David Hernston, Dustin McLean and Andr.Nugyen N/A
Furry Fury: Beta on the Beach Adult dirtyc101 N/A
PicTune Puzzle IcyLime N/A
Dead Frontier Night 3 Action Jagged Blade Software ArcadeTown.com
Dead Baby Dressup Dress-Up Edmund McMillen N/A
Phantom Mansion 5 Puzzle gimme5games N/A
Spaceship Rescue Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Room Escape 15 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Queenly Protrait Maker Dress-Up Niobesnuppa Doll Divine
Zombie Society Dead Detective: Graves & Secrets Adventure Interactales N/A
I Sometimes Dream... Puzzle Nitrome Jam N/A
The Search for the Dahu Adventure Mouse City N/A
The Insanity Box Variety ThePoxBox.com N/A
Battlefield Airwolf Shooter cdlgame.com N/A
Attic Room Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Lost in Reefs Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Shopping Cart Hero 2 Arcade Monkeywantbanana N/A
Minute Hardcore Arcade Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Daniel McNeely, Joel Atkinson, Armorgames.com
Atari Missile Command Arcade Atari N/A
My Pet Protector 2 (Hacked) RPG undefined N/A
DragonflyTV: The Great Balloon Race Racing N/A N/A
Nobbie River Driving Nobstudio Shockwave.com
Luigi's Revenge Interactive Platformer RC Imaginations N/A
When I Was Young Platformer jarofed N/A
The Torture Chamber 3 Toy Scott Productions N/A
Hentairella Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Homer the Flanders Killer 2 Shooter Ashley Leigh N/A
Into Space 3: Xmas Story Arcade Barbarian Games N/A
Slash Zombies Rampage Shooter Hellsforge, Cesar Letelier, Hack_reaper Gamesonly.com
The Curse of the Mushroom King Adventure Bad Viking, Rob Donkin (Rob_Almighty), John Donkin Armorgames.com
Ninja+ Platformer Fuller Games N/A
Tap Heroes Clicker varagtp N/A
Pixlr Editor Toy Pixlr N/A
Dude and Zombies Shooter N/A N/A
Outpost: Swarm Shooter Squize N/A
Tesla Defense 2 Tower Defense N/A N/A
Command Grid Tower Defense 330 Grapics N/A
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Stone Circle 4 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Carrot Defense Shooter PPLLAAYY N/A
Drake And The Wizards Platformer lartar N/A
HK Mobs Fighting Thomaz N/A
Random Defence 2 Tower Defense Armegalo NotDoppler.com
Story of the Blanks Adventure Donitz N/A
Naked Melee Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Yonas Worm Puzzle Yonas N/A
Bulldozer Mania Driving Gametornado Gametornado.com
Fujioka Haruhi Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Armed Prophet Brawler SeethingSwarm N/A
Robina Hood's Monster Hunt Action Atrix Entertainment Shockwave.com
Crayon Poke Platformer Raiyumi, Potato-tan N/A
Kohaku Manju Variety heriet N/A
Mr. Mothball 3 Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
The Legend of Zelda: The Seeds of Darkness Action Zepher Entertainment N/A
Star Wars - The Clone Wars - Fierce Twilight Shooter N/A Cartoon Network
Boys' Life Pee Wee and the Lost Scrolls Platformer N/A N/A
Frozen Islands Strategy Deqaf Studios ArmorGames.com
Blackheist Arcade SatelitePlay N/A
The Strangers 4 Shooter Pyrozen N/A
Room Escape 12 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Vocaloid Dress Up Game Dress-Up KawaiiPandah N/A
Frank's Adventure 4 Gold Edition Adult Mausland Entertainment N/A
New York Defender Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Goodnight Mr. Snoozleberg 2-1 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Scrap Metal Heroes Strategy Overworld Labs N/A
Hurry Up Bob! Platformer Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Olanov, Musty Elbow, Jon Beam Games1.com
CQC Action Jacky Riawan ArcadeBomb.com
Every Day The Same Dream Adventure Molleindustria N/A
When Pigs Fly (Funbrain) Platformer Funbrain N/A
Finders Keepers Christmas Arcade Jenkat Games N/A
Syobon Action (Cat Mario) Platformer N/A N/A
The Fairly Odd Parents! Timmy's Tile Turner Puzzle Nickelodeon N/A
Ladylike Visual Novel Emmett Butler, Nina Freeman N/A
FlashTrek - Broken Mirror 3 Strategy N/A N/A
ToonTown Puzzle 2 Puzzle Disney N/A
Awaken 0 - Hell Unleashed Shooter Zero N/A
What We Did Driving Pippin Barr N/A
World Gate 2: Contact Adventure William Buchanan, Semaspore Jayisgames.com
Ninja Game Platformer Vic Biss N/A
Hitori Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Crazy Hangover 3 Adventure Pyrozen N/A
Free Kick Expert Sports Barclay Premiership N/A
Ghost Motel 2 Choose Your Own Adventure Violet-AIM N/A
Mystery of Mortlake Mansion Adventure Stella Games Playrix Games
Coaster Racer Racing LongAnimals N/A
Sift Heads: World Act 4 Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Jackie Chan Adventures Rely on Relics Brawler N/A N/A
Sift Heads Cartels Act 3 Shooter Pyrozen N/A
Garden Inventor Tower Defense dedeGames N/A
Hi-Q Einstein Puzzle Holmade Games ArmorGames
Force Leader 2: Street Overlord Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Harry Quantum 3: Cheese Carnival Adventure TurboNuke N/A
Ginormo Sword Action Babarageo N/A
Tangled Gardens Puzzle WellGames Shockwave
Knight Age Action TMO Games Studio N/A
Ragdoll Cannon 2 Puzzle Johnny B Design Bubblebox.com
Hipster Dress-Up Game Dress-Up Irmirx N/A
10 Is Again Puzzle ioJoe N/A
-Cyborg- Noodle Dress-Up Dress-Up Gasara N/A
Boys' Life Pinewood Derby Arcade N/A N/A
Escape From Twump Tower Platformer 01010111 Itch.io
Spongebob Squarepants Boat-o-Cross (Hacked) Motocross Nickolodeon N/A
Madness Day Shooter eichwulf N/A
Umbross Platformer Ian Adam N/A
Lightem Out Adventure Mateuz Skutnik N/A
Purouty Puzzle Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Plazma Burst 2 Shooter Eric Gurt Coolbuddy.com
Modern Warfare 2D Shooter N/A N/A
Mega Man RPG RPG Lord Evil N/A
StickMan Sam - Part 1 Shooter io3 (Crazy Monkey Games) N/A
The Simpsons Movie: Bart Simpson's Naked Skate Arcade 20th Century Fox N/A
My House My Rules Arcade Nina Freeman, Emmett Butler N/A
Absolutely Hammered Arcade www.gimpster.net www.gimpster.net
Derp 'Til Dawn Action Donitz N/A
Road of Fury 2 Nuclear Blizzard Action IriySoft N/A
Steamshovel Harry Shooter A Triangle Morning N/A
Isoball X1 Puzzle CandyFlame N/A
SOPA eliminator Puzzle Fortunacus Lucas N/A
Paladog Strategy Fazecat N/A
Avalanche! Arcade N/A TheGameHomepage.com
Mawaru Penguindrum Girls Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Neon Rider Motocross Louissi N/A
Gem Training: Bubble Bounce Arcade haz3lnut N/A
Do Not Press the Red Button Puzzle kontraband.com N/A
Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Follow that Smell Arcade Disney N/A
Arcalona RPG EGGY, Octomon, C-Storm ArmorGames.com
Freewill Crycle Volume 2 Adventure William Buchanan Jayisgames.com
Running Warrior Arcade Fliptico Kongregate.com
Cosmosphere Infel Stage Level 2 Visual Novel Koei Tecmo N/A
Wrath Overkill Action Armegalo N/A
Palisade Guardian 2 Shooter Mark Loika, Vortix Games Studio N/A
They Came From My Inbox Arcade Tetrageddon N/A
Crackshot Shooter Tony N/A
Mad Burger Arcade Deqaf Studio NextPlay
Warm Up Tower Platformer Aaants N/A
Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey Find Playrix N/A
Turtle Girl Shooter Louissi, Mathieu Goulet-Aubin, FantomenK, Cheez-R-Us, Mick Lauer Armorgames.com
Nurse Quest Adventure Adult Swim Battleon.com
Nightmare House Puzzle AfroNinja N/A
Goodnight Mr. Snoozleberg 2-4 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Scaffold Now Arcade ABAGames N/A
Iron Man Armory Assault Shooter Marvel Kids N/A
My Tetris Arcade Tomas Eriksson N/A
Death Note: Flash Game Visual Novel Eychanchan N/A
Flame Puppy Arcade Mad Fat Cat N/A
Hoshi Saga 9: Minnano Hoshisaga Puzzle NEKOGAMES N/A
Hearts Shooter ArmorGames.com ArmorGames.com
Donkey Kong (Donkeykonggame.org) Arcade Donkeykonggame.org N/A
Kosmosis: A Communist Space Shooter Arcade Molleindustria N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 4 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Pussymon: Episode 03 RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Twirl and Hurl Puzzle Adult Swim N/A
Zombie Shooter Puzzle Galchenko Pavel N/A
CSI Web Adventures Case 1 Rookie Training Puzzle Forensics.rice.edu Forensics.rice.edu
Zomburger Action Halfbit, MPX N/A
Pothead Zombies 2 Shooter Leonardo Zimbres de Castro (zanardi), Paula de Castro, Txai Viegas N/A
Jules Hurtubize Adventure Frima Studio N/A
Kore Karts Racing Kore N/A
SpongeBob: Pest of the West Showdown! Variety N/A Nickelodeon
Submachine Future Loop Foundation Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
AAA!!! BOMBS!!! Puzzle Alexey Perepechiko N/A
Aqua Energizer Puzzle Miniclip N/A
Ever Rising Water Arcade ShahSoft N/A
Doggnation Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Scraper Caper Platformer Miniclip N/A
Resident Evil Ebola Arcade MetaMike, AuroraGuiniverePrice, fullmetalchaz, KMVO, TheGhostOfMarz, TrinaTan Newgrounds.com
Scribble! (Nitrome) Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Bubble Tanks 3 Shooter Hero Interactive N/A
Bionicle Toa Builder Toy ? (fan game) N/A
Mind Tree Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Hemp Tycoon Strategy Adult Swim ArmorGames
Tuper Tario Tros Platformer Swing Swing Submarine N/A
Elysium Man Brawler Rock Hard Animations and Second Epoch Solutions N/A
Super Mario Sunshine 64 Platformer Runouw Newgrounds.com
Freekick Fusion Sports 20:20 N/A
Farm Frenzy Simulation Alawar Games Shockwave.com
Time Swap Puzzle N/A N/A
Pop-Tarts: Drop A Note Arcade Pop-Tarts, Kellogg N/A
IndestructoTank Launch Arcade Tony N/A
Frost Bite 2 Platformer Nitrome N/A
Sex Kitten Sim-Date 3 Adult Klacid N/A
Power Rangers: Super Samurai Brawler N/A N/A
Fatcat Shooter Nitrome N/A
MAKIVA! Arcade Yukawa's Soft N/A
Ambition Episode 6: The Suspects Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Allergy Assassin Puzzle Ash K, Lord Dr. Lorin Grieve and Brandon L N/A
Robo Riot Arcade urbansquall N/A
Bosley Shooter Omglaserspewpew, Joe Willmott N/A
GunRox Xmas Wars Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Stem Cell Transplant Quiz Edheads N/A
Pumpkin Run Shooter Varstudios.com Crazymonkeygames.com
Ojamajo Doremi Character Creator Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Super Stacker 2 Puzzle The Game Homepage The Game Homepage
Towards The Light Platformer Liaf Kongregate.com
Konkey Dong Arcade Saam Pahlavan N/A
Tuer Tuer Tuer Shooter Nowe Reginald N/A
Super Secret Spy Guy 3 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Mini-Putt 2 Sports Psycho Goldfish Newgrounds.com
Waffle Invaders Arcade Aemcknig N/A
Super Mario Flash Version 2 Platformer Chunkymonkey4u2 N/A
The Rise of Atlantis Puzzle TERMINAL Studio, Playrix N/A
The Endless Zombie Rampage Shooter Diseased Productions CrazyMonkeyGames.com
League of Evil Platformer Woblyware PlayHub.com
Amateur Surgeon 2 Simulation Adult Swim Games N/A
Dress Up Kat (Prequel Adventure) Dress-Up bazelini N/A
Red & Green Puzzle Meowbeast N/A
Stick Basketball Sports Odd1.net N/A
Escape from Ghost House (Hacked) Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Sumatra Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Cubshoot Arcade HTFGames.com N/A
Adventures of Miss Libellule: The Earl of Octopuser Adventure Jo99 Jo99.fr
Helicopter Game 2 Arcade SeeThru.co.uk N/A
Bunny Flags Tower Defense Game Launch Project Kongregate.com
Postcards From Buster Puzzle PBS, Neopets Neopets.com
1 Screen Hero Arcade IzzyA N/A
Endless War 5 Shooter VitalyZ ArcadeTown
Wacky Ballz Blast Artillery One Sly Fox N/A
Ancient Powers Platformer nx8 N/A
How To Make A Sequel Puzzle Bari Silvestre (Keybol) Kevin Macleod (Incompetech) Addictinggames.com
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3 Toy Filipe Sheepwolf OnlineDJGames.com, ArcadeCabin.com
Where's Buster? Quiz PBS N/A
Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3 Platformer Diseased Productions N/A
Super Mario Bros. 2: Star Scramble Platformer Kenny Vleugeis, Dex/MR21, Deey, Neslug, Kenney PlayHub
JEU MONDE INCROYABLE DE GUMBALL - LA QUETE Variety Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.fr
Hungry Hungry Haunting Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Diesel Valkyrie VS. the Undead Reich Shooter Likwidgames.com N/A
Bubble Town Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
The Insanity Box 2 Variety ThePoxBox.com N/A
Arkadium Mini Golf Sports Arkadium N/A
Binky's Facts and Opinions Quiz PBS Kids N/A
Sonic Xs Platformer 4Kids 4Kids
Kingdom of Liars 1 Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Gandy's Quest Platformer One Two Free N/A
Exit Path Racing jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Cub Scout Balloon Shoot Artillery N/A N/A
Mario's Balls Puzzle Absolutist N/A
Smart Pen Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Pinkie Jump Arcade CertaintyPrinciple N/A
Caribbean Admiral RPG Vogd GamePirate.com
Shaolin Dodgeball Arcade EvilLudy, RecklessCreati0n N/A
The Tower 61F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Energizer Promo Arcade Energizer, Neopets Neopets.com
Blix Blitz Adult Jasonafex, Kabier N/A
52 Card Pickup Card Arkadium N/A
Planet Green Simulation N/A N/A
Crazy Old Man Platformer N/A N/A
Gems Swap Fall Feast Puzzle MiniMeMedia N/A
Sinbad's Journey Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Museum Run Arcade British Museum N/A
Banger Racing Racing Little Chef N/A
Sherlock Holmes: Swing and Set Puzzle 123peppy.com N/A
Jungle Forest Escape Escape the Room Meena Games AddictingGames.com
Sonic and Tails (Axel-Aviles) Platformer Axel-Aviles DeviantArt
Turnz Puzzle Styxtwo, robotJAM Cool Math Games
Rubble Trouble: New York Puzzle Aaron Steed Nitrome.com
Love at first bite Dating Sim KoltonKennedy N/A
Causality - Camp Adventure N/A N/A
Super Tofu Boy Platformer PETA N/A
WeZap Puzzle Uncle Handsalt N/A
Male Warrior Dress Up Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
Magnetism 2 Puzzle Glaielgames.com N/A
Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Arcade Adult Swim Wingon Studios
Cyad 2 Puzzle Cyad Games N/A
Tsure Game 9 Escape the Room gokuraku_kung fu N/A
Meet n Fuck Star Mission Adult VadimGoD N/A
Factory Balls Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Basic Mouse Puzzle 4 Puzzle N/A N/A
Cattlepult Puzzle Armorgames N/A
Unfreeze Me! Puzzle Anna Filateva (producer), Alexandr Cool Math Games
de El asombroso mundo de Gumball - Maestro K�rate Urbano Runner Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Rose & Camellia 2 Fighting Nigoro N/A
Cube Tower Tower Defense Char Studio GameZHero
Winter Stacker Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Jedi vs. Jedi: Blades of Light Fighting Hasbro N/A
Wake Up The Box Puzzle Eugene Karataev N/A
Coil (Edmund McMillen) Adventure Edmund Mcmillen ArmorGames.com
Superstick RPG 3 RPG Greg Lipeles N/A
Journalizm Strategy Ryzed Funflow
Cyberchase: Talking Calculator Toy PBS N/A
Electricman 2 - The Tournament of Voltagen Brawler Damien Clarke ArmorGames.com
Tiny Dangerous Dungeons Platformer AdventureIslands N/A
Popopop Puzzle Rob Almighty N/A
Blosics 2 Level Pack Puzzle IGREK Productions N/A
Freeway Fury 2 Driving Serius Games N/A
Roads of Rome 3 Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Damn Birds Shooter Dmitry Zheltobriukhov MoFunZone.com
How To Train Your Dragon: Flight School Arcade Dreamworks N/A
Kickups Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
School Flirting Game Arcade ??? N/A
Dragon Dress Up 1st Test Dress-Up Wyndbain N/A
McPixel vs Congress Rhythm Wade McGillis N/A
Greenie 2 Platformer Letmethink N/A
Football Crack (Demo) Quiz Design Assembly N/A
Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Runner Adult Swim Adult Swim
Mario Party 7 - Bowser's Lair Hockey Arcade Nintendo N/A
Cryo Mayhem Adventure Grim Toys N/A
Monster Truck Destroyer Driving Peter Kasbar, Gametornado Armorgames.com
Slingshot Story Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Spooky Hoops Sports WonderFL gamezhero.com
Bubble Bees Arcade Orisinal N/A
SpongeBob: Jelly Piper Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Mad Pixel Run 2 Runner Shajby Silvergames.com
Mixer (Armegalo) Toy Armegalo ScienceYear.com
Tails Cosmic Rush Runner TheBlox N/A
Debugger Arcade Boar Games N/A
NASU (YumeNikki Minigame) Arcade SuperDonPerro N/A
Punk-o-Matic Toy Marco Arsenault N/A
Internet Tennis Toy Unknown N/A
Neon Rider World Motocross Louissi N/A
Metal Slug (ClassicGamesArcade.com) Action N/A N/A
Royal Offense 2 Strategy Badim N/A
Protector: Reclaiming the Throne Tower Defense undefined N/A
Sonic Inflation Adventure Dating Sim jimberly-chaotic N/A
Alfy Goes To School Visual Novel ALFY N/A
True Swing Golf Sports Nintendo N/A
The Gentleman Platformer Soulgame, Argl, Kuhogan Newgrounds.com
Wild Word Garden Puzzle Shockwave N/A
J-J-Jump Platformer Nitrome N/A
Cardboard Box Assembler Puzzle Fernando Ramallo and Miguel Angel Perez Martinez Adult Swim Games
Rick Rock Underwater (Demo) Platformer Design Assembly N/A
Autopsy of a Murder Puzzle Centre Des Sciences De Montreal N/A
Escape from the Arcade Escape the Room Shockwave N/A
Twisted Fairytales - Goldilocks Find DifferenceGames.com N/A
Park My Plane Driving Gamezindia and AddictingGames N/A
Monster Basement Adventure Godlimations N/A
Causality - Stickmas Adventure N/A N/A
Pepe Le Rapiste Adult ToonPimp N/A
Machine Man Shooter Phendrana N/A
Orphan Feast Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Blosics 2 Puzzle IGREK Productions N/A
New World Simulation Louissi N/A
Ninjotic Mayhem Action Mofunzone.com N/A
The Lance Arcade Tony N/A
The Daily Snoop Collage Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Aurora Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Portal of Madness Dress-Up Nicholas-Deary N/A
The Tin Soldier Adventure N/A N/A
Parking Perfection 3 - The Exam Driving Mousebreaker N/A
SpongeBob's Bubble Bustin' Game Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Story Time Toy PBS N/A
New York Defender 2 Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Hordes and Lords Strategy yarg__, TimofeyS N/A
Marble Safari Action Todd Luke N/A
SpongeBob: iSpeed Race Arcade N/A N/A
Remember Me Quiz Elbarto66 Addictinggames.com
Galaxy Siege Strategy Megabyteceer N/A
Infiltrate (Prequel Adventure) Adventure Kazerad N/A
Alien Striker Shooter NextPlay N/A
Kylie Griffin Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
RetroShoot Shooter JGOWare.com N/A
Payback (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
The Great Bedroom Escape Escape the Room Pastel Games N/A
The Tower 13F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Road of the Dead Action Evil Dog Newgrounds.com
Armor Picross 2 Puzzle ArmorGames.com ArmorGames.com
Cash Grabber Arcade KChamp Games N/A
Giants and Dwarves TD Tower Defense LabuGames N/A
Bike Mania 3 on Ice Motocross FlashGames247 N/A
Boss 101 Shooter Donley Time Foundation N/A
Cube Cube Cube Arcade CoolioNiato Armorgames.com
Let it Glow 2 Puzzle Vyacheslav Stepanov teagames.com
Bloxorz Puzzle Damien Clarke Miniclip.com
Idea Volleyball Arcade Adult Swim N/A
LAX Shuttle Bus Driving Gang of Gamers N/A
Joust (Other Side Graphics) Arcade Other Side Graphics N/A
Dungeon Run Arcade Shockwave N/A
Ge.ne.sis RPG An.T.Lieu N/A
Enhanced Fighting vr-genesis.net N/A
K-ON Dress Up Game Dress-Up KawaiiPandah N/A
Yeti Sports: Stage Dive Sports Chris Hilgert N/A
Oversteer Racing SquareCircleCo N/A
Steam Rogue Platformer AdventureIslands N/A
Farm of Souls Clicker Siveran N/A
Seventh Sky -refine- Action Tanaka U Nextframe
財宝アルム Puzzle Sakuman.net Sakuman.net
Smosh Fighter Fighting Smosh N/A
Myosotis Chapter 4 Adventure ImpendingRiot N/A
Professor Madness Shooter SimiyonkE N/A
Snot Put Arcade Nitrome N/A
Snail Adventure PixelRey N/A
Colour My World Platformer SilverStitch N/A
Cargo Bridge Christmas Pack Puzzle Limex Games N/A
Pac-Man Fever Trading Card Hunt Arcade Namco, Neopets Neopets.com
Tales Of Terratos Puzzle Berzerk Studio N/A
Mystic Hunter Escape the Room Tease Your Mind N/A
Halloween Trick or Treat Escape 1 Escape the Room WowEscape N/A
Floater on Ice Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Big Fat Liar Arcade Universal Studios, Neopets Neopets.com
Too Many Ponies Toy 4as N/A
Barn Owl Creator Dress-Up Earldense N/A
3D Micro Wars Arcade Fortunacus Lucas Newgrounds.com
Drift Raiders Racing GameZHero.com N/A
2DOTS - The Game Arcade finefin N/A
Carnage 2 (Hacked) Shooter Uzinagaz N/A
Spy Kids 3D Game Over Arcade Buena Vista Home Enterainment Inc, Neopets Neopets.com
ttto-kioku Quiz Disney N/A
Munchlax's Berry Bonanza Puzzle pokemon.com N/A
Jack Russell Puzzle armorstudios N/A
Wake Up The Box 4 Puzzle Eugene Karataev, Artem Popov NotDoppler.com
SpongeBob: Chop Chef Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Queer Power WTF Molleindustria N/A
Tork Puzzle Australian Broadcasting Corporation N/A
Piece by Piece (Horse version) Puzzle British Museum N/A
Ice Breaker: Red Clan Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Follow Me Arcade Arkadium N/A
Yellow Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Lands of Mobius Episode 1 - Going Home RPG fullmetalchaz N/A
Nudist Trampolining Arcade Fox Searchlight Pictures N/A
Heart of Ice Adventure Eddy Larkin, Jeff Heim, Thomas, MilkMan-Dan GronmonSE Elrich N/A
Musaic Box Puzzle Kranx Productions N/A
Dangeresque: Behind the Dangerdesque Adventure Videlectrix N/A
Sonic Boom Cannon 3D Arcade Xanadu32 N/A
Playroom 2 Adventure Kayzerfish N/A
Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt Adventure Jeff Wesley, Glenn Zimmerman, Tom Beatty, Jon Barnard Garfield.com
Eternal Red Tower Defense Diseased Productions CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Batman: Batarang Challenge Arcade WB Games N/A
Mancala (coolmath-games.com) Card loz220 coolmath-games.com
Orchestrated Death II Adventure OzMafioso N/A
Monkey Island Puzzle Neocrew N/A
Rise's Dance Battle! Rhythm Atlus N/A
Madness: Project Nexus Shooter Michael Swain & Matt Krinkels Jolly Newgrounds.com
Pee Wee's Marble Blaster (Boys' Life) Arcade N/A N/A
Little Rocketman Puzzle say design N/A
Zombies In Your Backyard Shooter Schulles N/A
The Man Who Sold The World Platformer krangGAMES N/A
Island Tribe 3 Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Guthood Platformer Mutantleg, Craze Music Productions Itch.io
Succubus Demon Hunter (Demo) Fighting Design Assembly N/A
Spider-Man 3: The Battle Within Action Sony N/A
The Cave of Atman Puzzle N/A N/A
Shadez 3 Strategy Sean Cooper N/A
V-Tech Rampage RIAA Edition Action Ryan Lambourn N/A
Clan of Legend (Isometric prototype) Toy Sean Gailey N/A
Nikita: KILLZONE Puzzle GSN N/A
Goin' Up Platformer Komix Newgrounds.com
Commando Action Miniclip.com Miniclip.com
Sift Heads: World Act 6 Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Zombie Slayer Redux Action Aaron Geisler N/A
Madhouse Platformer Playterritory.com N/A
Moai No Su Action Takahiro Miyazawa Shockwave.co.jp
M&M'S: Do You Remember Color? Quiz N/A N/A
SpongeBob: Boat-O-Cross 2 (Hacked) Motocross N/A Nickelodeon
Ghostscape Adventure Bubblebox N/A
Umeko Gentle Vampire Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Sphere Core Adventure John Feltham Jayisgames.com
Word Snaps Puzzle CBC Kids N/A
Flutternight Arcade SuomafGamer N/A
Fractured 3 Platformer N/A N/A
Touch and Tease Vol. 1 Adult dudedle-studio N/A
Super Demon Hunter Platformer Flashegames, Dniric Factor N/A
Rudolph's Revenge Shooter Bodhi B.S Armorgames.com
Aching Dreams 2nd Session (Hacked) Adult Rosewood Games N/A
Renegades Strategy N/A N/A
Calc +-*/ Puzzle ABAGames N/A
Leave Me Alone... Platformer MyPlayYard Games N/A
Cow & Chicken: Xmas Problem Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
Parking Fury 3 Driving FreeS N/A
Jewels Gear Puzzle Online Game Squad N/A
Global Gears Racing Yo!Arcade N/A
Santa Claus (Russian) Arcade Paliatiy_Losj N/A
TBA++ Puzzle John Cooney N/A
Prototype: Battle Pals Platformer mnrART N/A
A Knight's Story 2 Clicker Colino N/A
Statetris-France Puzzle IntenCT Mapmsg.com
Knight: Orc Assault Action Kaiparasoft N/A
Cookie Scout Adult LustyLizard N/A
Spot the Difference Excel-MP Art Edition Puzzle Maria Penato N/A
The Firefly Collector Puzzle Mere N/A
Sonic Transformed 2 Adult CTRL-Z (previously known as Enormous) N/A
2 Billiards 2 Play Sports Valeriy Shved N/A
Grow Cube Puzzle EyeZMaze N/A
Bacteria Salad Strategy Persuasive Games N/A
BurgerTime Arcade [email protected] N/A
Magnetism Puzzle Glaiel Gamer N/A
Pixel May Cry Demo Action FengLi N/A
Go Green Challenge Toy PBS N/A
6 Degrees Of Sabotage Puzzle Lucas Pope N/A
SpongeBob: Merry Mayhem Shooter N/A Nickelodeon
Show Me The Honey Puzzle CBC Kids N/A
Totems Awakening 2 Arcade Vladislav Forsh, Alina Forsh PlayHub
Boys' Life The Lost Pirate Cove Arcade N/A N/A
Ghost Motel 11: Return to Ghost Motel Choose Your Own Adventure Violet-AIM N/A
MV-017 Metal Armor Arcade Orisinal N/A
Carrot Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Fruits Inc. Strategy Manifesto Games Studio Shockwave
Demons Down Under RPG Space Games ArmorGames.com
Kaboomz 3 Puzzle Flazm; Rigo N/A
Pussymon: Episode 17 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
A Koopa's Revenge 2 Platformer Lambtaco N/A
Stand-Up Standoff Arcade KillerViral N/A
I Saw Her Standing There Platformer KrangGAMES N/A
Natural Fantasy (Korean) RPG Team KKAL Zone, Zone, Kareus www.zuzunza.com
Rukia Kuchiki Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Upbeat Rhythm Miniclip Miniclip
Turbo Granny (Hacked) Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Too Many Ninjas! Action Bennett Foddy N/A
Pro Gamer: The Game Arcade Catavento Games N/A
Frypan RP Typing Quimdung N/A
Five Finger Pellet Toy Luksy Addictinggames.com
World's End: Chapter 2 RPG Mezzanine Stairs N/A
El joc de la prehistòria: Poblat 4 Variety NS-Studios N/A
Deep Chamber Escape the Room Godlimations N/A
Ghost Story Visual Novel tom_content N/A
The Daily Snoop: A Hidden Object Game Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Vinnie's Shooting Yard 2 Shooter Web Cypher N/A
Yamanaka's Heat Adult HentaiKey N/A
Paperwork Panic Variety SugarToast N/A
Demonic Dungeon Shooter GregAnims N/A
Final Ninja Action Nitrome Nitrome.com
Cranky Crabs Arcade Orisinal N/A
Messi CR7 Saw Game Adventure InkaGames N/A
Christmas Cookies Game Arcade HlYA, Rutch N/A
Intruder: Combat Training Action mmankt N/A
The Daily Tangram Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Mud and Blood 3 Strategy N/A N/A
Zeitenwende Arcade severin N/A
Wudywurm Puzzle Strange Village Math Playground
The Way of the Exploding Stick Brawler Jez N/A
Duality Puzzle TigerTail Studios N/A
Doodle God Blitz Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
SpongeBob: Whale of a Sale Arcade Indigo Entertainment Nickelodeon
Park-a-Lot 2 Puzzle I Sioux Media Productions N/A
Park Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Rick Rock (Demo) Platformer Design Assembly N/A
Monster Master Card N/A CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Tsunami (Demo, No music) Shooter JustinBaldwin N/A
Sakura's Beat Adult HentaiKey N/A
Water We Doing? (Hacked) Arcade PBS N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 11 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Sticky Ninja Academy Platformer Long Animals Kongregate.com
Wish Totems Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Addicting Game Arcade Belugerin Games N/A
Elf Story RPG Eric Posas - ESP Animation N/A
50 States Quiz AddictingGames.com AddictingGames.com
Pussymon: Episode 18 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Wedding Day Arcade Adult Swim Wingon Studios
Bubble Trouble Arcade Kresimir Cvitanovic N/A
MIRC Arcade OneSexyPaperBag N/A
Dead Vault Adventure N/A N/A
Golem Adventure CoolBuddy N/A
Short and Sweet Puzzle Sour Apple Studios N/A
Karkat Hug Simulator Toy SonyRocksMySocks N/A
Desktop Armada Strategy The Casual Collective N/A
The Blessing Button Toy Armegalo N/A
Ongaku Rhythm Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Zuby Ahed, Sarah Thomas, ArmorGames.com
Myosotis Chapter 1 Adventure ImpendingRiot N/A
Kanako's Initiation Adult HentaiKey N/A
nebo Action mooligames N/A
Octopus (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Snoring 2: Wild West Puzzle Alma Games Cool Math Games
Jelly Cannon Puzzle MadFatCat.com N/A
Two Player Breakout Arcade N/A N/A
Route 401 Motel Adventure OK Interactive N/A
Sift Heads Assault Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
ClickPlay Rainbow 2 Puzzle Ninjadoodle N/A
The Hedgehog Game Puzzle Mata N/A
Rafi Birthday Dress-Up Sarakuan N/A
The Labyrinth RPG ugotopia123 N/A
Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 Platformer Brad Borne N/A
Liquid Measure 3 Poison Pack Puzzle SmartCode N/A
10 Gnomes in Montaigut Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Mario Glider Racing N/A PlayToonGames
FWG Bridge Puzzle FreeWorldGroup N/A
Castanea Adventure Mateuz Skutnik N/A
Mario Starcatcher 2 Platformer Lolliepop, Cuber3 N/A
Sniper Assassin Shooter UFGA N/A
Kingdom of Liars 2 Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Apple Jacks Underwater Race to the Bowl Arcade Kelloggs, Neopets Neopets.com
Arkanoid MX Arcade Syndicatesdomain N/A
Ditto Platformer Nitrome N/A
Armed with Wings 2 Brawler Sun Studios ArmorGames.com
Wild Hearts Stage Dive Arcade Tinymania! N/A
Stop That Noise Puzzle Addicting Games N/A
Ms. Pac Man (Kent Patfield) Arcade Kent Patfield N/A
Ice Punch / ツキヌケロNEXGAME Arcade Nexgame N/A
Honk or not Game Arcade Jason Oda N/A
Stick Squad 2 Shooter Brutal Studio N/A
Yaruo Quest RPG Atelier-C N/A
Wheels of Rage Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
Daily Jigsaw Bonus Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Stumped Arcade Nitrome N/A
Batman: Gotham Streets Arcade N/A N/A
Super Mario Rampage Shooter Burst Films N/A
Tor Smash Master Brawler AngryBinary N/A
Goodnight Mr. Snoozleberg 2-3 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Super Mario Santa Delivery Driving Pupugames N/A
Elephant Quest RPG ArmorGames.com N/A
Save The Egg Action Say Design National Geographic
Doors - Dave's Free Lesson Platformer ArticArcade.net N/A
Trapped Part One: The White Rabbit Adventure Rodrigo Roesler N/A
Zombie Zero Shooter bitty bash N/A
Effing Hail (ArcadePreHacks.com) Arcade Jiggmin, Greg Wohlwend N/A
Slime Laboratory Platformer Neutronized N/A
Medieval Rampage 4 Shooter Christpher Gregorio, Aaron, Jesse Valentine, ArmourGames.com N/A
The Omega Warrior Brawler PMstudios, Foofa Studios, Xplored N/A
Cyberchase: The Quest 4: Stop the Stormerator (Hacked) Adventure PBS Kids N/A
Whack Your Ex Toy Doodle.com N/A
Arm Wrestle My Ego Arcade FourInchesOfEgo.com N/A
Pico's School Adventure TomFulp Newgrounds.com
Poledance Party 2 Rhythm Adult Swim N/A
The Tower 69F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Galactic Warrior Arcade Miniclip N/A
Dragon Boy Action Godlimations Newgrounds.com
Red Storm Shooter Badim, MrDN, Squall_SS Kongregate.com
Connect Four Puzzle PrimaryGames N/A
I'd Like To Be The Captain Platformer Piepje28 N/A
Saunavihta Yetis Puzzle Olle N/A
SEEK ver.0 Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
The Amazing Dare-Dozen Arcade Orisinal N/A
Butterfliez Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Naked Hero 2 Rhythm 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Hummer Rally Championship Racing GamezHero N/A
Castle Escape Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Boohbah.tv WTF N/A Ragdoll Productions
PaxMan Arcade Chevron N/A
Watch out Behind You Hunter Shooter Uzinagaz ArmorGames.com
Neon Maze Puzzle Vitaliy Zlotskiy, Sergey Arseniev King.com
Inkster Quiz Funbrain N/A
Yaruo Quest 6 Arcade Atelier-C N/A
Donkey Kong II (Game and Watch) Platformer boxofchocolates.nl N/A
Verge Platformer Kyle Pulver, Kristian Macanga, Alec Holowka N/A
The Wizard Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Pack a Picnic Find PBS N/A
Wordsearch Spelling Bee Puzzle Sullivan Entertainment, PBS N/A
Metroid Prime Arcade Nintendo N/A
Magnetic Action Arcade ABAGames N/A
Soul Shift Puzzle Vogd3 N/A
Ollie's Dance Experience Rhythm BBQ ArmorGames.com
These Robotic Hearts Of Mine Puzzle Alan Hazelden N/A
Frank's Panic Puzzle Puzzle Wiesi N/A
Toxers Puzzle Rob Almighty N/A
Don't Shit Your Pants Adventure Decade Studios N/A
Bullet Time Ninja Action KWarp N/A
Icy Purple Head Puzzle Miniduck Addictinggames.com
The Innards Arcade BlockDot N/A
SAS: Zombie Assault 2 Shooter Kaiparasoft N/A
Takara Toss Arcade 90k-games.com N/A
Jumpcat Platformer editundo N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 15 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
The Great Basement Escape Escape the Room Pastel Games ArmorGames.com
The Company of Copperhill RPG Lorestrome N/A
SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom Big Jump Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Amea Adventure Godlimations N/A
Bauns Arcade Orisinal N/A
Shit Snake Action Alan Hazelden N/A
Story Strips Toy PBS N/A
Carious Welting - Regurgitated Artillery Edmund Mcmillen & Caulder Bradford N/A
Kristal The Teacher Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
[RESPAWN] Platformer JonBro N/A
Muffy's Wardrobe Dress-Up PBS N/A
PaintWorld 2: Monsters Puzzle FlashTeam 5Hippos.com
Dire Haven Platformer SuperGhosts N/A
Cave Heroes RPG VSTGames N/A
Robot Unicorn Attack (Hacked) Runner Adult Swim Adult Swim
Monkey Gems Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Pushies Plus 2 Arcade Papiita N/A
The Great Siege Strategy ttback N/A
Sausage Factory (Hacked) Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Time Assault Arcade Shinki / CrazyChihuahua N/A
Pixel Legions Strategy Fast Games N/A
Monster Stunts Driving BulletProof Arcade N/A
ToonTown Cog Crush Action Disney N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 2 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Bionicle Legend Begins Puzzle Lego N/A
Gold Yard Action Francesco Maisto N/A
Nightmares 4 - The Stolen Souvenir of Rob R Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Pierre Hotel Adventure Mouse City N/A
Back Alley Bumpings Adult Jasonafex, Slyus N/A
It's Raining Cats and Dogs Arcade Umut Dervis N/A
Kikoriki Ice Cream (Russian) Arcade Kikoriki N/A
Virtual Pet Reindeer Toy Tony N/A
Bionic Chainsaw Pogo Gorilla Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Tennis Game Sports gamedesign.jp N/A
Knuckleheads Arcade Nitrome N/A
Cut Off Line Ameba Arcade ABAGames N/A
Atomic Gringo Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Family Restaurant Simulation Game Dino gamesgames.com
2112 Cooperation 5 Shooter Net Terminator, Game - 3DBBQ, Music - Jan Morgenstern N/A
PelPet ver.0 Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Knights Castle Action EGGY, Shibby Media Armorgames.com
The Idiot Test 4 Quiz Ryan Curtis N/A
Dress Up Magical Girl Bonnie Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Dancing Bush Toy Miniclip.com N/A
Feel The Beat Rhythm XceeD N/A
Pixelshocks' Tower Defence II Tower Defense Pixelshocks Big Fish Games
Rocket Panda: Flying Cookie Quest Arcade LongAnimals N/A
Road Blocks Puzzle Michael Gagnon N/A
Dr. Mario Vitamin Toss Arcade Nintendo N/A
Maker Collection 2010 Dress-Up PerianArdocyl N/A
The Treasures of Montezuma Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Comic Book Cody Platformer Eric Bernier N/A
Downing Street Fighter Fighting HappinessSam N/A
Kagi Nochi Tobira Escape the Room escape-game.com escape-game.com
Furfur and Nublo 2 Platformer Devilish Games N/A
Vehicles Puzzle Dmitriy Fyodorv; Dmitriy Zaletov; Anton Popov N/A
BubbleQuod Puzzle GarbuzGames N/A
Bow Street Runner Adventure Littleloud N/A
Cosmo Kramer's Hentai Adventure 2 Adult MrChocobo N/A
Hermine's Ghost Town Adventure Adventure Carmel Games N/A
BlocKage Puzzle Guilhermo v.S. Heldt (developer), J. Collings (music) Cool Math Games
Memory Stax Puzzle OneSexyPaperBag N/A
Avengers: Skrull Takedown Shooter Big Pixel Studios N/A
G.I. Joe Jade Dagger Hand To Hand Combat Action EA N/A
Night Rider Turbo Driving SOS N/A
Yeti Sports 1: Pingu Throw (Blood Mod) Sports Pawel N/A
Monolith's Mario World II Platformer Monolith N/A
Zombie Train Shooter N/A Box10.com
Back in Time 2 Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Scooby Doo! Monster Madness Shooter N/A N/A
Black Ridge Asylum Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Pharaoh's Secret Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Room Escape 25 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Ultimate Assassin 3 Action Games121 N/A
Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest Action I-Mockery.com Newgrounds.com
Newgrounds OSX Beta Toy Mandog Games N/A
El joc de la prehistòria: Poblat 3 Variety NS-Studios N/A
The Tower 1F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Anime Face Maker v1.0 Dress-Up Gen8Hedgehog N/A
Shotgun Vs Zombies Action pzUH N/A
Reiko Biker Girl 2 Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Red Code Shooter PlayStival Gimme5Games.com
BattlePaint Shooter CFumo N/A
Flash Chess 3 Strategy Media Division N/A
Scribble States Quiz jmtb02 N/A
Ice Bucket Splatter Arcade N/A Addictinggames.com
Eyetoy Play2 Goal Attack Arcade Sony, Neopets Neopets.com
Maze and Marbles Puzzle PBS Kids N/A
Amigo Pancho 4: Travel Puzzle Qaibo A10.com
Scooby Snapshot Toy Cartoon Network N/A
Deadly Venom Action Pyrozen N/A
Planet 161 Action N/A N/A
Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman Platformer N/A N/A
Purina's Virtual Pet Game Simulation Purina N/A
Red Ball 3 Platformer Evgeniy Fedoseev N/A
Duck Dodgers Mission 4 Platformer N/A N/A
Create a Cat Flash Game Dress-Up Neikoish N/A
Phineas and Ferb Down Perry Scope Action Disney N/A
Escape the Den Escape the Room Kyjast N/A
Dog Ears (Hacked) Puzzle PBS N/A
Slimerevolution Arcade Timefall N/A
Sonic The Pervert 2 Action Yeowi (Steve Farfan) N/A
Tower Boom Puzzle Donix Games, Ramdonih (design, graphic n code), JewelBeat (music) Cool Math Games
Katana Senpou Rock Paper Scissors thesaint11 N/A
High Delivery Arcade Orisinal N/A
Super Cunard Bros. Platformer famiworx N/A
Where Is The Elephant? Shooter Mark P0rter Albino BlackSheep
Cedric Photographe Adventure N/A N/A
Deadly Venom 3 Action Pyrozen N/A
The Tower 56F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Madness: The Stand Shooter mmankt N/A
Rogue Soul Runner Soulgame Studio NotDoppler.com
Free the Bird Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Dinogen Shooter XWILKINX N/A
The Painter Platformer Nananas Gamezhero
No More Reinforcements Action King Tommy N/A
Bridge (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Circle Triangle Cross Arcade ABAGames N/A
Castrol Advergame Driving Castrol N/A
Vuvu Hero Rhythm Ross O'Donovan, ChannelCat, Arin Hanson N/A
Reactance Shooter ApprenticeChef N/A
Astrophysics Puzzle Alexandr Ovsyannikov (game design, programming), Svetlana Khovanskaya (art), Wanderer (music) Cool Math Games
Paper Wars Shooter Candy Cat Games N/A
Dear Missus Bin Adventure sour-apple-studios N/A
Polygonal Fury Puzzle Dog in Lake Newgrounds
Treasure Hunter 2 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Angelegging Arcade Addicting Games N/A
Vortex Point 5 Adventure Mouse City N/A
K.I.N.G. RPG GoodyPundit N/A
Mario Beach Bike Driving Pupugames.com Pupugames.com
Rainbow Spider Action gamesgames.com N/A
Talesworth Adventure Episode 2 Puzzle Sean Gailey N/A
Spin and Win Puzzle Arcade Lab N/A
Macne Series Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Crescent Solitaire Classic (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Crazy Flasher 3 - The King of Death Match Brawler Andy Law N/A
Dreamgate Escape Escape the Room MoFunZone N/A
Streets of Fire Arcade Mausland N/A
Star Wings Action Gametop.com N/A
Sparks Fusion Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Pigdream Platformer Karlo N/A
MURDER Arcade Anselm Pyta, Benedikt Hummel N/A
Charge Robot Platformer ReFall N/A
A Gun, In Time Arcade andrewjustwo N/A
Viper Arcade Mark Fennell N/A
Super Deepthroat Adult Konashion N/A
Tradewinds Odyssey Preview Strategy Sandlot Games Shockwave.com
Chaos Faction Action Dissolute Productions ArmorGames.com
Rollercoaster Creator Puzzle N/A GamesGames.com
Dream On Platformer PBS N/A
Tales of Phantasia - Phantasia Archery Arcade Nintendo N/A
Grim Platformer Letmethink N/A
SpongeBob: Hooked On You Platformer Nickelodeon? N/A
Freaky Fun (Squirrel Family) Platformer Mateusz Skutnik N/A
10 Gnomes 8: Water Forge Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Cargo Bridge 2 Puzzle Limex N/A
Robozou Doll Play Adult ~eros N/A
Sprinter Racing Gamedesign N/A
Straw Hat Samurai Action Lut N/A
Siege Hero: Pirate Pillage Strategy gmentat N/A
9 Little Pics Daily Silhouettes Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Bible Fight (Hacked) Fighting Adult Swim N/A
Pest Hunter Shooter N/A N/A
SpongeBob: Dinner Defenders Shooter N/A Nickelodeon
Entrepreneur Strategy Cartoon Network Asia/Prudence Foundation N/A
Jumble Word Vault Puzzle Shockwave N/A
The Ritual: Part 2 Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Viridian Room Escape the Room Toshimitsu Takagi N/A
Monster Truck Trials Driving Game Sheep N/A
Solarmax Strategy Nico Tuason ArmorGames.com
Strip Solitaire Adventure Adult Swim N/A
Yuri Kuma Arashi Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
The Kid Spectre Platformer xdgames.co.uk N/A
TROGDOR! Arcade Homestar Runner N/A
Mars Colonies Demo Strategy Kendja Armorgames.com
Balance (Miniclip) Arcade Miniclip N/A
Free Culture Game Adventure Molleindustria N/A
Broken Robot Love Platformer Noel Berry N/A
Urbex Adventure Psionic Games N/A
Water Drops Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
HogBusters: Training Camp Arcade The Alliance N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 14 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Flock Together Adventure jmtb02 N/A
Robots Can't Think Platformer MyPlayYard Games N/A
Magi: The Fallen World RPG veewen, Xen Victrola, Haider, Zach Age of Games
Warp Platformer Daniel Weldink & Aidan Rypens N/A
E4: Cow Game Puzzle Robin Allen N/A
One Click Ninja Action Keybol, Gilbert De Vera N/A
Real Life House Escape Escape the Room WowEscape N/A
Dress Code 60s Dress-Up Tasty Play N/A
Stylish Girl 2 Dress-Up Addicting Games N/A
Galaxy X Artillery N/A N/A
Defence of the Portal Shooter DanilosFlasher N/A
Monster Poolside Sumo Sports Matmi, Hamish Cooper, James Tibbles, Jeffrey Coghlan, Newgrounds.com
Super Sonic Master Quest Platformer jazzyjin N/A
Dress My Babe 2 Dress-Up GeneticEye N/A
Run Minerva Run X Brawler ToonPimp, HobartStarr N/A
Coaster Racer 2 Racing longanimals, asute N/A
Shattered Colony: The Survivors Strategy Jonathon Duerig ArcadeBomb.com
Ball Lines Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Oodlegobs Platformer Nitrome N/A
YOUR FACE (light) Toy finefin N/A
Windows XP Version 19.914 Simulation Midget3 N/A
Death vs Monstars Shooter GameReclaim N/A
Champion Action TwoDimensionalArray StickPage.com
Turtle Odyssey Platformer Realore Studios Shockwave.com
Arctic Couple Maker Dress-Up Niobesnuppa Doll Divine
Chaoz Escape Action Lone Chicken N/A
Bureau of Steam Engineering Puzzle Zachtronics N/A
Matoi Ryuuko Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Neon Race 2 Racing LongAnimals N/A
Motocross FMX Motocross IriySoft Addictinggames.com
Princess Curse Arcade Microsheep N/A
Grave Shift Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Papa's Bakeria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Earth Taken Action SeethingSwarm ArmorGames.com
The Tower 71F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Monst Adventure BeGamer.com N/A
Kingdom Demo Adventure noio N/A
SpongeBob: FrankenBob's Quest Part 2 Halloween Horror Platformer Sarbakan Nickelodeon
Frescoz! Puzzle WellGames Shockwave
Creeper World: User Space Strategy Knuckle Cracker N/A
Clockwords: Prelude Typing gabob N/A
Titan Lunch Retaliation Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Ronin Warrior Action Maxgames.com N/A
Meat the Mayor Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
Creeping Shooter max-abernethy N/A
How To Drown Kittens Arcade GameZHero N/A
Shady Tactics Platformer XDGames.co.uk N/A
Coldgrip Adventure Iconic Games, Placeable Armorgames.com,
Captain Commander Action Adult Swim Armorgames.com
Electro Air Hockey Sports Electrotank N/A
3במבה: בעקבות החטיף החטוף (Bamba Snack Quest 3) Adventure Gal Mamalya (Baboon) N/A
DragonflyTV: Dog Breeding Puzzle N/A N/A
Yeti Sports 6: Big Wave Sports Chris Hilgert N/A
SpongeBob: Boo Or BOOM Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Kung Pow Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Hit Clips Dance Krawk Dance! Rhythm Tiger Electronics, Neopets Neopets.com
Mario Gunman Shooter Werner Valdez N/A
Drunk Tilt Arcade ABAGames N/A
Jack Frost Arcade Nitrome N/A
Shopping Street Simulation ?? Flonga.com
Ghost Cop Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Squirrel Squash Runner Mausland Entertainment N/A
Daily Spot The Pic Silhouettes Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Besterest Game Ever Made Adventure Mockery N/A
House of Lost Souls Platformer ArcadeBoss N/A
Ar Portal 2nd Anniversary Visual Novel Ar Portal N/A
8 Square Slider Puzzle Greg Olltwit N/A
Luffy Dress Up Game Dress-Up KawaiiPandah N/A
Causality - Saving Private Stickman Adventure N/A N/A
SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom Blaster Shooter N/A Nickelodeon
Master Checkers Puzzle 2DPlay N/A
SpongeBob: Ship O' Ghouls Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
Helicopter Game Action SeeThru.co.uk N/A
Icarus Proudbottom's World of Typing Weekly!: S1E5: Control Shift, Escape Typing Holy Wow Studios N/A
Word Play Toy WGBH, Sirius Thinking, PBS N/A
Bullseye (John Tear) Sports John Tear N/A
SpongeBob: Deep Sea Smashout Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Pepsi Finger Footy Arcade www.graphico.co.uk (Graphico) N/A
The Tower 26F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Bomb Town - Blow up Paris Arcade N/A N/A
Offender 2: World War B: War on Rabbits Arcade Tetrageddon N/A
Ballunacy Puzzle Mark Seymour/Sabine Hoerr N/A
Happy Bike Motocross GameTop N/A
Cheat2Win Puzzle knugen MaxGames.com
Bloomin' Gardens Puzzle Miniclip N/A
Battalion: Nemesis Strategy Urban Squall Kongregate.com
Bounzy 2 Action Rocanten N/A
Word Cannon Arcade KingDotCom, ShahSoft N/A
Help the Hero Puzzle Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Dim - The Super Flash Bros, Dan McNeely, Arin Hanson (Egoraptor), Incompectech.com Armorgames.com
Snowball Joe Puzzle Tony N/A
Haunted Mansion Adventure 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Shucchou! Inubuchou Quiz Naoki Nakashima N/A
Dodger's White Out Arcade CBC Kids N/A
Dirt Bike 5 Motocross fog.com N/A
[Visible] Platformer PsyFlash Productions N/A
Youda Farmer Simulation Youda Games N/A
Mud and Blood: Recon Strategy N/A N/A
Ownage Burst Shooter The Style Machine N/A
Tetraform Arcade Glaiel Games Newgrounds.com
Madness Regent Shooter Tom Fulp Newgrounds.com
War Game Shooter N/A N/A
Cargo Breach Platformer N/A N/A
Pog Quest Arcade OneMrBean N/A
Santa's Workshop Toy Sugarqube Sugarqube.com
Try Harder Runner Adult Swim N/A
Simple Machines Quiz Edheads.org N/A
Total Drama Island Porn Adult LoulouVZ N/A
Boys' Life Boardz Arcade N/A N/A
The Negotiator Episode 3: The Raise Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Thieving Raccoon Arcade Flipskip Games N/A
Snake Game Action Unknown N/A
Jurassic Realm Demo Puzzle Enkord N/A
High Tail Hall 1 Adult HTH Studios N/A
Pussymon: Episode 16 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
The Tower 67F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Tank Mania Driving Gametornado Gametornado.com
N-Dimensions Shooter Serious Games N/A
Exorcist - The Beginning Find N/A N/A
Lethal Race Racing Gametornado Gametornado
Pedestrian Killer Driving Flaboratorium.org Addictinggames.com
H.A.L.C. Slot 9 - Hot Summer (Volume 1) Gambling HALC Newgrounds.com
nanoPath Puzzle TurboNuke N/A
Big Wash Puzzle Levon Vardanyan, Ksenia Tikhomirova, Jahzzar Addictinggames.com
Colorburst Shooter FreeWorldGroup N/A
Papa's Pastaria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
The Ritual: Part 1 Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Anita's Camp Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Bill the Demon Platformer James Burton (N/A)
ButtonX20 Puzzle Ninjadoodle N/A
Canon Arcade Cat and Tonic Industries N/A
S.T.A.T Arcade Off The Wrist Addictinggames.com
The Deeplight Expedition Platformer TheWasabiProject N/A
Sonic Heroes Puzzle Puzzle Sega N/A
Nightmares 5 - The Witch's Prison Adventure Sarbakan N/A
West Train Puzzle N/A N/A
Prism Core Adventure Lazarou N/A
Scooby Doo Adventure The Temple of Lost Souls Episode 4 Adventure Warnerbros N/A
Age of Wonder: The Lost Scrolls Puzzle Flashchaz (art, music), Shock Dingo (voice acting), Danish Goel (coding, design) Cool Math Games
Earn to Die - Now With Super Wheel! Racing NotDoppler N/A
I Love Traffic Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
The Perilous Voyage Arcade Orisinal N/A
The Torture Game 2 Toy ArcadeCabin.com N/A
Kung Fu Election Fighting BrandFirst Entertainment N/A
SpongeBob: Dancin' Tentacles Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Effing Worms 2 Action Effing Games N/A
Twilight Wing Shooter Futzi01 N/A
Stellar Squad Strategy Red Palette Games Kongregate.com
Professor Spelunkington Platformer ShooterMG N/A
Parking Mania Arcade ? N/A
Run Elephant Run Platformer jmtb02 N/A
Alien World Domination Strategy Real World Soft N/A
Slingette Puzzle Ezone N/A
Draw Play 2 Driving EGGY Armorgames.com
Life Ark 2 Adventure N/A N/A
Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar Shooter I-Smel Arcadebomb.com
Lapinka and Hidden Shield Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Fisher-Diver Sports 2DArray N/A
Innkeeper Strategy mapacible N/A
Nutty Squirrel Anal Rodeo Adult Mittsies, Pizzacat, Rock Candy, DSHooves, Stubbornstallion Mittsies.com
Mars Patrol Action N/A N/A
Glass Works Arcade Nitrome N/A
Feed Me MOAR! 2 Puzzle A10.com N/A
Matrix Pill Game Arcade N/A N/A
The Most Wanted Bandito Shooter BGamesSite N/A
Grow Island Puzzle EyeZMaze N/A
Knight vs. Knight Action Ogidiba, Matt Gedes, El Ninopower, Yuri Oseloff N/A
Avatar Fortress Fight Action Nickelodeon N/A
Click the Frog Variety Playfo Games1.com
Pepsi Pinball Pinball Pepsi N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 25 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Evoland Classic Adventure Nicolas Cannasse N/A
The Aquatory Arcade N/A N/A
Paintball Puzzle Claxor ArmorGames
Free Kick Mania Sports WaggleWaggle N/A
Super Ascii Art Shooter Shooter Uzinagaz N/A
Morgana Dress Up Dress-Up HatterMadness N/A
Moo Lander Arcade N/A N/A
Grutpita Puzzle Funzinho, Taito N/A
Escape From Scientology Land - 2 Adventure Liquid Generation N/A
Dungeons of Kong RPG nerdook N/A
Duck Dodgers Plan 8 From Upper Mars Platformer Warner Bros Boomerangtv.co.uk
Shape Shifter Platformer FlashTeam N/A
M&M'S: Save Yellow's Shell Shooter N/A N/A
All We Need Is Brain Puzzle VladG NotDoppler
Luke Adventure BigDino N/A
Captain Zorro Shooter N/A N/A
Escape from Abandoned Castle 2 (Hacked) Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Encyclopedia Britannica Trivia Quiz Arkadium N/A
Shapely Puzzle 1ManStudio N/A
Liberation of Santa Adventure ENA Game Studio N/A
Holio U Nice Blonde Adult Holio.net N/A
Train Trax Puzzle CBC Kids N/A
Mr. Mullet Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Miller Estate Episode 3 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
IndestructoCopter Arcade Tony N/A
Fish Rush Arcade N/A N/A
Offender Arcade Tetrageddon N/A
Phit Puzzle Jeff Woffard N/A
Diepix Arena 2 Shooter AwokerR N/A
Carcassone Puzzle Elite Games N/A
The Tower 66F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Submachine: 32 chambers Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Flash Empires 3 Tower Defense Eric Smith N/A
Connect 4 Puzzle Mathisfun.com N/A
F-Zero Flash Edition Racing Deepkanwal Plaha N/A
Bluescape - 4 Games in 1 Arcade N/A N/A
Cradle of Rome Puzzle Awem Studio N/A
Donkey Kong Jungle Ball Act 2 Puzzle Pupugames.com Pupugames.com
The Walking Dead - Dead Reckoning Visual Novel AMC N/A
Bush Royal Rampage Shooter N/A Miniclip.com
Calamari Arcade Nitrome N/A
Mahjongg Toy Chest Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Magikarp Ripple Reaction Arcade pokemon.com N/A
Corprate Wars - Earth Tower Defense azure N/A
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Miller Estate Episode 2 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Time 4 Cat Arcade Megadev, Mike Tucker, Jon Davies, Nick Parton N/A
Infectonator Survivors Strategy TOGE Productions N/A
The Last Door: Prologue Adventure TheGameKitchen N/A
SHIFT 2 Puzzle Tony ArmorGames.com
The Life Ark Adventure N/A N/A
Rita's Wildlife Refuge Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Primary Platformer JackSmack ArmorGames.com
King's Island 2 RPG P.M Studios & FoofaStudios, Christian Convertino Fabio Belsanti, Matteo Sosso, Fabio Casale, Elisa Di Lorenzo, Giacomo Zanghi, Cristian Convertino, Luciano Iurino, Giorgia Arena, Rosamario Bartucci, Giueppe, Guglielmucci, Valeria, Schino, Mino Petruzzelli, Valeria Schino, Luca Eberhart, Alessandro Accardi Crazymonkeygames.com
Cygnus Arcade Aaants N/A
Apple Jack's Crashers Arcade Kelloggs, Neopets Neopets.com
Strikers 1945 Shooter Maddwarf N/A
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 4 Toy Filipe Sheepwolf OnlineDJGames.com, ArcadeCabin.com
Sieger: Rebuilt to Destroy Strategy gmentat N/A
3 Slices 2 Card Gaz Thomas N/A
Metele Al Ordenata / Bash the Computer Toy Javi Hernandez Hernandez N/A
Bot Arena 2 Strategy Luke Haillay GameGecko.com
Pit Sweeper RPG Kinsman Games N/A
That Gravity Game Platformer Juice-Tin N/A
Fantasy Kommander 2 Strategy Foofa & PM Studios N/A
Terrain Chapter 2: Slice & Dice Action MarchMedia N/A
Tim's Time Travels Variety NoLan Labs, maxman43 N/A
Quiz of Ruins Quiz Nigoro N/A
Ragdoll Avalanche Arcade Rag Doll Software N/A
Planet Blirp Shooter Helmet Games N/A
Crazy Flasher 6 - Stinger Mission Brawler Andy Law N/A
Money Truck Driving Gametornado Gametornado
Super Car Road Trip 2 Racing Turbo Nuke, RobotJam, Longanimals N/A
Tickets 4 Love Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Moss 2 Platformer DABontv N/A
The Ocean Around Me Week 1 Puzzle Moshdef, Kevin Macleod Kongregate.com
Slay With Santa Shooter Flash Chaz Marhgames.com
Where I Go At Night Strategy Pat Kemp N/A
Ludwig Von Beatdown Action Pippin Barr N/A
Jelly Poi Poi Arcade Sachie Sakai (graphics, voice), Eyezmaze (engineer), Yukari Flesh (sound) Zip Bear Town
Prototype: Space Platformer mnrART N/A
Elite Forces: Warfare 2 Strategy Badim N/A
Bubble Yum Blowout Puzzle Bubbleyum, Hershey', Neopets Neopets.com
The Fright Before Christmas Shooter N/A N/A
D-Day Defender Shooter Xeptic King.com
10 Gnomes 4: Foggy Flat Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Don't Whack Your Boss With Super Power Toy Brutal Studio N/A
Wheely Puzzle Pegas Games N/A
ClixSposing Kitraandra Adult GSPervert N/A
Giraffe Attack Arcade jmtb02 N/A
Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Tower Defense Sam Otero N/A
Move It or Luge It (Hacked) Sports PBS N/A
Elite Forces: Pakistan Platformer Badim N/A
Tammy Jo Superstar Adventure Snap Break N/A
Spirit Guide Puzzle Flash Bros Armorgames.com
G.I. Joe Shuriken Shootout Action EA N/A
4 Elements Puzzle Playrix N/A
Mermaid Scene Maker Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
The Last Door Special Feature: The Prototype Adventure The Game Kitchen N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 21 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Altered States Episode 2: The Suspicious Cop Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Girls Like Robots: Nerdfest Puzzle Adult Swim HotAirRaccoon.com
Twice AS Bounce (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Final Fight Brawler N/A N/A
Neverending Light Adventure Jiggmin.com N/A
Holiday Time Travel Escape: Thanksgiving Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Rambo - Last Blood Adventure Peter Javidpour N/A
Pigeon's Revenge 2 Arcade foofa Studios N/A
The Wok Adventure N/A N/A
Artifission Chapter 0 Adventure Fickludd N/A
Wacky Ballz Jump Platformer smileygamer.com N/A
Madville Shooter Umut Dervis N/A
Babylympus Adventure Abroy N/A
Unreal Flash 2007 Shooter Erik Sombroek RustyArcade.com
CubeBuster Puzzle Miniclip N/A
Treasure Hunter Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Stream Line Rhythm Coolio Miato ArmorGames.com
Kids Next Door: Tummy Trouble Shooter Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Fire it Up Puzzle N/A N/A
The Gatekeeper Puzzle Tetrageddon N/A
Uddercover Action NoLanLabs N/A
ImmorTall Adventure A Crazy Canadian ArmorGames.com
Mini Game Mania 2 Variety Nickelodeon N/A
4th & Goal 2012 Sports glowmonkey N/A
Which-Way Adventure Choose Your Own Adventure J. Allen Henderson N/A
Hoshi Saga 10: Minnano 2 Puzzle Yoshio Ishii N/A
Monster Castle Tower Defense Fliptic N/A
Esklavos Chapter 16 Adventure N/A N/A
Edgy Wedgy 2 Arcade Teletoon.com Teletoon.com
Spec Ops: War on Terrorism II Variety Tech Radium Miniclip.com
Timemu Platformer jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
R.I.F.T Platformer Devm-games.com, Jan Rigerl, Daniel Beckman, Jonas Johansson Candystand.com
Drunk Klunk Arcade Jordan Christopher Miller N/A
007 Charles Shooter Box10.com N/A
The Golden Path Puzzle Toyship Games N/A
Boss Slayer Shooter Awoke, sussepudim N/A
Flophone Escape the Room Flonga N/A
Meet n Fuck Detective RPG Adult VadimGoD N/A
Hotel Escape 3 (Hacked) Escape the Room Merlin Entertainment N/A
Andy the Athlete Platformer Abroy N/A
Medieval Princess Dress Up Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
The Ninja 2 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Starmageddon Shooter N/A N/A
Binga Variety NinjaDoodle N/A
Aliencopalyse Strategy Berzerk Studio N/A
Au Naturel Adult LustyLizard N/A
Word Craft Puzzle Arkadium N/A
ButtonHunt Find Achilles015 N/A
Sinjid RPG ArmorGames N/A
The Tower 16F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Toxic Platformer Nitrome N/A
Codename: Gordon Platformer NuclearVision N/A
Ancient Planet Tower Defense Moonlight Mouse N/A
Rick Dangerous (Flash Classic) Action Simon Phipps N/A
Cyber Ortek Flier Arcade Pseudolonwolf Addictinggames.com
LazerBeamz Puzzle mongoid N/A
The Green Action JP Tango (The Evil Space Chicken) N/A
Yam Roll in Kooky Cabbie Driving CBC Kids N/A
The Last Night Action Tim & Adrien Soret N/A
Lucario x Zeraora Adult Jasonafex, TheSecretCave N/A
Base Jumping Action bubblebox.com N/A
A Windy Day Arcade TOGE Productions N/A
SpongeBob: Patrick's Tartar Tantrum Arcade WorkinMan Nickelodeon
The Hunter of the Maze Strategy Studio Trademark, F. Mereghnikov & R. Trotsenko, Tandemark.com Addictinggames.com
Beverly Hills Mansion Escape Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Chibi Vampire Dress-Up The Dream Mining Company ChibiMaker.net
Boulder Blast Puzzle SimianLogic N/A
Splitter Puzzle Eugene Karataev King.com
Battle Against a True Alicorn RPG 4as N/A
Zombie Horde Action King Tommy N/A
ShellCore Command Skirmish Shooter Flashbacker Kongregate.com
Belial Ars Arcana Action keybol N/A
Reincarnation: The Final Happy Hour Adventure Chris Gianelloni N/A
Full Metal Alchemist Presents Lust Adult HentaiKey N/A
Monster Truck Demolisher Driving Gametornado Gametornado.com
Caila Raven and the Ancient Scroll Adventure Esklavos N/A
Crunchy Munch Arcade N/A N/A
Douche Monkey Astronaut Arcade Tyler Wright, Jordan Miller, PwnChop, Cycon, The Podunkton Players, Armorgames.com, ProjectDK.com
10 Gnomes 1: the Rooftop Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
The Cake is a Lie Platformer Blobzone N/A
Kill All Zombies Motocross gametop.com N/A
Trizzle Puzzle Arkadium N/A
The Truth Is Up There Arcade Orisinal N/A
Esklavos Chapter 10 Adventure N/A N/A
Dillo Hills Arcade fexLabs N/A
School Daze Crazy Maze Adventure PBS N/A
Subcon Introspection Adventure squidly N/A
Dexter's Labratory Clone-A-Doodle-Doo Puzzle Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Dress My Babe 2 (Beta) Dress-Up GeneticEye N/A
Rullo Puzzle Elihu Gideon, Crescentyr N/A
Daily Word Search (GSN) Puzzle GSN N/A
One Step Back Platformer Coolio Niato N/A
Railslide Artillery Armegalo N/A
Flashtrek Broken Mirror 4 Strategy N/A N/A
Atari Tempest Arcade Atari N/A
Sudoku Mega Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Resident Wiivile Shooter ArmorGames N/A
The Tales of St. Clare's Adult EroPharaoh N/A
Whack The Trump Toy El Mahiko Games N/A
Monkey Go Happy 2 Puzzle Pencil Kids N/A
Escape the Red Giant Arcade Jussi Kari N/A
Resort Empire Simulation LittleGiantWorld.com N/A
High Speed Chase Driving JohnnyTwoShoes Addictinggames.com
Bomber Bob Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Persona Eyes Generator 2 Dress-Up McGenio N/A
Riley Roadster's Road Rally Driving Chevron N/A
Robot Climb Platformer TimeBlog N/A
TGFG Racing Racing TGFG Group N/A
Once Upon A Life Platformer Chaz Carter, Wayne March, David Dixon N/A
Bowling Master Sports 2DPlay N/A
Ninja Pirate Cave Raid Arcade MIN Distortion N/A
Narusegawa's Great Out Door Adult HentaiKey N/A
Mighty Guy 2 Action Funbrain N/A
Wakeboarding Sports CBC Kids N/A
5 Differences Find Ivoryboy N/A
Gladiatron Arcade Angry Tomato Games Addictinggames.com
You Shall Know The Truth Adventure Jonas Kyratzes N/A
Ambition Episode 10: The Trial Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Crescent Solitaire (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Enjoy Hobby (Prequel Adventure) Visual Novel Kazerad N/A
Dating Minato Dating Sim Unknown N/A
Stick War 2 Strategy Jason Whitham, Brock White, Winston Zhang Stickpage.com
Death Row Diner Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Cookie Crisp Space Flight Shooter Arcade Neopets, General Mills Neopets.com
Shopping Cart Hero 3 Arcade Monkeywantbanana N/A
StarBox Puzzle Awoke N/A
Uniwar Action Alex Lefkowitz, Bryan Fox N/A
Slice the Box Level Pack Puzzle Oleg Kuzyk Armor Games
Scrap Metal Racers Racing Shockwave N/A
Room Escape 6 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Get Set Boogie Arcade Kempt N/A
Sentry Knight: Conquest Shooter TylerNG N/A
Don't See Me Arcade ABAGames N/A
Faith Fighter 2 Fighting Molleindustria N/A
Insectonator Shooter FlyAnvil.com BGames.com
NG's Finest Strategy Moosh N/A
AOOA Adventure Michael Clague N/A
Imperfect Balance 3 Puzzle ttursas Ltd. N/A
Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian Toy Assassin N/A
Worst Game Ever Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Finders Keepers Arcade Jenkat Games Shockwave.com
Crash Landing Part 2 Adult LustyLizard N/A
Gun Mayhem 2 Shooter KevinGu ArmorGames
Finding Santa Find NobGames N/A
Fishdom 3 Puzzle Playrix N/A
H.A.L.C. Slot 4 - Best Hentai Artists Gambling HALC Newgrounds.com
Electric Box Puzzle Twinkle Star Games Candystand.com
Shorty Covers Shooter Pyrozen N/A
Larry: Pup Run Arcade Jazza Studios Newgrounds.com
Golden Trails 2: Lost Legacy Adventure Awem Studio Shockwave
The Golden Bird of Paradise (Demo) Find Youda Games N/A
Theropods Adventure Valerofond N/A
Jetpack Jackass Arcade This Is Pop Adult Swim
Miriel the Magical Merchant Puzzle Shockwave N/A
School Girl Dress Up Dress-Up VeggieStudio N/A
The Ultimate Stickman Fighting Game Experience Fighting Anders Gustafsson and Bj�rn H�kansson Liquid Light Group Ltd.
Apple Worm Puzzle Gibton N/A
Spy 2 (Sheepwolf) Action Filipe Sheepwolf FlashGamesNexus.com/
Magnet Face Platformer N/A Cartoon Network
Foxglove Adventure neovers N/A
Combat Tournament Legends Brawler Ongokiller50, Stone Stickpage.com
Cyber UF2 Shooter 3DBBQ N/A
Grow Clay (Hacked) Puzzle EyeZMaze N/A
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dark Horizons Brawler Nick N/A
Deutsches Haus Adventure Lea Schoenfelder, Emmett Butler, Nina Freeman N/A
Cat Fight! Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Game & Watch: Dodgeman Arcade Holmade Games ArmorGames
Ninja Miner Puzzle SilenGames N/A
Lana's Tentacruel Lust Adult EroPharaoh N/A
Stinkoman 20X6 Platformer The Brothers Chaps N/A
Elite Forces: Clones Strategy Badim N/A
Rats Invasion 3 Artillery Qaibo.com N/A
SPACE CAPSTAR II (Hacked) Flying Nigoro N/A
Spy Action Jerome Goclowski N/A
Roll Roll Roll Action Startgames.ws N/A
SWFROADS Driving zooli N/A
The Trials of Chad Platformer Aaants N/A
Band Of Heroes Shooter IriySoft N/A
Hipster Kickball Sports PixelJam Adult Swim
New Year Chinese Zodiac Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Matrix Moon Mayhem Runner CBC Kids N/A
Catch the Star 2 Puzzle ArcadeTown N/A
Inside the Haiti Earthquake (online only) Adventure Inside Disaster N/A
Catchy Orbit Puzzle Alexey Gulev, Arseniy Shkljaev Gamezhero
Zombo Buster Rising Tower Defense Fire Beast Studio Armorgames.com
Binga 3 Puzzle Ninjadoodle N/A
Bars of Black and White Adventure Gregory Weir N/A
That's a Good Boy Adult Jasonafex, Wagnermutt N/A
Score! Adventure LiLg, Phantasmagor N/A
The Carnivorous Bunny Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
The Last Door Special Feature: Hall of Fame Adventure The Game Kitchen N/A
Capital Caveman Fighting Matt Stevens & dLasala N/A
Boom Town Strategy N/A N/A
Gone Like The Clappers Rhythm Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Scoregasm, Joel Atkinson, Chris Ignatov, DJ Deniro, ArmorGames.com
Aliens & Outlaws Tower Defense Brad Lamey, Emilio Lopex, Steve Bertin, Gene Fowler, Village Sound, Jessica Beckett, Brandon Hunter, Jason Keoughan, Jacob Rutherfod N/A
Trafficator 2 Puzzle momiwontsleep N/A
Monsters of Rock Rhythm mongoid N/A
Mani Golf Sports Alex Rigby N/A
Penguin Diner Arcade N/A 2DPlay.com
Daymare Kite Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Armor Mayhem Chronicles Shooter Louissi ArmorGames.com
Emo Game 2.5: Bush Game Action Jason Oda N/A
Pussymon: Episode 20 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Mission in Snowdriftland Platformer ExtraToxic.com Nintendo
Crazy Hangover 2 Adventure Pyrozen N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 9 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Pizza Pong Arcade Chevron N/A
Hardcore Bike Driving ??? Gametop.com
Pixelo Puzzle Me Gusta N/A
Star Dominion Strategy Mentart N/A
Lucky Tower Adventure Exotworking Newgrounds.com
Ice Breaker: Freeze Frame Toy Nitrome N/A
Throw Me Arcade ThorGaming N/A
Princess Pipe Trapped V.3.1 Adult CreamBee N/A
Crash Them All Racing Ace Viral - Box 10 N/A
Double Edged Brawler Nitrome N/A
Megaman vs. Metroid Platformer Staticreator N/A
Idle Sword RPG Dabontv Itch.io
Super Energy Apocalypse Recycled Strategy LarsiusPrime N/A
A Crow in Hell Arcade N/A N/A
Ghost Motel 4: Outtakes Choose Your Own Adventure Violet-AIM N/A
EGZ (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Tank in Action Driving Peter Kaspar Gametornado
City Siege 3: Jungle Siege Shooter N/A N/A
defend / defen Action Terry Cavanagh N/A
Project Alnilam Puzzle Smartcode Mathnook.com
Cyberpurge Platformer Cyoses Games N/A
The Champions 07 Sports Gamesheep.com N/A
Azul Baronis Shooter AndrewMartin N/A
Ending Action st33d N/A
It's A Beautiful World Visual Novel Dark06Star N/A
Save the Dummy Puzzle Sandeep Saha N/A
Scooby Doo Monster Sandwich Arcade N/A N/A
Cheetos Chase Platformer Frito-Lay Inc, Neopets Neopets.com
Animal Sniper Squad Shooter Nickelodeon Addictinggames.com N/A
Homestar Runner Fortune Cookies Toy The Brothers Chaps N/A
Coast to Coast Quiz PBS N/A
Fay Escape 3 Adventure N/A N/A
Monster Corp Simulation LittleGiantWorld N/A
Miyuki Hentai Lucky Star Adult Kaijo N/A
Belial Chapter 1 Adventure keybol N/A
Widmer Beer Golf Sports Widmer Brothers N/A
Johnny Bravo My Dear Johnny Arcade Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
SpongeBob: Deep Sea Leap Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Exit Path 2 (Hacked) Runner jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Fay Escape 2 Adventure N/A N/A
I Wanna Kill the Cdiro 2 (Korean) Action Gemdiro www.zuzunza.com
Death by Hinge Arcade Shane de Silva Addictinggames.com
The Path of Hercules Variety Shockwave.com N/A
Fizzy Frenzy Strategy Irmirx N/A
More Mindless Violence Shooter Roboman Albino Blacksheep
SpongeBob: Krusty Cashier Arcade WorkinMan Nickelodeon
SpongeBob: The Krab-O-Matic 3000 Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
Fun in the Sun Adventure www.carmelgames.com N/A
Feed Us 3 Action Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Roman Rumble (Squirrel Family) Runner Mateusz Skutnik N/A
In Drmzzz Puzzle Nitrome Jam N/A
Motherload Platformer XGen Studios Miniclip.com
Strikeforce Kitty 2 Tower Defense Deqaf Studio Dojo
Caila Raven and the Black Book Adventure Esklavos N/A
Fold Platformer Jeff Nusz N/A
Block Blaster Puzzle UnboundedGames N/A
Awaken 2 - Rise Of Heroes Shooter Zero N/A
Major Madness Shooter Hammock ADB, Numbat Studios GameSprocket.com, DragonGamez.com
Climb the Plantation Platformer N/A N/A
Slipstream Speeders Racing Pete Baron N/A
-PURSUIT- Adventure Godlimations N/A
A Cupid's Day Arcade Orisinal N/A
Poker Superstars 2 Card Funkitron Shockwave.com
Samorost Adventure Amanita Design N/A
Everbound: Quest for Finality RPG Brett McLean N/A
Cluster Chaos Strategy N/A N/A
Bummin' A Ride Strategy finefin N/A
SpongeBob: A Log Way From Home Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Zombie Slash Arcade Glowing Eye Games N/A
Robot Wants Fishy Platformer Hamumu Software N/A
Bosozoku Fighters (Demo) Fighting Design Assembly N/A
Shadowreign RPG Axis Games N/A
Zee and the Alien Machine Adventure ClickShake N/A
I Saw Her Across The World Platformer krangGAMES N/A
SpongeBob: Invasion of the Patty Snatchers Tower Defense N/A Nickelodeon
SIMSEH 2: Milkania Adventure Hornblase MySexGames.com
Rabbit Wants Cake Platformer Jmtb02, Kevin Macleod Armorgames.com
Regular Show Park Strikers Puzzle Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Bullet Bill Arcade Psy City N/A
Draw Race Racing N/A RedLynx
Madness Interactive (Hacked) Shooter Flecko.net N/A
Hatch ver.0 Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Wild Wild West Shooter 2DPlay N/A
Rusty Lake Hotel Adventure RustyLake N/A
The Zombie 9 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Star Island Platformer N/A OJuegos.com
Crush the Castle Adventures Artillery joeybetz N/A
Bath Salts Zombies Shooter FreeGamePick.com N/A
Graveyard Shooter Actionflash N/A
Arkandian Legends 3: Explorer RPG undefined N/A
Texas Hold 'Em (TBS) Card TBS N/A
N3wton Shooter Zyzic N/A
SpongeBob: Jelly Jumpin' Jamboree Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Numbskull Puzzle Nitrome N/A
The Heist Racing JohnnyTwoShoes N/A
Jedi Trainer 2.0 Arcade lostvectors.com N/A
Abstract Arcade Shooter Sina Jafarzadeh Addictinggames.com
Great Dungeon in the Sky Platformer LordTim N/A
Take a Walk Platformer Bloblob N/A
Smokin Barrels Shooter gamesheep N/A
Bass Invaders Arcade PrettyMuchBryce Games N/A
Greetings from Potato Island Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Formula Racer Racing TurboNuke N/A
Bee Commando Strategy Bubblebox.com N/A
Hold The Rope Arcade Orisinal N/A
3D Xango Tango Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Onslaught Shooter Mckensie Herman, Michael Wells N/A
StarCraft FlashAction 3 Strategy N/A N/A
Chaos Invaders Arcade Glow Monkey N/A
Cinema Madness Adventure Carmel Games N/A
The Pocalypse Defense Shooter Green Pixel N/A
Arachnophilia Arcade DigYourOwnGrave Games N/A
DJ Maniax Rhythm Team Maniax Newgrounds.com
Jungle Magic Puzzle Ryz N/A
Fleabag vs. Mutt Artillery gametuner.com N/A
Paint Peggy's Feet WTF Fox N/A
Soccer Balls Puzzle TurboNuke N/A
Nekra Psaria 3 Adventure Drawmaneater N/A
Super Drift 3D Racing RumbleSushi3D N/A
You Can Choose! Itagora 21 or Intelligence Inspection 45 Escape the Room gokuraku_kung fu N/A
Mastermind: World Conqueror Strategy TheSwain Newgrounds.com
Agnry Faic Arcade Kabomb ArmorGames
Unreal Flash 3 Shooter CICLA N/A
Danny Phantom Portal Peril Shooter Nickleodeon N/A
Dromad Shooter TimeBlog N/A
Final Ninja Zero Platformer Nitrome N/A
Liquid Measure 2: Dark Fluid Level Pack Puzzle Smartcode N/A
Chasm Adventure Transience N/A
Oceanic (Squirrel Family) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
SHIFT: Freedom! Platformer Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Chris Ignatov, Chris Branscome, Daniel McNeely, Joel Atkinson Armorgames.com
Final Fantasy Sonic X Episode 6 Visual Novel BlackDevilX, Shard-Spider N/A
Chinese Checkers (AllMyFaves.com) Strategy HALC N/A
Word Roundup: Bingo Express Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Fig. 8 Arcade Greg Wholwend N/A
Sift Heads Cartels Act 2 Shooter Pyrozen N/A
Emma: It's Valentine Day! Puzzle Difference Games LLC N/A
Casanova Arcade Orisinal N/A
Sudden Aviator Shooter Xraven13 N/A
Barnville Massacre Shooter ahjee.com N/A
Frost Platformer Vadim Chaykin N/A
HWS Simulator Shooter EOTech N/A
Christmas Escape 2 Escape the Room Neutral N/A
Pixel 2 Shooter Hero Interactive Flash Game Nexus
Infinite Tower RPG RPG Game Jelly N/A
Fireball Frenzy Fighting Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Chris ignatov, Joel Atkinson, Armorgames.com
60 Seconds to Save The Queen Platformer soapaintnice N/A
Armor Trigger Shooter Godlimations N/A
Flashpoint Shooter Godlimations N/A
In The Dog House Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Lego: The Robot Chronicles Arcade N/A LEGO
Juri Han Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Ms Pacman Arcade Neave.com N/A
Skate Tokyo!!! (Hacked) Arcade LiquidGeneration.com N/A
Call Of Duty Shooter N/A N/A
Cosmo Kramer's Hentai Adventure Visual Novel MessYouUpMac N/A
The Last Door Chapter 2: Memories Adventure TheGameKitchen N/A
Room Escape 7 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Perfect Shot Shooter Oscar Galvez N/A
Promiscuous Design WTF Jason Nelson N/A
Icebeak Arcade Nitrome N/A
Cute Explosions Shooter SinclairStrange N/A
Sexy No Jutso Adult HentaiKey N/A
SpongeBob: Invasion of the Lava King RPG N/A Nickelodeon
Mermaid City Adventure Mouse City N/A
Cyber SWAT Action N/A N/A
MoneySeize Platformer Matt Makes Games Kongregate.com
Atlantis Quest Puzzle TERMINAL Studio, Playrix N/A
Suspense II Puzzle N/A N/A
Armor Trigger 2 Shooter Godlimations N/A
Go Go Plant 2 Runner Mausland CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Zoi the Escape Arcade Poki N/A
Soda Dungeon Lite RPG ArmorGames.com N/A
Super Mud Mania Racing Xform N/A
Metroid Prime - Trivia Quiz Nintendo N/A
Newgrounds Levels Tutorial Julio C. Lopes Newgrounds.com
Holiday Time Travel Escape: Christmas Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Colgate Attack of the Plaque! Arcade Colgate, Neopets Neopets.com
Cody Jones and the Island of Death Adventure Inka Games N/A
Eridani Strategy Ben Olding Games N/A
Marshmallow Gorge Arcade SugarToast N/A
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 5 Toy Filipe Sheepwolf OnlineDJGames.com, ArcadeCabin.com
First Day Frenzy (The Office) Simulation Red i Studios N/A
Level Up! Platformer Nifty Hat Newgrounds.com
Tank 2012 Shooter FreeWorldGroup N/A
Daily Word Search Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Glyph Puzzle Sandlot Games N/A
Mutango Shooter N/A N/A
Psychopath Pac Man Puzzle Anders Hansson N/A
Light People on Fire Platformer Dabontv, Sun Studios, Daniel Sun, Kongregate.com
DUI Puzzle Logos Lu N/A
Chicks`N`Dicks 2 Puzzle HALC Newgrounds.com
Colorshift Puzzle Cathelius N/A
Cunt Shooter Edmund McMillen & Florian Himsl N/A
Devil Crusade Brawler Oddity N/A
Annoying Orange Pinball Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
The Budget Invasion Puzzle joeybetz, Armor Games N/A
Moto X3M Motocross FlashRush Games N/A
Slush Invaders Game Action Gildedguy N/A
FLTron 2.5 Arcade Mefuzzy.com N/A
Alexia Crow: The Pandora's Box (Hacked) Adventure Questtracers N/A
Night Lights Puzzle bombocracker N/A
Current Capers Puzzle Armegalo BBC's Blue Planet Website
Find It! (The UPS Store) Find Arkadium N/A
Save Sammy Maze! Action PETA N/A
Cubi Kill 4 Adventure N/A N/A
Club Penguin Puffle Bowling (Beta Team) Arcade Disney N/A
Sum Ten Arcade ABAGames N/A
Castle Cat Platformer Wiesi-Mausland N/A
Papa's Hot Doggeria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Stripe Party Adult Jasonafex, Twang N/A
Colourblind Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Temple Glider Arcade Nitrome N/A
Chess Quest! Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Snaaaake! Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Madmen Racing Racing FlashRush Games N/A
Family Disassembly (Russian) Arcade Green Snake, Kstudio.ru N/A
Demologic 2 Level Pack Puzzle Maras N/A
Zombie Tank Driving Gametornado Gametornado
The Tower 47F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Jane's Hotel Family Hero Simulation Realore Studios Shockwave.com
Bow Contest Artillery Nitrome N/A
Nightfury Maker Dress-Up Wyndbain N/A
Nuclear Outrun Racing nerdook N/A
Crown Cave Platformer launch_44 N/A
The Mail Carrier of Wizard Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Pepsi Max Breakout Arcade Graphico New Media N/A
Galaxians Shooter Hairy Bullet Games N/A
The Alien's Adventure 3 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Super Samurai Sweeper Adventure nerdook N/A
Virtual Curling Sports Mousebreaker N/A
Volleyball (Arkadium) Sports Arkadium N/A
Colour Connect (Hacked) Puzzle King.com King.com
Deadly Neighbours 2 Strategy Nerdook, Ockeroid N/A
Dream Hopper Platformer Nitrome Jam N/A
Pop-Tarts: Apple Strudel Arcade Pop-Tarts, Kellogg N/A
The Thief Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Where is 2011? Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Caveman (Miniclip) Arcade Miniclip N/A
Domino Draw Toy FreeOnlineGames.com N/A
Hostility - Battle Garden Arcade Net Terminator Hyper Game Studio Newgrounds.com
StarCraft FlashAction 5 Strategy N/A N/A
Potty Parking Arcade Gonzo Games N/A
Absorbed Platformer DanilosFlasher N/A
Alphattack Typing Miniclip N/A
Sex Kitten: Day Care Adult Forkheadsteam N/A
Mario Halloween Truck Driving Pupugames.com Pupugames.com
Raze 3 Shooter Sky9 Games N/A
MySims Racing Toy EA N/A
Hanger Action Christian Ostman Andkon.com
Esklavos Chapter 5 Adventure N/A N/A
Armed with Wings Brawler Sun Studios ArmorGames.com
Particle Psychosis Toy Armegalo N/A
Riddle School 4 Adventure JonBro N/A
Slime Laboratory 2 Platformer Neutronized N/A
Super Dangerous Dungeons Platformer AdventureIslands N/A
XRAYE Puzzle Miniclip N/A
Twilight's Library Defense Shooter CertaintyPrinciple N/A
Sacred Treasure RPG IriySoft N/A
Sex Kitten: HELL!!!11 Adult YomToxic, lengendary-41, Newpurple N/A
NyaHaX 2010 Shooter alty (game design, original programming), nanoray (game design, graphics), fin (music), NEW (music), claude (music), Tatsuya Yamada (Music Arrange), MoN (Flash programming) Bio_100%
Batman Brawl Fighting Warnerbros, Uppercut Animation Uppercutanimation.com
Darnell's Recount Brawler ItsTheAshtray N/A
Temari's Motion Adult HentaiKey N/A
Mega Man RPG 2 RPG Lord Evil N/A
The Sagittarian 3 Adventure Hyptosis N/A
Dead Paradise 3 Action Point Publishing N/A
School House Rush Platformer Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Baba Yaga Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Orange Runner Arcade Maxwelldoggums N/A
Onomastica 2 Platformer mif2000 N/A
A.R.C.S. Action BigDino N/A
Viper Ace Racing Inbox Digital DaimlerChrysler Corporation
Jumble Crosswords Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Tortuga 2 Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Pink Panic (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Virtua Pikey Fighting Kerb N/A
Headcrab Invasion Arcade Ilia Matrosov N/A
Cyber Mice Party 2003 Puzzle Neodelight N/A
Danger Girl Action Game1000, Neocrew N/A
Bejeweled 1 Puzzle Popcap Games N/A
Iron Sight Shooter Tanaka U Nitroplus, Project Phantom, Media Factory
Ghost Trick Girls Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Totem Destroyer II Puzzle Gabs.tv Newgrounds.com
Pufworld: Creator Dress-Up 4as N/A
Call of Spring Platformer MutantLeg, MMXV, Arteria3d Itch.io
Hot Blood Boxing Sports Andy Law N/A
Mario Forever Flash Platformer Mauft Softendo.com
Pumpkin Remover Puzzle Gaz Thomas N/A
Motoko Kusanagi Hentai Game Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Drop Dead Extended Edit Arcade Ttursas N/A
Photon Baby Platformer Jeremias Babini N/A
Spec Ops: War on Terrorism Variety WebRadium Miniclip.com
Card Game of Pollinosis Arcade Nextframe.jp N/A
Volt Connect 2 Puzzle FlashTeam MAD.com
Computer Dreams Puzzle Nitrome Jam N/A
Sweet Planet Tower Defense N/A GameArk
Bjol Action WeDoYouPlay Addicinggames.com
Lindwurm Riders (Demo) Platformer Design Assembly N/A
Goblins Heart Brawler Master-Fury N/A
Little Submarine Action N/A N/A
Wheely 5: Armageddon Puzzle Pegas Games N/A
Bloopers Puzzle Lushpigan Alexandr (or Cool Math Games
Coinbox Hero Platformer John Cooney (jmtb02) Armorgames.com
Film School: The Interactive Adventure Adventure PLem N/A
Track the Ball Puzzle Midnight Ludobox.com
Dragonbomb Puzzle AddictingGames N/A
Dino Run Runner PixelJam Games XGenStudios.com
Code Lyoko: Frelion (Hornet) Attack Arcade France 3 N/A
Halloween Trick or Treat Escape 4 Escape the Room WowEscape.com N/A
Strike of War Shooter Storigine Studios N/A
Polar Jump (Squirrel Family) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Rogue Soul II Platformer Argl, Kuhogan N/A
Haunt the House Puzzle Super Flash Bros ArmorGames.com
Rage III Action Seth Wooten StickPage.com
Endeavor Platformer Zillix Newgrounds.com
Garden Guardians Tower Defense Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Dan Mcneely, Wonchop, Jimp Armorgames.com
Boys' Life Battle Boats Arcade N/A N/A
AltSHIFT (Hacked) Platformer Tony N/A
Dogfight Action Rock Solid Arcade N/A
ToonTown Cog Target Practice Action Disney N/A
The Watcher's Chamber Adventure Igor Krutov N/A
A Blob's Tale 2 Platformer Gazsmithgames N/A
The Missile Game 3D Arcade DX Interactive N/A
Hacky Sack Jr. Sports 2DArcade.com N/A
Guess the Word Arcade PorchLight Entertainment, PBS N/A
Male Furry Dollmaker Dress-Up geN8hedgehog N/A
Tsunami Level 1 (Demo) Shooter JustinBaldwin N/A
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 4 Find Sherlockian-Sherlock N/A
Spanx and Redmond Arcade Whiplash N/A
Orb Puzzle MasterFury Games N/A
Cat God vs Sun King 2 Strategy nerdook N/A
Little Protectors Tower Defense Little Keir Brown N/A
Cyclomaniacs Epic Driving TurboNuke N/A
Tontie ver.1 Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Stitch Tiki Bowl Sports Disney N/A
Consult the Shopkeeper (Prequel Adventure) Visual Novel Kazerad N/A
かえるの王子さま まちがいさがし Find Yukawa's Soft N/A
Fragger Puzzle Harold Brenes ArmorGames.com
TONTOKO FAMILY Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
The Zombie 2 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Crystal Story RPG Lanstrash Newgrounds.com
MLP: FiM Flash Game 2 Arcade Yeaka N/A
Million Face Man Action SuitsnNukes N/A
Endless War 6 Shooter VitalyZ ArcadeTown
Interior Living Toy Spacecoma N/A
Attache Puzzle Zombie Flesh Eaters N/A
Rise Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Scooby Doo: The Hounted Mansion Arcade N/A N/A
Reese's Puffs: Dance Battle Rhythm All Things Media N/A
Chibi Princess Maker Dress-Up Idea Studios EnjoyDressUp.com
The Tower 30F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Monkey Kart Racing GamesGames.com N/A
Rescue an Alien's Child Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Clockwork Cat Puzzle patrickgh3 N/A
Rescuenator Puzzle Gametornado Gametornado
Brother Adventure N/A N/A
Sift Heads 4 Shooter WebCypher FreeGames.ca
Violet Sky Puzzle Finaluzi, Zodiak N/A
Cluckin' Bell Toy Rockstar Games N/A
Sieger Puzzle Anton Fredoruk N/A
Ragdoll Salvation Arcade Bubble Box N/A
Malapa's Challenge Adventure Septimus N/A
Asteroids Arcade N/A N/A
Red Driver 4 Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Clear Vision 5 Shooter Daani N/A
Random Defence Tower Defense Armegalo Funnylishus.com
Galactic Gravity Golf Deluxe Sports Armegalo Armorgames.com
Seppukitties Level Builder Puzzle Tony N/A
Crossword Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Eggway Arcade D of I Addictinggames.com
Xiao Xiao No. 4 Shooter Zhu Zhiquanq N/A
Whack A Difference Arcade Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Treasure Box Puzzle N/A N/A
Magical Glory Shooter YepiGames N/A
[Borealis] Arcade Icarus N/A
Environ Arcade ABAGames N/A
Leon's Bucking Bronco Arcade CBC Kids N/A
Puppy Stew Variety Justin Leingang N/A
Other Age Second Encounter - Demo Dating Sim Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
Create a Fursona V3 Male Dress-Up Tony64 N/A
Pac-Xon Puzzle JustFreeGames N/A
Blacklight Adventure N/A N/A
T-Zero TurboX Racing KillerViral N/A
Sherlock Holmes Escape Escape the Room Addicting Games N/A
Grid Lock Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Imperfect Balance 2 Puzzle ttursas Ltd. N/A
Aqua Boy Action Duncan Fenn N/A
Abandon Tomorrow Shooter Zero N/A
Whack a Groundhog Arcade TechRadium N/A
The Tower 43F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Clucker Toss Arcade Bubblegum.com Bubblegum.com
Escape from Japanese Garden 3 Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Solitaire (Eyezmaze) Card Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 11 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Abuba the Alien Adventure Pencil Kids N/A
Agony: The Portal Brawler OneExtraGames, Rojahn Ahmadi, Ilya Shabanov, Bjorn Lynne, Pierre Langer, N/A
Blobs - Peg Solitaire 2 Puzzle NetCent Communications N/A
HomeRun Arcade WagenSchenke.com N/A
Mah Jong Quest Puzzle Iwin.com Shockwave.com
Larry: Big Dipper Arcade Jazza Studios N/A
Front Runner Shooter Uncle Handsalt N/A
Super Secret Spy Guy 4 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Moral Kombat Fighting Orb Games N/A
Covert Front 2: Station on the Horizon Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Fuka Ayase Hentai Adult Kaijo N/A
Bumble Numbers 1 Quiz Funbrain N/A
The Tower 23F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Club Penguin Fluffy the Fish 2.0 (Beta Team) Arcade Disney N/A
Fractured 4 Platformer N/A N/A
Versus Umbra Shooter Arkuni BubbleBox.com
Mighty Spidy Action gamesgames.com N/A
Defuse and Escape Escape the Room PM3D FlashGames.ca
Nano War 2 Strategy Benoit Freslon Kongregate
Rocky Rider Driving Chillcade N/A
Abandoned in Luxury Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Escape the Dungeon Escape the Room Melting Mindz N/A
Donkey Kong Country Family Portrait Toy Nintendo, Neopets Neopets.com
SpongeBob: Camping Chaos! Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Nimin - Fetish Fantasy Adult Xadera FurAffinity.net
Anastasia Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Free Space Invaders Arcade Smashing Arcade N/A
SpongeBob: Reef Rumble Fighting N/A Nickelodeon
Darts (Arkadium) Sports Arkadium N/A
Trivia Machine Puzzle N/A Miniclip.com
Ahchoo Puzzle ahjee! UltimateFlashGame.com Addictinggames.com
Secret Collect Action Videlectrix N/A
London Cabbie Driving Mousebreaker N/A
Dress Up Alice in Wonderland Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
SpongeBob: Oh Snap! Road Trip! Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Christmas Break (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Kill the Plumber 2 Platformer Keybol N/A
Mario Tennis Power Tour - Bicep Pump Arcade Nintendo N/A
Koga Akemi Hentai Adult Kaijo N/A
Windows RG Toy jamesweb N/A
Epic Riffs Rhythm Flash for Breakfast N/A
Tripeaks Solitaire (Classic) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Shooter Sean Cooper N/A
Grow Valley Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
GhettOut Adventure N/A N/A
Crash Tag Team Racing Arcade Neopets, Universal Interactive Neopets.com
The Great Chowder Escape Arcade Cartoon Network cartoonnetwork.com
Riddle School 5 Adventure JonBro N/A
Horseland Variety Horseland LLC N/A
Pedro and the 100 Year Quest (BL) Platformer N/A N/A
Dark Soul: Path of Awakening Shooter Vempire Tales Gametop.com
Pencak Silat 2.1 Fighting Jannata N/A
Kill The Old Man From Zelda Toy I-Mockery.com N/A
Mickey and Pete in Stage Fright! Arcade Disney N/A
Gravitat Puzzle Isaac Williams ArmorGames.com
Minerbot Arcade 31eee384 N/A
Shields of Gemland Puzzle RemiVision N/A
Pimp My Gun Simulation Doctor Noob N/A
Futurama Saw Game Adventure Inka Games N/A
Itchana Tchones 2 (French) Platformer N/A Zanorg.com
Johnny Upgrade Platformer Gameshot N/A
Beach Volleyball (Demo) Sports Design Assembly N/A
Zombie Society Dead Detective: Murder Case Adventure Interactales N/A
Jet Gunner Mini Action Sinclair Strange N/A
MiniGolf Pro Sports GregAnims N/A
Time Fcuk Platformer Edmund McMillen Newgrounds.com
Open Doors 2 Puzzle soapaintnice N/A
Arrival in Hell Adventure Skideh & Cicla Rusty Games
Whack Your Boss Toy Doodie.com N/A
The Magical Forest Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Strife! Arcade MS Paints Adventures Gametornado.com
Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 2 Rhythm BekhoTeam, Nicolas Villarroel, Bruno Camousseigt, Sebastian Franccini, Joe Thurber Bekhoteam.net
Pirates vs Ninjas Artillery LongAnimals N/A
House Flip Simulation Article 19, Shockwave, Robert Gordon, Francis Vidal, Phil Desmarais, Francois Jolin, Iohann M. Miller, Michael Ruppert, Jan Ruocco Shockwave.com
Evolution Squared Arcade Sir Realism N/A
Sanguine II Platformer Ray Beckham N/A
BigJump Challenge Sports agens N/A
Thin Ice Arcade Nitrome N/A
Family Guy Victory is Ours Shooter Fox Fox
The Bright In The Screen Adventure HapPie N/A
Boxball Pong Cmdr.Edem N/A
Rizzoli and Isles - The Masterpiece Murders Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Test Subject Complete Arcade Nitrome N/A
Jetbot Arcade Psycho Studios N/A
Puzzle Bubble Arcade CosmicTopia.com N/A
Hippolyta Arcade Evil Dog Newgrounds.com
Iris & The Giant Strategy LudoCube N/A
Fishball Arcade Orisinal N/A
Magical Arkanoid Arcade Mengtt.com N/A
Combat Heaven Next Shooter Gamepure N/A
Zenon Mega Blast Shooter Gametop.com N/A
Mad Monday Arcade Mausland CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Football Star Sports King N/A
Kombat Fighters King of the Kards Card Wlin N/A
Soom Platformer AimarGames N/A
My Lil' Bastard Simulation Adult Swim Battleon.com
Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour Dress-Up Shockwave.com N/A
Dangerous Dungeons Platformer AdventureIslands N/A
Submarine Rescue Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Dakota Winchester Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Soakamon Action EStudio Shockwave.com
IcyGifts Arcade Silen Games N/A
The Fog Fall 3 Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Krager & Heather Adult Mittsies, Pizzacat, PalmarianFire, Matthias, Commissioned by Da_Krager Mittsies.com
Stinger Mission (EN Crazy Flasher 6) Shooter bbplayer.net N/A
Invertion Platformer HighUpStudio N/A
loops of zen Puzzle Arend Hintze N/A
The Legend of Krystal v.G Adventure Gorepete N/A
Slave to Pleasure Adult Fatelogic Newgrounds.com
Nancy Drew and the Ransom of the Seven Ships Puzzle Her Interactive N/A
Adventure Factory Toy Addictinggames and Freaky Tiki Addictinggames.com
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Phineas and Ferb Find Perry Puzzle Disney N/A
Red Ball 4: Volume 3 Platformer Evgeniy Fedoseev N/A
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4 Wheel Madness Motocross N/A FlashGames247.com
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Love Arcade Contrebasse_ N/A
Escape from Elm Street Escape the Room Afro Ninja Productions N/A
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Windhawk Shooter Tony N/A
Puzzle Rescue Prime Puzzle Adult Swim N/A
Daymare Town 3 Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Johnny Rocketfingers 2 Adventure Ryan Khatam, NegativeONE N/A
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Wild Wipers Arcade Quimdung N/A
Disposabot Platformer N/A N/A
King of Buttons 2 Toy GameCubicle N/A
Galaxy Angel: Sim Date RPG Adult Klacid, TENT N/A
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Queen Hunt Adult PABISSHU N/A
Bowja the Ninja 3.5 - Fall of Yokai Adventure Pencilkids N/A
Operate Now! Dental Implant Simulation A10 N/A
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Arcuz II: Dungeons RPG Funnaut ArmorGames.com
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wOne Motocross Sean Cooper N/A
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במבה: בעקבות החטיף החטוף (Bamba Snack Quest) Adventure Gal Mamalya (Baboon) N/A
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Jailbreak Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
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Sift Heads Remasterized Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Berzerk Ball 2 Arcade Berzerk Studio Bubblebox.com
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Zelda Wind Waker Interactive Toy Nintendo Nintendo
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Scarlet Stranger Adventure Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Dan Mcneely, Adam Vian - Super Flash Bros Tommy Robin - Ockeroid, Lucy Lavelle, Joel Atkinson, John Cooney - JMTB02 Armorgames.com
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Captain America: Shield of Justice Platformer Big Pixel Studios N/A
Epic Battle Fantasy 4.4: Bullet Heaven 2 Shooter Kupo707 N/A
Svengoolie Arcade StringAnime.com N/A
Attack of the Buggles Arcade The Casual Collective N/A
Sweet Tarts Hockey Challenge Arcade ‎Nestle, Neopets Neopets.com
London Bus Parking 2 Driving Gang of Gamers N/A
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Hyper Travel Arcade Danilos Games N/A
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Rose & Camellia Fighting Nigoro N/A
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Pee Wee's Ice Fishing Adventure (Boy's Life) Arcade N/A N/A
The Legend of Krystal v0.2 Adult PlayShapes N/A
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2012 Shelter Adventure Abroy N/A
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Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt 2 Adventure Jeff Wesley, Glenn Zimmerman, Tom Beatty, Eddie Hitze Garfield.com
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Ambition Episode 9: The Marriage Counselor Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
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Shooting Range Shooter Zombie Flesh Eaters N/A
UFO Joe Arcade N/A N/A
Dress My Babe 4 Dress-Up GeneticEye N/A
Shaun the Sheep: Home Sheep Home Platformer Aardman Digital N/A
Warlords: Epic Conflict Strategy Ben Olding Games N/A
Indestructotank Anniversary Edition Action Tony ArmorGames.com
Retardo and the Iron Golem Puzzle Pencil Kids N/A
Play Me A Melody Adult EroPharaoh, OolayTiger N/A
Dragon Age Journeys RPG Electronic Arts N/A
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My Sweet 16: School Musical Dress-Up urbansquall N/A
Doug: A Miner Inconvenience Runner Aaants N/A
Age of War Strategy Louissi MaxGames.com
Mission to Mars Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Balloon Twist Puzzle SmileyGamer N/A
Palisade Guardian Shooter Mark Loika, Vortix Games Studio, Rolling Thunder-SoundRangers N/A
Miami Shark Arcade Mausland Newgrounds.com
Cactus McCoy Platformer Flipline Studios N/A
Rebuild 2 Strategy Two Towers Games N/A
Chinese Street Shooter N/A N/A
StealthBound Level Pack Puzzle Ridlake N/A
Jimmy & Timmy Power Hour 2: Co-Pilot Chaos Shooter Nick N/A
Dragon Pants 2 Arcade Lars A. Doucet N/A
Filler 2 Puzzle SimianLogic Shockwave.com
A Rabbit Fable Adventure Antennaria Games N/A
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H.A.L.C. Slot 7 - Sexy Holidays (Special New Year Edition) Gambling HALC Newgrounds.com
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Field Command 2 Strategy Buliwyfff ArmorGames.com
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Swords and Sandals 2 RPG 3rdsense.com N/A
Clobe: the portal adventure Platformer Rusty Fruit N/A
Rock Paper Scissors: Extreme Deathmatch Fighting THIS IS POP N/A
ToonTown Cog Invasion: Throw Shooter Disney N/A
Upgrade Complete 2 Shooter Tony ArmorGames.com
Cube Escape Theatre Escape the Room Rusty Lake N/A
Fatal Hunt Shooter N/A N/A
BioZombie Shooter Shooter Crazygames888.com N/A
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Alliant Tower Defense Small Arms Studio N/A
Zombie Smasher Action Tremorgames Dmitriy Zaletov, Viktor Oleynikov, Dmitriy Petyakin N/A
Snail Bob 6 Puzzle Hunter Hamster A10.com
Worm's Adventure Runner Arkadium N/A
Foxy Sniper Pirate Shootout Shooter ultimate flash game archive, Joel Breton, Robert Dark Angel, Rondo Brothers Addictinggames
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Minions, Monsters, and Madness RPG NeverLuckyGS N/A
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Elf Snowball Fight! Arcade New Line Productions Inc, Neopets Neopets.com
Zombieland Arcade urbansquall N/A
Crazy Climber Arcade N/A N/A
Pussymon: Episode 33 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Causality - 2 Adventure N/A N/A
Bilhar (Portuguese) Sports N/A Gamesx.com
Fullmetal Alchemist: Flameout Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Friendly Fire Blood and Gore Arcade Spelgrim, Olle Lundahl, Liselotte Heimdahl. Niklas Strom ArmorGames.com
Rings and Sticks Puzzle komix-games N/A
Yet Another Roguelike RPG ampersandbear N/A
Itchana Tchones 4 Alien Wars (French) Platformer Pixel Vengeur Zanorg.com
Bloodbath Avenue 2 Shooter N/A N/A
Short Circuit Pinball Fliplash N/A
Goosplosion Puzzle Submu, Michael W, Koliomeno, David W, Herbertboland, Flasher21, Pauliep83, Kevin Macleod(Incompetech) Addictinggames.com
Dog Petting Simulator Toy EmilyM N/A
Avant-Garde RPG AD1337 N/A
The Torture Chamber II Puzzle Scott Productions N/A
Creeper World 2: Academy Strategy Knuckle Cracker N/A
Realistic Internet Simulator Arcade Rob Manuel N/A
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 Rhythm Shinki N/A
Rob Baggio's Magical Kicks Sports N/A N/A
G.I. Joe Valley Of Flame Air Assault Action N/A N/A
Aeroplane (Squirrel Family) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Bobble Star Shooter Christmas Arcade Bara-Diction N/A
Bad Ice-Cream Action Nitrome N/A
Jailbreak 2 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Blue Rabbit's Reelin' Roundup Arcade The Super Flash Bros N/A
Sift Heads 2 Shooter WebCypher N/A
Mushroom Madness Tower Defense Silen Games, King.com N/A
Dave Fearless is Stuntdriver Driving Bad Viking and RobotJam N/A
Crystal Story 2 RPG Lanstrash N/A
Sushi Cat 4: The Honeymoon Arcade Armor Games N/A
Ragdoll Achievement Toy Pegas Games N/A
Bunny Invasion II Shooter GP Studios Bubblebox.com
Demonic Defence 3 Action Antitude Games StickPage.com
Amateur Ninja Puzzle Adult Swim N/A
Slide N'Loop Puzzle Mediatonic N/A
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Deady Action Artix Entertainment N/A
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Snowy Pines Asylum Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
2.30 Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Apple Jack's Sky High Race to the Taste Arcade Kelloggs, Neopets Neopets.com
Club Penguin Fluffy the Fish 1.0 (Beta Team) Arcade Disney N/A
Dice Dice Baby Arcade Arkadium N/A
The Last Shelter Tower Defense Toffee Games N/A
Ballistic Biscuit Arcade Rocketsnail Games N/A
Sunburn Arcade Unknown Armorgames.com
Black IV - Time of Revenge Shooter N/A N/A
The Story of Brewster Chipptooth Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Claire's Necklace Find Sveka Games N/A
Toilet War Action N/A N/A
Uirdz Platformer paste42 N/A
ToonTown Puzzle 1 Puzzle Disney N/A
Boxhead 2Play Shooter Sean Cooper CrazyMonkeyGames.com
The Lost Kingdom Prophecy Variety Shockwave.com N/A
Fractured Platformer N/A N/A
Revert to Growth 2 Puzzle Aethos Games N/A
Treehouse Hero Action Maxgames N/A
The Savior Brawler ArcadeBomb N/A
Big Kahuna Reef Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Alien Attack Team Shooter Ace Viral Addictinggames.com
Mr. Mothball 4: Zen Moth Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
PixEvo: The Fountain Platformer Evil Dog Newgrounds.com
Falling Lady Toy N/A N/A
Color World Origins Puzzle dsoul team Coolmath-games.com
Alfy Builds a Fort Visual Novel ALFY N/A
Excavate! Strategy scriptwelder N/A
PhysLabs Action TOGE Productions N/A
Cressamzomb: Chasseur de Zombies Action Uzinagaz N/A
Puzzle Farter Platformer Pet Tomato N/A
Nude Runner WTF Uzinagaz N/A
Snowboard Stunts Sports Mateuz Skutnik N/A
Unstable Puzzle David Cool Math Games
Manifold Platformer Joel Esler Kongregate.com
Submachine: the Basement (version 1) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Let's Play Ancient Greek Punishment Arcade Pippin Barr N/A
Animals - Home Free! Puzzle ktrepanier N/A
Roly-Poly Cannon Puzzle Johnny-K N/A
Vanilla ver.0 Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Faith Fighter Fighting Molleindustria N/A
Tamara - Chips Attack Arcade ja.games N/A
Fathom Platformer JoeCreates N/A
Sift Heads: World Act 5 Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Wake Up the Box 3 Puzzle Eugene Karataev N/A
Picma 2 Puzzle Moonberry Studios N/A
Furby Dance Game Rhythm Hasbro Hasbro.com
Chicken Grow Adventure Bart Bonte N/A
Tumble Tiles Beta Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Aldo and Gus - The Skeleton Key Adventure Elex and Eugene Plotnikov N/A
Fault Line Platformer Nitrome Nitrome.com
Dress Up Sona Dress-Up HatterMadness N/A
Romance of Rome Puzzle Awem Studio Shockwave.com
3D Motorbike Racing Racing N/A N/A
Stick Figure Suicide Simulation Ringfinger N/A
Thelemite Arcade Sosker N/A
Creative Kill Chamber Adventure ESP Animation Gametornado.com
10 Gnomes 2: Walk in the Park Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
2K40 Adventure Creo N/A
Mortimer Beckett and the Time Paradox Find GameHouse N/A
The Bottom of the Sea Arcade Orisinal N/A
Cartoon Network Food Bash Shooter Cartoon Network N/A
CSI: Squeak Sneak (Hacked) Puzzle PBS N/A
Endless War 7 Shooter VitalyZ ArcadeTown
Pimp My Zombie Dress-Up ArcadeTown N/A
Fishing Craze Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Buzzin' Action Armegalo ScienceYear.com
KenKen Puzzle KenKen Puzzle LLC Shockwave
Army of Ages Strategy Louissi N/A
Earn to Die 2012 Motocross Toffee Games NotDoppler.com
Shop Empire 2 Simulation Didik Kurniawan N/A
Billy Bob Abduction Arcade Sarbakan N/A
War Heroes: France 1944 Shooter mmankt N/A
Snowdrift Adventure Placeable N/A
M-Bot: The Game Shooter FrostedMuffins, MindChamber, BeatBreaker187 N/A
F1 Pit Challenge Racing Inbox Digital Reuters
The Sagittarian Choose Your Own Adventure Hyptosis N/A
Rally Point 2 Racing Xform N/A
Chocobo's Snowboard Glide Sports N/A N/A
Asphyx Platformer Droqen N/A
Code Lyoko's Galaxy Shooter France 3 N/A
Fortress Magnus Shooter Armor Games N/A
YOUR FACE (full) Puzzle finefin N/A
Snowman Stacker Arcade smashingideas.com N/A
Pussymon 1.1 (Prologue) RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Larry: Gnomergeddon Brawler Jazza Studios N/A
Marbly Puzzle Wild Snake Software Shockwave.com
Naruto Chunin Showdown Puzzle Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
The Pinball Adventure Arcade N/A N/A
30 Rock: The Boardroom Puzzle King N/A
Tremerz Arcade Tom Fulp Newgrounds.com
Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Adventure Shockwave.com N/A
Clock Legends Platformer Cableshaft, Tritoch, and Aeiri N/A
Sniper (Lime) Shooter Lime N/A
Free Fred Shooter MyPlayYard Games N/A
Hotel Dash Suite Success Simulation Playfirst Inc Shockwave.com
An Escape Series 1 Escape the Room Afro Ninja Productions N/A
Sky Knight Shooter Black Moon Design N/A
The Chalice of Marfa Adventure BoobMarley N/A
Screamin' Beans Toy Simon Panrucker N/A
Sonic Pong Pong coco-crack DeviantArt
Parasol Fall Platformer Nintendo N/A
Nanao's Gift Adult HentaiKey N/A
The Breach Shooter Berzerk Studio Kongregate.com
Deliver that Fulp Adventure PaperBat Newgrounds.com
Wacky Ballz 2 Platformer One Sly Fox N/A
Falling Sands Simulation ajs11893 N/A
The Tower 59F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Seventh Sky + Action Tanaka U Nextframe
Baku: The Dream Eater Puzzle Nitrome Jam N/A
Mr Meaty: The Game Platformer N/A N/A
Z-Wars Tower Defense z-fox N/A
Chainsaw Cat to the Rescue Runner Molegato N/A
Castle Wars 2.5 Strategy Mads S. Lundemo, RobotJAM, Jon Ninja Kiwi
Chef's Mystery Special Toy Nick Online N/A
WereBox Puzzle Vogd N/A
How to Make a Game Puzzle Keybol N/A
Scooby-Doo Magic Mystery Mansion Action Warnerbros Gamerightnow.info
Central Alien Agency Shooter Yury "Rigo" Grigoryev N/A
Dethtris Platformer Arkadium N/A
Must Escape The Castle Adventure Selfdefiant Melting Mindz
The Enchanted Cave RPG Dustin Auxier, Alonso Rojas, Orgdot Armorgames.com
This Day in U.S. History: The Game Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Achievement Unlocked 3 Platformer jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Cosmosphere Binary Stage Level 1 Visual Novel Koei Tecmo N/A
Free Rider 2 Motocross Pete N/A
Windy Days Arcade Orisinal N/A
Catch the Turkey Arcade Acregreetings.com N/A
Co-operation Platformer I-Smel N/A
Acno's Energizer Puzzle UseLab N/A
Nightmares 2 - Who Wants to Frame Hairy Debully Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Gold Defense Shooter N/A Addictinggames.com
Speed Barrier Arcade ABAGames N/A
Metro.Siberia Underground Action Wind Up Enertainment N/A
Battleship: the beginning Strategy Avox Games Andkon.com
Escape Inc Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Atari Yars' Revenge Arcade Atari N/A
SpecificMail Advergame Arcade SpecificMail N/A
Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself): Airport Edition Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Dynasty Street Brawler EON Dissolute Productions
Pico's School DX Adventure Kenney N/A
Zombie Attack Shooter Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Agricelino, Thief1337, DaGrahamCraka Newgrounds.com
Winnie The Pooh's Home Run Derby Sports Disney N/A
Fuzzy McFluffenstein Platformer Diseased Productions N/A
Kung Fu Chef Arcade Angry Tomato Addictinggames.com
Shockwave's This Day In History: The Game Puzzle David L. Hoyt Shockwave
DragonAge Legends Remix 01 RPG Pixelante Gamestudios, EA2D, Mark Spenner Evan Miller, Ethan Levy, Doug Cherner, Elliot Wang, Ivan Ortega Derek Smith, Brian Battistini N/A
PowerPuff Girls Mine Recon Arcade Warner Bros, Neopets Neopets.com
Angry Kid - Bored Game Toy Armegalo N/A
010 World Cup Prep Sports Tremor Games N/A
Bomboozle Puzzle Megadev Andkon.com
Twins Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Phineas and Ferb New Years Blast Action Disney N/A
Moby Dick: The Video Game Arcade Mostro Games ArmorGames.com
The Sea of Glomp Adventure Paul M. Kramm Newgrounds, Jay Is Games
Glass Delivery Puzzle Maras N/A
Star Bound Arcade StartGames.ws N/A
The Treasures of the Pirate Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Holio U 7 Adult Holio.net N/A
WOW! What A Race! Racing Ben Olding N/A
Cobra City Shooter AddictingGames N/A
Duke Dashington Platformer Jussi Simpanen, Adventure Islands, Kungufurby Itch.io
Pointless Platformer Platformer Kyzatro N/A
H.A.L.C. Slot: Inoue Takuya Gambling HALC Newgrounds.com
Spell-Caster Solitaire (Charmed) Card Red i Studios N/A
Beetle Roll Action Megabyteceer N/A
Touch The Core!!! Action Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Olanov Newgrounds.com
Cops and Burglar Arcade N/A N/A
Mine Escape Adventure CertaintyPrinciple N/A
SpongeBob: SpongeSeek Strategy N/A Nickelodeon
The Sniper 2 Shooter N/A N/A
Tower Core Adventure PowerAbuse.co.uk N/A
A-Hero Shooter Niklas Erhard Olsson N/A
Donkey Kong Remix 2 Platformer Yo6.com N/A
Desert Hike EX Adventure Twinbeard, Jim Crawford, James Hofmannn, Matt Rasmussen, Laura Michet, Duncan Robson, Stevie Hryciw Twinbeard.com
Blade Rush Platformer Darren Briden GamesButler
Ridiculous Text Adventures Visual Novel Hershall Cook N/A
SpongeBob: Zombie Breakout Shooter N/A Nickelodeon
Mine Blocks Platformer Zanzlanz N/A
Pod Panic Arcade Miniclip N/A
Wakeboarding XS Sports Miniclip N/A
CloneSpace Platformer Plonga N/A
Tower Up Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Tipping Point Adventure Dan Russell-Pinson N/A
Rage 2 Brawler Seth Wooten N/A
Bugs Bunny's Hopping Carrot Hunt Runner N/A Kids' WB
Spin Doctor Arcade jmtb02 N/A
Windows HIV Toy MessiaH N/A
The Fairly OddParents Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3: Shirley's Revenge Shooter Nickelodeon N/A
Zombie Inglor Shooter Godlimations ArmorGames.com
Spermattack Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Hedgehog Launch 2 Arcade John Cooney N/A
Sonic Smash Brothers Beta Brawler x2i N/A
Hungry Knight Action Team Cherry N/A
Blink Arcade TheLynxDJ N/A
Duck Dodgers Mission 5 Platformer N/A N/A
Vertical Drop Heroes Platformer Nerdook Ninja Kiwi
Diver's Quest (BBC) Quiz N/A N/A
Samorost 2 (Free Version) Puzzle Amanita Design N/A
I Love SpongeBob Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
The Digital Marina Abramovic Institute Adventure Pippin Barr N/A
Rocket Car 2 Puzzle Corky Surpirse/Ollie The Magic Hobo N/A
Magnetic Defense Action Ninjakiwi N/A
Tasty Planet Dinotime Arcade Dingo Games N/A
Even More Bloons Puzzle NinjaKiwi N/A
Crimson Room Escape the Room Toshimitsu Takagi N/A
Keep Dreaming Joshua Platformer DareGB N/A
Les 7 vides del meu gat Simulation NS-Studios N/A
Flooded Village Holland Puzzle Staal Media N/A
Hundreds Arcade Greg Wohlwend N/A
Beaver Blocks Puzzle Icedevel Cool Math Games
Matrix Tunnel Recon Arcade N/A N/A
Tomb Explorer Arcade JohnDimi Cool Math Games
Extreme Diving Shooter CBC Kids N/A
Pongs Pong Pippin Barr N/A
Treasure Hunt Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Red Ball 4: Volume 2 Platformer Evgeniy Fedoseev N/A
Powerfox V.2 Arcade Wiesi N/A
The King of Fighters 2000 Fighting Xietianze N/A
Chunkadelic Action Checy Ray, Noel Berry N/A
The Tower 32F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Thing Thing Arena Shooter Diseased Productions CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Retro Unicorn Attack Runner Adult Swim N/A
The Lost Inca Prophecy Find Shockwave N/A
Lego Indiana Jones: The Boulder Scene Runner Lego N/A
Fist Puncher: Streets of Outrage Brawler Adult Swim N/A
Fucking Pere Noel Killer Arcade FlashDynamic ArmorGames
Expedia Rewards Jumper Arcade Jason Oda Expedia
Political Duel Fighting FreeWorldGroup.com N/A
Snake Squad Shooter YZI Games N/A
Adventures In Weirdland Arcade Dejan Zivanov, Ivenlina Gancheva, Zach Striefel Addictinggames.com
The Labyrinth (Squirrel Family) Driving Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Anno 1404 Puzzle Ubisoft N/A
Orc Siege RPG Guiji N/A
The Three Thieves Adventure N/A N/A
Golden Trails: The New Western Rush Find Awem Studio N/A
Pocketful of Stars Arcade Orisinal N/A
Daily Niner Puzzle The Article 19 Group Shockwave
Halloween Clash Shooter Epic Llama, Hernan Lopez, Juan San Martin, Marcelo Barioglio Addictinggames.com
Dead Zed 2 Shooter Notdoppler N/A
Sniper Team Shooter Xform N/A
Alien Attack Shooter Miniclip N/A
ClickPlay Quickfire 2 Puzzle Ninjadoodle N/A
Tunnel Rush Puzzle Christophe Choffel, Arnaud Gatouillat, Samuel Pott Kongregate.com
Abandoned Mysteries Asylum Escape the Room selfdefiant N/A
$wag Adventure Reanimator N/A
Legacy Tales Mercy of the Gallows (Demo) Adventure N/A N/A
Corvus/Corax Adventure PoshRaven N/A
The Pond Arcade Orisinal N/A
Arcade Football (Arkadium Classic Football Game) Sports Arkadium N/A
Bunny Invasion Shooter GP Studios N/A
Chuck the Sheep Arcade jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Bomb Besieger Puzzle istvan_herbut, Csaba Herbut Icedevel Bigdino.com
SIMGirls Dating Sim SIM Games N/A
Luigi Vs Wario RPG RPG randomrpgbattles N/A
Cave Chaos Platformer Nitrome N/A
Madness the Hell Action FsebastiamL N/A
Ishkurs Guide to Electronic Music Toy Ishkur Di.Fm
Rescue Mission Action aGame N/A
Sticky Ninja Missions Action Longanimals (code), Biscuitlocker (art), SNAKE engine (engine) Cool Math Games
Treasure Hunter 3 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Tarsy's Balloons Puzzle Keybol, Kahlil Angeles (graphics), Kevin Macleod (music) Cool Math Games
Mara Platformer Aimar N/A
Qwertomizer 5000 Puzzle petpetpark.com N/A
Word Roundup: Pardners Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Alien Complex Shooter Armor Games N/A
Road Rage Trip Racing Alice Perdomo N/A
Spewer Platformer Eil Piilonen & Edmund McMillen Newgrounds.com
Firedragon Arcade Orisinal N/A
Hardboiled Arcade Ninjadoodle.com N/A
FAT Platformer Mr.Beaud N/A
Two Rooms Puzzle Lilley Design ArmorGames.com
Hyena Maker Dress-Up PerianArdocyl N/A
Tribal Jump (Squirrel Family) Artillery Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Liquid Measure 3 Puzzle SmartCode N/A
Tractor Mania Driving Peter, Kaspar, Gametornado Gametornado.com
RADiancE Arcade zlashstudios N/A
Gun Mayhem Redux Shooter KevinGu ArmorGames
Yarr TD Tower Defense Godlimations N/A
Doors 2 - Dave's New Job Platformer ArticArcade.net N/A
Zombie Society Dead Detective: Brain Drain Adventure Interactales ArmorGames.com
The Impossible Quiz "Quiz" Splapp-Me-Do Newgrounds.com
Highway of the Dead Racing Addicting Games N/A
Vox Populi Vox Dei Platformer Weremsoft N/A
PlanEvo Shooter elsper N/A
Jet Boat Racing Sports Gameteam N/A
Pussymon: Episode 07 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Fracuum Shooter Tyler Glaiel N/A
Jahooma's Logicbox Puzzle Jahooma N/A
Pussymon: Episode 12 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
The Tower 28F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Shut Up And Fulp Shooter squidly N/A
Sleepless Knight Platformer Tony N/A
Supernatural Fighters Fighting Danny Poloskei N/A
Grand Foot Escape Arcade leonardozimbres N/A
Scaly Rimjob Adult Jasonafex, Raiji N/A
Gazzoline Strategy Cerebral Games, Israel Lazo, Axolot Studio Addictinggames.com
Dancing Blair Toy Miniclip N/A
Simpsons 3D: Save Springfield Shooter dpub78 N/A
Slayer 3 Arcade ScottProductions2002 N/A
Ray Choose Your Own Adventure Philljc N/A
Super WalkLand: Aura's Destiny Arcade KillerViral N/A
Letum Action Nutstation N/A
Fantasia Dress Up Game Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
Rottytops' Raunchy Romp XXX Parody Part 1 Adult LustyLizard N/A
The Tower 35F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Rebecca Whack It's Friday Action Florian Himsl, Chris Gianelloni N/A
Arrow Tag Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
The Tower 7F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Arkanoid Flash Arcade KAN2 N/A
Skrillex Quest Action Jason Oda N/A
Hit a Duck. Win an Xbox. Toy N/A N/A
Nearly Departed Demo (Hacked) Adventure John Green, Pinhead Games N/A
Ants Evening Adventure N/A N/A
The Sniper Shooter N/A N/A
Lesson 1 Trajestimate Puzzle Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Joel Atkinson, Chris Ignatov, Cryrus Jackson, AL-3B-D. Armorgames.com
Island Fishing Sports Jamen Lyndon, Nelson Gibbins N/A
Watt's the Answer Quiz funergy! N/A
Bunny Cannon Puzzle NotDoppler N/A
Mindfields 2 Puzzle Gamesheep.com N/A
Escape from Luxury House (Hacked) Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Escape from Scientology Land Adventure Liquid Generation N/A
Lord of War Tower Defense Gamestudio N/A
Bulma's Saiyan Fuck Adult HentaiKey N/A
Carl the Chef Adventure Abroy.com N/A
Brawl Royale Arcade Kupo707 Newgrounds.com
Kram Keep Platformer Ryan Ledohowski N/A
Baddalion Arcade ABAGames N/A
Super Stocktake Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Wicked Rider Racing Umut Dervis N/A
Grave Shift Sewers Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
2D Memory Trial Card 2DPlay N/A
Vivirion Arcade Asvegren N/A
Hero RPG RPG Michael Neumann N/A
Fuck Your Champion Dress-Up Gowa-san N/A
DX Hockey Sports N/A DailyFreeGames.com
Space Invaders 2002 Arcade TechRadium Studios N/A
Kids vs. Ice Cream Shooter HotAirRaccoon N/A
Headplode Puzzle Belugerin N/A
Mega Mash Variety Nitrome N/A
Tumbler Arcade Waldo N/A
Dodger's Olympic Snowboarding Sports CBC Kids N/A
Hunt the Ancestor (BBC) Toy N/A N/A
ToonTown Throwing Game Action Disney N/A
Pinata Hunter 3 Action MyPlayYard Games N/A
SQRL Golf 2 Arcade TechRadium N/A
Automaton Part 0 - The Introduction Adventure Little Norwegians N/A
Space Scout Dredd Speed's Defenders of the Earth (BL) Toy N/A N/A
Drakojan Skies - Mission 2 Shooter Drakota Studios Entertainment N/A
Camp Phantom Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Flabby Physics Arcade Paolo Pedergini Armorgames.com
Vex Platformer Amazing Adam N/A
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Runner Explosive Barrel Ubisoft
Axis Powers Hetalia Dress Up Game Dress-Up KawaiiPandah N/A
Sonic RPG Episode 8 Visual Novel MidNightMaren N/A
Death Drift Racing AddictingGames, Gamezindia N/A
Fire Element 2 Shooter J0xFlasher, Pamel12, MrGoodkat666 N/A
Back to Alien Party Arcade Denis Sokolov and Igor Sotsky Gamezhero
Fireboy and Watergirl Kiss Shooter Unknown N/A
Car-Line Puzzle Dede Games N/A
RSVP The Dinner Party Game Card N/A Lifetime
Assured Destruction Shooter Choga N/A
The World's Hardest Game Arcade Snubby Land ArmorGames.com
Dream Day Wedding Find Shockwave.com N/A
comBOTS Puzzle Sean Cooper N/A
Rolling Stones Satisfaction Arcade T Mobile N/A
Fragment of Dejavu Adventure N/A N/A
CSI: Tugboat Thug (Hacked) Puzzle PBS N/A
Rhyth & Gum Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Megaman vs. Metroid 2.0 Platformer Staticreator N/A
Whizz Words Deluxe Puzzle Jon Bartram N/A
Space Incident Adventure Vogd3 N/A
Sieger Level Pack Artillery Anton Federuk ArmorGames.com
Super Soccer Strikers Sports Shockwave N/A
Pizza Quest Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Thoreau Platformer Xelu, Archawn ZayPlay
Me and My Assault Rifle RPG Knight52 N/A
Battlegrounds Strategy Joelasticot N/A
Playing with Fire 3 Action Vetal Games/Svetlovanton N/A
Chibi Dress Up Game Dress-Up KawaiiPandah N/A
Extreme Pamplona Platformer N/A N/A
Sift X-Mess Shooter PopBrain N/A
Grow RPG Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Cube Core Adventure N/A N/A
Deep Chalk Adventure ZS N/A
Club Penguin Puffle Roundup Action Disney N/A
Roly-Poly Eliminator II Puzzle Jhonny-K N/A
What's Inside The Box Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Beach Sudoku Puzzle Arkadium N/A
The King of Fighters Wing EX Fighting Flashwing N/A
Pimp My Sleigh Racing Tamba N/A
Sex Kitten: School Sim 2 Adult YomToxic, arch-kun, madassgamer, NekoMika, Newpurple, PuristMcBumass, saikokaiten, Shwiffer N/A
The Tower 64F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Elliv Island Dating Sim Archbob N/A
Word Roundup Hollywood Edition Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Hambo Artillery RobotJam N/A
Walkright Walkright FenrisWolf N/A
Licencia Explosiva Driving Cartoon Network N/A
LA Traffic Mayhem Puzzle Gang of Gamers N/A
5th_prtscr Adventure SheepishGamer N/A
Psychout Platformer FunCrow N/A
The Last Stand Shooter ArmorGames.com ArmorGames.com
Jack The Giant Slayer: Cloister Defense Puzzle Warner Bros. N/A
Klondike Solitaire (Classic) Arcade Arkadium N/A
Meet & Fuck Robot 2: Selexia Adult crimson-saesar, Stupor N/A
Escape Artist Escape the Room Pastel Games ArcadeTown
Tetris Labs Platformer MNWS N/A
King's Strike Shooter MyPlayYard Games N/A
Little Shop Memories Trial Puzzle GameHouse Shockwave.com
Twist It! Puzzle Vasily Kuznetsov N/A
285発避けるゲーム Arcade NRF Flash Sakura N/A
Cradle of Rome 2 Puzzle Awem Studio N/A
Create your own Mortal Kombat Ninja Toy molim N/A
The King's League: Emblems Strategy Kurechii N/A
Sack Smash 2001 Platformer Dan Paladin N/A
Stick Blender Arcade Effing Games N/A
Mushroom Madness 3 Tower Defense Silen Games N/A
Turkey-Xmas A Festive Fling Arcade Ezone.com N/A
Vacation Mahjongg Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Freewill Crycle Volume 1 (Redux Edition) Adventure William Buchanan Jayisgames.com
Circuit Smash Arcade Arkadium N/A
Gem Tower Defense Tower Defense Peter Holko N/A
Santa Fu! Brawler Mockery N/A
Mainsweeper Adult chibitami N/A
ToonTown Cog Invasion Squirt Action Disney N/A
Houdini 3 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Rocketville Artillery Gametornado Gametornado.com
Drake & Josh's Air Hockey Face-Off Sports Nickelodeon N/A
Enigma Gravitional Bot Puzzle EGGY, PineNana Armorgames.com
Scooby Doo Ghost Ship Episode One Adventure Warnerbros N/A
Scary Maze Game Horror N/A N/A
Erline 4 - The Limbo Platformer Frozennnn N/A
Super SOPA Bros. Platformer NoLanLabs N/A
Renaine (Demo) Platformer squidly N/A
Basement Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Park My Plane 2 Driving AddictingGames & GamezIndia N/A
Space Invaders (Neave) Arcade Neave N/A
A Day at the Library Adventure Snap Break N/A
Persist Platformer Jussi Simpanen N/A
Indian Outlaw Arcade Wiesi N/A
Jewel Match 2 Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Gravity Duck Platformer Evolved Arcade N/A
Extreme Gardening Arcade MiroSurabu N/A
Triple Adventure Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Defend Your Nuts 2 Shooter Epace Games AddictingGames
Whiteboard Tower Defense Tower Defense Josh Larsen, Jim Larsen ArmorGames.com
Canyon Shooter Shooter Miniclip N/A
Balland Arcade Shajby (author), soundsnap (game music) Cool Math Games
Pixel Toilet Arcade Pitergames, K. Elgazin, A. Sobchenko, D. Afanasjev, A.Brazhnik N/A
CronusX Shooter N/A N/A
All That Matters Platformer sihirbaz N/A
ClickPlay 1 Puzzle ninjadoodle.com N/A
The World's Hardest Game Version 2.0 Arcade Snubby Land Addictinggames
Freedom Tower - The Invasion Shooter QkyGames ArmorGames
Christmas Cheer and Humbug Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Chat Noir Puzzle Gamedesign N/A
Flact Action Isotonix.jp Isotonix.jp
Prophet Platformer Gamezhero N/A
Brain Hotel Adventure Pinhead Games N/A
Ultimate Robotoru: Super Alpha Z Shooter Adult Swim N/A
Fox Creator Dress-Up Twai N/A
Avengers Global Chaos Brawler Marvel N/A
1924 Platformer John Winroth Berggren, Andreas Jorgensen N/A
Kill thy Neighbor Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Gretel and Hansel Part 2 Adventure makopudding, djkingdb, FEASTofFETUS, mikerudolph Newgrounds.com
Arzea Platformer arkeus N/A
Funk o Stroll Rhythm Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP) Armorgames.com
Openhouse Puzzle Pop Lifetime
Blast Off Puzzle Mousebreaker N/A
Haunted House Adventure KMart N/A
Rogue Buddies Brawler Brutak Studio N/A
Desktop Defender (Hacked) Tower Defense Kixeye N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko Again - Episode 7 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Anime Character Generator Dress-Up Xdanond N/A
Warriors of the Portal Toy Osuka Animation N/A
Greedy Ghouls! Shooter Christopher Gregorio, Jesse Turner (jouste) Michael Sung (miccool) Sound-tricks.com, ArmorGames N/A
Pico & the Mental Menace Action BrianJoiner N/A
Flash Chess Strategy Digital Vision Multimedia N/A
The Body Adventure Awkward Silence Games Itch.io
LSP's Ultimate Makeover Dress-Up Spacecoma N/A
Ozee Platformer Limex Games N/A
City Siege Platformer The Podge N/A
Yin Yang Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Spank the Nurse! Arcade Diablo fashion N/A
Dungeons and Dungeons Platformer Adult Swim N/A
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Double Damage Platformer UrbanSquall Ubisoft
Dr. Sweetvalley Puzzle D1 Visuals N/A
StealthBound Puzzle Ridlake N/A
One Button Bob Arcade Ninjadoodle.com N/A
Dwarf Complete (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Pest Hunter 2 Shooter N/A N/A
Tank Tactics Strategy www.spilgames.com N/A
Sprout Adventure Custom-Logic N/A
L'Odyssee de la Ferraille Adventure Frima Studio N/A
Zombie Golf Riot Arcade Blockdot KewlBox.com
A Duck Has An Adventure Choose Your Own Adventure Daniel Merlin Goodbrey N/A
Dredd Speeds Intergalactic Suspects (BL) Arcade N/A N/A
Sonic in Angel Island Platformer Unknown N/A
Super Mario Star Scramble 3 Platformer RoundGames.com N/A
Super Monkey Poop Fight Shooter Sheds524 N/A
Patchworkz! X-maz! Puzzle WellGames Shockwave
Phillipe's Alphabet Soup Puzzle Big Idea N/A
Character Ero Flash -Ni*koi- Adult NorwaySuisan N/A
Hero Hoops Sports Get Animated N/A
Create a Dragon Flash 2.0 Dress-Up Pidgepudge N/A
SBCG4AP Tech Demo Adventure Strong Bad N/A
Ninja Hattori: Table Top Cricket Sports Nick India N/A
Call of Atlantis Puzzle TERMINAL Studio, Playrix N/A
Emily and the Magic Maze Puzzle Multahead N/A
Archer's Duty Arcade N/A N/A
Lilith: It's Valentine Day! Puzzle Difference Games LLC N/A
Double Life Shooter GamezHero N/A
Create a Wolf Dress-Up KCoyote N/A
Super Mario Bros. 2: Star Scramble: Ghost Island Platformer Kenney Vlegugels,Dex/Mr21, Deey, Neslug, Chaoxys, Darking Lindsey Roundgames.com
Flight of the Monarch Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Four Walls Puzzle krutovigor N/A
Esklavos Chapter 15 Adventure N/A N/A
Terrain Chapter 1: The Wrong Door Action MarchMedia N/A
Blockoomz 2 Puzzle Keybol (game), Pzuh (art), Kevin Macleod (music) Cool Math Games
Adventures of Miss Libellule: Queen of Snakes Adventure Jo99 Jo99.fr
Itchana Tchones 1 (French) Platformer N/A Zanorg.com
VVVVVV Demo Platformer Terry Cavanagh N/A
-Abandoned- (Noel Berry) Platformer Noel Berry N/A
Symphony Puzzle Kpaekn N/A
Drunks Ahoy! Arcade leonardozimbres N/A
Clattergrams Puzzle Robin Allen N/A
Pokemon: Black & Blue RPG This is Pop N/A
Froggy Arcade Tetrageddon N/A
MoonShadow Action Miniclip N/A
Boys' Life Puzzle Challenge Puzzle N/A N/A
Dragon Fist 2 Battle for the Blade Fighting Ben Olding N/A
The Wizard's Lost Article Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Ectology Arcade Wootra Games N/A
Roly-Poly Cannon: Bloody Monsters Pack Artillery Adult Swim N/A
War on the Block Action Mangtony N/A
Troll Tale Adventure N/A N/A
Dress Up Nekogirl Chu-Chu Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Mahjongg Mom-jongg Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Jane's Hotel Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Revealer Quiz Funbrain N/A
The Ballad of Ketinetto 10 Adventure Esklavos N/A
The Ballad of Ketinetto 9 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Sillybull Street Fighter Fighting Sillybull N/A
The Tower 60F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
S.T.A.R Defence Tower Defense Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Chris Ignatov, Waterflame Armorgames.com
Dead Drunk V1.9 Platformer Eric Gurt N/A
Kakato Otoshi Arcade Hirara N/A
Modern Chibi Princesses Dress-Up egirlgames.net egirlgames.net
Oppai Simulator Adult N/A N/A
Bazooki a Silent Affair Shooter N/A N/A
Dibbles 3: Desert Despair Puzzle The Podge ArmorGames.com
Steppenwolf: The X-Creatures Project (Hacked) Adventure Sarkaban N/A
Best Of Dead Baby Dressup Dress-Up Bluebaby N/A
6 Differences Find Ivoryboy N/A
Crazy Plane Racing FA Men N/A
Lego Superman Shooter LEGO N/A
Nekra Psaria 4 Adventure Drawmaneater N/A
Angelico Platformer N/A N/A
The Acrobats (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Anbot 2 Platformer pencilkids N/A
Ghost Hacker Tower Defense CoreSector, Squishy32 N/A
Soldier Action SquareCircleCo N/A
The Tower 50F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Bejeweled 2 Puzzle Popcap Games N/A
Elite Forces: The Clone Wars Strategy Badim N/A
1HG: Hot Summer Nights Adult OneHandGames N/A
Dino Strike Brawler Miniclip.com Miniclip.com
Gauntlet of Love Adventure jakeonaut N/A
Powerfox 4 Fighting Wiesi N/A
Pussymon: Episode 35 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Paper Cannon Artillery Heroik.com N/A
Dance Element in the Keyboard (version 1.0) Rhythm 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Robot Mickey Puzzle N/A Disney
Bloons TD Tower Defense Ninja Kiwi N/A
Escape the Game Adventure Helpagames, Interactales, Francesco Dell'Anna Muia, Alex Berosa, Antonio Mariano, Ivan Chew, OLd Dog, PiTx JLBrock N/A
Zombie Flood Adventure Abroy N/A
Classroom Fighter Arcade Soft-Lab, Flash Idea N/A
Center Stage Talent Show Variety Goldfish N/A
Sift: Renegade Brawler Pyrozen N/A
Dungeon Deadline Shooter Orni N/A
Frantic 3 Arcade Polymer Rabbit N/A
Mini Pool Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Medieval Rampage Shooter Christpher Gregorio, Aaron, Nemesis Theory, ArmourGames.com N/A
One Piece Dress Up Game Dress-Up KawaiiPandah N/A
Must Escape The Subway Adventure Selfdefiant Melting Mindz
Another Small Favor Adventure Zeebarf Newgrounds.com
Damnation: The Shootout 2 Shooter Flat-line N/A
Sin Ger Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Big-Battle Tanks Artillery 2dplay N/A
Fish Tank Action Scottmale24 N/A
Blue Rabbit's Rocket Rush Shooter The Super Flash Bros N/A
Plaid (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Swap Tiles Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Video Poker Deuces Wild (Arkadium) Gambling Arkadium N/A
Adam and Eve Puzzle N/A N/A
Diggy Platformer Vogd BigDino.com
An Escape Series 3 Escape the Room Afro Ninja Productions N/A
Metalix TD Tower Defense N/A N/A
Inversia Platformer Gabriel Robertson N/A
SpongeBob: Gift Lift Arcade Indigo Entertainment Nickelodeon
Weird Egg & Crushing Finger Toy Mason Lindroth N/A
Avant Grid Arcade Arkadium N/A
Lander X Arcade Peter Organa N/A
TF Larry: Guard Duty Shooter OneMrBean N/A
Me and the Key 2 Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Challenge of the Cannibals Sports Innoken N/A
Evangelion Adult HentaiKey N/A
Club Penguin Ring the Bell (The Fair) Arcade Disney N/A
PixeLand Platformer Lindsay Laptante N/A
Destructo Dog 2 Action Funnat, ZHOU Quan, LI Jiang, LUO Hui, ZHAO shu Armorgames.com
Tokyo Guinea Pop Puzzle Longanimals Games, Jimp, Tomamoto Kongregate
Amorphous Action Innocuous Games N/A
The Forest Trials Adventure Esklavos N/A
Necromanthus Doom Shooter Necromanthus N/A
Donkey Kong Jr. Platformer N/A N/A
Armor Trigger 3 Shooter Godlimations N/A
Vinyl Memories 2 Arcade NFyre N/A
Greenie Platformer Letmethink N/A
Conundrum Contraption Puzzle Miniature Cookie, Calum Vaughan Addictinggames.com
Bucketball 2 Puzzle Arseniy Desrosiers, Florian Himsl N/A
Best Friends Day Jigsaw Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Grand Prix Go Racing Turbo Boing N/A
Liferaft: Zero Platformer Mikengreg N/A
Tarzan Ball Arcade N/A N/A
Storyteller Toy danielben N/A
Epos RPG Mint Games Newgrounds.com
Cat God vs Sun King Strategy nerdook N/A
Dolphin Olympics 2 Arcade Rawkins Games N/A
Natalia Molchanova - freediving world champion Arcade ras_Kelt (design), FreezZ (development) Molchanova.ru
Owl's Nest Adventure Pastel Games N/A
10 Gnomes 9: Chemistry Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
School Wars Strategy GameDesign.jp N/A
Sushi Cat 5: Cat-A-Pult Arcade Massive Monster ArmorGames.com
Shore Siege 2 Tower Defense Tony N/A
Brick Yard Brick Stacker 2 Puzzle Ttursas N/A
Effing Meteors Action Jiggmin N/A
Zombie Trailer Park Strategy Warnockworld N/A
Protobotic Puzzle x70x N/A
Wall Street Massacre Arcade Tremor Games N/A
Tower Tough Puzzle Plonga Plonga
wpnFire Shooter Tekkan & SnipahZ StickPage.com
Fishdom: Seasons Under The Sea Puzzle Playrix N/A
Undercover Secret Order Find YOUNGERIC N/A
Lego Iron Man Shooter LEGO N/A
Run Baby Run Arcade HlYA, Rutch N/A
Ghost Motel 8: Demon Hunter Training Platformer Violet-AIM N/A
Vortex Point 4 Adventure Mouse City N/A
Frontline Defense Tower Defense N/A MaxGames
A Small Talk At The Back Of Beyond Escape the Room Scriptwelder N/A
I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives Toy Tim Büsing, Gundula Markeffsky, Peter Mühlfriedel N/A
Space Station Puzzle AOL Primary Games
Math Soccer Quiz Funbrain N/A
Extraction - Chapter 0 Adventure N/A N/A
Arizona Joe Puzzle baneguin N/A
A Bark in the Dark Adventure Bart Bonte N/A
Robot Warrior Brawler Nextframe N/A
Teleport Gun Puzzle Vogd3 N/A
Renegade Racing Racing Stickleback Games N/A
Log Run Arcade Funbrain N/A
Pirateers RPG Labu Games ArmorGames.com
Squirrel Harvest (Squirrel Family) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Don't Panic Shooter Ralph Damiano N/A
Resident WiiVile 2 Shooter N/A N/A
Aliens Hurry Home 2 Platformer BenGAMEn Cool Math Games
Kung-Fu 2 Turbo (Hyper Mega Edition) - American Dad vs. Family Guy Fighting ? N/A
Crazy Go Nuts Puzzle Funderoo Andkon.com
Magic Balls Puzzle Miniclip N/A
Dungeon Surge RPG Mark Smith, Wesley Jue Armorgames.com
Little Protector Planes Strategy Terry Brown, Daniel Cook, Henrique Lazarini, Kier Brown N/A
Death Call Shooter Tremor Games N/A
EEK! Arcade Arkadium N/A
Boxhead Shooter Sean Cooper CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Battalion Commander 2 Shooter Urban Squall N/A
Super Tank Action Snubby N/A
Eien Adventure Jacek Witczynski & Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Microboats Racing Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Daniel McNeely, Anton Karlov, Joel Atkinson,, Duncan Fenn Armorgames.com
BedHogg Fighting 01010111 N/A
Scaterix Platformer Nacholopex Newgrounds.com
Volcania Platformer styxtwo Productions, Celgaming Community Notdoppler.com
The Ballad of Ketinetto 3 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Room Escape 28 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Linx Puzzle Retrocade.net N/A
Submachine 3: the Loop Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Pussymon: Episode 21 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Cube Colossus Shooter Lucidrine N/A
Sakaki Hentai Game Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Madness: Recommencement Shooter Tupo26 N/A
FlashTrek - Assault v2 Strategy N/A N/A
Agnry Faic 2 Platformer Kabomb N/A
The Tower 55F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Mission in Space: The Lost Colony Strategy Storm Alligator N/A
Power Shot Tennis Sports Arkadium N/A
Tails Nightmare Platformer TheBlox N/A
Puzzatales 2 Puzzle Moonkey; SpikeVallentine N/A
Hikouki Tomodachi Shooter ViolentAJ N/A
Hall of the Wild Platformer Cartoon Network Cartoon Network
9 Little Pics Daily Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Vamp's Revenge Arcade Mojiken Armorgames.com
Spelling Bee Arcade CBC Kids N/A
Sports Gym Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Epic Stand (Hacked) Strategy genyuk N/A
Daily Diff Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Momentum Missile Mayhem: Ultimate Edition Arcade DZ ArmorGames.com
Life Ark 3 Adventure N/A N/A
De-Animator Shooter Bum Lee N/A
Horse Jump Puzzle RatoLibre1 N/A
About Face Quiz PBS N/A
GlowGrid Puzzle Zut Games N/A
Bullet Time Fighting Fighting Dennis Gid N/A
The Farting Dog Harmonics Toy Gibbleguts N/A
Fishdom: Spooky Splash Puzzle Playrix N/A
What Comes Around Arcade Orisinal N/A
Spartacus: First Blood Brawler RiGaming FreeOnlineGames.com
Thunder Squadron II (Demo) Shooter Design Assembly N/A
Bush Aerobics Toy Miniclip N/A
Ricochet Heroes Arcade Spotco Itch.io
Baseball (Miniclip) Sports Miniclip N/A
Chaos Faction 2 Action Dissolute Productions Newgrounds.com
Bad Apple Puzzle N/A N/A
Dirty Dogs Adult Jasonafex, Mystikfox61 N/A
Super Mario: Enter the Mushroom Kingdom Arcade StringAnime.com N/A
Claris Autopsy Dress-Up Motech N/A
My Sexy Anthro: Fluttertime! Visual Novel Fatelogic N/A
Boys' Life Pedro's Ricochet Rumble Artillery N/A N/A
Full Moon Puzzle Bart Bonte Addictinggames.com
Paraspammer Brain in Danger Arcade Tiki Lab N/A
Arrival in Hell II Adventure Skideh & Cicla Rusty Arcade
Naughty Arcade Puzzle Ken1171 & Martaino N/A
Club Penguin Puffle Pop (Beta Team) Shooter Disney N/A
Prizma Puzzle Challenges Puzzle SilenGames Kongregate
Battle Without End RPG CritGame N/A
SpongeBob: The Best Day Ever Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
Jewel Hunter Racing LostJungle.com N/A
Steam Rogue GB Platformer AdventureIslands N/A
The Arrow Of Time Artillery Super Flash Bros ArmorGames.com
Little Phobia Platformer Deqaf Studio, Oleg Kostin, Arkady skrylnikov, Alexander vasilyev CoolBuddy.com
Hatsune Miku Hentai Adult Kaijo N/A
Runeseekers Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Alyssa's Quest Adventure Snap Break N/A
GunRox Gang Wars Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Awol Nation Brawler Jason Oda N/A
The Line Game: Grapefruit Edition Action ArcadePanic Not Doppler
Critter Cover-Up Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Wrapped in Pink Adult SurgicalArts N/A
StupidElla Adventure Coolbuddy N/A
Super Resident Evil Arcade Avant_Garde Kongregate.com
SpongeBob: Naughty Or Nice Arcade Sarbakan Nickelodeon
Coffee Mafia Action jazz N/A
Dress A Bear Dress-Up PBS N/A
Patchgirlz! Deluxe! Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Unnatural Selection Strategy Saint 11 N/A
Take Something Literally 2 Puzzle Benoit Freslon N/A
Moonwalk: Bye bye Michael Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Protostar Shooter MyPlayYard Games N/A
Particle Psychosis 2 Toy Armegalo N/A
Deep Sea Hunter Action Specimen Games N/A
Frutillitas (1985) Toy Cromy N/A
The Tower 51F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
The Kite (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Dancin' Bubs Toy The Brothers Chaps N/A
The Unfair Platformer Platformer Eggys Games NotDoppler.com
Princess Mayhem Arcade N/A N/A
SpongeBob: Deep Freeze Freakout Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
Lands of Mobius Episode 2 - Desperation RPG fullmetalchaz N/A
Reincarnation: Hillbilly Holiday Adventure Chris Gianelloni N/A
Highschool Wars Strategy fog.com N/A
Zombie Society Dead Detective Adventure Interactales N/A
Hostility - TIM3:BOMB 90 second Shooter 3DBBQ N/A
Submachine 10: the Exit Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Real Flamenco Dress Up Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Sword-Occident Warrior Brawler ArcadePrehacks.com N/A
Aikatsu Girls Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 2 - The All Knowing Parasite Adventure Click Shake Games N/A
Tattle & Tale Platformer A Sinclare Strange Game N/A
Thy Dungeonman Adventure Videlectrix N/A
Missile Comes Back To Me Arcade ABAGames N/A
Pepe Saw Game Adventure Inka Games N/A
King's Game Artillery Smokoko Jeddah Bikers
Corporate Climber Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Cannoncrotch Shooter I-Smel Newgrounds.com
Pussymon: Episode 26 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
The Zombie 3 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Escape From Crystal Lake Escape the Room Afro Ninja Productions N/A
Bloods VS Crips Shooter Wayne's Arcade, Skyway Studio, Audio Maven Waynesarcade.com
Daymare Town 4 Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Mario Tennis Power Tour - Reflex Rally Arcade Nintendo N/A
Shore Acres Adventure MadFLeX Newgrounds.com
Игра от Невероятният свят на Гъмбол - Великият карате учител Runner Cartoon Network Cartoon Network
Wings over Water Arcade Orisinal N/A
Dame Celeste Adventure AdjectiveAnimal N/A
Beat Rocker Rhythm OneSexyPaperBag N/A
Kitt's Kingdom Shooter Esteban Sanchez, AH-TAN, David JU, David Carney Miniclip.com
Hameater Arcade Junky Cow Addictinggames.com
A Christmas Blackout Adventure Mouse City N/A
SpongeBob: Gary's Revenge Artillery Sarbakan Nickelodeon
Momentum Missile Mayhem 3 Action dz2001 N/A
Toast of War Brawler CommonStudios.com N/A
absolute.Madness Shooter DonutMaster N/A
Enigmata 2: Genu's Revenge Shooter Kidgamez Newgrounds.com
Frantic 2 Arcade Polymer Rabbit N/A
Homura Catcher Arcade hageblow N/A
Magic Orbs Puzzle iLegendary N/A
Mating Admiral: Arashi Adult JSK Studios N/A
The Tower 22F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Castle Crashing the Beard Brawler Bomtoons Newgrounds.com
HumanChop Puzzle Methamphetabear N/A
Fate Extra: 7 Henge Arcade Marvelous N/A
Epic Battle Fantasy III RPG Matt Roszak Kongregate.com
Neko Shot Shooter NEKOGAMES N/A
Sheep Racer Platformer Macjoe Studio N/A
Zombie Bites Platformer Hairy Games N/A
Super Tiny Leap Arcade One Life Remains N/A
Cinderella French Mansion Escape Escape the Room WowEscape WoWEscape
N: The Way of the Ninja (2.0) Platformer Metanet Software Metanet Software
Pandemic Strategy Dark Realm Studios N/A
Mad Money Quiz PBS N/A
Agent P Strikes Back Platformer Disney N/A
Lone Survivor Demo Adventure JasperByrne N/A
Warlords: Call to Arms Strategy Ben Olding Kongregate.com
Conway's Game of Life (playnoread.com) Toy BS Games www.playnoread.com
Pearl Hunt Puzzle Chevron N/A
Gem Raid Puzzle Louissi N/A
Max Strong 2 Adventure OK Interactive N/A
Gems Twist Dreidel Dance Puzzle MiniMeMedia N/A
Korean Pop Dress Up Dress-Up ElinTan N/A
Statetris Italy Puzzle IntenCT N/A
Ranch Rush Puzzle FreshGames N/A
The Scale of the Universe Toy Cary and Michael Huang N/A
Operation Darkness Strike Shooter Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Perdition Platformer Carrill N/A
Note Breaker Cyanic Generation (Korean) Rhythm Human Machine www.zuzunza.com
Erline Platformer Frozennnn N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 13 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Escape Arcade IncredibleApe N/A
Holio U 6 Adult Holio.net N/A
Battleships: General Quarters Strategy F. Winters N/A
Small Fry Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Dodge Arcade ArmorGames.com ArmorGames.com
Rusty Racer Motocross 101cargames.com N/A
Ball Revamped Arcade jmtb02 N/A
S.W.A.T. Awesome Edition Shooter Eric Posas, ESP Animation N/A
Catapult Madness Arcade Louissi N/A
Pi Day Jigsaw Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Chaotic Shooter Amidos N/A
Piece by Piece (alternate) Puzzle British Museum N/A
Paddle Smash 1.5 Arcade OneSexyPaperBag N/A
Ucogi Games: SummerSlide Puzzle Ucogi Games N/A
The Line Game: Lime Edition Action ArcadePanic Not Doppler
Submolok Arcade Nitrome N/A
Escape from Modern House (Hacked) Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Wasteland 2154 Shooter QIGames.com PlayNow3DGames.com
Windows AIDS Toy MessiaH N/A
-ESCAPE- Adventure Godlimations N/A
Bunny Money Platformer Gamestop Gamestop.com
A Dralien Day Adventure Pencil Kids N/A
GunRox World Revolution Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Outer Invasion Shooter Fire Beast Studio, Steven Aang, Hartono Peng, Bobi Hartanto, Hanrianto Tan Gameark.com,
Wednesday Girl Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Make-o Your Own Stinko (Man) Toy The Brothers Chaps N/A
Spring (Squirrel Family) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Custom Rides SM Designs Dress-Up SMDesigner N/A
Pokemon Tower Defense Tower Defense Sam Games PlayTowerDefenseGames.com
Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 3 Rhythm BekhoTea,m Nicolas Villarroel Nicolas Veas, Bruno Camousseigt, Gary Hoey, Marcelo Serres Gamenode
Harvey Birdman: File Frenzy Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Jewel of Atlantis Demo Puzzle Enkord N/A
Emoticon Defense Map Expansion Tower Defense Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto) Newgrounds.com
Fear Unlimited 2 Brawler Donovan Jackson N/A
Carniball Arcade Arkadium N/A
Sentry Knight Tower Defense Swartag N/A
Iron Age Village (BBC) Toy N/A N/A
SpongeBob: Sea Monster Smoosh Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Crash Town Puzzle WillyT N/A
Hardy Game 2 Arcade Majkon N/A
Small Worlds Platformer David Shute ArmorGames.com
Escape from Japanese Garden 2 Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Electrocutioned Puzzle Rebel Oyster, Gobusto Eponasoft Addictinggames.com
Nicktoons: 3D Snowkart Rally Racing Sarbakan Nickelodeon
Nunchuck Charlie Brawler Adult Swim Battleon.com
Eon Puzzle Intuition Games N/A
SpongeBob: Type Rider Typing N/A Nickelodeon
Luna's Pumpkin Launcher Arcade SuomafGamer N/A
Super Peach Blast Platformer Fash N/A
Light Quest Platformer Esti2 N/A
Escape from the Flooded Room Escape the Room Sigman N/A
Speed Racer: Demon on Wheels Demo Racing N/A N/A
Hell of Fear Horror Tayfun Tuna N/A
Sugar Toast Runner Arcade SugarToast N/A
Nitrome Must Die Arcade Nitrome N/A
Monkey Go Happy 6 Puzzle Pencil Kids N/A
Snowboard Betty Sports N/A N/A
GLADIATOR Castle Wars Brawler Godlimations N/A
Labyrinth Secrets of ShadowHaven (Hacked) Platformer Nick Pasto + Luis Castanon N/A
SHINOBI GIRL Trial version Action KooooN Soft N/A
light-Bot Puzzle Coolio-Niato ArmorGames.com
Drastic Plastic Fighting Super Flash Bros N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 28 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Coma Adventure AtmosGames Newgrounds.com
Overpowered Evil Dark Zephyr Shooter Blue Zephyr Addictinggames.com
Zombie Society Dead Detective: A Cat's Chance in Hell Adventure Interactales N/A
Skate Mania Sports Gametornado Gametornado
Escape From Puppy Death Factory Platformer Mr. Podunkian N/A
PewDuckPie - On the Run Platformer zoyer N/A
Penguin Massacre Shooter Chrisopher Gregorio, Aaron Perez, Micool Addictinggames.com
All We Need is Brain 2 Puzzle N/A N/A
SpongeBob: Legends of Bikini Bottom (All Games) Variety WorkinMan Nickelodeon
Ucogi Games: SuckerSuck! Action Ucogi Games N/A
Plumet 2 Arcade person333 N/A
Boombot Puzzle Kaiparasoft Ninja Kiwi
Transmorpher Puzzle MyPlayYard Games N/A
CrashTV Platformer z3lf N/A
Perfect Balance New Trials Puzzle ttursas Ltd. N/A
Club Penguin Memory Card Game (The Fair) Puzzle Disney N/A
CrystAlien Conflict: Hive Edition Strategy Lego.com N/A
Holiday Time Travel Escape: New Years Eve Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Luxor (Hacked) Puzzle King.com King.com
Kenny vs. Spenny: Quest for the Family Jewels WTF Game Show Network Game Show Network
Xeno Tactic Tower Defense Nowe Reginald OnlineGameSquad.com
Top Nails with Kristen Stewart Simulation Cartoon Network KissingGames.com
Zombie Madness Shooter loz220 N/A
Photos of Spiderman Find Cardboard Robot Games N/A
Penguin Skate 2 Sports Coolio-Niato N/A
Gates of Logic Puzzle ScriptWelder N/A
Pixel Jump Platformer Shajby Addictinggames.com
Coma 45 Adventure Jo99, Jo99.fr
Hurtful Tower Arcade Quimdung N/A
Sky Serpents Action Nitrome N/A
Ghost Shooter Shooter 85Games N/A
SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom Bowling! (Nick Greetings) Sports American Greetings? N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 30 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Painters Guild (Alpha) Strategy AD1337 N/A
Poker Superstars 3 Gold Chip Challenge Card Funkitron Shockwave.com
Metal Fusion: Quest for Revenge (Scrapped Version) RPG Ghost Style, Borkoyz Productions N/A
My Pet Protector 3 (Hacked) RPG undefined N/A
Taco Trump Down Arcade Suhail Habib N/A
Path of the Pyramid! Card Arkadium N/A
The Book of Living Magic Adventure Jonas Kyratzes N/A
Causality - 5 Adventure N/A N/A
Phineas and Ferb Perry Widgets Platformer Disney N/A
The Tower 63F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Crazy Nut Platformer White Elephant N/A
The Ghost Police Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 7 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Phineas and Ferb Robot Attack Shooter Disney N/A
Ben 10 - Bakugan Fight Fighting Oyun Skor N/A
Pandemic American Swine Strategy Dark Realm Studios N/A
The Office Pool Sports Royal Games N/A
Dropsum 2 Puzzle nick1972uk N/A
Luxor 5th Passage Puzzle MumboJumbo N/A
Starwish Shooter Anonymous D. Studios Kongregate.com
Zombie Riot Strategy GoodyPundit N/A
Covert Front 4: the Spark of Life Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Legend of the Golden Robot RPG Bad Viking MochiGames.com
Factory Balls: The Christmas Edition Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Darts Beginner (Arkadium) Sports Arkadium N/A
Adam Puzzle MaTX N/A
Balloon in a Wasteland Action jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Jet Ninja Kurai Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Causality - Festival Adventure N/A N/A
Super Pinkie World 3 Platformer CertaintyPrinciple N/A
Pico's School (1999) Adventure TomFulp N/A
Donald the Dino 2 Adventure Abroy N/A
Tube Crisis Puzzle KillerViral N/A
Rip Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Amazing Fix - the Veteran's House Puzzle Avaloid N/A
League of Legends: Cho'gath Eats The World Action Riot Games N/A
Fix-it-Up II: World Tour Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Mega Miner Arcade Alternative Indie Games N/A
Yuroichi's Itch Adult HentaiKey N/A
TheMJ Dress Up Of Madness Dress-Up TheMJ N/A
Poto & Cabenga Runner KommanderKlobb N/A
Ripple Dot Zero Action Pixeltruss N/A
Hello Worlds Platformer richwsnider; mneng7; jflat06; thomsbg N/A
Poledance Party Rhythm Adult Swim N/A
Dungeon Sweet Dungeon Strategy Luca Bonisoli N/A
The Visitor Adventure Zeebarf Newgrounds.com
Invisible (Homeless Simulator) Visual Novel duckydream N/A
Symbiosis Strategy The Gamest Studio ArmorGames.com
Bloody Blades Runner DeadToast Entertainment GamesReloaded.com
Dress My Babe Dress-Up GeneticEye N/A
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 Rhythm Shinki N/A
Awaken Front Line Shooter N/A N/A
Space Saga Shooter J0xFlasher, darkvam N/A
Jack Van Call - Stinger Sniper Shooter Pencil Kids N/A
Brainsplatters 2 Action Fingersticks Entertainment N/A
Camouflage Snake Action Alan Hazelden N/A
Antventure Adventure To Design N/A
Riddle Transfer 2 Adventure JonBro N/A
Parachute Panic Arcade N/A N/A
ChickaBoom Puzzle PhotonStorm, Rich Davey, Ilja Melentijevic, Symphony of Specters Gamesgames.com
A Kitty Dream Platformer Nitrome Jam N/A
Scribbles! Puzzle Black Moon Design AddictingGames.com
Haunted House (Armegalo) Adventure Armegalo N/A
SuperDepth Arcade alty (game design, graphics, original programming), tacox (game design, graphic, story), fin (music), CLAUDE (music), Masaaki Okano (Flash programming) Bio_100%
When Pigs Fly Platformer Anna Anthropy N/A
Polar Race (Coca-Cola) Arcade Coca-Cola N/A
SpongeBob: Ghoul Getter Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Line Rider Beta 1 Toy Boštjan Čadež N/A
Diamond Hollow II Action Arkeus N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 26 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Robot Wants Kitty Platformer Hamumu Software MaxGames.com
Project Eddie Shooter Tom Fulp N/A
Poo Dodger Arcade nARTBOX N/A
Frantic Ninjas Fighting 2PG N/A
Spy Kids 3D: Game Over Variety N/A N/A
Final Fantasy x Kingdom Hearts RPG Demo RPG ElinTan N/A
Big Block's Battle Puzzle Booblyc Studio Cool Math Games
Ghost Motel 5: Demon Underworld Choose Your Own Adventure Violet-AIM N/A
Disorderly Brawler Zeebarf N/A
Larry's Wild Water Ride Arcade Big Idea N/A
GT and the Evil Factory RPG Runouw Kongregate.com
Teddies & Monsters Puzzle Icedevel Cool Math Games
The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 1 "Quiz" Splapp-Me-Do N/A
Armored Fighter Action N/A Sugar-Free-Games.com
Scope: First Blood Shooter The Game Homepage Andkon.com
Lure Away Arcade ABAGames N/A
Hetherdale Adventure RedHerringLabs N/A
The Birdinator: Judgement Season Shooter Mefuzzy.com N/A
[Visible] III Platformer PsyFlash Productions N/A
Yeti Sports: Ylympics Sports Chris Hilgert N/A
Slap the Nerd Arcade 2DPlay.com N/A
Trollface Quest 1 Variety PPLLAAYY Agame.com
Mr Lal The Detective 1 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Original Hardcore Pinball Pinball Kempt N/A
The Bitcher Adult Lesson of Passion N/A
Super Mario Bros Star Platformer Mad Dwarf N/A
Epic Boss Fighter Brawler Entertainment Forge & Gilbert De Vera N/A
Space is Key 2 Platformer Chris Jeff N/A
Krystine and the Children in Chains Adventure jo99 N/A
Reaper Anal Rodeo Adult Mittsies, Aedollon, Shädman, Wet Wasabi Mittsies.com
Add Like Mad Puzzle Craziness.com Addictinggames.com
Luxor Quest For The Afterlife Puzzle MumboJumbo N/A
Garden Door Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Battle Cry Age of Myths Strategy Berzerk Studio N/A
PBS Winter Pop-up Palooza Arcade PBS, Neopets Neopets.com
Funny Scary Man Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Crank It Up Toy PBS N/A
Mighty Knight Brawler Firebeast Swartag
Perfect Balance 3 Puzzle ttursas Ltd. N/A
The Quest for the Rest Adventure Amanita Design N/A
Santa HoHoHo Arcade Nobstudio N/A
Madness: The death of the clone Choose Your Own Adventure remi-su N/A
Anti-Idle: The Game (Hacked) RPG Tukkun N/A
Linkage (Neutral) Escape the Room Neutral N/A
SpongeBob: Mystery Train Variety Blueflame? Nickelodeon
Holio U 11 Adult Holio.net N/A
Code Lyoko: Race Racing France 3 N/A
Shining Mine Puzzle RandomBC, FunnyGames N/A
Yadomaru's Urge Adult HentaiKey N/A
Shop Empire Rampage Strategy LittleGiantWorld N/A
Paddle Smash Arcade OneSexyPaperBag N/A
Colour My Heart Platformer SilverStitch Newgrounds.com
Don't Wake Kate Puzzle PBS N/A
Battlezone Action Code Mystics N/A
Bowsette Hentai Game Adult dong134 N/A
Cosmic Clicks Adventure N/A N/A
Park My Big Rig Driving AddictingGames N/A
Defend Your Computer Shooter stickmoose N/A
Treasure Dive Arcade Funbrain N/A
Cryptogram Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Bitzy Blitz Shooter Dan Sjodahl, Johannes Sinander, Tony Backman Johan Rosen, Kristofer Kjell, Jack Francis, Lynne Publishing, Sound Solution Stuidos Wingon Studios
Poledance Hero Rhythm Adult Swim N/A
The Room Tribute Adventure Tom Fulp Newgrounds.com
Sonica Platformer Nick Kouvaris N/A
Super Sonic the Hedgehog Platformer Unknown N/A
Vocaloid Dress Up Game Vers. 2 Dress-Up KawaiiPandah N/A
Bonnie on the Beach Dress Up Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Pokemon Trainer Creator Dress-Up Jcling N/A
Gold Rush! Slots Gambling Arkadium N/A
Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars Arcade Anna Anthropy Adult Swim
Flue Arcade Nitrome N/A
Gyossait Platformer Amon26 N/A
Vine Time Arcade Funbrain N/A
Crow In Hell - Affliction Arcade Pyrozen N/A
Boss Preview Toy N/A N/A
Boys' Life Morse Code Machine Simulation N/A N/A
Lilo & Stitch Peanut Butter Express Arcade Disney N/A
Actionpals Action molkman N/A
Heli Attack 2 Shooter SquareCircleCo N/A
Exploit Puzzle Gregory Weir N/A
Chibis in Rock 'n Royals Dress-Up GirlGames egirlgames.net
Dodgeball Advergame Arcade N/A N/A
Rally Stage Racing TurboNuke N/A
Word Bump Puzzle Mediatonic N/A
Cheese Dreams Platformer Nitrome N/A
Fashion Expo Dress-Up Games2win N/A
The Tickler Shooter Revzin Ideaworks N/A
Epic Battle Fantasy II RPG Matt Roszak ArmorGames.com
Craps Gambling Arkadium N/A
Hardbodies Adult LustyLizard N/A
Silly Styles Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Arkandian Legends 1: Crusade RPG undefined N/A
Bumper Cards Card Arkadium N/A
Guardian Rock Puzzle Stefan Ahlin N/A
Deer Stacker Arcade AddictingGames N/A
My Sexy Anthro 2: RainbowRound! Visual Novel Fatelogic N/A
Dungeonfield RPG N/A N/A
Boys' Life Robots vs Aliens Chess Sports N/A N/A
Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack! Platformer Flipline Studios N/A
Techno Mania Puzzle N/A N/A
Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam Platformer Nitrome N/A
Basket Bird Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Relic Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Zombies Took My Daughter Action Nerdook ArcadeBomb.com
Grid16 Variety jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Summit Platformer Zillix Kongregate
Tiny Tina Dressup Adult sadisticirony N/A
Zombotron 2: Time Machine Shooter Anton Karlov N/A
Linx Hard Set Puzzle Retrocade.net N/A
The Dreamerz Adventure N/A N/A
make a madness guy 0.2 Dress-Up Doctor-Gordon N/A
I Object! Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Tumble Fruit Puzzle Irmirx N/A
Heist - A Thief's Nightmare Adventure Highwitamic Armorgames.com
Amazing Islands Adventure N/A N/A
DangerBot's Disaster Dash - (Boy's Life) Arcade N/A N/A
The Great Dig Puzzle British Museum N/A
Eterna Invent Medicine Puzzle Stanford Medicine N/A
Musik Marathon Rhythm Coolio Niato ArmorGames.com
Tower of Doom Strategy Louissi N/A
SpellStorm Shooter BulletProof Arcade N/A
The Peacekeeper Shooter Berzerk Studio A10.com
Dog Pound 3 (Hacked) Quiz PBS N/A
Egg Fighter Fighting N/A N/A
Sofita Land Toy zooli N/A
Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond Adventure FM-Studio, Francesco, Manuela Forgotten-hill.com
King's Guard Puzzle KingDotCom, IriySoft N/A
F.P. Squad - Battle for Gropesville Shooter ToonPimp N/A
Alu's Revenge Puzzle Arkadium N/A
SpongeBob's Crossword Puzzle / Nick.com Crosswords Puzzle N/A Nickelodeon
Dark Cut 3 Simulation jmtb02, MaestroRage N/A
African Detroit Cop Action fabulous999 N/A
Sugar Core Arcade Gregory Weir N/A
Create a Stem Cell Line Quiz Edheads N/A
Battle for Slugterra Brawler DHX Media N/A
Sakyubasu No Tatakai II Adult Gorepete N/A
Snow Line 2 Puzzle IriySoft Miniclip.com
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 9 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Energize Shooter Armegalo ScienceYear.com
Halloween Trick or Treat Escape 6 Escape the Room WowEscape N/A
Taipan 3000 SE Strategy PsychoGoldfish, MindChamber, SESSNET Psychogoldfish
Mario Stunt Champ Driving Cartoon Mini N/A
Adventure Time: Legends of OOO Adventure Cartoon Network N/A
Cyadonia Training Puzzle Cyad Games N/A
Nanaca Crash!! Artillery Starcreator N/A
The Sagittarian 4: Berger Adventure Hyptosis N/A
Killbot Puzzle Adult Swim N/A
Ledge the Spirit Stone RPG Michael Neumann, Jesse Landis- Eigsti AGame.com
Phantom Mansion 7 Puzzle gimme5games N/A
Presidental Knockout Fighting N/A N/A
Dot Com Dude Arcade N/A N/A
Ahoge 23 Find Atelier-C N/A
Mission to Jupiter Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Supra Mayro Bross: Legend of the Lost Kingdom Platformer EricTheCoolDude N/A
Learn to Fly 2 Arcade Light Bringer Kongregate.com
Tuboflex Adventure Molleindustria N/A
Spin 2 Win Gambling Arkadium N/A
Sword Fight Experimental tovrick N/A
Zuma Puzzle Popcap N/A
Hapland 2 Puzzle Foon N/A
Command and Defend (Russian) Tower Defense Alexander Zasrin Alexey Daisydois, George Studenikin, Gennady Koushenin Tankionline.com
A Goody Life Simulation Goody ArmorGames.com
My Little Army Strategy rudy_sudarto N/A
Retro Unicorn Attack: Challenge Edition Runner Adult Swim N/A
2112 Cooperation 4 Shooter Net Terminator, Game - 3DBBQ, Music - Jan Morgenstern N/A
Mindfields 3 Puzzle gamesheep N/A
SAS: Insane Asylum Shooter Kaiparasoft N/A
Hentairella 2 Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Slice the Box Puzzle Oleg Kuzyk, Alexander Ahura Armor Games
The Tower 18F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
D.Slide Puzzle CoolBuddy N/A
Pussymon: Episode 34 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
TD Project Tower Defense Matej Bord N/A
The Final Death Wish Shooter Arkuni N/A
Zombie Horde 3 Shooter King Tommy Crazymonkeygames.com
Dig Zag Arcade Arkadium N/A
Effing Worms Xmas Action Effing Games N/A
Caribbean Admiral 2 Strategy Vogd N/A
Tiny Airships Shooter Tremor Games N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 31 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
The Tower 4F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
I Remain Escape the Room Chris Sheeler, Jeremiah Lapointe Kongregate.com
Lance la Hache sur Jean Charest Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Starship Seven Action Neodelight N/A
The Gauntlet Runner Kynetik Art N/A
Trizle Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Stickya Adventurya Platformer Eggy and Lochie N/A
Deep Sea Patrol Shooter N/A N/A
Acid Bunny Episode 1 Platformer SeethingSwarm N/A
Zombie Horde by Evil Space Chicken Arcade Evil Space Chicken ArcadeBomb.com
Hero: Dress Up Dress-Up Ehcs N/A
Weapon Shooter Simon Hason ArmorGames.com
Chibi Maker Dress-Up Gen8 N/A
Flash Gauntlet Action Allbest.com N/A
Plunger Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Nade Reborn Shooter Nightmare (Lochie) , Eddache, Tomato, Sam Clifton (Monksor), Joep (Whirlguy), Timraband, Cuzone, Newgrounds.com
Synopsis Quest RPG Skipmore N/A
Spaceman Max Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Obama Rider Motocross Box10.com Newgrounds.com
New York Shark Arcade Mausland Newgrounds.com
The Waitress Simulation D-Man N/A
Beat Beat Revolution 3rd CYBERNATION Rhythm Expecter N/A
Codemaster - Code Breaker (Boys' Life) Puzzle N/A N/A
Splatterhouse Brawler StringAnime.com N/A
Tsunade's Lesson Adult HentaiKey Armorgames.com
Classic Mario Bros. Arcade Ryan Glynn N/A
Kaleid Puzzle Inflash Studios N/A
Castle Cat 2 Platformer Wiesi-Mausland N/A
Hard Hat Hustle Platformer Tremor Games Cartoon Network
JellyGo! Strategy avoxgames, Saburu N/A
Found Lost Horror Miranda Habeeb N/A
SpongeBob: Colossal Chaos Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Bob the Robber Platformer N/A N/A
Pre-Civilization Marble Age Strategy Clarus Victoria N/A
Escape from Jay is Games Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Password Platformer Arhi Makkohen N/A
Elf Girl Sim Date RPG Dating Sim Ludy Graffelman N/A
Haunted House Tours Adventure Snap Break N/A
Splatman Arcade X-PRESSIVE.COM N/A
Final Fantasy Sonic X Episode 3 Visual Novel BlackDevilX, Billbob840 N/A
TG War 2016 - The Fighting Game RPG Undercoversam, TheMaskofaFox N/A
Sneak Thief 4 - Fourth Find Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Viking Quest (BBC) Toy N/A N/A
MLP: FiM Flash Game Arcade Yeaka N/A
Memory.exe Platformer squidly N/A
Urban Brawl Arcade Kbaum, GrassofFlash N/A
Maxi Raider (?) Variety CBA.PL N/A
Slide Racing Racing Radical Dog N/A
Transformers Cybertron: Primus Unleashed Action Hasbro Hasbro
Final Fantasy Returns- Flash Game Dress-Up HlYA N/A
Rokko Chan Platformer King Soukutu N/A
Star Chemistry Puzzle Qizmo Games Shockwave.com
Who Said What Now? Toy The Brothers Chaps N/A
Team Contraventions Platformer Martin Bros Studios N/A
Cargo Shipment: San Francisco Tower Defense Dynergy N/A
ICS - Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome Platformer Miroko (graphics), Nipitpon Wongsuparatkul (design and program), Alec Shea (music and sound effects) A10.com
Dummy Never Fails Puzzle Tanoku PlayHub.com
SpartaMan 2 Platformer ShadowWhoWalks N/A
The Impossible Quizmas "Quiz" Splapp-Me-Do Newgrounds.com
Beach Party Paradise Arcade N/A N/A
Dress Up Han Beauty Flash Game Dress-Up Sarriathmoonghost N/A
Flip the Farmer Adventure Abroy N/A
Condition Action abielins N/A
Epic Battle Fantasy III.3: Bullet Heaven Shooter Matt Roszak Kongregate.com
Elementals: The Magic Key Adventure Playrix N/A
Roly-Poly Cannon 2 Puzzle Johnny-K N/A
Shootermata Shooter Miniclip ArmorGames.com
Super Fighters Rampage Fighting Stickpage N/A
Guitar Geek Rhythm Megadev, Mike Tucker, ED Stevens, Nick Parton, Mark Rodgers, Sonni.com N/A
Galactic Gems Puzzle Mikalay Radchuk Candystand.com
Delicious Emily's Holiday Season Puzzle Zylom N/A
Drunken Masters Arcade Dan Hoelck TurboGames.com
The Impossible Quiz 2 "Quiz" Splapp-Me-Do NotDoppler.com
Samus Flash Game Arcade ecchi-mia N/A
Brickshooter Egypt Puzzle Playposition.com Shockwave.com
Outpost Shooter Luxregina, GameYourWay N/A
Yeti Sports 4: Albatross Overload Sports Chris Hilgert N/A
The Thief 2 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Astro-Lite Toy The Brothers Chaps N/A
Clicker Heroes Clicker Playsaurus N/A
Flappy Turd Arcade Cool Springs LLC, N/A
Q*bert 2004 Arcade Sony Pictures Digital Inc. N/A
Boys' Life Tankz 2 Arcade N/A N/A
Castellan Platformer Pigumi N/A
Castlevania Action Nabboproject N/A
Ninja Hamsters vs Robots Action nerdook N/A
Morphin' Marvin Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Wormgate Arcade Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
House of Wolves Strategy Louissi ArmorGames.com
Club Penguin Yum Yum Yuck Yuck (Beta Team) Arcade Disney N/A
Build-a-Lot Strategy Shockwave N/A
Mind The Blox Puzzle Gelinda Andkon.com
Super Mario Kart Xtreme Racing N/A N/A
Dance Battle Runner CoolioNiato ArmorGames.com
Winter (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Protector Tower Defense undefined N/A
GrossOut: Battle for Sludge Valley (Demo) RPG hechaos N/A
Mars Massacre Shooter X-Pressive / Mike Dogan (N/A)
Untouchable Shooter Ho Chan Hong N/A
Zombie Cage Shooter Loge Productions N/A
Cub Scouts Rocket Derby Arcade N/A N/A
Planet Racer Racing FOG.com N/A
SpongeBob: Anchovy Assault Artillery N/A Nickelodeon
Multitask Arcade IcyLime Newgrounds.com
The Great Kitchen Escape Escape the Room Pastel Games N/A
Zombotron Shooter Anton Karlov N/A
Dress Up Azalea Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
Lucky Charms Shooting Star Speedway Racing General Mills, Neopets Neopets.com
Stabika 3 Action The Mills & Porter N/A
Freekick Football Sports Arkadium N/A
Supermuzhik 2 Action Aimar N/A
Boomshine Puzzle Danny Miller N/A
Sift Heads: World Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
The Ballad of Ketinetto 7 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Slingoween Arcade Ezone N/A
Balls! Arcade Alex Heaton Armorgames.com
Belial Chapter 2 Adventure keybol N/A
Yeah Jam Fury Platformer TheWillyBoo, Cleod-9, ssjskipp, Intentionally N/A
Bird Smasher 2 Arcade MaxGames.com N/A
Holio U 9 Adult Holio.net N/A
Super House of Dead Ninjas Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Skunk Meat Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Night Drivin Driving Insane Hero Addictinggames.com
Escape from Abandoned Castle (Hacked) Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Midnight Spooks: The Thing in the Basement Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt Card Arkadium N/A
Chuckie Egg (GamesTa.vn) Arcade GamesTa.vn N/A
Mummy Hunt 2 Quiz Funbrain N/A
Demon Girl: The Showcase (2017) Adult Derpixon N/A
Free Circus Free Puzzle Vogd N/A
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Trial Edition Adventure Capcom Capcom
Adam and Eve 2 Adventure FastGames.com N/A
Chuckaboom Puzzle Ninjadoodle N/A
Truck Mania Driving Peter Kasbar, Gametornado Gametornado.com
Pico Sim Date 2 (v.1.5) Dating Sim Moosh N/A
Fairy Tail vs One Piece Fighting D Ploy N/A
Intrusion Shooter Vap Kongregate.com
Feed Us Lost Island Action Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
A Knight to Remember RPG Staal Media, Yoeri Staal, Thomas Knight, Andrea Giachini, Derek Stevens, Pixel Chunk, Steve Curtis, Bill Karalius, Johnathon Cooke, Adox o Graphist N/A
Turbo Golf Sports longanimals, robotjam N/A
Cyad Puzzle Cyad Games N/A
Santa Vs Jack Arcade Joke.co.uk Shockwave.com
BeTrapped! Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Nuclear Eagle Action C404 Armorgames.com
Stick Fighter Fighting Joshua J. Morgan N/A
Little Farm Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
SpongeBob: Where's Gary? (Hacked) Variety Badgerhammer Nickelodeon UK
Red Driver 2 Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Christmas Tree Light Up! Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Karoshi: Suicide Salaryman Platformer Jesse Venbrux N/A
Sonic Bubbles Puzzle Allon Flash Games N/A
Boys' Life Derby Town Racing Driving N/A N/A
Scraps Platformer Lorestrome N/A
Wheely 2 Puzzle Pegas Games N/A
Connect the States Card PBS N/A
The Magician's Handbook 2 Blacklore Puzzle Bcsoft Games Shockwave.com
Splitter Pals Puzzle Eugene Karataev, Luke Thomas N/A
Space Hunt Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Electric Racing Racing Turbo Nuke N/A
Bedroom Kissing 3 WTF 85 Games N/A
J-Sim The Flash Based Juggling Simulator Toy Smallsquare.co.uk Smallsquare.co.uk
IndestructoTank 3 Arcade Tony N/A
Storm Ops Shooter 3KG Games, Dmitri Kurteanu, Egor Kurteanu, Kevin Macleod N/A
SkullFace Platformer GregAnims N/A
Cowgirl Escape Escape the Room 8BGames N/A
Knighttron RPG AntKarlov N/A
WTF DOC Arcade Pyrozen N/A
25 Stud Card Game Show Network Game Show Network
Mahjongg Rings Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Dark Dungeon (Boys' Life) RPG N/A N/A
City Siege Sniper - Welcome to Snafu Island Shooter Podge Games N/A
Sugar, Sugar Puzzle Bart Bonte ArmorGames.com
Monster Swarm Platformer Cartoon Network N/A
Beat Beat Revolution 2nd Rhythm Expecter N/A
Word Roundup Challenge Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Panda Tactical Sniper 2 Shooter Rob Donkin; RobotJAM N/A
Fantastic Contraption Puzzle Inxile Entertainment N/A
Frogger Arcade Neave.com N/A
Andrew the Droid Platformer JKari, ArcadeTown N/A
Peacefree Tactical Warfare Strategy Adventure Cat N/A
SpongeBob: Equation Invasion Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
South Park Snake Blast Shooter Comedy Central N/A
Sushi Cat 3: The Great Purrade Puzzle Armor Games N/A
Stay Awake Arcade CoolioNiato Armorgames.com
10800 Zombies Action Mochigames N/A
FWG Valentines Arcade Armegalo FreeWorldGroup.com
Demon Girl Adult LineMarvel N/A
The Egg Puzzle EGGY Armorgames.com
Lindwurm Riders Assault (Demo) Platformer Design Assembly N/A
Daytraders of the Dead Arcade Conedog / Voynix N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 19 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Marios Bombs Away Arcade obscure N/A
Silent Water Arcade Orisinal N/A
Fishdom 2 Puzzle Playrix N/A
Pinata Hunter 2 Arcade Myplayyard.com N/A
More Bloons Puzzle NinjaKiwi N/A
Canyon Glider Runner Miniclip N/A
Bowja the Ninja 1 - On Factory Island Adventure Pencilkids N/A
Orange Island Arcade www.tansio.net N/A
Cutie Student Dress-Up HlYA N/A
Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Toy -rava N/A
Fear Unlimited Action Dizimz ArmorGames.com
Smokaz Challenge Puzzle Armegalo Funnylishus.com
Holio U Dark Witch Adult Holio.net N/A
Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2 Platformer Diseased Productions N/A
Feed Me Arcade Nitrome N/A
Bad Haircut Toy Nick Online N/A
Days of Monsters Shooter MostroGames, camaleonyco, SMilesInDaHat, mofunzone N/A
The Necronomicon - Book of Dead Names Card Games of Cthulhu N/A
Garfield Krazy Kennel Breakout Platformer Garfield Garfield.com
Holiday Time Travel Escape: Halloween Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
The Battle of the Atlantic Toy N/A N/A
ToonTown Gag Order Puzzle Disney/Neopets N/A
Feudalism II Strategy VitalyZ N/A
Tetris DS - Puzzle Mode Puzzle Nintendo N/A
Endless War 2 Shooter BlackFox-of-ITMO N/A
Banana Bonanza Platformer Plonga Plonga
Papa's Cupcakeria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Word Scramble Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Pootris Puzzle FreeWorldGroup.com N/A
Through Puzzle goshki N/A
Witch Hunt Arcade Godseed Dojo
Late Night Ride Adult Jasonafex, Kabier N/A
Doom - Flatten Horizon Shooter Yom Zee N/A
Rigelian Hot Shots Runner 2000AD, FX33 N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 13 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Midna Hentai Game Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Room Escape 27 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Cake Mania Simulation Sandlot Games N/A
Sola Rola - The Gravity Maze Puzzle EvilFree Productions N/A
Let it Glow Puzzle Vyacheslav Stepanov funflow
Curse of the Red Ninja Adventure A Triangle Morning N/A
Hammer Time (in 60 Seconds) Arcade Whileworking.com N/A
The Tower 3F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
SpongeBob: Pian-Oh-No! Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Mardek Chapter 2 RPG Fig Hunter Games CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Pragaras Adventure Teshla N/A
Abobo's Big Adventure Variety I-Mockery, Pestoforce, Pox Box Newgrounds.com
Natural - Beyond Nature (Demo) Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
N3rd Boy Platformer Jens Winsterstein N/A
Jesus the Arcade Game Platformer Jsofts.com N/A
Handle With Care Arcade Arkadium N/A
Nightmares 3 - The Baron of Verminfamine Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Chaos Chamber Puzzle Unbounded Games N/A
Desolation Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Gone Fishin' Toy Nick Online N/A
Madness Retaliation Strategy RevolverRoach Newgrounds.com
Stick RPG (Demo) RPG XGen Studios XGenStudios.com
WEG Search: Spiders Find World Escape Games N/A
GunBlood Shooter Andrew Wolf N/A
Protect The Cow Puzzle Gamescombat.com Gamescombat.com
The Guardian Chapter 2 Adventure UknownXL N/A
Bloxbox Puzzle CoolioNiato Armorgames.com
SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom Bust Up Fighting N/A Nickelodeon
Kamikaze Pigs Puzzle MostroGames N/A
Sakura Haruno Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Moto Rush 2 Racing IriySoft and AddictingGames N/A
Shore Acres 2 Adventure MadFLeX Newgrounds.com
Lock-n-Roll Puzzle JayisGames, Armor Games N/A
Seed of Destruction Arcade Komix Games A10.com
Stick RPG 2 RPG XGen Studios N/A
Path of Freeman Platformer Vitaly Zaborov ArmorGames.com
Club Penguin Goalie (Beta Team) Action Disney N/A
Duck Life 2: World Champion Simulation Wix Bubblebox.com
Super Ninja Block Platformer Crabroid OnlineZGames
Checkpoint Puzzle HeroInteractive N/A
Apples in the Tree Adventure MasterMorel Newgrounds.com
Delicious Emily's Childhood Memories Puzzle Zylom N/A
Big Pixel Racing Driving Big Pixel Studios N/A
Deal or No Deal Strategy King.com N/A
I Don't Even Know Puzzle Peter Polack N/A
Hotcorn Puzzle Ninja Kiwi N/A
Quebrantar Chapter 2: The Black Swamp Adventure Esklavos N/A
Jelly Escape Platformer TawStudio Entertainment N/A
Agent P Return of the Platypus Platformer Disney N/A
Indestructotank Action Tony ArmorGames.com
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 3 Find Sherlockian-Sherlock N/A
The Playground Adventure RobSuperSonic Newgrounds.com
Social Interaction Trainer Simulation PiGPEN/Ryan Jake Lambourn N/A
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Stone Circle 8 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Square Off Puzzle Tik Games Shockwave.com
Aisha Clan-Clan Hentai Game Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Wallace and Gromit's Workshop Puzzle N/A N/A
Nelly 2 Episode 1 Action DeqafStudio GameArk.com
Back to Earth Adventure Abroy N/A
Chicks`N`Dicks 3 Puzzle HALC Newgrounds.com
Sideomorph Puzzle Mads Anthony N/A
Potion Master (Charmed) Puzzle Red i Studios N/A
Wayfinder Episode One Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Vector Stunt Rhythm DigYourOwnGrave N/A
Kaguya Table: The Expansion Clicker N/A N/A
RayRay Puzzle N/A N/A
South Park: Kill Kenny Arcade TwistedHumor.com N/A
Chef Boyardee Product Palace Arcade Neopets, ConAgra Foods Neopets.com
Crazy Vacation Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution Runner Adult Swim N/A
DK Country Kremling Krushin Arcade Nintendo N/A
Canyon Defense Tower Defense IriySoft Miniclip.com
Isolated Subject Puzzle crneumre N/A
:the game: Platformer Nicklaus Liow MaxGames.com
Myth Wars Strategy Belugerin Games N/A
Kripperz Shooter Winged_Doom, Dnaram8, Vortex Dweller Armorgames.com
Renaire Platformer Squidly N/A
Bloodfield: The Meat City Shooter Tikis Lab N/A
Acaro Escape the Room A N/A
Hood Episode 4 Adventure Hyptosis N/A
Pull My Finger Toy Nick Online N/A
Touching Tifa -INTERACTIVE TOUCHING GAME 2- Adult KooooN Soft N/A
House of Cards Puzzle Gabriel Jensen N/A
Holio U 3 Adult Holio.net N/A
Travel Sick Platformer Bravo, Kerb N/A
Pizza City (Hacked) Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Secret Emotion 外伝 Visual Novel Yukawa's Soft N/A
Totally Odd Adventure Alexander S. N/A
White Chamber Escape the Room Toshimitsu Takagi N/A
Youda Legend The Curse of the Amesterdam Diamond (Demo) Adventure Youda Games N/A
Ball Revamped III: Gemini Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
Pee Wee's Reef Rescue (BL) Arcade N/A N/A
Christmas Trouble Adventure Abroy.com N/A
Dirtbike Apocalypse Action Workinman N/A
The Chemical Bros.: Push the Button Arcade Jason Oda N/A
Cube Escape The Mill Escape the Room Rusty Lake N/A
Storm Ops 2 Desert Storm Shooter 3KG Games, Dmitri Kurteanu, Egor Kurteanu, Kevin Macleod N/A
Dangerous Christmas Platformer AdventureIslands N/A
Steam Birds Survival Strategy Andy Moore, Daniel Cook, Jordan Fehr, David Edery, Gideon Crevoshay, Jeremy Thal, Chris Marianetti ArmorGames
One Ton Bang Bang Shooter Glow Monkey GlowMonkey.com
Asterix (German) Platformer Creative Valley N/A
Interactive Buddy 2 Prototype Toy Shock Value N/A
Critical Swarm Arcade Tony N/A
Forgotten Rites Action N/A N/A
Mecha Dress Up Game Dress-Up Matt Roszak N/A
Thomas Was Alone Platformer Mike Bithell N/A
Final Light Action J0xFlasher N/A
Captain Kidd's Caribbean Free Cell Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Boys' Life Pedro's Horseshoes Sports N/A N/A
Super Granny 2 Racing Shockwave N/A
Looney Tunes Safe Cracker Puzzle N/A N/A
Sushi Cat 2 Puzzle sushicat.top N/A
Into Space Arcade Barbarian Games N/A
アイテム探しゲーム Find Yukawa's Soft N/A
Love (new version for Eden contest) Arcade Contrebasse_ N/A
New Super Mario Bros (Official Site) Toy Nintendo N/A
The Blind Swordsman Action Evil-Dog N/A
You Find Yourself In A Room Adventure Eli Piilonen N/A
Take Care Of the Trees Adventure PrettyMuchBryce N/A
JayIsGames Casual Gameplay Banner 2008 Adventure Foon N/A
Trick-or-Treat Adventure! Adventure Mockery Newgrounds.com
Tortoss Artillery Adult Swim N/A
He Scores Sports FlashFooty N/A
Super Pig Platformer ArmorGames N/A
Epic Cluck Shooter Decaf Studio Armorgames.com
Golden Spider Solitaire Card Justfreegames.com N/A
The Runaway Train Arcade Orisinal N/A
Sift Heads 0 Shooter WebCypher N/A
Soap Bubble II Arcade Cockroach.se N/A
VIP Room Adult LustyLizard N/A
Dinosaur Zookeeper Strategy Adult Swim Wingon Studios
FandelTales Scene Viewer Adult Derpixon N/A
Daymare Invaders! Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Sex Kitten Sim-RPG Adult Klacid N/A
Super Soldier Shooter N/A N/A
Sniper Assassin Quickshot Shooter Gonzo Games N/A
Super Duck Punch! Fighting Kongregate, jmtb02, Jimp N/A
Fire Ninja Girl Action Mgame N/A
SpongeBob: Decorating Dilemma Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Manta Bomber Action Kabillion N/A
Pongfarm Pong Goblin Club Games N/A
The Spell Breaker Quest Adventure Playtinium Games N/A
Ozzy Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Prominent Mountain Arcade ABAGames N/A
Planet Punch Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Anxiety Crusher Action Jason Oda Jiffy Lube
Short Path Puzzle Puzzle BG Games N/A
Squzzle Puzzle Busy Bee Arcade N/A
An Escape Series 5 Escape the Room Afro Ninja Productions N/A
Caesar's Day Off Choose Your Own Adventure exotworking.com N/A
ピコシュー Shooter Ogarium Studio N/A
Money Miner 2 Arcade Box10.com N/A
Canadair: Bombardier D'Eau Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Scramball Arcade ChrisJeffGames N/A
MCR: Sweet Revenge Arcade N/A My Chemical Romance
The Ballad of Ketinetto 4 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Vinnie's Shooting Yard Shooter PopBrain N/A
Knife Party Fighting SeethingSwarm N/A
Bum's Rush Arcade Brian Frisk N/A
Ice Breakout Arcade Miniclip N/A
Babies Dream of Dead Worlds Platformer Gregory Weir N/A
Future Development Company (Hacked) Simulation Nigoro N/A
Fairway Solitaire Card N/A Shockwave.com
Ninja Warrior Runner G4TV N/A
Shuffle Arcade Wildsnake Software N/A
YuYu Hakusho Wars Brawler N/A Game4joy.com
Sonic RPG Episode 1-1 Visual Novel MidNightMaren N/A
Phantom Mansion 3 Puzzle gimme5games N/A
Abandoned in Canada Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Phage Wars 2 Strategy ArmorGames, joeybetz N/A
FlyEatin Arcade dtz-emedia N/A
Button Search Find Kirt7788 N/A
Corruption of Champions Adult Fenoxo N/A
Room Escape 18 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Chopraider Action Virgil Wall Bubblebox.com
Gwen TDI (Adult) Adult GIJoePwns N/A
Draka Puzzle Fancycles N/A
Magneto Syndrome pt2 Adventure jreinalab N/A
Red Ball 4: Volume 1 Platformer Evgeniy Fedoseev N/A
Vending Machine Champ Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Supermarket Bowling Sports Zombies4Hire Tokipark.com
Duck Hunt (Plebbi.com) Shooter Plebbi.com N/A
Yeti Sports 5: Flamingo Drive Sports Chris Hilgert N/A
Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in Space Puzzle Aardman Animations Expedia
Ray Part 2 RPG Philljc N/A
Cap'n Goldgrubber's Treasure Hunt Strategy JacksmackDotCom N/A
Chickn Shooter Aaron Oldenburg N/A
Marksmen Shooter Godlimations N/A
Pixel Explorer Action Mateusz Supeł N/A
Aoyama's Handjobs Adult HentaiKey N/A
Civet's Odyssey Adventure Belugerin Games Bubblebox.com
Typhoon Avenue Arcade ABAGames N/A
I Was On The Throne Adventure DiscoFish N/A
Griswold The Goblin 2 Chapter 1 Adventure Casper Smith, Chris Gianelloni, Josh Tomar, Peter Smith, Brian Bruhn JR. Rebecca Mcarthy, Brian Holmes Phantasmagor, LiLg, PhantasticGames N/A
Dakota Winchester 3 Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Bunny Catch Those Eggs Arcade Mateuz Skutnik N/A
Cheating Death Puzzle Rinse Games N/A
SpongeBob: Dutchman's Deck Dash of Doom! Runner N/A Nickelodeon
Life Ark 4 Adventure N/A N/A
Pussymon: Episode 31 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Don't Escape Escape the Room scriptwelder ArmorGames.com
Relic Of War Strategy TOGE Productions N/A
Spiderman vs Venom Dart Tag Shooter Marvel Kids N/A
Gravity Master Puzzle Astro75, Reasoner GravityMaster.net
Wolf Maker Dress-Up Wyndbain N/A
Bush Rampage Motocross AddictingGames N/A
50 State Capitals Quiz AddictingGames N/A
Battle Fish Puzzle EGGY, Octomon, C-Storm ArmorGames.com
Rusty Lake Roots Adventure RustyLake N/A
Robot ROVER (Hacked) Puzzle PBS N/A
Bomba Arcade Nitrome N/A
Orbox C Puzzle Arseniy Shkljaev, Nikolay Davydov N/A
Borderlands (Flash Tribute) Adventure N/A N/A
Hollow Platformer TimeBlog N/A
Powerpuff Girls D: Battle in Megaville Fighting Haileon Games FlashPortal.com
This Day in Rock History Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Chowder Give Trees A Chance Arcade Cartoon Network Cartoon Network
Valentine Love and Unlove Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Spider Solitaire Survival Card Arkadium N/A
Alloy Arena Shooter PsychoGoldfish, MindChamber N/A
Alter Platformer madpixelante N/A
Marvin Spectrum Runner Brian Singh N/A
Link-O-Vision (Hacked) Puzzle PBS N/A
Forbidden Arms Action Godseed GameMazing
Agent Cody Banks Arcade ‎Splendid Pictures, Neopets Neopets.com
Chronotron Puzzle Scarybug Games Kongregate.com
Factory Balls 4 Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Santa Sleigher Arcade Zombie Flesh Eaters N/A
Speed Cluster 2 Arcade Game-Pure N/A
Shadow Rising: Unleashed Arcade CerebralFix N/A
Stick RPG (Complete) RPG XGen Studios XGenStudios.com
Gunny Bunny 2 Double Sight Shooter Net Terminator N/A
Pony Creator Dress-Up General Zoi N/A
Ponkey Bong (Francais) Arcade Dupuis.com N/A
Cyberchase: Vortex Puzzle PBS N/A
Treasure of Cutlass Reef Strategy Game in a Bottle ArcadeBliss.com
The Best Amendment Shooter Molleindustria N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 16 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Toboggan Hill Simulation CBC Kids N/A
Basket Balls Puzzle Turbo Nuke Kongregate.com
Sim Sim City WTF XGen Studios N/A
Miragine War Strategy MIRAGINE N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 12 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Astrologist Escape Escape the Room 8B Games N/A
Epsilon Strain Action wituek MaxGames.com
Rubble Trouble: Tokyo Arcade Nitrome N/A
Mcdonald's Meal Hunt Arcade Neopets, Mcdonalds Neopets.com
Agent Scarecrow: The Birth of Scarecrow Redux Adventure Johnny B Design N/A
Run 2 Runner Player_03 Kongregate.com
Drag Box 2 Arcade BryceSummer, MoFunZone N/A
Castaway Adventure Likwid N/A
Snow Drift Platformer Nitrome N/A
The Tower 14F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Corporation, Inc. (Hacked) Strategy ArmorGames.com ArmorGames.com
Fighting Action N/A N/A
Defend Your Castle Arcade XGen Studios N/A
How Much is Enough? Arcade Game Show Network Game Show Network
In Another Chateau Platformer Miroslav Malesevic; Andreas Jorgensen; Jacob Zinman-James N/A
K-FED: Dancing with Fire Brawler Tom Fulp Newgrounds.com
Skip Around the World: India Adventure Mouse City N/A
Turbo Spirit Racing Neodelight N/A
Canyon Defense 2 Driving N/A Miniclip.com
The Tower 48F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Ape Escape Quiz Quiz Sony Computer Entertainment, Neopets Neopets.com
Aurora 2 Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Waffle Boy's Jungle Adventure Platformer N/A Waffle Crisp
Excelsior! (Prequel Adventure) Adventure Kazerad N/A
Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery Puzzle Gamehouse (Real Networks) Shockwave.com
101 Dalmations 2 Patch's London Adventure Arcade Disney, Neopets Neopets.com
Color Creature Toy Funbrain N/A
Perspective Platformer NFyre N/A
Rise of the Nindroids Platformer LEGO N/A
Leap Jet Bear Platformer MadNukin N/A
Hot Goomba Sex Adult JoSilver Newgrounds
Multitask 2 Variety IcyLime N/A
Causality - Stickman Isolation Adventure N/A N/A
Dress Treat Dress-Up NomNomNami N/A
The Hatchings Arcade Orisinal N/A
Mastermind Puzzle The Swain N/A
ButtonHunt 3 Find Achilles015 Kongregate
Pop-Tarts: French Toast Arcade Pop-Tarts, Kellogg N/A
Power Terminator 3 Shooter 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Hide the Fart Toy N/A N/A
Naya's Quest Platformer Terry Cavanagh N/A
Shurelia Cosmosphere Part 2 Visual Novel Koei Tecmo N/A
Saucy Devil Gordon Adventure Mouse City N/A
Gluey Puzzle Sergey Batishchev N/A
Beach Bar Babe! Arcade A10 N/A
Run Right Runner jmtb02 N/A
The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 3 "Quiz" Splapp-Me-Do N/A
World Cup 2010 Penalty Shootout Sports PB Game Studios N/A
Booze Up Platformer Armor Games N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 24 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Enigmata Action KidGamez N/A
Whack the Thief Toy Brutal Studio N/A
Truck Loader 2 Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Crazy Dad Christmas Adventure Carmel Games N/A
This Is The Only Level 4 Action ArmorGames N/A
Strike Force Heroes 3 Shooter Sky9 Games ArmorGames.com
Dress Up Lilly Adult Joseph N/A
Point-Click Arcade Phendrana N/A
Cube Escape Birthday Escape the Room Rusty Lake N/A
City Wizard Strategy Wizard Hat Games, Yanco N/A
Potty Copter Arcade Addicting Games N/A
Esklavos Chapter 9 Adventure N/A N/A
Shadez Strategy Sean Cooper N/A
Tower Squadz Strategy Game Hippies N/A
Perfect Balance 3 Last Trials Puzzle ttursas Ltd. N/A
Awesome Seaquest Strategy ishgames.com N/A
Abba & Obelix Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Pokemon Ranger Round-Up Activity Arcade Nintendo, Neopets Neopets.com
Planet Basher Arcade RobAlmighty N/A
Blobs Puzzle NetCent Communications N/A
Wings of Ge.Ne.Sis Shooter 1ManStudio N/A
Oshidama plus Puzzle N/A N/A
Siege Hero - Viking Vengeance Strategy gmentat N/A
Legend Of Zelda Action N/A N/A
Space is Key Platformer Chris Jeff N/A
Ambition Episode 4: The Tryst Part 1 Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Deep Sleep Horror Scriptwelder ArmorGames.com
Get Off My Lawn Arcade Jon Larkin, Chris Cunningham, Amanda Long HotAirRaccoon.com
Methus Tower defence Shooter N/A N/A
Copy Cat Puzzle Mofongo Studios Candystand
A House In California Adventure Cardboard Computer N/A
Chinese Checkers (primarygames.com) Strategy primarygames.com N/A
Applez Platformer Hellfang N/A
La Foire Aux Mysteres 1 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Homestar Talker Toy The Brothers Chaps N/A
Hewitt Adventure LiLg, Phantasmagor N/A
Viking Arcade SoThink N/A
Mecharon Shooter MoonMana, Episode Entertainment N/A
Fluffball Arcade Nitrome N/A
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile Puzzle Namco N/A
S.W.A.T. 2.5 Shooter Eric Posas, ESP Animation N/A
Xenos Action Oddity N/A
Mario Diving Arcade N/A Gamemunchies.com
Palisade Guardian 3 Shooter erebosGames N/A
Microputt Sports Damp Gnat N/A
Drop Dead 2 Toy Ville Helin N/A
African Rainmaker Puzzle King N/A
Marthur Stickerbook Mashup Toy PBS N/A
The Best Game Ever Made Adventure Rainbow Cemetery, I-Mockery N/A
Sneak Thief 3 - Triple Trouble Adventure Pastel Games N/A
SpongeBob: Chum is Fum Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Modern Mucha Dress-Up Dress-Up Gasara, DollDivine N/A
Unfreeze Me! 2 Puzzle Alexandr Cool Math Games
The Eggsperts Arcade Big Idea N/A
Bubble Spinner 2 Puzzle Dead Whale N/A
Necromanthus Prepelix Shooter Necromanthus N/A
Bejeweled 2 (Hacked King.com version) Puzzle Popcap Games King.com
10 Gnomes 3: Spring Garden March Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
The Shadow Realms: Arcade Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Vinnie's Shooting Yard 3 Shooter Web Cypher N/A
Cyber Chaser Counterthrust Runner Silen Games N/A
Sonic the Pervert Adult Yeowi N/A
Stranded Shooter Luksy and TwoDimensionalArray N/A
Pogo Kitty Adventure Platformer Morphcat Games N/A
Word Roundup: Trailblazer Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Baseball: Hit 'em High Sports Arkadium N/A
10 Items or Death Racing N/A N/A
Sex Kitten: TV Dinner! Adult YomToxic N/A
Bomberjam Action I Am Claw N/A
Sushi Samurai Arcade CBC Kids N/A
SpongeBob: Happiness Squared Sweepstakes Hub Variety Big Splash Studios Nickelodeon
Ben 10: Alien Maker Dress-Up Cartoon Network N/A
Tanaka's Friendly Adventure Adventure bento smile, mirosurabu, Overjoy N/A
Last Egg Alive Platformer EGGY, Ajkay aurocore Armorgames.com
The Test That Kill Brawler N/A N/A
First Person Tutor Arcade bigblueboo labs N/A
Hanna in a Choppa Arcade CMU Andkon.com
ToonTown Match-Up Puzzle Disney N/A
Governor of Poker Card Youda Games N/A
Planet Cruncher Arcade RockSolidArcade N/A
Chaos Of Mana Fighting Epic Llama N/A
Vortex Point 6 Adventure Mouse City N/A
Where's My Cat Adventure Timefall N/A
Transformers Mountain Dew Capture The Cube Action Mountain Dew Mountain Dew
Puppy Racing Racing GamesArcade N/A
Tetris Heaven Puzzle Kaolin Imago Fire N/A
Stacko Puzzle Oleg Kuzyk, Georgiy Stepanov, Yuri Kuzyk Armor Games
Dead Paradise 2 Driving Smokoko N/A
State the State Quiz Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Imperator - For Rome! Strategy HopliteGames N/A
Super Stick Fighter II Turbo: Championship Edition Arcade StringAnime.com N/A
Froggish Swimmer Platformer ludosity N/A
Sweet Revenge Adventure Snap Break N/A
Arctic Tri Peaks Solitiare Card Arkadium N/A
Crazy Flasher 1 Brawler Andy Law N/A
Stwalt RPG urbz N/A
Space is Key Hell Platformer Chris Jeff N/A
Evolvo Plus Puzzle poxpower N/A
Susan Test & Mary Test Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
The Tower 36F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Tom and Jerry Suppertime Serenade Toy Warner Bros Entertainment Boomerangtv.co.uk
Rock 'n' Risk Arcade Sina Jafarzadeh, Michael Sung, David Carney N/A
Japanese Baseball Sports ??? N/A
Twisted Fairytales - Robin Hood Find DifferenceGames N/A
Cupcake Dreams Platformer InfinityDash N/A
Transmigration Shooter MonkeyInThePants.com Newgrounds.com
G.I. Joe Dynamite Memory Puzzle N/A N/A
SpongeBob: Love Hurts! Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Avatar 4 Nations Tournament Pong Nickelodeon N/A
Tactics Zombie Strategy Shockwave N/A
Orgasm Girl Adult Deja-Vu Armorgames.com
DOOMRUNNER Shooter Defrag Studios N/A
Monster Stack 2 Puzzle Flashgame N/A
Love Hina: Sim Date RPG Adult TENT, Klacid N/A
Animator vs Animation The Game Action Charles Yeh N/A
Maganic Wars Card Maguas N/A
Nice Day Choose Your Own Adventure Kalocin N/A
The Last Ninja from Another Planet Platformer Dharmasta Adriwara Widhayaka N/A
Stay The Distance Sports Skive Creative, Totesport N/A
A Night in Crazytown Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Save Kaledoiscope Reef Puzzle TrickySheep N/A
Hitstick 3: Deadly Breeze Shooter Pyrozen N/A
Armada Tanks Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
The Last Door Chapter 4: Ancient Shadows Adventure TheGameKitchen N/A
Pirate Launch Artillery Addicting Games N/A
Statetris Brazil Puzzle IntenCT N/A
Windows Infinity Toy GyromiteROB N/A
Rune Hunt Adventure lithander N/A
ClusteRoboT Puzzle Tony N/A
Mardek Chapter 1 RPG Fig Hunter Games CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Cosmic Crush Arcade Bill Northcott N/A
SpongeBob: Capture Craze Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer Adventure FM-Studio, Francesco, Manuela Forgotten-hill.com
Vision by Proxy 2nd Ed. Action DeLeonGames N/A
Monolith's Mario World Three Platformer Monolith N/A
Keno (Arkadium) Gambling Arkadium N/A
GunRox Grenade Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
World's End: Chapter 1 RPG Mezzanine Stairs N/A
Pico & Pals Brawler El-Presidente N/A
Demoman Arcade Ronimo Games AGame.com
Fluttershy's Bunny Rescue Platformer InfinityDash N/A
Uchuforce 2 Shooter N/A N/A
Shmup Shooter Lorestrome N/A
Wrath Action Armegalo N/A
Jostle Bastard Action Pippin Barr N/A
Beetle Buggin' Racing H/P N/A
The Heart of Tota Adventure PencilKids N/A
Tradewinds 2 Strategy Shockwave Gametornado.com
Diner Dash Hometown Hero Strategy PlayFirst, Inc. N/A
Sift Heads: World Act 3 Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Sift Heads Assault 2 Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Nevermore 2 Platformer Westykid N/A
Use Boxmen Puzzle Greg Sergeant N/A
The Illusionist's Dream Platformer SeethingSwarm N/A
Crowded House (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Building Blaster 2 - Level Pack Puzzle N/A N/A
Albert the Alien Adventure Abroy N/A
V8 Muscle Cars Racing Insane Hero N/A
Dress Up Hillary Dress-Up AddictingGames N/A
Raft Wars Artillery N/A Bubblebox.com
Ricochet Kills Space Puzzle Mikhail Bakanov, Alexander Ahura N/A
Gold Miner Puzzle GameRival N/A
Age of Wonder Arcade N/A N/A
Fall Damage Platformer Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Pesto Force Armorgames.com
The Tibble Super Action Challenge Quiz PBS N/A
Warbears - Puzzle Mission Puzzle Gionatan Iasio N/A
Skirmish Action IST Studios N/A
Pop Shoppers TD Tower Defense Shockwave N/A
ElectroCity Simulation Genesis Energy N/A
Turbo-Santa Arcade Pitergames.com N/A
Tripod Attack Shooter Oleg Antipov Onlinegamer.cc
Deflectorpool Arcade Tomas Pettersson N/A
Must Escape The Sewer Adventure Selfdefiant Melting Mindz
Ocman 2: The Bondie Mask Shooter 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Angry Birds Space (GamesTa.vn) Arcade GamesTa.vn N/A
Icy Gifts Arcade SilenGames N/A
Botiada Puzzle industred Cool Math Games
Sizzlefist Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Statetris Africa Puzzle IntenCT N/A
Alfy and Havoc Visual Novel ALFY N/A
Closing Dimensions Puzzle Free Creation Games N/A
Paradox Embrace Platformer Power of 3 Newgrounds.com
SkyQuest Shooter Berzerk Studio NotDoppler.com
Sheriff Tripeaks Card 2DPlay N/A
Madness Ambulation Action The Swain N/A
Astro Barrier (Hacked) Action Club Penguin Team Disney Interactive
The Hermit Adventure Chris Daemon N/A
Grinning Cobossus Shooter N/A N/A
Operation: Pedopriest Strategy Molleindustria N/A
Slimey's Quest Platformer Letmethink N/A
Express Train Kiss Arcade 123bee.com N/A
Sonic Flash Platformer Jon Graham N/A
Dolphin Dash Arcade Mausland N/A
Clayside Demo Puzzle Enkord N/A
Material Sniper Shooter Nextframe Nextframe
Rainbow Breakout Arcade N/A Random Game Button
Frankentory Adventure Abroy N/A
Billiards Room Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Super Tanooki Skin 2D Runner PETA N/A
Ragdoll Avalanche 2 Arcade Ragdollsoft N/A
Penny's Antartic Adventure - Penguin Diner 2 Simulation 2DPlay ArmorGames.com
Dark War Strategy Chapter 1 Strategy belugerin N/A
PegLand Blast Arcade Arkadium N/A
Tower Droids Action Grimtoyz GameZHero
Perfect Balance Puzzle ttursas Ltd. N/A
Super Battle City 2 Shooter Grmaster Armorgames.com
GAPC Santa Arcade GAPC, Adam Harrison, Kathryn Burke, Pat Cooney N/A
Escape Pico's School Adventure 14hourlunchbreak N/A
Sushi Go Round Simulation Miniclip N/A
Kim Possible Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Spider Solitaire Premium (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Watergate: The Video Game Adventure Samuel Kim N/A
Steam of War Strategy devm games N/A
Robot Wants Ice Cream Platformer Hamumu Software MaxGames.com
Hatsune Miku Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Trapped Part Two: The Dark Adventure Rodrigo Roesler N/A
Atomic Super Boss Shooter Jan Willem Nijman N/A
Room Escape 19 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Elements (Neutral) Escape the Room Neutral N/A
Slots Gambling Mimitchi.com N/A
Monkey Go Happy 3 Puzzle Pencil Kids N/A
SpongeBob: Gary's Adventure Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
Demons vs Fairyland Tower Defense Storm Alligator ArmorGames.com
Deep Brain Stimulation Quiz Edheads N/A
End of Sonic Inflation Dating Sim jimberly-chaotic N/A
Quake Flash Shooter Michael Rennie N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 14 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
GOKI DASH (Original) Action SKT N/A
Mickey's House of Mouse - Pack the House Variety Disney N/A
Duck Dodgers Mission 2 Platformer N/A N/A
Trampoline Sports CBC Kids N/A
The Bros (Mario) Platformer Berkman Newgrounds.com
Diamond Mine Puzzle N/A N/A
The Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 - The Beastly Blackhole of Bureaucracy Adventure Click Shake Games N/A
The Tower 6F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Office Trap Arcade Nitrome N/A
Aquanaut Arcade Nitrome N/A
Warbears Strategy Gionatan Iasio N/A
Atari Lunar Lander Arcade Atari N/A
Icewalker Platformer Himmelen N/A
Samurai Asshole Brawler Tom Fulp N/A
Fat Ninja Action FreeOnlineGames.com N/A
Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny In The Island of Dr. Moron Action Warner Bros N/A
Dangerous Adventure Puzzle N/A N/A
Esklavos Chapter 8 Adventure N/A N/A
The Hut in Ayre Forest Brawler Troisnyx N/A
Paraphore Choose Your Own Adventure Kittery & Fallow N/A
Glean 2 Adventure Positech Games, Leguma, Kevin Macleod, Leguma N/A
Doodle Devil Puzzle Avaloid N/A
Super Mario Remix 2 Platformer N/A Shield Arcade
Stem Cell Heart Repair Quiz Edheads N/A
Commando 3 Action Miniclip.com Miniclip.com
Monster Frontier RPG Little Giant World N/A
A Stroll in Space Platformer GameShot.org N/A
Jetpack Nemesis Runner Aaants N/A
Yeti Sports 8: Jungle Swing Sports Chris Hilgert N/A
Tsunami Fighter Platformer Poxpower, Mockery Newgrounds.com
ControlCraft 3 Strategy Badim, luizeba N/A
Hazelnut's Butt-Rut Adult Mittsies, Aedollon, Emma Presents Mittsies.com
Mr Lal The Detective 2 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Sons of Guns Shooter Grmaster Armorgames.com
Gift Wrapped Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Holio U 8 Adult Holio.net N/A
ハロウィンSP 鏡の中の間違い探し 2010 Find Yukawa's Soft N/A
Girp Toy Bennett Foddy N/A
Zombie Society - Death after Death #1/3 (Hacked) Choose Your Own Adventure Interactales Y8.com
Sneak Thief 2 - Second Strike Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Flashxed Puzzle Marcelo Volmaro N/A
Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Card fighter106 N/A
The Snowrider Arcade Orisinal N/A
Blob Thrower Puzzle MadFatCat Cool Math Games
Donkey Kong Country 3 - Barrel Blastapalooza Arcade Nintendo N/A
One Hour Back Adventure Pauline Dupraz and Jennifer Esseiva N/A
Fla-Fla Flan Arcade chibitami N/A
Balls in Space Platformer Damijin N/A
Turn Undead Action Nitrome N/A
Interactive Buddy Toy Shock Value N/A
Desert Rifle Shooter QI Games Bubblebox.com
Radio Zed Shooter Kendja Armorgames.com
Extreme Parking Mania 2 Driving Novel Games Coolmath-games.com
The Gun Game Redux Shooter Chaz, wmarsh, Shock-Dingo N/A
Mike Shadow: I Paid For It! RPG Tanoku N/A
Amberial: Nebulosa Realms Platformer Villa Vanilla N/A
Alien Anarchy Tower Defense WeDoYouPlay, Alexey Izvalov, George Zarkua, Mr.Fuby Addictinggames.com
Fierce Animal Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 29 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Dumb Knight Puzzle kunemae, pautay N/A
DeathMatch Puzzle StroutSink N/A
The Right Mix Simulation Plug-In Media Liquid Light Group Ltd.
Pico: Ace Attorney Adventure burningice579 N/A
Sift Heads Cartels Act 1 Shooter Pyrozen, PopBrain N/A
Yaruo Quest 5 Arcade Atelier-C N/A
Statetris-Netherlands Puzzle IntenCT Mapmsg.com
Super Mario BP Oil Spill Arcade I-Mockery N/A
Dead Paradise Driving Smokoko N/A
Pico Party Mayhem Sports Spudzy Newgrounds.com
GoGo Plant Arcade Mausland Entertainment CrazyMonkeyGames.com
스트레스 해소게임 2 Toy N/A N/A
DJ Name Generator Toy Addicting Games N/A
Warzone Tower Defense Extended Tower Defense Jeff Gold N/A
Super Puzzle Platformer Platformer Andrew Morrish, Landon Podbielski N/A
Stick Trinity Fighting Gamevera.com N/A
Avatar: Elemental Escape Puzzle Nickelodeon N/A
Castaway II Strategy likwidgames.com N/A
Tether Together Platformer teamsquog N/A
Brickz! 2 Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Organ Trail Adventure The Men Who Wear Many Hats Flash Game Nexus
3 Foot Ninja Brawler Denni Ames Miniclip.com
New Mario Bros 2 Platformer Porsche Killer Buziol.pl
Pixel Shooter Hero Interactive N/A
Asteroids (onemotion.com) Arcade Tomas Eriksson N/A
The Sagittarian 4: Bayou Adventure Hyptosis N/A
Balloon Burrower Arcade ABAGames N/A
Button Search 2 Puzzle Kirt7788 N/A
Dragon Princess Fighting apanda N/A
Button Search 3 Puzzle Kirt7788 N/A
The Line Game: Orange Edition Arcade Arcade Panic N/A
Coffee Rush Puzzle Anarchy Enterprises, Party Top (?) N/A
Go Home Puzzle Remivision N/A
Robot Wants Puppy Platformer Hamumu Software N/A
Side Walls Multi Kicks Arcade ABAGames N/A
Kim Possible: Bueno Rufus Arcade Disney N/A
Eyetoy Groove Rhythm Sony, Neopets Neopets.com
H.A.L.C. Slot 10 - Hot Summer (Volume 2) Gambling HALC Newgrounds.com
Chalk Chase Arcade Nickelodeon N/A
Scoregamites Platformer Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Chris Ignatov, Chu chu, Inoni Bird, Bad_Atom, SeanSullivan Armorgames.com
Train Raiders Shooter Ikaan Studio N/A
Mr. Men Pinball Pinball Miniclip N/A
SpongeBob: Coral Climb Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Itchana Tchones 3 Zombie Terror (French) Platformer N/A Zanorg.com
Hot Dog Bush Simulation Y8.com N/A
Teyandee Twinbee Shooter Johnsu N/A
StickMan Sam 9 Puzzle io3 (Braingo Tango) N/A
Black Thing 2 Platformer N/A N/A
World's End: Chapter 3 RPG Mezzanine Stairs N/A
ClickPlay Quickfire 3 Puzzle Ninjadoodle N/A
Swap Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Golf Solitaire Card Miniclip N/A
Titty - The Adventure of Tiny Bird Action N/A N/A
Armio Shooter ArcadeBoss N/A
Bike Mania Reborn Motocross FlashGames247 N/A
Bloons TD 4 Tower Defense Ninja Kiwi N/A
Genetic Glow II Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
DuBlox Puzzle HoodaMath N/A
Reincarnation: Loving Every Evil Triumph Adventure Chris Gianelloni N/A
Bouncy Firefighters Arcade My PlayYard Games N/A
Westward Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Pebolim Sports N/A Gamesx.com
Alfy Snow Day Visual Novel ALFY N/A
Spank Peggy's Feet WTF Fox N/A
Cave of Wonders Action Luis Castanon + Nick Pasto Newgrounds.com
Super Handball Sports CBC Kids N/A
Vorago Adventure Godlimations N/A
Penguins Attack TD Tower Defense Jon Bartram N/A
Planet Basher 2 Arcade Rob Almighty N/A
World Gate 3: Exodus Adventure William Buchanan, Robyn Miller, Bob Stewart, Reasoner Jayisgames.com
Dungeon Developer Strategy Nerdook N/A
4cloverhax Find N/A N/A
Kill The Dog From Duck Hunt Shooter I-Mockery.com N/A
Endless War 3 Shooter VitalyZ ArcadeTown
Tug Boat Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
3D Logic 2 Puzzle AlexMatveev MyGame
Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile Find Shockwave N/A
Treasure Sweeper Puzzle funstorm N/A
The Children of Brinn Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Stop GMO Action MyPlayYard Games N/A
Protector III Tower Defense undefined N/A
Shift Poker Solitaire (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Flash Element TD Tower Defense critters2 N/A
SpongeBob: Gifts A Go Go Arcade Indigo Entertainment Nickelodeon
Room Escape 10 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Pokemon Trainer Creator V2 Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Crazy Crazy Revolution Rhythm N/A N/A
Zombies in Central Park Puzzle Gamez Hero N/A
Bosh Bash Action Bomtoons N/A
Phantom Seeds (English) Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
Chairlift Challenge Arcade Akimbo N/A
Mars Raider (Squirrel Family) Runner Mateusz Skutnik N/A
IQ Ball Puzzle Adult Swim N/A
Water Jars Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
The Raven Shadow Subject Platformer N/A N/A
Automaton Part 1 - The Automaton Adventure N/A N/A
Room Escape 26 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Cap'n Marcela's: Winter Wonderland Adventure Snap Break N/A
Space is Key Xmas Platformer Chris Jeff N/A
Bazooki-Pocalypse Puzzle MrashGames, FlashChaz, Shock-Dingo N/A
Nanocrafter Puzzle Center for Game Science N/A
Acid Bunny Episode 2 Platformer Anna-Kaisa Nassi, Albert Van Zyl N/A
SpongeBob's Bumper Subs Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Survivosaur Shooter 5minutesoff N/A
How To Make A Bunny Lay Easter Eggs WTF kevin swearingen, Frog Studios N/A
Trapped: Wayne's Chamber Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Bump Copter Arcade NB! N/A
Armed with Wings 3 Brawler Sun Studios MaxGames.com
The Mind Bender Platformer Armor Games N/A
Craqua Shooter Digiduck Games N/A
Twinshot 2 Arcade Nitrome N/A
Taipan 3000 Strategy PsychoGoldfish Newgrounds.com
The Last Village Strategy Ludobox N/A
Touch Dungeon Arcade Quimdung N/A
The Great Gatsby Platformer Charlie Hoey N/A
Squirrel Squash 2 Runner Mausland Entertainment N/A
Bean It Up Rhythm OneMrBean N/A
Never Ending Smiley Shooting Shooter Oynatarak N/A
how do you Do It? Arcade Emmett Butler, Nina Freeman N/A
Hunting For The King Puzzle Petruk Sergey, Dobychin Dmitriy Addictinggames.com
Find 'Em Poker Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Strikeforce Kitty: Last Stand Strategy Deqaf Studio Dojo
Garfield's Ping Pong Sports N/A Agame.com
Sonic RPG Episode 9 Visual Novel MidNightMaren, Arthuria99 N/A
Strike Force Commando Shooter Xijam Silvergames.com
The Best Dress Up Game Ever Dress-Up Wyndbain N/A
Fruit Loops Clickity Split Arcade Neopets, Kellogg's Neopets.com
Wacky Ballz Platformer N/A N/A
Resident Pico Shooter TomFulp N/A
Flash Surf Arcade Unknown N/A
Kakuro Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Chessboard of the Golden Witch Strategy Selberzeichner, Abysswolf N/A
Room Escape 22 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Dragon Wants a New Dress Dress-Up Leundra N/A
Pinkie Pie Hentai Game Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Constellations Arcade Orisinal N/A
Drifting Afternoon Arcade Orisinal N/A
I Can Hold My Breath Forever Platformer Jake Elliott N/A
Ambition Episode 3: The Psychological Assessment Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Submachine 2: the Lighthouse (early sketch) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Overkill Apache Arcade playerthree Miniclip.com
Line Runner 2 Runner Locke Wong & Sebastien Romero N/A
Hedgehog Launch Arcade jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Let's Get Cookin' Simulation Article19, Shockwave, Robert Gordon, Francis Vidal, Phil Desmarais, Ned Bouhalassa, Lena Melissaratos, Sebastian Gronemeyer, Jackie Rose, Jonathon Cheung, Conor Donahue, Michael Ruppert, Jan Ruocco Shockwave.com
Fox Reference Creator Dress-Up Sidgi, Tridognait N/A
The Great War of Prefectures Strategy N/A N/A
Animal Crossing Wild World Trivia Quiz Nintendo N/A
Wickebine Kigyouden Action ShadowWhoWalks N/A
Ray & Cooper Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Tiny Guns Demo Shooter AdventureIslands N/A
Flingo Puzzle Soap.com.au Miniclip
Tactical Assassin Shooter Simon Hason CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Phone Story Adventure Molleindustria N/A
Cyber Recession Warrior - Edgar RPG Network of ninja N/A
CSI Web Adventures The Experience: Case 3 Burning Star Puzzle Forensics.rice.edu Forensics.rice.edu
StickMan Sam - Part 4 Shooter io3 (Crazy Monkey Games) N/A
Snake (Arkadium) Arcade Arkadium N/A
Miracle Witch (Hacked) Action Nigoro N/A
Perfect Balance 2 Puzzle ttursas Ltd. N/A
Aisleen RPG cheng3939 N/A
Red Remover Player Pack 2 Puzzle Gaz Thomas N/A
Electoral Brawl Demo Action squidly N/A
Swordless Ninja Platformer Addicting Games N/A
Ninja Painter 2 Puzzle Silengames N/A
Mutilate-a-Doll Toy -rava N/A
Madness 6.5 Scene Creator Dress-Up XRoadKillX N/A
LEGO Indiana Jones Adventures Runner LEGO N/A
Hotel Translvania: Suitcase Sort Action Hotel Transylvania Addictinggames.com
Dragon Builder Dress-Up Pidgepudge N/A
Fireboy and Watergirl 3 in The Ice Temple Platformer Oslo Albet N/A
Drag Racer v2 Racing Phantom Games N/A
Fat Wizard Action AdultSwim N/A
Civiballs 2 Puzzle Andrey Kovalishin (code, levels), Maxim Yurchenko (graphics), Irina Zakharova (music, sounds) Coolmath-games.com
Cuboy Facebutt Puzzle EdibleCastle N/A
I'll Be Lightning Arcade ??? N/A
Shooting Fish in a Barrel Shooter zipstyke N/A
Touch and Tease Vol. 2 Adult dudedle-studio N/A
Create an Owl Dress-Up Therougecat N/A
Super Mario Bros. Star Scramble Platformer Kenney Vleugels N/A
Air Pressure Adventure Raitendo bento smile
Abramovic Method Games Toy Pippin Barr N/A
Stick Figure Badminton Sports Bobby Graeber N/A
Easy Joe 2 Adventure Functu Fast Games
Argent Burst Arcade jmtb02 N/A
Continental Rift Fighting CBC Kids N/A
Super BeanBag Toss (Boys' Life) Sports N/A N/A
Just Shut Up and Drive Racing Umut Dervis N/A
Air Battle Action Island Games Bubblebox.com
The Adventures of Zomboy Adventure Artic Arcade N/A
Bermuda Escape Escape the Room Pastel Games N/A
Bubble Tanks TD Tower Defense Hero Interactive N/A
The Daily Snoop Silhouettes Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Submachine: the Basement (version 2) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Bunny Creator 2.0 Dress-Up Twai N/A
Spike A Love Story Too Action Matzerath, Daniel Goldsmith N/A
A World of Difference Find MorePieGames N/A
Hexcelle Arcade Archigeek N/A
Gemcraft Chapter Zero (ArmorGames) Tower Defense Game in a Bottle ArmorGames.com
Super Villainy Shooter The Brothers Donkin N/A
Leon's Cannon Blast Arcade CBC Kids N/A
Causality - Haunted House Adventure N/A N/A
Potion Bar Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Bubble Tanks TD 1.5 Tower Defense N/A N/A
Bike Mania Arena 2 Motocross FlashGames247 N/A
Mahjongg Dimensions Unblocked Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Hitbox Puzzle Gameshot.org ArmorGames.com
Spanx and Redmond 2 Arcade Whiplash N/A
I Wanna Kill the Cdiro (Korean) Action Gemdiro www.zuzunza.com
Anaksha: Female Assassin Shooter Arif Majothi Newgrounds.com
X-Note - Demo Dating Sim Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
Statetris Europe Puzzle IntenCT N/A
10 Gnomes in Liege Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
The Tower 8F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Eat that Cake (Korean) Arcade N/A Zuzunza.com
Cat Around Europe 2 Puzzle AlmaGames N/A
Zombie Exploder Brawler Javi Hernandez, DJ-NX Thestylemachine.com
Armadaidle Clicker RatoLibre1 N/A
Bomb Disposal Hippos Arcade ??? N/A
Crabble Puzzle Silent Bay Studios Shockwave.com
Bois D Arc Tower Defense Fire Beast Studios, Steven Aang Hartono Peng, Bobi Hartanto, Hanrianto Tan ArmorGames.com
Sift Heads: World Act 2 Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
The Puzzling War Puzzle Tempa Labs N/A
TeleGrav 2 Puzzle Aethos Games N/A
The Zombie Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Heaven or Hell 2 Strategy darkvam N/A
Switch (Neutral) Escape the Room Neutral N/A
Apple Jack's Gliders Arcade Kelloggs, Neopets Neopets.com
Driving Force 3 Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Crazy Topy Driving Vorodis2 N/A
Dragon Maker Dress-Up Wyndbain N/A
Red Fluxion Shooter zestygames N/A
Foreign Creature Saga Adventure belugerin N/A
Invasion of the Galactic Goobers Shooter Eyeland Studio N/A
Word Wipe Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Gen's Chao Maker Dress-Up Gen8Hedgehog N/A
Hammerball Action Yuriy Dorogoy; Nape; Ausecs; Konstanin Koshutin N/A
Houdini 4 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Dixie the Nerd Adventure Abroy N/A
Esklavos Chapter 3 Adventure N/A N/A
Sneaky Sniper Shooter Gonzo Games N/A
Super Smash Flash Brawler McLeod Gaming ArmorGames.com
High Tea Strategy Wellcome Games N/A
Lint Platformer Ian Adam Bubblebox
Earth Taken 2 Action SeethingSwarm N/A
Phoenotopia Platformer Quells ArmorGames.com
Penguin Drop Arcade Funbrain N/A
Soccer Cup 2006 (Demo) Sports Design Assembly N/A
The Negotiator Episode 2: Customer Service Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Left Right Hand Rule Arcade ABAGames N/A
London Bus Parking Driving AddictingGames and Gang of Gamers N/A
Angkor Quest Puzzle PlayOnlinePuzzles.com N/A
Big Bad Ape Action Gametornado Gametornado
Auditorium Demo Puzzle Cipher Prime Studios N/A
Blacksmith Lab Clicker Aumgames ArmorGames.com
Applejack Plays Poker Adult Mittsies, Suddensharpintakeofbreath, DSHooves, R!P Mittsies.com
SpongeBob: Gesundheit Geyser Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Gravitar Shooter Code Mystics N/A
Enter (Prequel Adventure) Adventure Kazerad N/A
Tug o War Arcade Neopets neopets.com
Nob War: The Elves Strategy Nob Studio N/A
Max Mesiria Chapter 2 RPG Snails Animation N/A
A Stick and His Kitten Brawler Seth Wooten N/A
Hen House (Russian) Arcade Twiltellgame N/A
Aether Platformer Edmund McMillen ArmorGames.com
Ultimate Assassin 3 Level Pack Action Games121 N/A
Wake Up Calls Arcade Orisinal N/A
Bohun: Revenge Brawler genyuk N/A
Pussymon: Episode 01 RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
The Little Who Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
The Nokkians 2 Shooter Awoke, sussepudim, Uchiha N/A
Mahjongg Dark Dimensions Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Summer Walk Arcade Orisinal N/A
To War (Arkadium) Strategy Arkadium N/A
Token Hero Puzzle undefined N/A
Squidbillies: Floor It! Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Keepups Sports 2DPlay N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 3 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Thing Thing 2 Action Diseased Productions CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Ice Cream from Space Adventure Miroko N/A
Kill Bill: Crazy 88 Brawler Bioscop N/A
Power Pool Sports Kaiparasoft Ninja Kiwi
Swing Soccer Sports Splittin' Pixels Studios N/A
Epic Rail Puzzle Scott Griffiths, Craigh Yates, Tim Law, Mike Koenig N/A
Ragdoll Parashooter Arcade Platon Skedow, KirX, Sphinx N/A
Unmanned Adventure Molleindustria N/A
Feudalism III Strategy VitalyZ ArmorGames.com
Lady Dracula Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen Dressupgames.com
Civilizations Wars 2 Strategy tjcarlos N/A
Attack of the Fever Heads Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Arthur Christmas: Conveyor Belt Madness Arcade Sony Pictures N/A
Sift: Renegade 3 Expansion Brawler Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Slingo Deluxe Demo Simulation Funkitron Shockwave.com
Bug on a Wire Arcade Kazoowee N/A
Bobble Star Shooter 2 Arcade Bara-Diction N/A
Duke Nudem Shooter Gearbox Software N/A
Tuesday Girl Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Super Karoshi Platformer Jesse Venbrux ArmorGames.com
:replaying the game: Platformer Nicklaus Liow Newgrounds.com
Ninja+ 2 Arcade Fuller Games N/A
Choose Your Weapon 5 Action glowmonkey (N/A)
SpongeBob: Dirty Bubble Busters Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
Year of the Snake Brawler Nic Daniel, Eric Koch, Ben Barry Armorgames.com
Thunderax 9k Flying N/A N/A
Blow Things Up! Puzzle Rob Donkin (Rob_Almighty) Armorgames.com
Naruto Dressup Dress-Up Spacecoma N/A
Raptek: Arena Action Veracini A. N/A
Cubefield Arcade Max Abernethy N/A
Ricochet Kills Siberia Arcade Mibix N/A
Heli Racer Action 2dplay.com N/A
Bubble Tanks Arenas Shooter Hero Interactive ArmorGames
Reprisal Strategy electrolyte N/A
Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 5 Puzzle GameHouse Shockwave
Boom Boom Volleyball Sports Kinelco, Mohsye.com N/A
Zero Escape Girls Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
The Legacy of Pliskin - Part 3 Adventure HH N/A
There's 2 Wires?! Arcade D_OP_I N/A
ClickPlay 2 Puzzle ninjadoodle.com N/A
My Sweet 16 Dress-Up urbansquall N/A
Domino-P Puzzle Johnny-K N/A
SpongeBob: The Quickster! Runner N/A Nickelodeon
Ragdoll Pinball Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator Dress-Up Rinmaru Rinmaru Games
Gravitex 2 Puzzle Kyle Champ N/A
Tsure Game 10 Escape the Room gokuraku_kung fu N/A
My Dear Boss Arcade origaming, Armor Games N/A
Jewelanche 2 Puzzle FlashRush Games AddictingGames.com
Triachnid Puzzle Edmund McMillen Newgrounds.com
Tank Defence 2 Action Z-fox N/A
Impasse Puzzle wanderlands, mercurious, jarrelscy, howardchlee N/A
Batman's Power Strike Arcade WB Games N/A
Ucogi Games: Bondage Hangman Puzzle Ucogi Games N/A
Max Mesiria Chapter 3 RPG Snails Animation N/A
Helly-Drop Arcade Zombie Flesh Eaters N/A
Orbox B Puzzle GameBalance N/A
Iron Turtle Platformer JJWallace N/A
Cuboy Back to the Cubeture Era 2 Adventure Will Arbuckle, Andrew Dennis N/A
SpongeBob: FrankenBob's Quest Part 1 Platformer Sarbakan Nickelodeon
Sling Sling Arcade st1k and kyle MoFunZone.com
Fat Slice Puzzle Aaron Neugebauer Armorgames.com
Cardinal Quest 2 RPG Ruari O'Sullivan N/A
Take Something Literally Puzzle Benoit Freslon N/A
Pussymon: Episode 11 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
The Mysterious Anno Chest Adventure Tourismus und Kulturservice Siegburg N/A
Lightbot 2.0 Puzzle Coolio_Niato Armor Games
Battle of Iwo Jima - Final Counter Attack Shooter N/A N/A
Bump Battle Royale Arcade Nitrome N/A
Misha Cosmosphere Part 2 Visual Novel Koei Tecmo N/A
Teachers Pet Platformer Armegalo N/A
Pest Control Arcade Nitrome N/A
Life Ark 5 Adventure N/A N/A
Parameters Clicker Nekogame N/A
Pepe Le Pews Love Run Arcade Warner Bros N/A
Unlucky Robber Action Barbarian Games Cool Math Games
Spongebob Squarepants Gary's Revenge Puzzle Nick Nick.com
Alfy Goes Camping Visual Novel ALFY N/A
Cody's Nightmare Vacation Adventure Mousecity N/A
Red Driver 5 Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Anita's Job Adventure Mouse City N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 17 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Kaylink's Wolf Maker 2.0 Dress-Up Kaylink N/A
Super Pang Action Mad S. Lundemo N/A
Go Go Diego! Quiz PBS N/A
Temari Nara Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Arrow Hearts Shooter Ninja Kiwi Elite-Games.com
Titan Souls Prototype Action Mark Foster (@ClawhammerMark), David Fenn (@autotwitch), Andrew Gleeson (@_andrio) Itch.io
Graveyard Shift Shooter Nitrome N/A
Trauma Quiz Edheads.org N/A
Operation O Shooter ToonPimp, HobartStarr N/A
Scribble (jmtb02) Arcade jmtb02 N/A
Pepsi Handball Puzzle Pepsi N/A
National Jelly Bean Day Jigsaw Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Garden Defense Tower Defense Shockwave N/A
Rooftop Skater Sports Steve Castro, Josh Tuttle N/A
Pac-Man 3D White House Edition Arcade Alphabet Soup N/A
La mort des Frelions (Death of the Hornets) Shooter Half N/A
FlashTrek II Strategy N/A N/A
Undead Assault Arcade Shockwave N/A
Mushbits 2 Puzzle z3lf N/A
ClickPlay Quickfire 1 Puzzle NinjaDoodle N/A
Storm Winds: The Lost Campaigns Shooter Hero Interactive N/A
Wondorous Lands Strategy Hard Lane ArmorGames.com
8 Ball Champion Sports Arkadium N/A
Hot Ninja Moon Moon Platformer Scattle N/A
Pussymon: Episode 05 RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Medieval Golf Artillery jmtb02 N/A
Eggz Classic Arcade Arkadium N/A
Flash Chess (Isometric) Strategy Digital Vision Multimedia N/A
Demonic Defence 4 Action Antitude Games StickPage.com
Ether War Strategy Particlasm Candystand.com
Super World Save 2007 Adventure N/A N/A
iStunt 2 Sports MiniClip.com N/A
Frosty Freakout Puzzle Family.ca Family.ca
Teletoon Trivia Quiz Teletoon, Neopets Neopets.com
Gang Land Shooter Budi Utomo Addictinggames.com
Floater Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Lil' Einstein's Manhattan Project Arcade Frozenfire & Archer-11 Newgrounds.com
EcoSaviors Artillery Cavolcade Games N/A
The Tower 12F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Celenite Puzzle Austin Henley N/A
Halo and Pixy Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Nintendogs Double Dog Matching Activity Puzzle Nintendo, Neopets Neopets.com
Rarity's Interactive Hentai Animation Adult Kaijo N/A
Mecharon Survival Shooter MoonMana, NextPlay N/A
Haluz 2 Adventure Springtale Studio N/A
WRRRMZ Puzzle Ian Snyder N/A
The Littlest Demon Puzzle Arkadium N/A
The Infinite Ocean Adventure Jonas Kyratzes ArmorGames.com
Mountain Maniac Xmas Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Battle Field 2 Shooter N/A N/A
No Touching Toy 4as N/A
Stunt Skatboard 3D Sports Spilgames.com Agame.com
Idle Web Tycoon Clicker HThomson N/A
Sport Fishing Simulation Arkadium N/A
Swami Shaggy Toy Cartoon Network N/A
My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash Gems Collection Arcade Mdvgames N/A
Matchbook Puzzle PBS N/A
The Robot's Shopping Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Castiles Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Tom and Jerry Mouse About the House Puzzle Warner Bros Entertainment Boomerangtv.co.uk
Super Secret Spy Guy 1 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
-Nion- Puzzle Phendrana N/A
Abstract Defense Action istvan_herbut, Csaba Herbut Icedevel ArmorGames.com
Darker Ride Escape Escape the Room Carmel Games, Mousecity N/A
Cappuccetto Rosso e il lupo Runner WWF Italia N/A
Mario Desert Remix Platformer N/A N/A
J.K. Rowling Official Site Toy Lightmaker N/A
Ice Cave Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
LOOT The Game Shooter John Cooney (jmtb02), Jimp Flash Game Nexus
Scary Spider Toy Tomas Eriksson N/A
43 Seconds Puzzle MyGames.to N/A
Samurai Warrior Fighting Mike Dougan Miniclip.com
Phineas and Ferb Robot Riot Puzzle Disney N/A
KhanKluay KidsWar Strategy Kantana Animation N/A
Alone: Zombiewoods RPG GoodyPundit N/A
Love Quest Puzzle HlYA, Rutch N/A
Pulp Fantasy Platformer Suhail Habib N/A
Lionel's Talking Gizmo! Toy WGBH, Sirius Thinking, PBS N/A
Shibuya Gyaru Dating Sim Dating Sim Hentai social club 2.0 N/A
Storm the House 2 Shooter Ivory N/A
BRICK[bricksmash]SMASH Arcade Alan Hazelden N/A
Spent Simulation UMD N/A
Droppy Puzzle Pencil Kids PencilKids.com
Shore Siege Action Tony N/A
Fancy Pants Adventure: World 1 Platformer Brad Borne Newgrounds.com
Huebrix Puzzle Yellow Monkey N/A
Ping Pong 3D Sports Ben Swieskowski N/A
Sprint Flash 2 Racing Tornado Games N/A
Meet In (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Cheerleader Dress Up Dress-Up hapuriainen N/A
Barbarian BoB Brawler Skribble-Style N/A
Pokemon: Towering Legends Puzzle Cartoon Network N/A
Amazing Sheriff Arcade Fundemic Games N/A
Undo the End Action N/A N/A
Parking Perfection 4 Driving Mousebreaker N/A
Husky Racers Racing CBBC N/A
セレンディの魔法の指輪 Visual Novel Yukawa's Soft N/A
Asteroids Deluxe Shooter Code Mystics N/A
Frontline Defense 2 Tower Defense Jon Bartram N/A
Esklavos Chapter 12 Adventure N/A N/A
Isora 2 Puzzle Pier-Jean Lizotte N/A
Pole Riders Action Bennett Foddy N/A
Alien Thief Artillery N/A N/A
mini Tower Defence (mTD) Tower Defense ZuperGames N/A
Anime Christmas Makeover Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Morningstar Adventure Red Herring Labs ArmorGames.com
Crystallium Wars TD Tower Defense N/A N/A
Evening Drizzle Adult Jasonafex, Zaush N/A
Enter 2 (Prequel Adventure) Action Kazerad N/A
Desktop Tower Defense Tower Defense HandDrawnGames.com N/A
Snake Arcade Neave Interactive N/A
bioDigit Shooter Hazame N/A
Adventure Time Jam Game Puzzle Irmirx N/A
American Tow Truck Driving Gang of Gamers N/A
Lost on Lyoko Find Jetix N/A
Island Tribe 2 Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Stickman Downhill Motocross NOXGAMES N/A
Reincarnation: All Hallows Eve Adventure Chris Gianelloni N/A
Dungeon Escape Action Studio Hunty N/A
Lunar Command Arcade Miniclip N/A
Drake in Winterland Competition Puzzle Lartar Games, Axelot Studio, Hoctor Sobrevilla Viveros, Claire Anne Carr GamesGames.com
The Beast: MDM Fighting 53xy83457 N/A
Tower Bloxx Puzzle Digital Chocolate N/A
Orihime Music! Adult HentaiKey Battleon.com
SHIFT Platformer Tony ArmorGames.com
Hobo Prison Brawl Brawler SeethingSwarm ArmorGames.com
Flash Trek - Delta Expanse Strategy N/A N/A
Incredibox V2 Toy So Far So Good N/A
SpongeBob: Frosty Fling! Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Crazy Hangover Adventure Pyrozen N/A
Totem Destroyer Puzzle Gabs.tv ArmorGames.com
Ebifry Shooter chibitami N/A
Spider-Man 2: Web of Words Puzzle Sony N/A
SpongeBob: Doodlepants Platformer Sarbakan Nickelodeon
Virtual Villagers Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Saber Smash Driving Mattel Gamegape.com
Polar NS Arcade ABAGames N/A
The Power Of Love Arcade MyPlayYard Games N/A
Balloontastic Puzzle TND Studios Smileygamer
Movie Puzzle ver.0 Puzzle Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Boinggg! Platformer N/A N/A
Celebrity Hitman - Engine Shooter Armegalo N/A
Vindex Chronicle Brawler Rudy Sudarto, Cerry Suciarto N/A
Eye Defence Tower Defense Robin Allen N/A
Brainyplex Puzzle radarek N/A
Wave Warrior Sonic EXE 2 Light Visual Novel Arthuria99 N/A
Go-Bots: Glow Rock Rescue Runner N/A N/A
Flintstones Grand Prix Racing Hanna Barbera Post Foods, Neopets Neopets.com
Air Hockey by Aaron Neugebauer Sports Aaron Neugebauer N/A
Park-a-Lot 1 Puzzle I Sioux Media Productions N/A
World Wars 2 Strategy Freaky Tiki Productions AddictingGames.com
2112 Cooperation 2 Shooter Net Terminator, Game - 3DBBQ, Music - Jan Morgenstern N/A
Sudoku (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Phobi Jones Puzzle Flash Rush Games N/A
Electrikill Shooter Victor Grunn N/A
Humaliens Battle Strategy Belugerin Games N/A
Mummy's Room Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Fairy Solitaire Puzzle N/A GamesOnly.net
Kat Extrapolate (Prequel Adventure) Action Kazerad N/A
Ocean Explorer Arcade jmtb02 N/A
Cat Astro Phi Shooter PhotonStorm N/A
Sex Kitten: Memories Adult Forkheadsteam N/A
A Night in Crazyville Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Abandoned Puzzle Igor Krutov Addictinggames.com
Orchestrated Death Puzzle Highwitamic ArmorGames.com
Astroback Platformer Game Ark N/A
SpongeBob: MadBob Warrior Pants Driving WorkinMan Nickelodeon
Newgrounds Illuminatimas Find TurkeyOnAStick, Banskel, bzzzooooo, Cairos, creepyboy, Cyberdevil, Havegum, JackDCurleo, Lintire, LoboF, Lobsterblues, LoganPhresh, Luwano, MateusAbrantes, Mattashi, MavisRooder, rafaelzinho, SkiMaskKass, Sockembop, test-object, ThePsychoSheep, UrnSudden, Whirlguy, WooleyWorld, Mel-Gibson N/A
Airport Security Strategy Persuasive Games N/A
Stackopolis Puzzle Bloc Miniclip.com
Holio U 1 Adult Holio.net N/A
Paths / sparkyTheFish.com Puzzle sparkythefish N/A
Maganic Wars Survival Card Maguas N/A
Frusion Breakfast Brawl Fighting Frusion N/A
Chipoches Puzzle Qupirgra N/A
Batman: The Umbrella Attack Arcade WB Games N/A
Xonix 3D Arcade MyPlayYard Games N/A
Sniper Team 2 Shooter Xform N/A
Valencia Surehunter: Staff of the Irismancer Arcade Artix Entertainment Gametornado.com
99 Bricks The Legend of Garry Puzzle WeirdBeard N/A
Mission to Venus Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Tarzan and Jane Adult HentaiKey N/A
Fire Child: Born into the Fire Action Sarbakan N/A
Water Werks Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Sakyubasu No Tatakai I Adult Gorepete, Eggplants, psyk323 N/A
Chocolate Chip Day Word Search Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Dokotonaku Adventure Detarou N/A
The Outsider Adventure N/A N/A
Cradle of Egypt Puzzle Awem Studio N/A
Escape from Yepi Planet Adventure N/A N/A
Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace Strategy Lumarama GameZHero
Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten Demo Tower Defense LarsiusPrime N/A
Mad Day Action Point Publishing N/A
Christmas Escape 3 Escape the Room Neutral N/A
My Little Pony - Twilight Sparkle vs Trixie Artillery Mdvgames N/A
Railroad Journey Puzzle Karma Team FlashFang.com
Spider-Man Ultimate Spide- Cycle Action Marvel Marvel
Batman: Arkham Asylum Break Out Arcade WB Games N/A
Pwong 2 Pong JGames N/A
Call of Duty: Ghost Arcade Shooter Jason Oda N/A
FlashTrek- Imperial Wars Strategy N/A N/A
Unfair Mario Platformer N/A N/A
Berzerk Action Tomcat N/A
Starcom Shooter Wx3 Labs N/A
AbsoTruckinLutely! Driving BaffoGames Agame.com
1HG: A Schoolboy Crush Adult OneHandGames N/A
Cat Around the World Puzzle Alma Games N/A
Urban Chic Deluxe Dress-Up Sarakuan, Dolldivine N/A
Disco Balls Action Big Bomb Games N/A
Drop Dead Toy ttursas N/A
Heroes of Mangara - The Homeland Tower Defense Nox Games N/A
Super Mario 63 Platformer Runouw Newgrounds.com
Anti-Terrorist Rush Shooter My PlayYard Games N/A
Through Abandoned 2 - The Forest Adventure Saved N/A
The Tower 44F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Fatal Fighters Puzzle Deqaf Studio N/A
Spider Solitaire (Classic) Arcade Arkadium N/A
The Trader of Stories Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Gluey 2 Puzzle Sergey Batishchev Not Doppler
Epic War 2: The Sons of Destiny Strategy rudy_sudarto N/A
Room Escape 29 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
The Bill Cosby Fun Game Simulation Shawn Houde, Jeremy Lokken N/A
StarCraft FlashAction 5 SE2008 Strategy N/A N/A
Nether Runner Runner N/A N/A
4 Elements II Puzzle Playrix N/A
Gardevoir's Embrace Adult EroPharaoh, OolayTiger N/A
A Walk In The Park Platformer DeadToast N/A
Armor RPG RPG EvilLudy.net N/A
Funky Forest (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Ultimate Chess Strategy Hristo Atanasov N/A
FlashTrek - Dominion Wars Strategy N/A N/A
Zombocalypse 2 Shooter Ironzilla N/A
Ergon Logos Adventure Molleindustria N/A
Stick Fighter RPG Fighting Extinction Games N/A
The Linear RPG - Sophie Houlden Adventure Sophie Houlden N/A
Skid Works V2.0 Racing Mark Fennell N/A
Ballin' Arcade OneMrBean N/A
[Visible] II Platformer PsyFlash Productions N/A
It's a Shore Thing Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Fire Element Shooter J0xFlasher N/A
Galaxy Wars: For the Sake Of the Universe Arcade ExplodingCrate N/A
The Mob Job Driving Gang of Gamers N/A
Chi-Chi's Seduction Adult HentaiKey N/A
Detective Sir Biscuit Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Create a Bunny Dress-Up Twilight-End N/A
Gravitee 2 Artillery FunkyPear N/A
Black Bit Ninja Puzzle HeroPunch N/A
Royal Envoy 2 Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Diva Days Strategy Shockwave N/A
Fishbane Platformer Sqy Newgrounds.com
Light Cut Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
Freeway Fury 3 Driving Serius Games ArmorGames
Where is 2014? Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Big Time Butter Baron Puzzle Megadev N/A
Family Funday Adventure Carmel Games N/A
I Have 1 Day Adventure Cellar Door Games MaxGames.com
Squirrel Escape (Squirrel Family) Platformer Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Deep Space (Squirrel Family) Artillery Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Feline Cub Maker Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
Robo Racing 2 Shooter Smokoko S.A, Alexandr Bodov, Yulia Michka, Alexandr Zalesky, Tara Kruk, Mykola Matviychuk, Vadym Oleksyuk, Olexandr Nesterjuk, Svitlana Gerasimchuk, Victor Lysyi, Dj Deltaplan, Dj Zalik Y8.com
Infiltrating the Airship Choose Your Own Adventure Puffballs United StickPage.com
Bubble Tanks II Shooter Hero Interactive ArmorGames.com
Katawa Shoujo: SotF Platformer ShadowWhoWalks N/A
The Tower: Heart in Glass Strategy pinenana, Eggy N/A
Walmart: Make Your List! Arcade N/A Walmart/Nickelodeon
CattlePult - Player Pack Arcade DannyAG N/A
Sneaky Stanley Puzzle Crescentyr N/A
G.I. Joe Combat Simulator Action Urban Profit N/A
Mushroom Revolution Tower Defense Fortunatus N/A
The Ballad of Ketinetto 5 Adventure Esklavos N/A
Cartoon Network Game Creator 2 Platformer Cartoon Network N/A
Zorba Rhythm Pippin Barr N/A
Christmas Race (Hacked) Racing Midasplayer Midasplayer
Pedro and the Lair of the Swamp King (BL) Arcade N/A N/A
Bronco Trolley Clicker The Brothers Chaps N/A
Where We Remain Adventure Twofold Secret N/A
Castle Cat 3 Platformer Wiesi-Mausland N/A
5X Man Strategy Gibton Addictinggames.com
Riverside Adventure Lorestrome N/A
That Red Button Platformer TyranusAAI N/A
Go Go Gummo Platformer Splashworks.com Shockwave.com
Ping Ball Puzzle Palmface Productions N/A
Bad Piggies Puzzle Rovio N/A
Geo Land: The Dream Traveller RPG MoFunZone N/A
Maggie Saw Game Adventure Inka Games N/A
Park My Big Rig 2 Driving AddictingGames & Gamezindia N/A
Cycle Third Dream Adventure N/A N/A
Statetris UK Puzzle IntenCT N/A
Tactical Assassin: Substratum Shooter Simon Hason CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Truck Wars Driving Gametornado Gametornado
Mysterious Island 49 Adventure Jo99 Jo99.fr
Starship Bloodstorm Character Maker Dress-Up Spacecoma N/A
Pyramid Speed Card King.com N/A
Turbo Kids Arcade Eugene Yailenko, Kevin Hansen, Jwelbeat.com, Pow Studios, Silveriera Neto, Moy Studio, Mr Beat, FatCow, Ails N/A
Pirate Defense Tower Defense Hero Interactive ArmorGames.com
Halloween Trick or Treat Escape 2 Escape the Room WowEscape WoWEscape
Ice Breaker Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Panda Run Arcade Orisinal N/A
Elephant Rave Arcade jmtb02 N/A
Ubooly And Friends Puzzle Beardshaker Games Ubooly
Revenge of the Zombees Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Earth Day Jigsaw Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Space Toonz Puzzle Teletoon Teletoon.com
Scriball Other GazThomas, TheGameHomepage N/A
Last Legacy: Null Space RPG Runouw, Robert Hewitt, Steven Hewitt lastlegacy.us
Doom Triple Pack Shooter Mike Welsh, iD Software N/A
Causality - 1 Adventure N/A N/A
Bullet Bill 2 Arcade Psy City N/A
Stick Avalanche Arcade Danny Miller N/A
Eukarion Tales RPG Foofa & PM Studios N/A
SpongeBob: Dastardly Dirty Treats Platformer This is Pop Nickelodeon
Lee Lee's Quest Platformer Adult Swim N/A
Grab Them By The Eyes Puzzle Terry Cavanagh N/A
Penguinz Shooter longanimals Kongregate.com
Sheriff the Revenge Shooter Jiri Bukovjan, Petr Bukovjan N/A
Mario Cart 2 Racing KillHours N/A
Kritter Krawler Arcade Arkadium N/A
Tactics 100 Live Strategy Gamebrew N/A
Enough Plumbers Platformer KlikScene.com NotDoppler.com
Mr Lal The Detective 18 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Nova Centaurus Shooter Dreamspike / Alex Kutsanok N/A
AirDrop Arcade finefin N/A
WHOAHler Coaster Toy PBS N/A
Ucogi Games: St. Patty's Day Action Ucogi Games N/A
Sift Heads 3 Shooter WebCypher FreeGames.ca
Tax Time! Toy Falcon Newgrounds.com
Tom and Jerry Run Jerry Run Arcade Warner Bros Entertainment Boomerangtv.co.uk
Cartoon Network Juegos Olympicos 2012 Sports Cartoon Network N/A
Kastle Koins Platformer ArcadeBoss N/A
Nene Interactive Suicide Choose Your Own Adventure TomFulp N/A
Dusk Platformer N/A N/A
Ninja Glove Variety Ninjadoodle N/A
Metro Match Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Shark Pinball Pinball N/A N/A
Helixteus II Strategy Apple0726 N/A
Tankman Survival Shooter Elite Games N/A
Wink: the Game Platformer gel N/A
Splatter Faith Platformer Mitsume Shobo, 3me N/A
The Tower 53F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Unagi 16 Puzzle Tremor Games N/A
Gunball Reloaded Shooter HalfBit Studios N/A
Quiz Parampaa "Quiz" Mustova N/A
Desert Rumble Tower Defense Crionuke Games N/A
Darkness 2 Adventure Lutc N/A
Kagura Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Up Down Ready Variety swordladyviking N/A
Deer Maker Ver. 1.0 Dress-Up PerianArdocyl N/A
Playing with Fire 2 Action gamesarcade.net N/A
Master of Fortresses Tower Defense Spacecat.com N/A
Madness: Judgment Choose Your Own Adventure GasGames N/A
Chaos Racer Driving King.com N/A
Parking Mania 2 Arcade CoolMath Games N/A
Julie Kane & Kaia Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Quebrantar Chapter 3: The Frozen Spears Adventure Esklavos N/A
Feed'n Frenzy Arcade JJWallace N/A
Lego Star Wars - Empire vs Rebels Action N/A N/A
Meow Mix: Cat Capades Variety Jason Oda N/A
Captain Forever Shooter Farbs N/A
Mechanical Commando Shooter Berzerk Studio N/A
Stickman Madness 2 Shooter Gaumina N/A
The Mountaineer Adventure Abroy.com N/A
Genesis (Orteil) Puzzle Orteil N/A
Boys' Life Ollie Goes to Town Platformer N/A N/A
Boys' Life Splash Attack Arcade N/A N/A
Humanoid 47 Adventure Jo99, Oliv Kornsilds Jo99.fr
Wulfgar Brawler Team Norse N/A
Notessimo Toy Starburst N/A
Balloon Man WTF Hanamushi N/A
Riddle School Adventure JonBro N/A
Gemcraft Chapter Zero (Game In A Bottle) Tower Defense Game in a Bottle N/A
SpongeBob: Monster Island Runner Workinman Nickelodeon
Fuck Your Girl Dress-Up Govvan N/A
Silent Conversation Platformer GregoryWeir N/A
Harry the Hamster Puzzle CiTV N/A
Final Fantasy Sonic X Episode 2 Visual Novel BlackDevilX, Billbob840 N/A
Esklavos Chapter 4 Adventure N/A N/A
Ringmania Puzzle jp N/A
Bodilies Adventure Jeroen Stout, Mickey Moolhuisen, Roy de Groot N/A
Johnny Test Deep Sea Snapshot Arcade Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Defenders of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
How To Make A Chocolate Easter Bunny WTF kevin swearingen, Frog Studios N/A
Four Second Firestorm Variety jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Scramball 2 Arcade ChrisJeffGames N/A
Starcraft RTS Strategy N/A N/A
Smilodon Rampage Action Y8.com N/A
Sonic RPG Episode 2 Visual Novel MidNightMaren N/A
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Stone Circle 2 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Katja's Escape Adventure Snap Break N/A
Chick Room Escape Xmas. Version Escape the Room Neutral N/A
Room Escape Escape the Room ? N/A
Pico of the Dark Ages Brawler mongoid N/A
Desktop Racing 2 Driving Point Publishing N/A
Ultimate Assassin 2 Action Games121 N/A
Achievement Unlocked 2 Platformer jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
SpongeBob: No Train, No Gain Platformer Workinman Nickelodeon
Dangerous Forest Adventure N/A N/A
Shape Escape Extended Puzzle Plumpman N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 5 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Tentacle Wars Strategy Lumarama GameZHero
Scooby-Doo Run For Your Life Runner Warner Bros Gamegape.com
Test Pilot Simulation Blue-Omega N/A
Dadgame Brawler Sakupen Newgrounds.com
A Case of Scary Shadows Platformer ticklebot N/A
Sode's Foreplay Adult HentaiKey N/A
Trapped Part Three: The Labyrinth (Hacked) Adventure Rodrigo Roesler N/A
Forgotten Hill Memento: Playground Adventure FM-Studio, Francesco, Manuela Forgotten-hill.com
Die Anstalt - Psychiatrie für misshandelte Kuscheltiere Simulation ? N/A
Chibi Princess DressUp Dress-Up Rainbow Dressup N/A
Surf's Up Sports Miniclip N/A
[REVIVE] Platformer JonBro N/A
Alice is Dead Chapter 1 Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Escape From the Loos Arcade Family.ca Family.ca
10 Gnomes 12: the Tank Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Vision (Neutral) Escape the Room Neutral N/A
Heart Star Platformer Adventure Islands N/A
Mad Bombs 2 Puzzle MyPlayYard Games N/A
2AM Truck Stop Shooter Adult Swim N/A
Puss in Boots in Capture the Magic Beans Platformer Dreamworks/Nickelodeon N/A
Car Toons! Puzzle Vogd3 N/A
Age of Defense Action BeluGerin, Arief Raditya P., Awaken Dreams studio, Water Flame, ArmorGames
Droid Assault Shooter Christopher Gregorio N/A
Snakeman Steve Arcade FX33.com N/A
Epic War 5: Hell's Gate Strategy rudy_sudarto N/A
Vampire Physics Puzzle OZDY Kongregate.com
Legend of Pandora Adventure matakukos N/A
Portal Tetris Puzzle vector3d N/A
Rolling Stones Platformer Maras N/A
Skywire Arcade Nitrome N/A
4th & Goal 2011 Sports glowmonkey N/A
Duck Life Simulation Wix ArcadeTown
Schizo-Phrenzy! Platformer Adult Swim N/A
Danganronpa Girls Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Canopy Arcade Nitrome N/A
Yaruo Quest 3 RPG Atelier-C N/A
Liquid Measure Crystal Water Pack Puzzle SmartCode N/A
Stealth Assassin Action Games121 N/A
Mech Ops Brawler N/A N/A
War Zomb Avatar Shooter BubbleBox.com N/A
Math Basketball Quiz Funbrain N/A
Urban Unrest Action Novikon Denis Dorogoy Yuriy Maxgames.com
Civilizations Wars 4: Monsters Strategy N/A Y8.com
Blosics Puzzle Igrek Productions N/A
The Nokkians I Shooter Minijuegos.com, Awoke, Uchiha, Pingium Voador, FerretFerret, AioriaRox N/A
Nine Pixel Game Platformer KungFuFurby N/A
1066 Strategy ChannelFour N/A
Kitten Maker Dress-Up Kamirah, Dolldivine N/A
Hong Kong Ninja Brawler Miniclip.com Miniclip.com
Virtual Hip Replacement Surgery Quiz Edheads N/A
Chronicles of Raynor Shooter Playgamesnet.com N/A
Planet Noevo Shooter Louissi N/A
Driving Force Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
I made this, you play this, we are enemies Platformer Jason Nelson N/A
Day in Chernobyl Adventure Abroy N/A
Extreme Trucks 3 Driving Game Sheep N/A
Arithmetic Game Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Planet Gobbler Arcade Armegalo FreeWorldGroup.com
Hell is Full Shooter Crazy Games N/A
American Truck 2 Driving Gang of Gamers N/A
City Siege 4 - Aliens Siege Shooter Podge Games N/A
National Lasagna Day Jigsaw Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Sierra 7 Shooter Simon Hason ArmorGames.com
BowMaster: Prelude Artillery Lost Vector LostVectors.com
Inner Vision Simulation LinusPrime N/A
Potato Peeler Toy Zombie Flesh Eaters N/A
Wasabi Strategy eddietree N/A
Alien VS Predator Requiem: Combat Evolved (Hacked) Arcade 20th Century Fox N/A
Wild Grinders Trick'd Out Sports Nickelodeon N/A
William and Sly 2 Platformer Kajenx, Lucas Paakh Particlasm.com
Spyro Cavern Escape Platformer Sierra Entertainment N/A
Azumanga Daioh! The Druglord Game! Adult Klacid N/A
The Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS): Puzzle Demo Escape the Room Jan Albartus N/A
Space Attack Puzzle Louissi N/A
Damnation: The Shootout (demo) Shooter Flat-line N/A
Holio U Fast Food Girl Adult Holio.net N/A
Where is 2013? Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
One and One Story Platformer MaTx N/A
Winning! The Charlie Sheen Game Arcade Poxpower N/A
3 lil' Pigs: Home Defense Tower Defense TOGE Productions N/A
You Have One Shot (ABAGames) Arcade ABAGames N/A
The Dark Room Escape the Room Jonathan May N/A
Rustyard Platformer Nitrome N/A
Artillery Rush 2 Artillery N/A N/A
7 Wonders - Treasures of Seven Puzzle MumboJumbo, United Developers LLC N/A
Ghost Motel 10: Ahtibat Choose Your Own Adventure Violet-AIM N/A
Bloons 2: Christmas Expansion Puzzle Ninja Kiwi N/A
A Crow in Hell 2 Arcade N/A N/A
Epic Mickey: Path Painter Arcade Disney N/A
Taco Bell Taco-Fu Brawler TacoBell, Kewlbox Kewlbox.com
Penguins Attack 4 Tower Defense Jon Bartram N/A
SpongeBob: Demolition Sponge Shooter This is Pop Nickelodeon
Oozy Puzzle Esp Animation - Oddity N/A
Duck Life: Treasure Hunt Runner WixGames, mofunzone N/A
Awesome Cars Driving Gametornado Gametornado
Arkandian Legends 2: Revenant RPG undefined N/A
Snowboarding XL Sports CBC Kids N/A
Smash Car Clicker Clicker FM Studio N/A
Russian Affairs Shooter Alexander Balanoff N/A
Sonic Pacman (Knuckles) Arcade Alex Bedenko aka GHOST N/A
ToonTown Tug of War Action Disney N/A
Spider-Man 3: Spider Launch Puzzle Sony N/A
Lucky Charms Super Search Arcade General Mills, Neopets Neopets.com
Safety Instructions Typing BFXR N/A
Naked Hero Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Sugar, Sugar 3 Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Tequila Zombies Shooter IriySoft PlayHub.com
Delta Riddle Puzzle Cloudgears N/A
Humbug Platformer Continuous Pixel N/A
Knightality Adventure DanilosFlasher N/A
Nook Arcade Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Chris Ignatov, Duncan Fenn, Daniel Mcneely Armorgames.com
Tiny Dream Adventure Kendja Armorgames.com
Thanks Tanks! Strategy Isaac Williams N/A
Kung Fu Master Remix Brawler Ironclaw N/A
The Tower 73F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Choo Choo Puzzles Puzzle yfan N/A
Assassin's Greed Platformer Black Moon Design N/A
Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Platformer Brad Borne N/A
SpongeBob: Creature From the Krusty Krab (Online Version) Shooter LEGO N/A
Stealth Hunter Action 2Dplay N/A
Jetspeed Shooter Damien Clarke N/A
Wizard's Run Shooter Rachid1984, BreatheIn Kongregate.com
Minute Maid Mah-jongg Puzzle Minute Maid N/A
The Tower 65F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Sidewalk to the Future Toy PBS N/A
Where is 2016? Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Alchemia Demo Adventure Springtail Studio N/A
Hi-Chew Turn and Run Arcade Morinaga, Neopets Neopets.com
The Snow Runs Red Shooter Mockery N/A
Death Vs Monstars 2 Shooter coolbuddy.com N/A
Autowars Shooter Addicting Games N/A
Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel Brawler Gurt N/A
Hapland Puzzle Foon N/A
Chubby Ninja Arcade BadHed N/A
Star Bear Brother Arcade N/A N/A
Battle Gear Strategy Belugerin Games Bubblebox.com
Bomb Chain Puzzle Arcadebomb N/A
How Revolvers Work Toy How Stuff Works N/A
Rainmaker Arcade Orisinal N/A
Zombies Ate My Motherland Shooter Ilia Matrosov, Naram, HolyYeah, Kevin Macleod N/A
Double Agent Chameleon Puzzle Family(tv) N/A
Commit 5 Arcade Tremor Games N/A
MineEscape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Durations Simulation Pippin Barr N/A
SpongeBob: The Dark Abyss Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Stretchy Man Brawler Seth Wooten N/A
Diesel and Death Racing 3rd Sense Australia AGame.com
Mechanical Commando 2 Shooter Berzerk Studio King.com
Santa Artois Arcade N/A Y8.com
Comic Stars Fighting v3.6 Brawler N/A N/A
Armor Games Snowball 2007 Arcade Armor Games N/A
UniPuma Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Dress-Up Flash Game Dress-Up Ina-a, WineChan CloudNovel.net
Spill the Beanz Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Medieval Rampage 3 Shooter Christpher Gregorio, Aaron, Jesse Valentine, ArmourGames.com N/A
Working Stiffs Action fightclub69, asute N/A
Crash Town 2 Puzzle Willyt N/A
Must Escape The Rooftop Adventure Selfdefiant Melting Mindz
Alex in Danger Platformer Neo Delight N/A
Challenge Accepted Platformer Mathias Kaerlev, Jacob Pariseau, Marcus Pasell, Steak Face Games Kongregate.com
The Walls are Not Cheese Shooter X2D.org N/A
Stick Squad 4 Shooter Brutal Studio N/A
Room Escape 8 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
inFamous Precinct Assault Action Sony N/A
Madness Premeditation Strategy BoMToons N/A
Batman: The Cobblebot Caper Action N/A N/A
Pillage the Village Arcade XGen Studios N/A
Pepperoni Mon Amour RPG Quarantados N/A
Platcore Action ChrisJeffGames N/A
Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Flash Circle TD Tower Defense N/A N/A
The Atlas Station Escape the Room N/A N/A
Strategy Defense 3.5 Tower Defense Belugerin N/A
Touch The Core 3 Puzzle fortunacus N/A
Star Pop Arcade Arkadium N/A
Morty Maker Dress-Up Spacecoma N/A
Spotless SpongeBob Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Give Up Platformer John Cooney, Tasselfoot, Kevin Macleod, Royalty Free Artists ArmorGames
Mouse Under Siege Clicker EGGY, Octomon Armorgames.com
Ambition Episode 8: The Interrogation Part 2 Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Diamond Castle Rocks Rhythm Mattel, Inc. GameKidGame.com
Coca-Cola Volleyball Sports Coca-Cola (?) N/A
Anime Character Maker 2.2 Dress-Up Xdanond N/A
Sherlock Holmes Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Boys' Life Scouts vs. Aliens Tower Defense N/A N/A
Spy (Sheepwolf) Action Filipe Sheepwolf ArmorGames.com
Teen Titans Hive Five Variety Cartoonnetwork.com Cartoon Network
Drakojan Skies - Acolytes Shooter Drakota Studios Entertainment N/A
Red Code Origins Shooter Playstival N/A
Swords and Souls RPG Soulgame Studios N/A
CatGrim Platformer tomoAwasu N/A
Hoshi Saga 4: Ringo Puzzle NEKOGAMES N/A
Aggressive Sokoban Puzzle 90k-games N/A
Clumsy Robber Adventure Abroy N/A
ClickPlay 3 Puzzle ninjadoodle.com N/A
SpongeBob: Dutchman's Dash Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
Stickman Dirtbike Motocross Nox Games N/A
Lost Choose Your Own Adventure Galbert N/A
Save The Kitty WTF kevin swearingen, Frog Studios N/A
Crash Bandicoot (Nukebros) Platformer Nukebros N/A
The Sea of Glomp 1.5 Adventure Paul M. Kramm Newgrounds, Jay Is Games
Code Lyoko: Sector 2 Escape Action Kabillion N/A
The Curse of Cracklevania Adult ToonPimp, HobartStarr N/A
Drink-O-Meter 2 Simulation Ion Design Limited drinkstuff.com
Stan James Original Free Kick Challenge Sports Kerb N/A
Stack Happy Puzzle petpetpark.com N/A
Battlemachy: Jade Bandit Arcade urbansquall N/A
Lonely house-moving Runner Nigoro N/A
An Escape Series 7 Escape the Room Afro Ninja Productions N/A
Extreme Parking Mania Driving Novel Games Coolmath-games.com
Pounce! Quiz WGBH, Sirius Thinking, PBS N/A
Zombie Baseball Arcade Free Creation Games ArmorGames.com
Bullet Phaze Puzzle Rhete Newgrounds
SpongeBob: Gary's Crush Artillery WorkinMan Nickelodeon
Frog Fractions Variety Twinbeard Studios N/A
CLOP Toy Bennett Foddy N/A
Home Run Boy Sports www.flashgame.co.kr N/A
Knugg Rally Racing SquareCircleCo N/A
Ornament Key Puzzle bikas N/A
Time 4 More Cat Arcade Megadev N/A
Red Remover BLAST Puzzle TheGameHomepage, GazThomas N/A
Art Game Adventure Pippin Barr N/A
Santastic Santa! Platformer Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Chris Ignatov, Lucy Kelleher, Anthony Kakanskas Armorgames.com
Epic Battle Fantasy RPG Matt Roszak ArmorGames.com
Sparks (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Go! George Go! Puzzle PBS N/A
20 Waves Arcade Colburt187 N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 27 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Monster Evolution Arcade Nobstudio MonsterGameBox
Ball in Troubles Platformer N/A GameTop.com
Zelda the Welder Puzzle Team Toucan N/A
Days 2 Die - The Other Side Shooter TOGE Productions N/A
Daily Spot The Pic Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Bloody Rage Fighting Flash Game Studio N/A
Twinshot Shooter Chris Burt-Brown Nitrome.com
Cereus Peashy Arcade Diverge Creations N/A
Bank Alone Franklin Adventure N/A N/A
The Ballad of Ketinetto 6 Adventure Esklavos N/A
The Company of Myself Platformer Eli Piilonen GamesFree.com
Heir Adventure Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Tommy Robin, Josh Woodward, Dan Mcneely, John Cooney Armorgames.com
Toy Tank Arena Shooter Matthew Borne N/A
Rocket Santa Arcade Berzerk Studio ArmorGames.com
Juego de Historias corrientes - Diversion con bolos Puzzle Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.es
Draw Play 3 Puzzle EGGY Armorgames.com
Neo Circuit Strategy Rough Sea Games BigDino
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Stone Circle 1 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
The Blocked Tunnel Adventure Bertil Vorre-Grantved N/A
Jungle Jiggy Rhythm 2DPlay.com N/A
Reincarnation: Clergy of Unholy Adventure Chris Gianelloni N/A
Thing Thing Arena Pro Shooter crazymonkeygames N/A
Xenosquad Strategy Ed Ryzhov (RYZED) TheSands N/A
GYROball Action Miniclip N/A
GunRox Zombie Outbreak Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Tails Nightmare 2 Platformer TheBlox N/A
Daily Jigsaw Painting Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Redder Platformer Anna Anthropy N/A
7 Minute Bash Card StellarCast N/A
Cruisin Racing Insane Hero N/A
Vinnie's Shooting Yard 4 Shooter Web Cypher N/A
Billy Makin Kid Strategy Slab Games N/A
Final Fantasy Sonic X Episode 1 Visual Novel BlackDevilX N/A
Cavemen vs Dinosaurs Coconut Boom Artillery joju N/A
Dungfoo Donkey Arcade Games2win N/A
Concerned Joe Platformer 4urentertainment ArmorGames.com
Factory Rush Strategy Selfdefiant - Melting-Mindz.com N/A
The Pretender Part One Adventure Tristan Clark, Tim Knauf, Vin Rowe N/A
Duck Dodgers Mission 3 Platformer N/A N/A
Five Leaf Clover Clicker Moczan N/A
Super Knight Quest (Demo) Platformer squidly N/A
Evolvo Arcade poxpower N/A
Dino Run: Enter Planet D Runner PixelJam Games N/A
Them Coconuts Action Spelgrim N/A
Boys' Life Mouse Trap Game Arcade N/A N/A
Gravity Runner Arcade RagDollSoft N/A
Nanoparticles and Brain Tumors Quiz Edheads N/A
Cargo Bridge Puzzle Limex Games N/A
Jack French 3: Jack French and the 7 Dwarves Adventure Johnny B Design N/A
JayIsGames Banner 2012 Adventure Robin Allen N/A
Storm Ops 3 Shooter 3KG Games, Dmitri Kurteanu, Egor Kurteanu, Andrei Cotorbai N/A
Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas Rhythm BekhoTeam Nicolas Villarroel, Bruno Camousseigr, Javier Bahamonde, Yadira Chavez, Joe Thurber Bekhoteam.net
Block Hopper Platformer N/A N/A
Skid Pan Driving Huskarl Games N/A
Cavern Adventure N/A N/A
Papa Louie 3 When Sundaes Attack! Platformer Flipline Studios N/A
Sonic Boom Cannon Arcade Xanadu32 N/A
Hulk Smash-Up Arcade ??? N/A
Hard Point Arcade Squall_SS N/A
Phrozenflame RPG RPG Inverted Pixels Studios N/A
A Temple of Two Worlds Adventure StormAlligator N/A
Cell Warfare Shooter Christopher Gregorio N/A
Battalion: Skirmish Strategy Pany Haritatos (Urbansquall) N/A
Kermit Kombat WTF NeptuneCircle N/A
Fast Sack Atttack Sports N/A N/A
Alien's Quest Adventure Denis Sokolov, Igor Satsky, Denis Mordvintsev, Yuriy Salnikov, Konstantin Tomofeev, Nikilay Statilko N/A
Gamma Bros. Shooter PixelJam Games N/A
Fifi's Fury Adult ToonPimp, 06crazysti, HobartStarr, sstagg N/A
Snack-o-Lantern Platformer Edmund McMillen, Riftmaster N/A
Flipside Arcade Nitrome N/A
Handless Millionair Arcade Vasilly Hostin N/A
Closure Platformer Tyler Glaiel Newgrounds.com
Treasure Under the Sea Gambling Arkadium N/A
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 2 Find Sherlockian-Sherlock N/A
Blair The Motivator Toy Miniclip N/A
Bustabrain Puzzle Ninjadoodle N/A
Gigolo Assassin Adventure Adult Swim N/A
Spectrum Genesis Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
Trap Master Action Berzerk Studio King.com
Windows Doors Toy Archawn N/A
Aquaria Adventure Shockwave.com N/A
Creepos Tales Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Juiced Up Pinball Pinball Corus Entertainment, Dare N/A
ToonTown Laff Lanes Action Disney N/A
A Bad Taste of Pico Shooter Joelasticot Newgrounds.com
Sum Links Puzzle Elio Landa ArmorGames.com
Copy Shot Platformer N/A N/A
CoreBound Platformer Watercrown Productions N/A
Hide and Secret Find Shockwave.com N/A
Japan Soccer Sports Yahoo! Games ArmorGames
Gobots Tower Defense GuyUngerNL N/A
Metroid Prime Hunters - Know Your Enemy Quiz Nintendo N/A
Night At The Colosseum Strategy ElventalesGames N/A
project flup Variety squidly N/A
World War 4 Shooter Shooter FreeGamePick.com N/A
Abandoned Manor Escape Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Puzzler Quiz Funbrain N/A
3 Pandas in Japan Platformer Vadim Pecherskiy N/A
Adventure Time - En Busca de la Justicia 2 Platformer Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.es
Rogue Courier RPG Pink Cookie Games N/A
SpongeBob: Trouble Clef Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Finding Jack's Treasure Adventure Carmel Games N/A
The Grand Police Escape Racing Vlad Golcea, Viverly M, Golcea, Adoxographist, Skela/-Istina N/A
EekoWorld Quiz Bean Creative, PBS N/A
Berzerk Ball Arcade Berzerk Studio N/A
Flood Runner 4 Runner Tremor Games N/A
Captain America Red Skull and Crossbones Brawler Marvel Addictinggames.com
Deedlit Castle Fuck Adult Kaijo N/A
Swords and Sandals 3 RPG 3rd Sense N/A
Roulette (Arkadium) Gambling Arkadium N/A
Bejeweled Twist Puzzle Popcap Games N/A
Velocity Raptor Puzzle TestTubeGames N/A
Spellbound (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
The Engineer Shooter Jazza Studios N/A
Athalina RPG RPG Michael Neumann N/A
Magic Layers Puzzle Lysis Flash Game Nexus
Sanguine Platformer Ray Beckham N/A
Puppy Fetch (Squirrel Family) Runner Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Gravity Duck 2 Platformer Woblyware Box10.com
Friskies Wonderland Quest Find Friskies N/A
Monster Joust Madness Action Atrix Entertainment, Atrix von Krieger (project lead), Zhoom (programming), Cysero (graphics, animation), Oishii (graphics), J6 (graphics), JDfight (music, sound effects) Ebil Games
Indiana Jones and the Sacred Fortune Adventure Krist Jan Luts N/A
Double Wires Arcade Dofi N/A
Ghostly Me Platformer Tremor Games N/A
Bermuda Diver Adventure Abroy N/A
Shop Empire Galaxy Simulation LittleGiantWorld N/A
Eggz Arcade Arkadium N/A
Drag Race Demon 2 Racing Mousebreaker N/A
la Regina di Ripicche Adventure N/A N/A
X-Men: Nightfall Adult Scent N/A
TF Larry: Reinstation Shooter OneMrBean N/A
Zos Platformer Akex Asvegren, Karlis Zabers, WandSchrank N/A
Bricks Breaking Hex Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
The Terraspheres Action N/A N/A
AD&D Engine Quest for Level 1 Fighter, Episode 1- Shanghai Strategy RobSuperSonic Newgrounds.com
Mayuri-sama's Body Laboratory Adult Circle Eden N/A
Warfare 1944 Strategy ConArtists ArmorGames.com
Night House Rescue Escape the Room TheEscapeGames TheEscapeGames
Bomb Digger Puzzle kvecxjo N/A
The Roslin Station Escape the Room N/A N/A
sk8park Sports Digital Produce N/A
Dragon Rider: Aeowinnies Flight Action Strout's Ink N/A
Buckle Virtual Drum Set Toy Buckle N/A
G.I. Joe Skyburst Action N/A N/A
Gear Kitty Platformer Raiyumi N/A
Feed Us 5 Arcade Pyrozen N/A
The Alien's Adventure 2 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Moon Rocks Quiz Funbrain N/A
The Tower 45F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Snow Queen Dress-Up Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
Cave Puzzles: A Gift Platformer Oleg Vorontsov N/A
Artillery Rush Artillery N/A N/A
CGB's Bump in the Night Adult Captaingerbear N/A
Shadow Factory Motocross GameSheep.com N/A
minim Puzzle Atomic Cicada Studios N/A
Bumble Numbers 2 Quiz Funbrain N/A
Mite Love Shooter Awoke N/A
Funky Truck Arizona Racing Teagames N/A
Tone Matrix Toy N/A N/A
Subtraction Blast! Shooter Armor Games, Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Speedrunner Runner Max Games and Double Dutch Games N/A
Yuroichi's Fantasy Adult HentaiKey N/A
Haxatron 2000 Arcade Tetrageddon N/A
Pussymon: Episode 25 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
R!se Arcade Denvish N/A
Pussymon: Episode 06 RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Yaruo Quest 2 RPG Atelier-C N/A
Obechi Puzzle Danny Miller N/A
Doctor A. Tom Puzzle finefin N/A
Zombie Tower Defense 3 Tower Defense Zombie Head Games N/A
Rescue on Cocoa Farm Puzzle LongAnimals Armorgames.com
Ruudbart Rescue (Demo) Runner Design Assembly N/A
Superfighter Fighting flo-netforce N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 7 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Primal Champions RPG HappyGhostStudio N/A
Elementcyclopaedia Puzzle RickyTheHedgehog N/A
Mad Vlad! Revamped Platformer Paranoia N/A
Play on Words Puzzle Arkadium N/A
The Great Massacre RPG Art Logic Games Yo-Arcade
Not in My Dungeon Arcade Entertainment Forge N/A
Bingo Fairy Tales Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Fashion Spy: Dress for Danger Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Candy and Clyde Variety Francesco Maisto N/A
Nano Ninja Platformer Rogerio Penchel N/A
fl0w Adventure Jenova Chen N/A
Boys' Life Pee Wee's Nightmare Platformer N/A N/A
Yaruo Quest 4 RPG Atelier-C N/A
Kikoriki Harvest (Russian) Arcade Kikoriki N/A
DarkLand Adventure Rexas Games N/A
Streetart-Watchtower Toy finefin N/A
Phineas and Ferb Gadget Golf Arcade Disney N/A
Samsara Room Escape the Room Studio Maarten Abroy.com
Heli Attack Shooter SquareCircleCo N/A
K.O.L.M. Platformer Tony ArmorGames.com
City Jumper Runner NationLocation.com N/A
Toshiba Tennis Sports Toshiba N/A
Please Stop Running Shooter Insane Hero, Biscuit Locker, Pete Baron, Nicole Wilkes, Partner in Rhyme, Ultrashock N/A
Agent Scarecrow 2: Aggressive Shopping Adventure Johnny B Design N/A
The Expendables 2 Tower Defense N/A N/A
Brink of Alienation - Substance Episode 1 Shooter N/A N/A
X-Tract Paperclip Variety Microsoft Microsoft
Snakes Arcade Wonderboy N/A
Lonely No More Platformer Brandon Weaver N/A
-TRAPPED- Adventure Godlimations ArmorGames.com
Club Penguin Cart Surfer Action Disney N/A
Ricochet Kills 2 Arcade Mibix N/A
Clash 'n' Slash Worlds Away Arcade Enkord AGame.com
Omicron Arcade finefin N/A
Die Trainer Die Toy McFretN N/A
Cube Escape Seasons Escape the Room Rusty Lake N/A
Super Collide-Em-Up Arcade Alan Hazelden N/A
Braids Neon Fighting Axcho N/A
Snoring 3: Treasure Island Puzzle Alma Games Cool Math Games
10 More Bullets Arcade Michel Gerard N/A
Grumpy Knight Platformer Martin Buist, BillBonHam, PzUH N/A
All's Well That Ends Well Action Pippin Barr N/A
Pico Sim Date <3 Dating Sim Moosh N/A
Spider: Downloaded. Platformer Sakupen N/A
Matrix Rampage Action GameBrew.com GameBrew.com
Point-Click Advanced Arcade Phendrana N/A
Westerado Poker Puzzle Adult Swim N/A
The Idiot Test 3 Quiz Ryan Curtis N/A
Mighty Guy 1 Action Funbrain N/A
Bowels Physics TD Tower Defense MadFatCat N/A
Soul Brother Platformer Jasper Byrne Adult Swim
Arcane Action Hadar Itzikowitz Rusty Arcade
The Tower 41F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Project Flame [demo2] Platformer Snakex86 N/A
Wubbzy's Underwater Adventure Action Nick Jr. N/A
Firefighter Escape Escape the Room Coolbuddy N/A
Nine Billion Miles from Earth Shooter Adult Swim N/A
Lego Batman Runner Runner LEGO N/A
Tucking Him In Adult Jasonafex, Kabier N/A
Three Bags Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Puzzle Legends Puzzle NazoSystems GameSnappy.com
Paradise Island Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Tower of the Wizard Gameboy Adventure Platformer Suhail Habib Itch.io
Holio U 12: Russian Tennis Star Adult Holio.net N/A
Sushi Cat Arcade ArmorGames.com ArmorGames.com
Plato's Matching Game Puzzle PorchLight Entertainment, PBS N/A
SpongeBob: Trail of the Snail Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Commando (Classic) Action Chris Butler N/A
Lenny Loosejocks Australia Day Blast Arcade EZone.com EZone.com
Take Off (Demo) Toy Design Assembly N/A
Tiny Castle Arcade Nitrome N/A
Bionicsons Shooter N/A N/A
Dead Convoy Puzzle Gametornado Gametornado
Hurry Up Bob! 2 Platformer Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto). Olanov, APXN, Maveerlyn, Banglaboy96 Box10.com
FlashGate Strategy N/A N/A
Mount Eruption Arcade belugerin N/A
BowMaster Artillery Lost Vector LostVectors.com
Kill Crazy Jay Toy Stickpage Addictinggames.com
Epsilon Puzzle Dissolute Productions ArmorGames.com
Frozen Frenzy Arcade F Family N/A
SpongeBob: Hello Bikini Bottom Rhythm WorkinMan Nickelodeon
Aethership Shooter TEAMEM, MyBlueCorners N/A
Hinata's Training Adult HentaiKey N/A
Five 'Til Variety jmtb02 N/A
Wake the Royalty Puzzle Eugene Karataev N/A
Snuggles Arcade OneMrBean N/A
Nightmares 1 - Broken Bones Complaint Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Heaven or Hell Strategy Funflow King.com
Destroy All Cars Driving Making Fun Games N/A
High Tail Hall 2 Adult HTH Studios N/A
The Black Knight Action Brain Jam Studios N/A
Scooby Doo Adventure River Rapids Rampage Ep One Adventure Warnerbros N/A
The Idiot Test 2 Quiz Ryan Curtis N/A
Antbuster Tower Defense RStein.org ArmorGames.com
Sex Kitten: Armageddon! Adult OrangeJuiceJones, YomToxic, lengendary-41, Newpurple, Remonrime N/A
Sheriff Sam Shooter Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Joel Atkinson, Chris Ignatov, Dan McNeely, Armorgames.com
Rage of the Dragon 2 Shooter Dewa Widi Addictinggames.com
SIMSEH: Hornbrook Adult d-z, chastan N/A
Causality - Halloween Horror Adventure N/A N/A
The Last Canopy Shooter ahbonk N/A
Hall Sweep Arcade OneMrBean N/A
Tiny Evolution Adventure Platformer AdventureIslands N/A
Yeti Sports 2: Orca Slap Sports Chris Hilgert N/A
SpongeBob: Gas Blast Runner WorkinMan Nickelodeon
Feline Maker Ver. 1.0 Dress-Up PerianArdocyl N/A
Lunch-o-Matic Quiz PBS N/A
Rocket Walrus Shooter MasterFury ArmorGames.com
Hearty's Quest Puzzle Letmethink N/A
Submachine Zero: ancient adventure Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
The Crows Adventure N/A N/A
Canabalt Runner Adam Saltsman N/A
Sniper Assassin 5: Final Mission Shooter N/A N/A
Ball Revamped 2: Metaphysik Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
Crab Ball Sports Liam O'Donnell N/A
Lesson 3 Kilogranimals Puzzle Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Joel Atkinson, Chris Ignatov, Cryrus Jackson, AL-3B-D. Armorgames.com
New Super Chick Sisters Platformer PETA PETA
Lucky Tower 2 Adventure Benedikt Hummel, Anselm Pytam, Jens Blankenburg, Kiana Naghshineh, Eric Jilian Montijo, Mick Lauer, Joshua Tomar, Yotam Perel, Miranda Gauvin, Puffballs United, Clens N/A
Dumbolf - Part 1: The Gauntlet Sports GameSheep ArmorGames
Fragments Puzzle soapaintnice N/A
Crash Scene Quiz Edheads N/A
Sherry Blowjob Adult sadisticirony N/A
Elizabeth Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
SpongeBob: Dunces and Dragons Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
Cyberchase: Tangram Game Puzzle PBS N/A
SpongeBob: Bubble Blast Runner Workinman Nickelodeon
Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 9 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Sands of the Coliseum RPG Berzerk Studio N/A
Swords and Sandals RPG 3rd Sense Australia Playaholics
Doktor Fallout Action Dizimz N/A
Death Vegas Fighting Adult Swim Games N/A
Tinysasters 2 Strategy Storm Alligator N/A
Avengers: Takedown Arcade Soap N/A
Bike Mania Motocross FlashGames247.com N/A
The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 "Quiz" Splapp-Me-Do N/A
Cooking Academy Simulation Fugazo Shockwave.com
Pop-Tarts: Dance-Off Toy Pop-Tarts, Kellogg N/A
Zombie Society Dead Detective: A Curse in Disguise Adventure Interactales N/A
PegLand Arcade Arkadium N/A
60 Second Life Arcade HeRetiK N/A
Spanx and Redmond 3 Arcade Whiplash N/A
Bump! Puzzle Robot Acid N/A
Scooby Trap Platformer N/A Cartoon Network
Steer This Boat Driving Gamezindia N/A
Blob Wars Strategy BigDino N/A
Geek Girl Dress Up Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Penalty Fever Sports FlashFooty.com N/A
Discount Mayonnaise Shooter Etienne Bergeron Paquet (Joelasticot), Samuel ST-Germain (Ultraptichfork) Pierre-Adam Bouchard (Hopeku) Nextplay
Fields of Logic Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
changeType() Puzzle Nitrome N/A
World of Warcraft Trading Card Demo Card Blizzard N/A
S.W.A.T. 2 Shooter ESP Productions StickPage
Mini Dress Up Demon Girl Dress-Up VeggieStudio N/A
Bejeweled Blitz Beta Puzzle Popcap Games N/A
Grand Theft Auto VI (6) Puzzle puffgames.com N/A
This Is The Only Level 3 Platformer jmtb02 N/A
Madness: Air assault Shooter EventHorizon N/A
Backgammon (Arkadium) Sports Arkadium N/A
Building Blaster Puzzle 2DPlay.com N/A
Celebrity Hitman - Cheney's Fury Shooter Armegalo AddictingGames.com
The Blue Beanie Adventure Daphne Lim AGame.com
Tiny Heist Action TerryCavanagh N/A
The Blocks Cometh Arcade HalfBot GamesButler
Mahjong Tower Puzzle Auway N/A
Time to Wake Up Adventure N/A N/A
Guy of My Dreams Arcade nerdook N/A
Blockhead: The Game Adventure Komix Games Newgrounds.com
Sagequest Arcade N/A N/A
Sara's Super Spa Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Super Ryu Copter Shooter Nightmare (Lochie) , Carbonwater Newgrounds.com
Titanic Simulation Mind Power Games N/A
American Racing Racing Turbo Nuke N/A
Musteland: Enchanted Lake Arcade Elthan N/A
Odd's Battle Shooter France 3 N/A
TRAITOR Shooter Jonas Kyratzes N/A
Flash Game Kairi and Namine Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Psychedlia Smith Toy Armegalo N/A
Clear Skies Adult Jasonafex, Nawka N/A
Carrie the Caregiver Crossroads Part 1 Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Necronator 2: Dragons Unleashed Strategy TogeProductions N/A
Deeper Sleep Horror scriptwelder ArmorGames.com
Everything Is Robot Adventure 14hourlunchbreak N/A
Dragon Training Legends Variety Dreamworks Boomerangtv.co.uk
Bubble Bobble 2 Action Freewebarcade.com N/A
Rainbow Dash Attack Runner anon12345 N/A
Rabbit Rustler Arcade Deeper Beige N/A
Pussymon: Episode 29 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Book of Mages: The Chaotic Period RPG Nobstudio N/A
Heavy Weapons Action longanimals Kongregate.com
The Fairly OddParents Wishology Chapter 1 - The Chosen One! Platformer Nickelodeon N/A
Mission to Uranus Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Asterisk Puzzle Vivern Games Studio Badge Games
Digital Upgrade- Decoded Puzzle royalin N/A
The Three Monkeys Arcade Orisinal N/A
I Quit! Must Dash! Arcade Tremor Games N/A
Gridlock Puzzle Corwin Derkatch, Crystal New Media N/A
Toph Beifong Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Cave Explorer Arcade nx8 N/A
Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing! Typing Holy Wow Studios N/A
Necromanthus Diablo RPG Necromanthus N/A
GunRox Rush Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 Tower Defense HeroInteractive N/A
Red Baron Brawler FrostedMuffins Newgrounds.com
Driving Force 2 Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Bloody Rage 2 Fighting Peter Kapelyan N/A
The Code of the Cryptids Platformer Cartoon Network N/A
Tetrisnake Puzzle SugarToast N/A
Max Mesiria Chapter 1 RPG Snails Animation N/A
An Escape Series 4 Escape the Room Afro Ninja Productions N/A
Sniper Assassin 3 Shooter JB N/A
Car Eats Car 3 - Twisted Dream Driving Smokoko N/A
Return to the Earth Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Chef Boyardee Saucy Shot Arcade ConaAgra Foods Inc, Neopets Neopets.com
FWG Pinball Pinball FreeWorldGroup.com N/A
KuruKuru Kurisuta Puzzle chibitami N/A
Tomb Defender Brawler N/A N/A
Oil God Strategy Persuasive Games N/A
Faye Valentine Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Snowman Skiing Arcade Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Tank Wars Artillery PigDogToad.com N/A
Xevious Shooter N/A N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 16 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
2013 Shelter Adventure Abroy N/A
Connect the World Card PBS N/A
Ravish Rebecca Adult HobartStarr, ToonPimp N/A
Zombie Incursion Shooter Max Games N/A
Viva Caligula Arcade Adult Swim N/A
A Pretty Ornament I Made Visual Novel Nina Freeman, Eric Lahaie N/A
Lethal League Prototype Fighting Team Reptile N/A
Summer (Squirrel Family) Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Track and Field 2 Action TheGameRemakeFlashStudios N/A
Groovy Garden Quiz PBS N/A
Esklavos Chapter 2 Adventure N/A N/A
Haluz Adventure Springtail Studio N/A
Deathmatch Apocalypse Shooter Storigine N/A
Knightmare Gloves Arcade Relentless Creations N/A
Gerry's Grueling Garden Platformer Spudzy N/A
Coffee Shop Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Warfare 1917 Strategy ConArtists ArmorGames.com
High Octane Racing Racing Arkadium N/A
Formation Arcade Brian Cable N/A
Rock Online Rhythm Flyflash N/A
Keyboard Warriors Typing NobGames N/A
Dor the Dwarf Adventure Abroy N/A
League Heroes Strategy jornlin N/A
Sherlock - Flash Dress Up Game Dress-Up Ekzotik N/A
Pee Wee's Scramble Camp (BL) Arcade N/A N/A
Bag of Flour DX Adventure GHXYK2 N/A
Treasure Seas Incorporated Action Mausland CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Donkey Kong 2 Arcade Donkeykonggame.org N/A
Kid Paddle - Blork Quest Platformer ja.games N/A
Mori Girl Dress Up Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Drive and Dodge Racing QuickFlashGames.com N/A
A.l.i.a.s 1 Shooter Marc-Andre Toupin N/A
Golphysics Arcade Joliner AddictingGames
Belial Chapter 2.5 Adventure keybol N/A
Turret Defense Tower Defense Louissi N/A
Kingdom of Liars 3 Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Cyberchase: The Quest 1 & 2 Adventure PBS N/A
Heat Rush USA Racing kongregate N/A
Fairway to Hell Sports Adult Swim N/A
Dirt Bike 3 Motocross fog.com N/A
The Castle of Eliv Thade Puzzle Neopets Neopets.com
Mixology Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Buzz & Delete Save the Day (Hacked) Puzzle PBS Kids N/A
The Pretender Part Three Adventure Tristan Clark, Tim Knauf, Vin Rowe N/A
Leaks Arcade retro addicts N/A
Hydrophobia Arcade Orisinal N/A
Sonic RPG Episode 6 Visual Novel MidNightMaren, Acid Shiver N/A
Myhouse Puzzle Yamagame N/A
Laser Cannon 2 Puzzle Max Derevyagin N/A
Yeti Sports 9: Final Spit Sports Chris Hilgert N/A
Cyadonia 1 Puzzle Cyad Games N/A
Guitar Hero II Rhythm N/A N/A
Stick Avalanche 2 Arcade Danny Miller N/A
Burglar Hunt Adventure Timefall N/A
Atomic Puzzle 2 Puzzle Sigma Studio N/A
Mr. Coo: El Laberinto Esferico Adventure Nacho Rodriquez N/A
L'acampada Variety NS-Studios N/A
妖精冒険記 Platformer Yukawa's Soft N/A
Freecell Solitaire (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Pee Wee Harris - Archery Challenge (Boys Life) Sports N/A N/A
Xiao Xiao No. 6 Toy Zhu Zhiquanq N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko Again - Episode 2 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Nancy Drew: Resorting to Danger Adventure Shockwave N/A
Snowday Adventure Mouse City N/A
Doodle God 2 Puzzle N/A N/A
Harry the Hamster 2 Adventure CiTV N/A
The Strangers 2 Shooter Web Cypher Games N/A
Room Escape 14 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Robo Rally Demo Toy Wizards of the Coast N/A
Musical Extravaganza Arcade Phendrana N/A
Thy Dungeonman 2 Adventure Videlectrix N/A
Cell-Out Arcade Miniclip N/A
I Hate Traffic Driving jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
House of Dead Ninjas Arcade Adult Swim ArmorGames
Madness Accelerated Shooter FetusMilkshakes N/A
Pico's Infantry Covert Operatives 2 Strategy BoMToons N/A
Avatar Arena Fighting Nick.com N/A
You Don't Know Jack: The Webshow Quiz Jackbox Games (formerly Jellyvision) Jackbox Games (formerly Jellyvision)
Chancealot Puzzle FastGames N/A
Kicker Koenig Sports Pluspol Interactive N/A
GlueFO 2.0 Arcade Irregular Games Kongregate
Sift Heads Shooter WebCypher StickPage.com
The Tower 11F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Beasts Battle Strategy J0xFlasher N/A
Super Splash Sports circusx.com N/A
Donkey Kong: Banana Barrage Arcade N/A N/A
Vulcan Arcade Emperius, John Funtanilla AddictingGames.com
Radiator Springs Racing Racing Disney/Pixar N/A
Castle Clout Artillery cube games N/A
Escaping the Prison Choose Your Own Adventure Puffballs United StickPage.com
Pizzatron 3000 (Hacked) Action Club Penguin Team N/A
Radical Fishin' (Demo) Arcade Vlambeer N/A
Supersonic Speeders Action Net Dragons N/A
Kirby Egg-Catcher Arcade Johnsu N/A
DragonflyTV: Sailing Driving N/A N/A
Imaginary Realm 1 (Japanese) Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
Villainous Strategy Cellar Door Games N/A
Commander Action N/A N/A
Grow Cinderella Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Escape Pico's Mansion Adventure 14hourlunchbreak N/A
Retron Shooter Kenny N/A
Easy Joe 4 Adventure Functu Fast Games
Steamlands Player Pack Strategy Nitrome N/A
Epic Boss Fighter 2 Shooter Entertainment Forge ArmorGames.com
Guard of the Kingdom Tower Defense FastGames.com N/A
RPG Rider Motocross Box10.com N/A
Fishdom: Frosty Splash Puzzle Playrix N/A
Dead Tread Racing Bl0b N/A
Siege Knight Tower Defense Funstorm, Tyler Myers, Audio Fuse, Kevin Macleod Armorgames.com
Causality - Aquarium Adventure N/A N/A
Spank the Monkey Toy Flammable Jam N/A
Grand Slam Shredder Arcade N/A N/A
Linion RPG RPG Linion.com N/A
Footprints Puzzle Daniel C. Messias, Norman Legies Addictinggames.com
Robot and the Cities that Built Him Arcade Kyle Gabler N/A
Cat Ninja Platformer Richman Stewart N/A
Bieber Metamorph Action Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Bangleboy96, Olanov, Hamstercake Newgrounds.com
Yeti Sports X: Icicle Climb Arcade Chris Hilgert N/A
Dustbuster Derby Runner Bell Brothers N/A
Skittles Follow Me Arcade Mars, Neopets Neopets.com
Fishy Arcade XGen Studios N/A
Image Outline Arcade ekeeper N/A
Space Pirates TD Tower Defense Char Studio N/A
Banned from Equestria (Daily) Adult pokehidden N/A
The Fairly OddParents Yugopotamia Mania Puzzle Nickelodeon N/A
Daily Jigsaw Travels Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Level Game Quiz Clarence Ball N/A
Shurelia Cosmosphere Part 1 Visual Novel Koei Tecmo N/A
CSI Web Adventures The Experience: Case 2 Canine Caper Puzzle Forensics.rice.edu Forensics.rice.edu
Taxi Driver Instructor Driving FreeOnlineGames.com N/A
Mini Pool 2 Sports FreeOnlineGames N/A
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe Rhythm Shinki N/A
Crazy Flasher 5 - To Be A Super Hero Brawler Andy Law N/A
Dys4ia Visual Novel Auntie Pixelante N/A
Heli vs Tower Shooter Eggy ArmorGames.com
Sum Tracks Puzzle Elio Landa (game), Bahati Kiro (music) Cool Math Games
Mcdonald's Dash and Dine Platformer Mcdonalds, Neopets Neopets.com
Warrior Princess Dress-Up N/A N/A
I Wanna Win Variety Alexey Izvalov N/A
Pocket Platoon Shooter Insane Hero, Biscuit Locker, Pete Baron, Partners in Rhyme, Ultrashock Armorgames.com
Baby Boom Arcade Red i Studios N/A
Earth Onslaught Strategy Smallfarm Studio N/A
Bugs Arcade Orisinal N/A
Office Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Flintstones Cafeteria Caper Arcade Neopets, Popstopia Neopets.com
Lawnmower (Coca-cola) Arcade Coca-Cola N/A
Submachine 4: the Lab Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
St. Patrick's Day Word Search Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Newgrounds Holiday Art Worm Toy Lorestrome N/A
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Jetski (Pepsi) Arcade Pepsi N/A
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Dress Me Up Game Dress-Up KyouKaraa N/A
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Super Sonic Pinball Pinball Manic Man (Unconfirmed) N/A
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It's Always Mummy In Philadelphia Strategy Loogaroo, Brad Lamey, Emilio Lopez, Steve Bertin, Gene Fowler, Andrew Huang, Jessica Beckett, Jason Keoughan, Jacob Rutherford, Anya Combs, Michelle Yuckovich Addictinggames.com
Sex Kitten WATTT (why are there teeth there!) Adult YomToxic, arch-kun, Bit, christ-the-stick2, fnouf, joshexdirad, NekoMika, Newpurple, Pervyfox88, saikokaiten N/A
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Star Wars: Clone Wars: Live Fire Arcade N/A N/A
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But That Was Yesterday Adventure Bean N/A
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Sticky Blocks Puzzle Aaron Maupin (game design), Wesley Devine (music) Cool Math Games
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Park My Emergency Vehicle Driving AddictingGames & Gamezindia N/A
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Quest for Power 3014 Action N/A N/A
Stones (vA.27a) Artillery Maskopatol e621.net
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Wild West Story: The Beginnings Puzzle Shockwave N/A
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Sword of Orion Shooter N/A N/A
Tsure Game 6-4 Escape the Room gokuraku_kung fu N/A
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A Crow in Hell 3 Arcade N/A N/A
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King of Buttons Toy GameCubicle ArmorGames.com
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Defence Shot: Fighting! Universe X Shooter Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP) Armorgames.com
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Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Island Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Tilt Puzzle DEVM-Games Frosmo
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BNKR Adventure K. Elgazin, S.Zagvozkina, A.Sobchenko, D.Remeneva, Mike Mutanoff N/A
Space Wing Action Clound Comic Studio N/A
Champions! The Last Defense Shooter Addictive Games N/A
Aching Dreams - Hentai Date Sim Adult Rosewood Games N/A
Dress Up Game v. 3 Dress-Up KawaiiPandah N/A
Parking Mania: Zoo Escape Driving Novel Games Coolmath-games.com
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The Ambridge Mansion Day 2 Adventure jimgray N/A
White Enamel Adventure N/A N/A
Guild Dungeons II Adventure Lorestrome N/A
So You Think You Can Drive, Mel? Driving Game Show Network Game Show Network
Porta-Pusher Clicker Peter Polack (Element19) N/A
Obake no Koushin (Ghost Parade) Arcade Johnsu N/A
Peter Pan's Neverland Matching Game Puzzle Disney, Neopets Neopets.com
Mr. Mothball 5: Under the Cherry Tree Shooter Mateusz Skutnik N/A
SpongeBob: Pro Sk8r Variety N/A Nickelodeon
Exorbis Puzzle Edit-undo N/A
Bakugan: Battle Launcher Puzzle N/A N/A
The Fairly OddParents: Jingle Bell Jump Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Mr Lal The Detective 7 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
The Last Stand 2 Shooter ConArtists ArmorGames.com
Mutant Fighting Cup Fighting Nikolay Marchenko, Alina Oleinik N/A
Interactive Advent Calendar 2013 Toy Gasara N/A
Medieval Rampage 2 Shooter Christopher Gregorio ArmorGames.com
Ruined Topology Adventure Xaychru04 N/A
Warlords 2: Rise of Demons Strategy Ben Olding Games N/A
Sacra Terra: Angelic Night Adventure Shockwave N/A
Zomballoons Action Tony N/A
Crazy Flasher 4 (English) Adventure bbplayer.net N/A
Swedish Saveloy Adventure Beast0 N/A
Hambo 2: Hamtouchables Artillery RobotJam N/A
Globule Puzzle Lets Make a Game N/A
Fight the Futon Arcade The Fotw N/A
Shine Platformer Jussi Simpanen N/A
5 Roll Card Arkadium N/A
Rollin' X Pinball (Hacked) Pinball CBC Kids N/A
Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story Puzzle Andrey Kovalishin, Andrey Ivanov, Alexander Ahura, Maxim Yurchenko, Eugene Kisterev, Ytred Ned N/A
Sacred Heroes Strategy LittleGiant N/A
セレンディの魔法の薬 Visual Novel Yukawa's Soft N/A
Cyadonia 2 Puzzle Cyad Games N/A
Boys' Life Tankz Arcade N/A N/A
Tetrageddon Puzzle Tetrageddon N/A
Glory Hole RPG Adult Kaijo N/A
Supra Mayro Bross Lergend of the Mayro Platformer ghost375 N/A
Reimu Bros Arcade rsgmaker N/A
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Nodes 2 Puzzle EGGY Armorgames.com
Kuzco: Quest for Gold Sports Disney N/A
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Trysil Twin Tip Sports Agensgames N/A
Honey Nut Cheerios Race for the Taste Arcade General Mills, Neopets Neopets.com
Broken Arms Arcade Roboman N/A
Hot Air Jr Demo Arcade Nitrome N/A
Collateral Damages 2 Shooter N/A N/A
Tanks Artillery 2DPlay.com N/A
Super Pixel Man Void Platformer Pixelulsar N/A
Drag Racer V3 Racing Phantom Games N/A
One Man's Doomsday Action cosmoseth StickPage.com
Dismantlement Radio Puzzle Gamedesign.jp N/A
Colony Strategy ArmorGames.com ArmorGames.com
Space Oddity Adventure Pastel Games N/A
King's Rush Arcade Smokoko N/A
Helicops Shooter Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Chris o 'Neill, Daniel McNeely, John Cooney, Joey Betz Armorgames.com
Happy Tower Strategy Tremor Games N/A
Jeu Adventure Time - AVALANCE! Arcade Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.fr
New Car Net Racer Racing Netro42.com N/A
Acorn Story Platformer 3WJ N/A
Who's That Pokemon? Quiz Turbocharge0 N/A
Zelda: Valentine's Quest Adventure Louissi, RedFox N/A
Jingle Ballistical Fighting Markus Bankhead and gavD N/A
Narrow Platformer nx8 N/A
Phineas and Ferb Golf Winter Holiday Edition Sports Disney N/A
Kitten Cannon Artillery Dan Fleming BurstFilms.com
Homer the Flanders Killer Shooter Ashley Leigh N/A
Super Adventure Pals Brawler Jay Armstrong N/A
Minesweeper Puzzle Absolutist N/A
Mancala Snails Puzzle Rocketsnail Games N/A
Arcuz RPG Funnaut ArmorGames.com
Dropz Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Cops and Robbers Arcade Tinymania Newgrounds.com
Expedition - The Game (History Channel) Strategy History Channel N/A
Speedmaster Shooter Mausland Entertainment N/A
Fairune RPG Skipmore N/A
Veggie Tales Veggie Football Sports Veggie Tales Veggietales.com
Max Dirt Bike 2 Motocross fog.com N/A
Meet'N'Fuck: Road Trip Adult VadimGoD N/A
Space Puzzle Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Spy Bear Arcade ArcadeBomb.com N/A
Stop Trump Puzzle Chris Jeff, NCH Productions N/A
Alone in the Park Shooter amidos2006 N/A
Othello (Nick Yee) Strategy Nick Yee N/A
Anti-War Game Strategy Futurefarmers N/A
Killego Shooter Calum Scott/xlite (N/A)
Hetalia Dress Up Game Ver. 2 Dress-Up KawaiiPandah N/A
Tower of Greed Platformer Epic-Shadow & Matt Porter Newgrounds.com
Sex Kitten Sim-Date 5 Adult Klacid N/A
Sergal Reference Creator Dress-Up Sidgi, Tridognait N/A
The Buzzer Game Arcade Neopets neopets.com
Navy Helicopter Shooter Some Country's Navy N/A
Pussycat Frenzy Arcade finefin N/A
Zombie Balloon Heads 2 Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Around the World in 80 Days Puzzle Playrix N/A
Trials Dynamite Tumble Motocross RedLynx Miniclip.com
Blitzer Platformer N/A N/A
Lucky Prey Adult Jasonafex, Ajin N/A
Mahjongg (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Shape Shifter 2 Platformer FlashTeam N/A
Garfield: Lasagna from Heaven Arcade N/A N/A
Connect It Puzzle N/A CoolBuddy.com
First Down Football Arcade N/A Shockwave.com
ShellCore Command Ep1 Shooter Flashbacker Kongregate.com
Dancing with the Supernovas Rhythm Joel Breton, Bernard Meisler N/A
Robinson Hotel Arcade ??? DailyFreeGames.com
Cube-it Puzzle Phantasmagoric N/A
Dragon Rider Dress-Up inkscribble Doll Divine
Road of the Dead 2 Racing Evil Dog Newgrounds.com
Zwill Platformer Danny Csaky N/A
Video Poker (Arkadium) Gambling Arkadium N/A
Flat Illustraion Face Maker Dress-Up Spacecoma N/A
Riolu Maker Dress-Up Wyndbain N/A
Mating Admiral: Hamakaze Adult JSK Studios N/A
Sonic Boom Town 2 Arcade KillerViral N/A
Adverputt Sports Damp Gnat N/A
Alphaland Platformer Jonas Kyratzes; Terry Cavanagh Newgrounds.com
Zigmond III Puzzle Microsheep.com N/A
Inside A Dead Skyscraper Adventure Molleindustria N/A
Yellow Dreamer Platformer Nitrome Jam N/A
Squadz II Strategy Game Hippies N/A
Adventure Time Prince Maker Dress-Up Spacecoma N/A
The Daily SNOOP Icons Find The Article 19 Group Shockwave
Club Penguin Icebergs (Beta Team) Shooter Disney N/A
A Ghostly Journey Puzzle TinSleeves N/A
cairnDE Puzzle Aaron Price N/A
HentaiKey Girl 4 Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Red Riot Shooter BulletProof Arcade N/A
L'Odyssee de la Ferraille II Adventure Frima Studio N/A
Batman: Skycreeper Arcade WB Games N/A
Chester Cheetah Maze Puzzle Frito-Lay, Neopets Neopets.com
Transmorpher 3: Ancient Alien Platformer Flash Rush Games N/A
Rosa Musou Brawler Ri-MSX N/A
Ball Revamped IV: Amplitude Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
Scamperghost Arcade Stolen Goose N/A
Club Penguin Puffle Paddle (The Fair) Arcade Disney N/A
Jewel Quest Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Math Baseball Quiz Red i Studios N/A
SpongeBob: Spitwad Showdown Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Isora & Muku Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Space Oddity 2 Adventure Pastel Games N/A
A Cup of Cursors Toy Timon Peters N/A
Rainbo Jumper Platformer Quimdung N/A
Kick the Critter Arcade Berzerk Studio N/A
Hell Train: Return to Planet Monster Action 01010111 N/A
Continuity Puzzle Ragtime Games N/A
D'arc Mini Challenge Driving D'arc N/A
Numrows Puzzle Maras N/A
The Mummy 2 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Batman Shoot Em Up Action Playtoongames ToonKaboom.com
Smoothie Operator Puzzle PBS N/A
007 Charles 2 Shooter Box10.com N/A
Orgasm Girl 2 Adult Deja-Vu Armorgames.com
Get A Life Simulation Johnny B Design N/A
Hi-Chew Fruit Fallout Arcade Morinaga, Neopets Neopets.com
Highrise Poker Solitaire Card Arkadium N/A
Endless Night Action N/A N/A
Deep and Blue Adventure N/A N/A
Kim Jong-Il Terror Gnome Shooter finefin N/A
Gen Puzzle Island Games Wingon Studios
Beat Master 3000 Rhythm Jiggmin N/A
Gifts for Ghosts Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Fork It! Arcade SugarToast N/A
Ikaruga Trial version Shooter ikaruga no sato, yasu N/A
Winnose Puzzle Adult Swim N/A
GWL3 Part 1 - I wanted to name this one after a Talking Heads album so I could have Hayley dancing in a big suit on the main menu Visual Novel HayleyPetHarley N/A
Bot Arena (Beta) Strategy TheWaste667 N/A
Hoofball Sports Donitz N/A
Hentairella 3 Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Leading Edge Shooter ChronoBell N/A
Monster Mania Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Snowman Salvage Arcade Mediatonic Ltd. N/A
Make a Dragon 2nd Test Dress-Up Wyndbain N/A
Turquoise Sky Adventure Kolmena Games N/A
Pussymon: Episode 02 RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Sherlock Holmes Run (Hacked) Runner WowSomeGames.com N/A
Smacky Brawler Trent Halvorsen N/A
Lego Thor Runner LEGO N/A
Swing Fling Arcade Funbrain N/A
Submarine Rescue 3 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Snakes on a Cartesian Plane Puzzle netgrind N/A
Kung Fu Fighter Fighting Columbia Pictures N/A
G.I. Joe Snowblind Vehicle Control Action N/A N/A
Furby Maze Game Arcade Hasbro Hasbro.com
Touch of Winter Adult Jasonafex, SnowFox_AtHeart N/A
Hoshi Saga 3 Puzzle NEKOGAMES N/A
Battleground Legends Simulation Blobzone N/A
Feudalism RPG VitalyZ ArcadeTown
One Chance Adventure Awkward Silence Games Newgrounds.com
TU-95 Action FreeOnlineGames N/A
Mirror's Edge 2D Platformer BorneGames N/A
The Dead Case Adventure Retcon Games N/A
Ramon Osborn Show Game Platformer Nicholas Walstrom N/A
Car Racing Racing Nick Dumont N/A
SAS: Zombie Assault Shooter Kaiparasoft N/A
Gioco Regular Show - Raccogli e corri Arcade Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Addictive Balance Puzzle Kirill Bul and Anna Biz Yukova N/A
Cargo Shipment: Chicago Tower Defense Dynergy N/A
Mini-City Simulation city-constructor.com N/A
Tactical Assassin 2 Shooter Simon Hason CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Mandrake Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Siegius Arena Brawler Sky9 Games NotDoppler.com
Diamond Detective Puzzle Shockwave Shockwave.com
Imperfect Balance Puzzle ttursas Ltd. N/A
Don't Whack Your Teacher Toy box10.com N/A
Quiz Parampaa 2 "Quiz" Mustova N/A
Jumble Jong Puzzle Shockwave N/A
The Summoning Strategy A. Scott McCallum N/A
Mini-Putt Sports PsychoGoldfish N/A
3rd World Farmer - test build v.1.7.200 Simulation 3rdworldfarmer.org 3rdworldfarmer.org
Hands of War 2: Expanded Edition RPG Axis-Games N/A
Doctuer Minent Puzzle N/A N/A
Modern Jasmine Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Power Pinball Arcade Ninja Kiwi N/A
Age of War 2 Strategy Louissi MaxGames.com
Hangaroo Puzzle NetCent Communications N/A
Super Detective 420 Adventure Y8 N/A
Mind Lab Toy Japan Science and Technology Agency N/A
Yag World Adventure Game Adult YagWorld N/A
Friskies Wonderland Quest II Find Friskies N/A
DoliDon Arcade BubbleBox N/A
DKicker Sports Flashfooty N/A
Drew*bert Puzzle Paul A. Szypula, Chris Pheonix, Drew Millecchia www.bubblebathgirl.com
SpongeBob: Krabby Katch Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Stone Circle 3 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Room Escape 5 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Starcraft FlashAction 2 Strategy N/A N/A
Legend of Kalevala Platformer ChainedLupine N/A
Dog Pound 2 (Hacked) Quiz PBS N/A
Zombie Tormentor Puzzle Kotubuki Media TremorGames.com
Drake and The Wizards 2 Platformer lartar N/A
Goliath The Soothsayer Adventure LefflerWebDesign, Rodriguez Lopez Productions, Universalrecords N/A
Ironman Armored Popper Puzzle Red i Studios N/A
Hot Shot Business Simulation Igre Za Decu N/A
Sky Fire Arcade Justfreegames.com Addictinggames.com
Icy Tower Platformer Free Lunch Design N/A
Box Bot Puzzle N/A N/A
Grow v2 (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Avengers Stark Tower Playset Toy Gasara N/A
Hangman (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Black Thinking Variety OCB N/A
Trapped: Pirates Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Test Subject Green Arcade Nitrome N/A
Mini Golf (Electrotank) Sports Electrotank N/A
Knightmare Tower Action Juicy Beast A10.com
Holio U Moonbeam Sunchild Adult Holio.net N/A
Saints and Sinners Bingo Puzzle Oberon Media, Large Animal Shockwave.com
SpongeBob: Krabs' Astro Lab Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Mr. Runner Platformer bitBattalion N/A
Raccoon Racing Racing Agames.com N/A
Average Joe Platformer My PlatYard Games N/A
Wake Up Simulator Arcade Misho96 N/A
Sonic Inflation 2: Battle Dating Sim jimberly-chaotic N/A
Bloons TD 5 Tower Defense Ninja Kiwi N/A
Papa's Taco Mia! Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Ucogi Games: Solitaire Quest Card Ucogi Games N/A
Mahjong Panda Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Burrito Bison Revenge Arcade Juicy Beast Adult Swim
Shift 2 Mini Adventure! Platformer Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Armorgames.com
Colour My Fate Platformer SilverStitch N/A
Katja's Escape 2 Adventure Snap Break N/A
Sex Kitten: Crime Spree Adult Forkheadsteam N/A
Sac de Noeuds (Hacked) Puzzle Uzinagaz N/A
Police Sniper Shooter Istvan_Orosi N/A
Alien Family Puzzle BeGamer N/A
Hoshi Saga 11 - Hoshisaga Reishiki Puzzle Yoshio Ishii (NEKOGAMES) N/A
My Little Pony: Twilight's Book Game Puzzle Drud14 N/A
Pinata Hunter 4 Arcade Megabyteceer, yellowbouncyball N/A
Desert Moon Strategy Nico Tuason MaxGames.com
Slacker Adventure TikiLoungeGod Newgrounds.com
SpongeBob: Ghost Slayer Shooter This is Pop Nickelodeon
Fry's Delivery Driving Play4Hours N/A
First-Person Tetris Puzzle dave N/A
Tiny Formula Racing Uzinagaz N/A
BulletTime Other freshcut05 N/A
Pimp My Gun (Old Version) Simulation Doctor Noob N/A
Игра по Удивительный мир Гамбола - Местный Каратист Runner Cartoon Network Cartoon Network
Cutie Quake Shooter Liam O'Donnell N/A
Mini-Putt III Sports Psycho Goldfish N/A
Record Tripping Puzzle Bell Brothers N/A
Bloons 2: Spring Fling Puzzle NinjaKiwi N/A
GunRox Bomb that Chicken Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Bloons Jr. Puzzle NinjaKiwi N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko Again - Episode 6 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
The Fairly OddParents: Fairy Idol: Fast Fame Arcade Nickolodeon Nickolodeon
Moonstuck - The Game (Part 1) Adventure SylrePony N/A
Turn Based Battle RPG Tony N/A
Quebrantar: Caila the Witch Adventure Esklavos N/A
Bunny Flags 2 Tower Defense Gamaga N/A
Whack The Creeps Toy Brutal Studio N/A
Velocity Wings Runner BumbleBirds N/A
Revert to Growth Puzzle Aethos Games N/A
Final Fantasy VII: All about Random Battles Puzzle The Super Flash Bros 2004 ArmorGames
This Is Madness Shooter Canadian-Jeff N/A
Amnesya Puzzle Amnesya.com N/A
Hot Throttle Racing Adult Swim ArmorGames
Manic Miner Platformer Airtight Interactive N/A
Suburban Terrors Shooter Fortunacus Lucas, (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Agricellino, Sinerider, Camman007, Loopmaster, Theif1337, DaGrahamCraka Newgrounds.com
Tainted Olive Chapter 1 Adventure Black Olive Games N/A
Give Up 2 Platformer Tasselfoot N/A
Super Granny 4 Platformer Sandlot Games N/A
Recordshop Tycoon Strategy Xeptic Designs N/A
How My Grandfather Won The War Shooter Bean N/A
SeaScape Adventure psionic3d.co.uk N/A
Cream Wolf (Hacked) Arcade Adult Swim N/A
School Girl Sim 1 Adult Klacid, keit0 N/A
HealthZone Trivia! Quiz HealthZone, Neopets Neopets.com
Castle Wars Card m0rkeulv N/A
Bubblegum.com Balloon Drop Arcade Bubblegum.com Bubblegum.com
Pussymon: Episode 30 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
MEKURI MASTER (Hacked) Runner Nigoro N/A
Turnament Arcade Nitrome N/A
Fade Puzzle Frozen Coin N/A
Penguin Jump Multiplication Arcade Arcademics N/A
Arnes De Mano Brawler Skyrocket Interactive N/A
Alien Education Arcade Rcade N/A
Club Penguin Skyscraper (Beta Team) Puzzle Disney N/A
Truco Argentino Card N/A N/A
Paper Venture 2 Platformer Sandeep Saha Armorgames.com
7 Deadly Sins Adventure DissoluteProductions, EON, Kesteven, Smittia N/A
Skywire VIP Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Duck Life 4 Simulation Wix NotDoppler.com
Ambition Episode 7: The Interrogation Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Thunder Squadron (Demo) Shooter Design Assembly N/A
Newgrounds Museum 2 Shooter Afro-Ninja N/A
Wake Up the Box 5 Puzzle Eugene Karataev N/A
Big Ben Boris Arcade KillerViral N/A
Tifa Lockhart's Doggy-Style Hentai Adult Kaijo N/A
Host Master and the Conquest of Humor Adventure Double Fine N/A
Maximum Frustration Platformer MyPlayYard Games N/A
2112 Cooperation 1 Shooter Net Terminator, Game - 3DBBQ, Music - Jan Morgenstern N/A
Bike Mania 2 Motocross FlashGames247 N/A
Bloodborne NES Action FsebastiamL N/A
Boulder Basher 2 Arcade Blitz Gamer N/A
Bike Mania Arena 5 Motocross FlashGames247 N/A
Wizard Land Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Kiong Arcade N/A N/A
QuoteSlide Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Bristlies Puzzle Beplayed.com N/A
Windows Mista Toy Matty2-and-a-half N/A
Smiley Showdown Puzzle Luke Reed, Jojo Mendoza N/A
Bass Fishing Pro Sports Arkadium N/A
Forgotten Hill Memento: Fall Adventure FM-Studio, Francesco, Manuela Forgotten-hill.com
Zombie Balloon Heads Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Traffic Jam Puzzle RobSuperSonic N/A
Zizzle Spots Pet Paint Toy Spotz, Zizzle, Neopets, Neopets.com
Big Money! Puzzle Popcap N/A
Blobber Arcade Spiritonin N/A
Picturrific Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Factory Balls 2 Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Mario Egypt Run Runner Clarusgames.com Rungames.org
Robot War Shooter Marti Wong N/A
Metal Slug Brutal 2 Shooter Dailygames.com (N/A)
Humaniod Space Race Runner N/A N/A
50 States v2 Quiz AddictingGames N/A
Add'em Up Puzzle Blue Bug Games N/A
Nicholas' Weird Adventure Adventure Nicholas Walstrom N/A
Murloc RPG RPG GamerDisclaimer.com Newgrounds.com
Indestructotank 2 Action Tony ArmorGames.com
Papa's Wingeria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Ninja Bear Puzzle Rob and John Donkin N/A
Cat Fling Arcade Myle N/A
Nails 020 - Box Toy Unknown (N/A)
The Great Biohazard Escape Adventure Axoona Itch.io
Super Car Road Trip Racing Turbo Nuke, RobotJam, Longanimals N/A
Snowboarding Sports CBC Kids N/A
Square Blox Puzzle Alexander siigur N/A
Draw Play Platformer Eggy GameGecko.com
Cobb the Miner Adventure TimeFall N/A
Dependant Puzzle Fernando Ramallo N/A
Hired Heroes Offense Strategy Badim, Squall_SS, mrDN N/A
Pimp's Quest RPG BenSpurgin N/A
Playing with Fire Action gamesarcade.net N/A
Park Adventure Patrick Smith N/A
Ninja Dog Arcade Dvaid Ferriz, Fran Ferriz, Enrigue David, Devilishgames.com N/A
Fix-It-Up: Kate's Adventure Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Rockitty Arcade Nitrome N/A
Half Pipe Arcade Arkadium N/A
Gardenscapes 2 Puzzle Playrix Shockwave.com
Papa's Burgeria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Crash Down Puzzle Miniclip N/A
Teddys Excellent Adventure Platformer N/A N/A
Perfect Strangers Runner Jason Oda N/A
Spear Britney Sports Adam Alson N/A
The Fairly OddParents Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder vs the Thingamajigs Puzzle Nickelodeon N/A
Decay of Men Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Sinjid: Shadow of the Warrior RPG Infrarift Infrarift
Create a Griffin Flash Dress-Up Pidgepudge N/A
Haruko Haruhara Hentai Game Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Crescent Solitaire Modern (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Escape from Hell Driving IriySoft and AddictingGames N/A
Iron Ladies Strategy Vogd3 N/A
SHIFT 4 Platformer Tony N/A
3 Pandas 2: Night Platformer Vadim Pecherskiy N/A
Love Burger Adventure Snap Break N/A
Virtual Goose Puzzle PBS N/A
Mini Robot Wars Fighting N/A N/A
TCB Museum Adventure Wada Che Nanhiro N/A
Word Crunch Puzzle Rocketsnail Games N/A
SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Shooter Kaiparasoft N/A
Grow Tower (Hacked) Puzzle EyeZMaze N/A
Ruudbart (Demo) Runner Design Assembly N/A
Elite Forces: Warfare Strategy Badim N/A
SpongeBob: Gary's Great Break Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Ultimate Porsche Racing Racing Idea Studios 4v4.com
DotVille Deluxe Strategy finefin N/A
Stunt Bike Draw Motocross cornandbeans FreeWorldGroup.com
Ricochet Kills Arcade Mibix N/A
Delicious Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Puzzle Zylom N/A
Burger Defense Shooter Razoric Andkon.com
Muu: Just Another Day Platformer Miktar N/A
Stickman Max Gangs Shooter Pikkio, spikiee Newgrounds.com
K.O.L.M Kickstarter Demo Platformer Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP) Armorgames.com
Plumet Arcade person333 N/A
Lemon Smash Arcade Stephen Colie & Zach McGowan N/A
Plants vs Zombies (demo) Tower Defense PopCap N/A
Fire & Frost Platformer fancycles N/A
Castle Tales Puzzle rigolab.com N/A
Nitro Trabi Racing Game Sheep N/A
Breaking the Bank Choose Your Own Adventure Puffballs United StickPage.com
Dug'n Platformer MiddleMouse, Ozzed Itch.io
Orgasm Simulator Adult Molleindustria N/A
The Deepest Sleep Horror scriptwelder ArmorGames.com
Crazy Flasher - X Running Artillery AndyLaw N/A
Sixty Shooter jmtb02 N/A
You're In Charge Arcade PBS N/A
The Fairly OddParents Wishology Chapter 2 Platformer Nickelodeon N/A
The King's League Strategy Kurechii Studio ArmorGames.com
Elite Forces Mission: Afghan Strategy Badim N/A
Coign of Vantage Puzzle Bubblebrook N/A
Dragon Fist 3: Age of the Warrior Fighting Ben Olding N/A
Petting Fluttershy: Interactive Simulation thatguy1945 N/A
Experiment 17 Arcade Umut Dervis N/A
Burger Tycoon Strategy Addictinggames, Molleindustria www.addictinggames.com
Cardian Card undefined N/A
Aubital Puzzle N/A N/A
Back2Back Shooter 3 Way Interactive N/A
Rock and War Strategy tmagico N/A
Hairdresser Horrors Arcade Game Pill N/A
X227 Shooter Syko227 Gametornado.com
Cave Escaper Platformer N/A LetsMakeAGame.com
Create a Na'vi Avatar Dress-Up Khalypso N/A
Fox Fyre Artillery John Cooney, Joey Betz, Armor Games N/A
Zombocalypse Shooter Ironzilla N/A
Abandoned Christmas Lodge Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Statetris Japan Puzzle IntenCT N/A
Ogotu Puzzle Topaz Games N/A
Flash Flash Revolution Rhythm Flash Flash Revolution N/A
The Way the Gingerbread Cookie Crumbles Adventure Mouse City N/A
Star Lost Strategy Louissi N/A
Applicate ver.0 Puzzle Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Protector IV.V Tower Defense undefined N/A
Causality - Pirate Ship Adventure N/A N/A
The Fog Fall Adventure Pastel Games N/A
7Up Basketbots Sports 7-Up (?) N/A
Bear Ball Arcade glowmonkey N/A
Tactics Core Strategy DigiSeed N/A
Lo-Fi Dick Fight Fighting Pippin Barr N/A
Pico's High School Shooter RaYdOg N/A
Russel Says Puzzle Zombie Flesh Eaters N/A
Sherlock Has a Clue Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Rocket Weasel Action Diseased Productions N/A
Ghost Motel 9 Animation Violet-AIM N/A
Color Connect Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Knockers Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Vampire Madness (Demo) Strategy Design Assembly N/A
Sonic Speedway Driving Sega N/A
WereBox 2 Puzzle NewStage, Vogd N/A
Trials 2 Flash Preview Racing RedLynx Miniclip.com
Empty Santa's Sack Arcade Monster Mafia N/A
Snoring Puzzle Alma Games N/A
FlashTrek - Romulan Wars Strategy N/A N/A
Intrusion 2 Demo Shooter Aleksey Abramenko, George Dziov's Android N/A
Build the Bridge Puzzle Peter Kasbar, Gametornado Gametornado.com
Cold Storage Arcade Nitrome N/A
Fill Up Puzzle Hanfish.com N/A
Pixel Purge Shooter Epic Shadow Entertainment ArmorGames.com
Zorua Dress Up Dress-Up Wyndbain N/A
Theme Hotel Puzzle Toffee Games GamesFree.com
Leon's Unicycle Pickup Arcade CBC Kids N/A
Squares Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Sex Kitten - Megamart Adult HaZard N/A
Tom and Jerry the Great Paper Chase Racing Warner Bros Entertainment Boomerangtv.co.uk
Duck Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Miniature Garden Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Lippin' the Bird Adult Jasonafex, Macks N/A
YTV The Zone Remix Quiz YTV, Corus Entertainment, Neopets Neopets.com
Nasty Sniper Shooter Gonzo Games N/A
Hungry Hungry Hippy Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Mershaq Arcade Andrew Day (Polyrhtrhmm) Based on cartoon by Marc M N/A
3 Pandas Platformer Vadim Pecherskiy N/A
Violet & Labrn Hentai Game Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Flawed Dimension Platformer Black Square N/A
Gemcraft Tower Defense Game in a Bottle ArmorGames.com
Physicar Racing Maras N/A
Age of Defense 3 Strategy Belugerin Games N/A
Super Pico All-Stars Fighting Psycosis91 N/A
Windows 8: The Spoof Toy billipedeanimations N/A
Endless Zombie Rampage 2 Action Diseased Productions N/A
Bomboozle 2 Puzzle Megadev N/A
Imagia 1 - The Tower Adventure Kayzerfish N/A
Ultimate Douchebag Workout Sports Pyrozen N/A
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Bakery Arcade The Pillsbury Company, Neopets Neopets.com
Wentworth Adventure ClickShake Games ArcadeBomb.com
Roam and Protect Shooter imagerymedia.com N/A
Saibo 9 Shooter heriet N/A
Where the Rose is Blooming Adventure Lorestrome N/A
DHL Advergame Driving N/A N/A
Ultimate Flirt-Off Adventure Diego E. Garcia N/A
TinyRPG RPG Andre Spierings N/A
Zombo Buster Tower Defense Fire Beast Studio, Steven Aang, Hartono Peng, Bobi Hartanto, Hanrianto Tan Gameark.com,
Barca Vs Bieber Sports Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Bangleboy96, Olanov Newgrounds.com
Submachine 9: the Temple Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Reactance 2 Shooter ApprenticeChef N/A
Gingerbread Run Runner OneMrBean N/A
GunRox Bodyguard Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Canterlot Defence Shooter SuomafGamer N/A
Bike Mania Arena 4: Micro Office Motocross FlashGames247 N/A
The Great Hot Spring Peeping Operation Rhythm Atlus N/A
Jumble Solitaire Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Stealth Hunter 2 Action RacSeven N/A
Infinite Mario Bros Platformer Unknown N/A
Jellydad Hero Platformer Hopy, Andrey Kovalishin, Andrey Ivanov, Maxim Yurchnenko, Alexander Ahura, Hunter-Hamster.com N/A
Towering Forever Strategy Bubblebox N/A
Zashu Arcade Quimdung N/A
Halloween Cake Style Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Battalion Commander Action IriySoft ArmorGames.com
Pokemon Trozei - Learn to Play! Puzzle Nintendo N/A
JadaBug Arcade Addicting Games N/A
The Scene of the Crime - Golden Doll Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Pussymon: Episode 10 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Rescue and Escape Escape the Room Toll Free Games N/A
Cave Run Runner Play4FreeArcade.com N/A
Sex Kitten: Prison Break Adult YomToxic N/A
Welcome to Greedville Microsite Nintendo N/A
Galactic Hunter Arcade Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Piper, Mitsuray Newgrounds.com
Chibi Robo Quiz Quiz Nintendo N/A
The Zombie 4 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Brave Knights Action Deqaf, Oleg Kostin, Arkadv, Skrylnikov, Ressa Schwarzwald Gameark.com
Indiana Jones in Odd World Adventure samarniazi N/A
Pico's Cousin Adventure Shroom Films N/A
Nova Collector Puzzle petpetpark.com N/A
Bad Boys 2 Arcade NovaIdeas N/A
Decision Shooter FlyAnvil.com ArmorGames.com
Horrortale Teaser Adventure sour-apple-studios N/A
Stick Trampoline Sports Brock White N/A
Orbital Guard Shooter BulletProof Arcade N/A
Warlords: Heroes Brawler Ben Olding Games N/A
Katamari Damacy Puzzle Namco N/A
Angel of the Battlefield Platformer Dennatolich MyPlayYard Games
Epic Coaster Runner ReviveGames ArmorGames.com
Ask Guru Joe Toy NetCent Communications N/A
Arthur and Buster's Food Fight Arcade PBS Kids, Neopets Neopets.com
Tower of Chicks Puzzle Neutral N/A
G Max Skateboarding Sports N/A N/A
Fitz 2 Puzzle WellGames Shockwave
Where is 2015? Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Ghost Motel 4: Circus Choose Your Own Adventure Violet-AIM N/A
Cloud Powered Jetpack Typing Tony N/A
Sisyphus: The Game Toy George Prosser N/A
Cosmo Kramer's Hentai Adventure 3: Kramer's Christmas Hentai Adventure Adult MrChocobo N/A
Meaty Boner Action Josiah Brooks, Moonkey N/A
Agent Scarecrow: The Birth of Scarecrow Adventure Johnny B Design N/A
My Pet Protector (Hacked) RPG undefined N/A
Uchu Force Shooter Babaraeo N/A
The Polar Express: Train Adventure Puzzle Warner Bros. N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko Again - Episode 1 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Armor Mayhem Shooter Louissi ArmorGames.com
The Tower 49F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
DragonflyTV: Mechanical Madness Puzzle N/A N/A
Papa's Cheeseria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Blow Things Up 2 Puzzle Rob Donkin N/A
Pencak Silat 1.2 Fighting Jannata N/A
Zombie Society Dead Detective vs Nine Deaths Cat Adventure Muja N/A
Slayer 1: Dark Knight Arcade ScottProductions2002 N/A
Shape Switcher Puzzle EntropicOrder N/A
Hoshi Saga 2 Puzzle NEKOGAMES N/A
Bellows Arcade slimefriend N/A
Sydney Shark Arcade Mausland Newgrounds.com
Tsure Game 8 Escape the Room gokuraku_kung fu N/A
Free Kick 2012 Sports Xform N/A
Gardenscapes Find Playrix N/A
Elsa Heart Surgery Simulation Fizizi N/A
Desert Rally Racing UF3K N/A
Tren 1 Escape the Room EscapeGames24 N/A
Kid Paddle - La Blork Cruncher Platformer ja.games N/A
Creeper World: Evermore Strategy Knuckle Cracker N/A
juxtapose Adventure Zillix N/A
Harry Quantum 1 Adventure Turbo Nuke N/A
Through the Machine Arcade Phendrana N/A
Carrot Track Arcade Orisinal N/A
Jet Velocity 3D Racing DEVM-Games Miniclip.com
Rumble in the Soup Shooter The Shpufa BigDino
Icarus Proudbottom's World of Typing Weekly!: S1E2: The Detective's Dance Typing Holy Wow Studios N/A
Laser Crawler Puzzle SugarToast N/A
Rush Red Light Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Megaman Polarity Reconstruction 1.1 Action F-Sphere Productions, Treasure Video Games N/A
Incredibots Puzzle Grubby Games Newgrounds.com
Castle Run Platformer Mateuz Skutnik N/A
Revenge of the Stick Tower Defense Free World Group N/A
Fire Catcher Adventure AntKarlov N/A
Yard Trix Sports CBC Kids N/A
Kinetic Toy Armegalo ScienceYear.com
Arrows Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
G-Switch 2 Runner Serius Games N/A
Sonic Boom Town Arcade KillerViral N/A
2D Knock-Out Fighting 2darcade.com N/A
Champions Of Chaos 2 Strategy Epic Llama N/A
Quantum of Light Puzzle Foumart Games N/A
Vehicles 2 Puzzle Vogd3 N/A
Ghost Hacker 2 Tower Defense CoreSector, Squishy32 N/A
H.A.L.C. Slot 3 - Satoshi Urushiharu (Volume 2) Gambling HALC Newgrounds.com
Sling Ice Puzzle Ezone N/A
Reincarnation: In the Name of Evil Adventure Chris Gianelloni N/A
Box Clever Level Pack Platformer Gaz Thomas TheGameHomepage.com
Trials in Tainted Space Adult Fenoxo N/A
Collapse It Puzzle Konstantin Boronenkov Kongregate.com
Run, Jesus Run! Arcade Molleindustria N/A
SuperSaber Variety SUPERSABER N/A
Cheery Dragon Tribe Protector Arcade Fortunacus Lucas, (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), One-Tank Newgrounds.com
Jonny Corporate - Corporate Bully Toy Armegalo RadioEarthSummit.org
Bulwark 53 Part 2 Shooter Pyrozen N/A
Dead Samurai Fighting Deadsamurai.com Gahe.com
Miasma Story RPG CrankTrain.com N/A
Build an Engine Toy N/A N/A
Fly Plane Arcade FreeOnlineGames N/A
Whip The Worker Comedy Myangel.net Myangel.net
Sherlock Holmes: Find the Numbers Find 123bee.com N/A
RocketPets Runner Jay Armstrong, Jimp N/A
Frutillitas (1983) Toy Cromy N/A
Liquid Measure 2 Puzzle Smartcode N/A
Authentic Octopus Game (Demo) Platformer squidly N/A
Angry Birds (GamesTa.vn) Arcade GamesTa.vn N/A
Blowfish Arcade CBC Kids N/A
Playing Field 2 Toy MercuryLime CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Buy It Now Action Travis Royer, Ember Village Studios Addictinggames.com
Tangramz! Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Chowder Tricky Treats Puzzle Cartoon Network cartoonnetwork.com
Parking Space Driving 1000webgames.com N/A
Orange Tree & Girl Arcade Nekogames N/A
The Great Giana Sisters Platformer UF3K N/A
Bladeless Brawler Kid Evil N/A
The Tower 46F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Ball Revamped III: Andromeda Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
ButtonHunt 2 Find Achilles015 N/A
Unsolved Mystery Club: Amelia Earhart Find Shockwave.com N/A
Lucy's Expedition Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Bryx Puzzle Arkadium N/A
The Timewaster Ultra Arcade RatherRandomReality.com BubbleBox.com
Futilitris Arcade twinbeard N/A
The Portal Escape the Room Rolfuson N/A
Planet Juicer Strategy Vasiliy Kostin N/A
Breakout Action 2dplay.com N/A
Territory War Strategy Afro Ninja Productions Afro-Ninja.com
Icycle Motocross DampGnat N/A
My Little Pony: Explore Ponyville Variety Drud14 N/A
The Tower 17F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Cyclomaniacs Racing longanimals Kongregate.com
Zombie Society - Death after Death #3/3 (Hacked) Choose Your Own Adventure Interactales N/A
Battle of the Four Kingdoms (Beta) Strategy Johnny B Design N/A
Worm Food Arcade Nitrome N/A
Cursors of the Future! Toy Dissolute Productions N/A
Luke Deluxe Adventure Mouse City N/A
Rover Archer Shooter MoFunZone N/A
Pyro Puzzle damijin N/A
Pico's Race Day 2012 Arcade ManuelTacoface N/A
Super Mario Bros Crossover 3.1 Platformer Exploding Rabbit N/A
Virus Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Catopult Artillery Yury N/A
Malstrum's Mansion Adventure ACE Team N/A
SpongeBob: Ghostly Grammar Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Walls Lite has an error Toy awesome1337 N/A
British Airways Wimbledon Advergame Sports N/A N/A
King's Island RPG P.M Studios & FoofaStudios, Fabio Belsanti, Matteo Sosso, Fabio Casale, Elisa Di Lorenzo, Giacomo Zanghi, Cristian Convertino, Luciano Iurino, Giorgia Arena, Rosamario Bartucci, Giueppe, Guglielmucci, Valeria, Schino, Mino Petruzzelli, Alessandro Accardi Armorgames.com
Geo Land: The Lost Time RPG MoFunZone N/A
TD5000 Tower Defense HalfManArmy N/A
Meeblings 2 Puzzle Ninja Kiwi N/A
Super Boxotron 2000 Shooter Zahar Kharchenko, Danii Naletov GameZHero.com
zOMGies Arcade longanimals ArmorGames.com
Battle for Darkness Strategy QIGames N/A
PaintWorld Puzzle FlashTeam Not Doppler
Nick.com Calculator Toy N/A Nickelodeon
Galaxy Bounce Arcade Arkadium N/A
QB Assault Sports Arkadium N/A
Boys' Life Whitewater Rafting Simulation N/A N/A
Amoeba Arcade Terry Paton N/A
Carveola Incident Shooter Wootra Games, Gjorgji Krstevski, Mirko Bojadzijevski, Mihailo Andric Armorgames.com
Barbie: Manicure Secrets Simulation Idea Studios N/A
Blazing Scissors Arcade AddictingGames N/A
Field Command 3 Strategy Buliwyfff ArmorGames.com
Epic Charlie Platformer Lebox Games N/A
Sift Heads: Street Wars Prologue Strategy Pyrozen N/A
Howmonica Platformer Spydog (game), Josh Freund (music), Skullbeatz (music) Not Doppler
Penalty Master Sports Sir-Davey N/A
Epic Battle Fantasy: Adventure Story Platformer Kupo707 Andkon.com
A Subtle Kind of Murder Arcade almostdaily N/A
Causality - Kitchen Adventure N/A N/A
Thy Dungeonman 3 Adventure Videlectrix N/A
Totems Awakening Arcade Vladislav Forsh, Alina Forsh PlayHub
Boys' Life Block Busters Puzzle N/A N/A
Nuclear Ragdoll Puzzle Ilnur Takhaviev N/A
Smashing Pong Totebo N/A
Five Nights of Love-FNAF Dating Sim Dating Sim Chibixi N/A
Grown Ups 2 Home Town Street Race Flying Nick.com, Sony Nick.com
Diepix Shooter Matheus28 N/A
Ghost Motel 3 Choose Your Own Adventure Violet-AIM N/A
Tamatipico Adventure Molleindustria N/A
Covetous Platformer Austin Breed Newgrounds.com
Foreign Creature 2 Adventure Belugerin Games Bubblebox.com
Prism Panic Platformer Adult Swim N/A
Hoshi Saga 8: Dokuringo Puzzle Nekogames N/A
Aurica Cosmosphere Part 1 Visual Novel Koei Tecmo N/A
Avalancher Puzzle Vogd3 N/A
Fantastic Four: Mechanized Maelstrom Brawler N/A N/A
Basket Avec Nico (French) Sports Emerging Playgrounds N/A
Gunfire Echoes Shooter Bekho Team Net N/A
Arcane Depths Action InfernoSoul N/A
Kara's Nightlift Adult LustyLizard N/A
Midnight Hunter Runner MyPlayYard Games N/A
Thursday Girl Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Lethal RPG Destiny 2 RPG BenSpyda N/A
BearBarians Action Jay Armstrong N/A
Purbalds Platformer whileworking N/A
Siegebound Kingdoms Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Cash Quest Platformer Alex Mcgee N/A
Hell Tetris Puzzle banthar N/A
The Classroom 3 Puzzle Luksy ArmorGames.com
Midnight Spooks: The Photo Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Tiny King Adventure Pegas Games N/A
Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood Adventure N/A N/A
Easter Avenger EX Action Questtracers N/A
Tinkle Bell Panty Show Arcade N/A N/A
Mario Party 4 Card Nintendo N/A
Cluster Lander (CandyStand) Artillery Diro-Diro N/A
Crystal Runner Arcade Lionwood Studios N/A
Duck Dodgers Mission 1 Platformer N/A N/A
Red Ball 2: The King Platformer Evgeniy Fedoseev N/A
Monster's Den: Chronicles RPG garin N/A
Space Hopper Arcade Nitrome N/A
Madness InfiniteD Action Foreverkul N/A
Radical Fishin' (Full) Arcade Vlambeer N/A
Arctic Blue Arcade Orisinal N/A
Cubshoot 2 Arcade HTFGames.com N/A
Mudplanet Adventure Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Gun Ball 2: Emperor's Revenge Shooter HalfBit N/A
Kohctpyktop Demo Puzzle Zachtronics N/A
Mosaic Tomb of Mystery Puzzle Reflexive Entertainment N/A
Sonic RPG Episode 4-1 Visual Novel MidNightMaren, Acid Shiver N/A
birdy Action mach parat Liquid Light Group Ltd.
Paparazzi Find Shockwave.com N/A
Beat the Deck Card Game Show Network Game Show Network
The Great Attic Escape Escape the Room Pastel Games ArmorGames.com
Resident Evil Apocalypse Shooter N/A N/A
Get Lost Choose Your Own Adventure A Triangle Morning N/A
Project Wasteland 0 Brawler dz2001 N/A
Gimme Friction Baby Puzzle Wouter Visser N/A
Luftrauser Arcade Vlambeer, Jwaap N/A
Hannibal - Hannibal Lecter Dress Up Game Dress-Up Ekzotik N/A
Liquid Measure Puzzle Smartcode N/A
Learn to Fly 3 Arcade Lightbringer Games N/A
Galves Adventure (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Defend the Ashes Arcade Sky Sports N/A
Longbeard Platformer Joe Williamson (Joecreates) Itch.io
Mystery Words Puzzle Shimie Games N/A
One Man and His Dinosaur Arcade Adult Swim Battleon.com
Futurama Bender Racer Driving N/A N/A
Portal Quest Strategy RogoLab N/A
Spider Toy Thomas Eriksson N/A
Orb Hunter Arcade Aethos Games N/A
Watchmen: Minutemen Arcade Brawler N/A N/A
Arachnid Wars 1.5 Strategy dz2001 ArmorGames.com
Yeti Sports 3: Seal Bounce Sports Chris Hilgert N/A
Phantom Pharaoh's Treasure Trap Adventure SFB Games Adult Swim
Robokill 2: Leviathan Five (Hacked) Shooter Rock Solid Arcade N/A
Buccaneer! Arcade Pepperpunk Design N/A
Stick Cricket Sports Mousebreaker N/A
Grand Banda Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Last Robot 2 Action elmortem N/A
Korrode Puzzle Hybrid Mind Studios N/A
Imperium Strategy MaxGames N/A
Truck Mania 2 Driving Gametornado Gametornado.com
Cannon Blast Arcade Miniclip N/A
Balance (3tang) Arcade 3tang N/A
Sleepless Assassin: Fortress Escape Platformer Antony Lavelle, Chris Ignatov, Lucy Kelleher, Edgen N/A
Hot Summer of Love Arcade N/A N/A
Word Roundup Bingo Extreme Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Shove It Demo Puzzle Matmi New Media Designs N/A
Amy's Whack a Nik Arcade N/A N/A
The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy Arcade ClickShake Games N/A
Boxhead More Rooms Shooter Sean Cooper CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Field Goal Challenge Sports Arkadium N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 10 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Goblins 2 Go Toy Tom Vian, Adam Vian, Catherine Unger N/A
Spider-Man 3: Rescue Mary Jane Platformer Sony N/A
Addiction Solitaire Card Arkadium N/A
The Ballads of Reemus - When the Bed Bites (Demo) Adventure Click Shake Games N/A
Gateway II Puzzle Cockroach.se N/A
Pirates of the Stupid Seas Action Backburner Games N/A
Disaster Will Strike Puzzle Anton Koshechkin NotDoppler.com
End Space Arcade DrakenFlight Productions N/A
Oozing Forever Platformer Pixelante Game Studios N/A
Champions of Chaos 2 - The Book of Chaos Toy Epic Llama N/A
Fix the Sun Platformer DB Addictinggames.com
Papa's Donuteria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Earth Rock Hunter Shooter Armegalo Planet-Science.com
Assembots Puzzle N/A N/A
Clickamajigs: Black Licorice Toy Jet City Studios Nickelodeon
GemCraft Labyrinth Tower Defense Game in a Bottle N/A
Gangnam Around The World Platformer Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Rakohus Newgrounds.com
Katamari Damacy English Puzzle Namco Gametornado.com
Ninja Painter Puzzle Silengames N/A
Gentle Ocean Bareback Adult Jasonafex, Roanoak N/A
Final Fantasy Sonic X Episode 4 Visual Novel BlackDevilX, Billbob840, BlackWindX N/A
Chevron Cars Solitaire Card Chevron N/A
Starship Eleven Shooter Neo Delight N/A
Bloom Defender Tower Defense Juicy Beast N/A
Book of Mages: The Dark Times RPG Nob Studio Kongregate.com
10 Gnomes 10: Seashore Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
The King of Fighters vs DNF Brawler Flashwing N/A
Crazycle Tournament Racing Smokoko.com, Anastasia Kravchuk, Taras Kruk, Alexandr Zalevsky, Yulia Michka, Mykola Matiychuk, Nikita Shulzhenko, Dima Nahorny, Viktor Zhahalov, Oleksiy Tkachenko, Eugene Kostyuk, Viktor Lysyi, Oleksandr Bodov, Eugene Polishchuk, Oleksandr Maksymenko, Alexandr Khaskin, Damian Martin Turnbull, Dream Sight Music, Addictinggames.com
Natsume Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Monsters Vs Aliens: Mean, Clean, Zombie...Brains Shooter Workinman Interactive N/A
Tom and Jerry Musical Stairs Toy Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Cellcraft Strategy Lars A. Doucet, Chris Gianelloni, Anthony Pecorella, Hibiki Haruto N/A
The Gay Test Quiz Balphaus N/A
Release the Ninja Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Ok-gas Puzzle N/A N/A
Gate Defense Action NSBrotherhood, Symphony of Specters Flonga.com
Blue Rabbit's Climate Chaos Simulation Super Flash Bros N/A
GlueFO Arcade Irregular Games Gimme5Games
Vampire Fever Arcade Microsheep N/A
Portal Figher Fighting Raitendi Newgrounds.com
Jinx 2: Miracle in the 34th Dimension Adventure Michael Lalonde YTV
Commando 2 Shooter Miniclip.com Miniclip.com
Idle Mine Clicker Crovie N/A
Offroaders Racing TurboNuke, TurboBoing N/A
Bejeweled 3 Puzzle Popcap Games N/A
Drill Dozer - Shifting 101 Arcade Nintendo N/A
Demons Took My Daughter Action Nerdook N/A
Formula Racer 2012 Racing TurboNuke N/A
Create a Wolf v2 Dress-Up Khalypso N/A
D-403 - The Journey of a Service Droid Adventure N/A N/A
ToonTown Neopets Game Action Disney/Neopets N/A
Cuboy Back to the Cubeture Adventure Edible Castle Newgrounds.com
Curse Village Shooter Belugerin Games Bubblebox.com
Ratchet and Clank - Up Your Arsenal Shooter N/A N/A
Stick Squad 3 Shooter Brutal Studio N/A
JohnnyWhy2 Adventure keybol N/A
Icarus Proudbottom's World of Typing Weekly!: S1E4: Hide & Seek Typing Holy Wow Studios N/A
Boss vs Employee Puzzle TimeFall N/A
Crash Bandicoot Waterski Driving N/A Shieldarcade.com
Bonsai Worlds Toy Enric Llagostera N/A
Wheely 6: Fairytale Puzzle Pegas Games N/A
Joker Poker Video Poker Gambling Arkadium N/A
Toxic 2 Platformer Nitrome N/A
GooBalls Puzzle Blake Kimball, Chris Gianelloni, Zack Striefel, Brian Holmes BigDino
You okay over there, Fox? Adult Jasonafex, Seth-Iova N/A
Create-a-Ride Version 2.0 Sports Erik Wolter N/A
Anbot Adventure PencilKids N/A
Danny Phantom: Freak for All Platformer Nick N/A
Monster Truck Maniac 2 Variety Incision (http://www.incision.org.uk) AppleCart Games
Fusion Rocket Puzzle Studio Pina NowGamez.com
Doctor Ku-The Cellar Adventure Esklavos N/A
Pussymon: Episode 32 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Pussymon: Episode 13 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
SpongeBob's KahRahTay Contest Fighting N/A Nickelodeon
McDonald's Videogame Strategy Molleindustria N/A
Toukoumatter Visual Novel N/A N/A
Game & Watch: God of War Arcade Holmade Games ArmorGames
Ping Pong (Oyster Games) Arcade Oyster Games N/A
WEG Search: Ants Find World Escape Games N/A
SpongeBob: InvasiVoyage! Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Arcanorum Arcade Bored N/A
Raft Wars 2 Shooter Martijn Kunst N/A
Kill the Plumber Platformer Keybol N/A
Pothead Zombies Shooter Leonardo Zimbres de Castro (zanardi), Paula de Castro, Txai Viegas N/A
Ben 10: Alien Force - Humungosaur Giant Force Brawler Cartoon Network N/A
Bad Neighbourhood Adult Jasonafex, Patto N/A
Let's Play: The Shining Arcade Pippin Barr N/A
Blocks Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Build a Robot 3 Dress-Up Jacksmack N/A
Desert Dive Artillery Funbrain N/A
Bone Sniffer Adventure N/A N/A
One Way Dungeon Runner ScriptWelder N/A
Hands of War RPG Axis-Games N/A
Room Raider Action Sinclair Strange N/A
Crush the Castle Artillery Joey Betz ArmorGames.com
Wolfgang Fights The Future Brawler Chaz N/A
Tom's Cruise Adventure Snap Break N/A
Cheese Dreams ver. 2 Demo Platformer Nitrome N/A
Two Fisted Typing Typing Arkadium N/A
Chronon ver.0 Puzzle Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Mario Ghosthouse 2 Platformer ArcadeBoss N/A
Mario Cart Racing KillHours N/A
Joust Action N/A N/A
Lala's Micro-H Game Adult Fatelogic Newgrounds.com
Escape from Japanese Garden (Hacked) Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Captain Fugly Platformer dabrorius N/A
RedCross ERU (Demo) Strategy Youda Games N/A
Street Fighter: Legend of Ansatsuken RPG Muja N/A
Bubble Spinner Puzzle N/A DeadWhale.com
Alien Shooter Artillery Cool Buddy N/A
Robot Shooting Shooter N/A N/A
Rubble Trouble: Moscow Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Lucky Charms: Lucky Bowling Sports N/A Nickelodeon
H.A.L.C. Slot 5 - Mogudan Gambling HALC Newgrounds.com
iPod Touch-ish Toy Matty2-and-a-half N/A
The Torture Game Simulation Cmann N/A
Edmus Platformer Pouchmouse N/A
Angel Power Racing Driving Addicting Games N/A
40 Winks Toy Nick Online N/A
Vile Strobo Action binxalot.com N/A
ClickDragType 3 Puzzle SimpleAndy N/A
Solid Rider 2 Motocross SolidGames N/A
Zombotron 2 Shooter Anton Karlov ArmorGames.com
Houdini 1 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Slide (Korean) Arcade Ninger Studio ArcadeBomb.com
Dice Mover Puzzle Net Ease N/A
Summer's Birthday Adult EroPharaoh N/A
The Incredibles Save The Day Fighting Disney/Pixar N/A
Stranger Danger Game Arcade deathink N/A
Agent Woof Adventure Abroy N/A
US Mint Puzzle SunGlide N/A
Cone Crazy Racing N/A N/A
Fishing (Arkadium) Arcade Arkadium N/A
Papa's Pancakeria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Civilizations Wars Strategy Cave of Wonders Studios ArmorGames.com
Snail Bob 3 Puzzle Andrey Kovalishin, Maxim Yurchenko, Dmitry Petyakin N/A
Civilization Quest Adventure Vogd3 N/A
Club Penguin Grab and Spin (The Fair) Arcade Disney N/A
Shitscape 7.0 Toy Brass Ballz N/A
Apple Catch Arcade Funbrain N/A
Pyramid Solitaire (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Amorphous+ Action Innocuous Games Kongregate.com
DJ Sonicx Mixer Toy Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Earth Defense Sticks Arcade ABAGames N/A
Greenhouse Escape Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Crash Landing Part 1 Adult LustyLizard N/A
Monster Arena RPG Little Giant World N/A
Anko's Room Adult HentaiKey N/A
Bloody Fun Day Puzzle Urban Squall Kongregate.com
Monolith's Mario World Platformer Monolith N/A
Mud and Blood: Vietnam Strategy urbanprophet N/A
Burst Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Oni Yu Can Scare Them Platformer Troisnyx N/A
Pee Wee's Pea Shooter (BL) Arcade N/A N/A
Inishie Dungeon RPG Omarru Cobo N/A
Robodome Fighting N/A N/A
Mayan Escape Escape the Room Tomislav P. CoolBuddy.com
A.I. Vendetta Shooter Ish Games N/A
Gray Arcade Greg Wohlwend N/A
The Crossing Arcade Orisinal N/A
Disco Bowling Sports Arkadium N/A
Chop Socky Chooks Big Trouble Wasabi Warehouse Arcade Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Castles of Talesworth Tower Defense MrJynx N/A
Project ARSE Simulation KillerViral N/A
Age of Warriors Viking Campaign Strategy Legendary Warrior N/A
The Gatekeeper (Carmel) Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Adventure Airstrike Shooter Kiz10 N/A
Pico's Unloaded: The Game Shooter PsychoGoldfish N/A
Big Macintosh: Consultation Toy RenaissanceBrony N/A
Furry Fighter Arcade Megabyteceer N/A
Sneaky Sniper 3 Shooter Gonzo Games N/A
Idle Roller Clicker truefire N/A
Return to Riddle School Adventure Noodle N/A
Friday: The Game Adventure Manly-Chicken N/A
Euridissey I: The Fall of Horus Adventure RatoLibre1 N/A
Wrath II Action Armegalo N/A
Lance la Hache sur J.C. Vandamme Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Rupert's Zombie Diary Shooter Torrunt ArmorGames.com
Lee Lee's Quest 2 Platformer Adult Swim N/A
Skeeter Splat Arcade CBC Kids N/A
Midnight Cinema: Slash Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Mario R3mix Platformer Unknown N/A
Eggy's Death Chamber Arcade Eggy N/A
Notorious Inc Strategy Chickadee Games N/A
Colonial Wars Strategy King of Games N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko Again - Episode 4 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Hipster Girl Dress Up Dress-Up Irmirx N/A
SpongeBob: Delivery Dilemma Racing N/A Nickelodeon
Sticky Nicky Space Adventurer Platformer Ben Aprigliano, David Burrows Space Trumpet Gameitnow.com
Hall of the Wild 2: The Big Field Trip Platformer Cartoon Network Cartoon Network
The Classroom Puzzle Luksy N/A
Frantic Frigates Shooter BerzerkStudio N/A
Hotel Translvania: Murray's Music Mix Puzzle Hotel Transylvania Addictinggames.com
Outdraw Poker (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
FluffKitty WTF kevin swearingen, Frog Studios N/A
Barn Yarn Find Playrix N/A
Get The Glass Action CMPB N/A
Drag Box Arcade BryceSummer, MoFunZone N/A
Color World Puzzle dsoul N/A
Papa's Sushiria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Finwick Demo Adventure Small Green Hill N/A
Bullet Maze Puzzle Rhete Newgrounds
Rose & Camellia: Fatamorgana Fighting Nigoro N/A
Necrorun 2.0 Runner Lethe Games N/A
Ellipsis Arcade jmtb02 N/A
Power Pool 2 Sports Kaiparasoft N/A
Randobot Platformer VascoF N/A
Mud and Blood 2 Strategy Urbz Kongregate.com
Park-a-Palooza Puzzle Chevron N/A
Zombies in Da House Shooter N/A Box10.com
Red Shooter Ivory ArmorGames.com
Dungeon Breaker Puzzle Iconic Games, Matt Vile, Peter Achberger, Andrei Tatu, Playhub.com
F2Jam The Music Game V2.0 Rhythm XceeD N/A
Doors - Out of Office Platformer ArticArcade.net N/A
Swindler 2 Arcade Nitrome N/A
Waterski Champion! Sports Mousebreaker N/A
Redstar Fall Puzzle Stankevich K. ArmorGames.com
Pengu-San Arcade Super Ninja Bob N/A
Gravity Driver 2 Extended Edition Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Anicon - Animal Complex (Demo) Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
Pong Action Shift-Refresh N/A
Rollercoaster Solitaire Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Deep Chalk - 4 Adventure ZS N/A
Homestar Runner Pop Quiz Quiz The Brothers Chaps N/A
Professor Fizzwizzle Platformer BigFishGames Shockwave.com
Flying Platypus Arcade Robotjam N/A
Test Subject Arena 2 Arcade Nitrome N/A
Press The Button Clicker Truefire N/A
Invisible RGB Puzzle Gato Games N/A
Shop Empire Fable Simulation LittleGiantWorld N/A
Digimon Quest to Save the Net Adventure Fox Kids N/A
Marrakesh Club Adventure Mouse City N/A
Cartoon Hero Brawler Gamegape N/A
You Have To Burn The Rope Platformer Mazapan N/A
Build a Better Bunny Arcade Big Idea N/A
Free Ball 2 Sports Kynetik Art N/A
Pocket Fighter Nova Fighting fizzgame.com N/A
H.A.W.X. 2 The 8-Bit Game Shooter Ubisoft N/A
Anti-Pacman Arcade D-Mah N/A
Lead 4 Dead Shooter Ehaugw, Kyoutu N/A
Sex Kitten: Eastern Rampage! Adult YomToxic, chris-the-stick2, fnouf, joshexdirad, NekoMika, tuypo1, VicariousE N/A
Stars! Arcade Arkadium N/A
Jack French 2: The Good Dr. Ferrer Adventure Johnny B Design N/A
Reincarnation: A Demon's Day Out Adventure Chris Gianelloni Newgrounds.com
The Legend of Puss in Boots Platformer Dreamworks/Nickelodeon N/A
The Sagittarian 2 Adventure Hyptosis N/A
Catch It Arcade Hallpass N/A
Watermelon's Adventure Adventure OK Interactive N/A
Line Runner Runner Locke Wong & Sebastien Romero N/A
Submarine Wars Shooter Daum N/A
Rare Breeds: Petunia Simulation bobblebrook N/A
The Treasure Hunt Adventure FA Men N/A
Vex 2 Platformer Amazing Adam N/A
Cyto-Life Action Ponged N/A
Bullethead Arcade Nitrome N/A
Magia Character Creator Dress-Up Niobesnuppa Doll Divine
The Tower 10F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Syphon Filter - The Omega Strain Promotional Tool Toy N/A N/A
Covert Front 3: Night in Zurich Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
NY Rex Action Gametornado Gametornado
Ocman Octet Shooter 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
A Little Game Beta Arcade OneMrBean N/A
Xiao Xiao No. 2 Toy Zhu Zhiquanq N/A
Spurs Poker Solitaire (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Submachine Universe Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Fat Slice 2: The Wrath of Fat Puzzle Aaron Neugebauer N/A
Sift Heads: World Ultimatum Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Mario Bros. in Sonic World Platformer Veryclip.com N/A
Scene Maker Dress-Up Spacecoma N/A
Bloons TD 2 Tower Defense Ninja Kiwi N/A
Disco Fiasco Puzzle PBS N/A
Relive Your Life Choose Your Own Adventure Matt Ackerman Newgrounds.com
Aliens the Boardgame Puzzle Leading Edge Games N/A
Tropix 2: The Quest for the Golden Banana Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Sift Heads 5 Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
SpongeBob: Bubble Blower Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Doors 3 - Locked Out Adventure ArticArcade.net N/A
Gruesome Stick Death Choose Your Own Adventure JustinBaldwin N/A
Gold and Blue Overcast Adult Jasonafex, Ladydez N/A
Canufit Puzzle Rogerio Penchel N/A
Duan Action N/A N/A
Abandoned in Alaska Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Ryunosuke Gyakusai Visual Novel N/A N/A
The Game of Disorientation Arcade Jiggmin N/A
StickMan Sam - Part 2 Shooter io3 (Crazy Monkey Games) N/A
Tiny Guns Shooter Jussi Simpanen N/A
Absalom RPG Kinsman Newgrounds.com
High Octane Racing: Hungary Racing Arkadium N/A
Slice the Box Remaster Puzzle Oleg Kuzyk Armor Games
In The Dark Shooter Louissi N/A
Doctor Frozen Elsa Hand WTF showgirlgames.com N/A
Blueprint Billiards Sports Andromedus N/A
SpongeBob: B.C. Bowling Sports N/A Nickelodeon
Reincarnation: Riley's Out Again Adventure Chris Gianelloni Kongregate.com
Bad Ice-Cream 2 Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Erin Esurance Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Red Oz Part One Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Band-It Puzzle Shockwave Shockwave.com
Colour My Life Toy SilverStitch N/A
The Dark Age Strategy Belugerin Games N/A
Traffic Collision 2 Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Sidering Knockout Sports FreeOnlineGames.com N/A
Street Fight Fighting Miniclip N/A
Beat House Rhythm Seon DJ www.zuzunza.com
Windosill Puzzle VectorPark N/A
Meteor Launch Arcade Scriptwelder N/A
Papa's Pizzeria Simulation Flipline Studios N/A
Pedro and the Pearls of Peril (BL) Arcade N/A N/A
Statetris China Puzzle IntenCT N/A
Astro Teemo Arcade Riot Games N/A
Moon Waltz Action molkman N/A
Extreme Heli Boarding Sports BubbleBox.com N/A
Bubble Breaker Puzzle Benor N/A
Road of Fury Action IriySoft PlayHub.com
Megaman Zero Alpha Shooter Haileon Games N/A
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Microsite Microsite Nintendo N/A
Dakota Winchester 2 Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground Puzzle Aardman Animations Expedia
Motu Patlu: Batting Champion Sports Nick India N/A
Mindfields 2204 Puzzle aiflaw N/A
Russel's Animal Kwackers Toy Gorillaz ArmorGames.com
The Gun Game Shooter Plumpman Bored.com
Swimsuit Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen Dressupgames.com
Wallace And Gromit: Sprocket Rocket Puzzle N/A Aardman
3D Logic Puzzle Alex Mateev N/A
Castle Runnner Action Frozennnn N/A
Cyborg Shooter Free World Studios FreeWorldGroup
Shot Puzzle Gamedesign.jp N/A
Grow Nano 2 (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
The Several Journeys of Reemus Adventure Zeebarf Newgrounds.com
Grow Park Puzzle Eyezmaze N/A
Puppy Maker Dress-Up Kamirah, Dolldivine N/A
Gangsta Bean Action N/A MaxGames.com
Dog Ears 2 (Hacked) Puzzle PBS N/A
Newgrounds Pass 3 Variety Nicholas Deary Newgrounds.com
Thief's Escape Runner Aethos Games N/A
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 15 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Lance la Hache sur Ben Laden Arcade Uzinagaz ArmorGames
Like Vampire Like Son Adventure Snap Break N/A
Arise And Die Again Shooter Krabogames N/A
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer Toy Filipe Sheepwolf OnlineDJGames.com, ArcadeCabin.com
Reincarnation: Backfire of Hell Adventure Chris Gianelloni N/A
Hashi / Bean Arcade N/A N/A
Mobs Down Brawler QIgames.com N/A
Sketchpaint Toy Tomas Eriksson N/A
Tessera Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Primal Sands Shooter scriptwelder N/A
Ball Revamped 5: Synergy Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
Gangster Bros. Shooter Visual Animation Studios N/A
Wagon Dash 3D Racing Racing Rats N/A
TwoThree Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
Thou Art Dead Platformer Simeon Wilkins Sony Pictures
Gravity Hook Action AdamAtomic, dannyBstyle N/A
Sonic Snake Arcade Dan-Dare.info N/A
Cute Chibi Couple Dress-Up Sky Breeze Games ChibiMaker.net
K Fox and the Magic Sword Adult dirtyc101 N/A
Queen's Blade - Nyx Strip Battle Arcade Moai N/A
SpongeBob: Bubble Bros Platformer Sarbakan Nickelodeon
Zombie Horde 2 Action King Tommy Crazymonkeygames.com
Pirate Hunter Brawler N/A N/A
EnDice Complete Puzzle soapaintnice N/A
Legend of the Void 2 RPG Obelisk Games ArmorGames.com
Mating Admiral: Isokaze Adult JSK Studios N/A
Jam XM Demo Driving Enkord N/A
Poker Party Arcade Arkadium N/A
The Legends of Hiro Adventure Visual Noize N/A
Pussymon: Episode 24 - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Microbe Kombat Action Hero Interactive N/A
Run 3 Runner Player_03 Kongregate.com
Age of Defense Mini 2 Strategy Belugerin N/A
Click Defense - Green Danger Artillery zapxo.com N/A
Cradle of Persia Puzzle Awem Studio N/A
Chick Flick Arcade Nitrome N/A
The Ninja 3 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Valentine Cake Arcade HlYA N/A
Boys' Life Chow Line Frenzy! Simulation N/A N/A
Turbo Rally Racing turboNuke, LongAnimals, robotJAM, turboboing N/A
H4X3D By Megahurtz Arcade Tetrageddon N/A
Dojo of Death Arcade Nico Tuason N/A
Topsy Turvy Platformer Code Heads N/A
Shadow of the Ninja Platformer Nupixo Interactive N/A
Shop Empire 3 Simulation Little Giant World N/A
The Contraptor Game Adventure N/A N/A
Vintage Game Shop Strategy Dr. Ludos N/A
Transylmania II: The Vampire Bites Back! Action MMVI Kaboose Inc. N/A
Quest for Milkshake Adventure Mouse City N/A
Phantom Mansion 2 Puzzle gimme5games N/A
Power Rangers: Sky City Breakout Arcade GameGape N/A
Siege Tank Defence Shooter Dz2001 N/A
Unohana's Make A Porn Adult HentaiKey Armorgames.com
Moglin Punter Puzzle Artix Entertainment N/A
The Tower 72F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
セレンディの魔法の絵本 Visual Novel Yukawa's Soft N/A
Viral Outbreak Shooter Stickpage N/A
Adventure Time Princess Maker Dress-Up Spacecoma N/A
10 Gnomes 7: the Solitude Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
SpongeBob: Cook It 'N' Book It! Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Hawthorne Medicine Match-Up Puzzle Red i Studios N/A
Beard Platformer tomoAwasu N/A
Xiao Xiao No. 9 Brawler Zhu Zhiquanq N/A
Tio Puzzle Pegas Games Cool Math Games
S.W.A.T. 3 Shooter Eric Posas, ESP Animation N/A
2112 Cooperation 3 Shooter Net Terminator, Game - 3DBBQ, Music - Jan Morgenstern N/A
Deducting Deductions 2 Adventure Tremor Games N/A
Time Twist Platformer Nedrago Games N/A
King's Island - Kaptivos Rage Strategy Frooma & PM Studios N/A
Fall Out Boy Trail Simulation Jason Oda N/A
The Legacy of Pliskin - Part 1 Adventure HH N/A
Knight Trap Arcade Nitrome N/A
H.A.L.C. Slot 2 - Satoshi Urushiharu (Volume 1) Gambling HALC Newgrounds.com
Tanooky Tracks Puzzle Michael Benrad Coolbuddy
Transfer 2017 Action N/A N/A
Rizk Strategy playerthree N/A
Epic Time Pirates Shooter Jay Armstrong Games N/A
9 Little Pics Daily Icons Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Testafan Quiz Miroko N/A
The Big Adventure Of Owata's Life Platformer King Soukutu N/A
Ghost Motel 7: Demon Hunter Academy Choose Your Own Adventure Violet-AIM N/A
Batman: Return to Arkham Puzzle WB Games N/A
Give Up Robot 2 Arcade Adult Swim ArmorGames
Reincarnation: Out To Sea You Die Adventure Chris Gianelloni N/A
Blox Puzzle AltoParc N/A
The Pharaoh's Tomb Action Francesco Maisto N/A
Ronin: Spirit of the Sword Adventure jamus-se N/A
Missile Strike Arcade Mike Dogan, X-Pressive N/A
Rocket Santa 2 Arcade Berzerk Studio N/A
Big Cats of the Savannah Gambling Arkadium N/A
Nimian Flyer Legends Action Protopop N/A
Submachine 6: the edge Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Loot Hero RPG varagtp GameMazing.com
Gikoparo 5 Shooter 90k-games.com N/A
13 Worms Arcade BeGamer.com N/A
Madoka Magica Dress Up Game Dress-Up Staticwind N/A
First Day at School Adventure GameyStar N/A
Traffic Control 2 Puzzle Geheee N/A
2QWOP Racing Bennett Foddy N/A
Zombie Society Dead Detective: Walls Can Bleed Adventure Interactales N/A
Tontie ver. b Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Tetris N-Blox (Hacked) Puzzle Neave Interactive N/A
Bubble Bobble The Revival Action Freeonlinegames.com N/A
MLP: FiM Flash Game 3 Arcade Yeaka N/A
Monobike Kamikaze Motocross Playspal N/A
Cyclomaniacs 2 Motocross Turbo Nuke Kongregate.com
Boys' Life Pedro Kicks Back Platformer N/A N/A
Dogfight 2 Shooter Rock Solid Arcade N/A
Kingdom Rush Frontiers Tower Defense Ironhide Game Studio ArmorGames.com
Apple Shooter Action Wolf Games N/A
Coca Cola Bubble Pop Arcade Coca Cola, Neopets Neopets.com
Hot Air 2 Arcade Nitrome N/A
:reimagine the game: Platformer Nicklaus Liow Newgrounds.com
Aviator (Squirrel Family) Driving Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Particles Arcade Ragdollsoft N/A
Ninja Tales Platformer Addicting Games N/A
Vinyl Memories Arcade NFyre N/A
The Road to Bethlehem Adventure Cafe Cafe Games N/A
Streemerz Platformer Mak Gam N/A
Bad Guy and Girl Dressup Dress-Up Koala Fun Games N/A
Big Hero 6 - Rescue Hostages Platformer bighero6game.org N/A
MonsterTime Arcade Mockery, PoxPower, RainbowCemetery N/A
Bot Arena 3 Strategy Luke Haillay N/A
Cosmico Arcade Tony N/A
Carbon Auto Theft Driving Games2win N/A
Minecraft Tower Defence 2 Tower Defense Microwave Games N/A
Puzzlestuck Puzzle Loren Hernandez N/A
Sequence Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Qwopters Flying LID Games Addictinggames.com
My Dolphin Show 3 Arcade AGame N/A
Hats Platformer abielins N/A
Red Moon Brawler Sun Studios King.com
2במבה: בעקבות החטיף החטוף (Bamba Snack Quest 2) Adventure Gal Mamalya (Baboon) N/A
Zombie Hooker Nightmare Shooter Adult Swim N/A
Urban Slug Action N/A N/A
Escape from the Warlock Adventure N/A N/A
Bonko's Body Quiz Quiz PBS N/A
National Treasure Puzzle N/A N/A
The Thief 3 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Midas Miner Speed Action King.com N/A
Room Escape 24 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Strafe WW2 Western Front Shooter NEDER-IT Game Studio Nederland Canopian
Imagia 2 - The Dome Adventure Kayzerfish N/A
Griswold The Goblin Adventure Phantasmagor, LiLg N/A
SpongeBob's Pizza Toss! Arcade Nick N/A
Decision 2 Shooter FlyAnvil ArmorGames.com
Grave Digger Shooter Nobstudio N/A
Andy Law - A New Super Hero Brawler Andy Law N/A
Sonic Boom Cannon 2 Arcade Xanadu32 N/A
Three Kingdoms War Arcade N/A N/A
Dress Up Vocaloid Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Anika's Odyssey Adventure Tricky Sheep Kongregate.com
Troy Shooter gamesheep N/A
Klikwerk Rhythm Bart Bonte N/A
No Clix Variety Mach Parat N/A
Nick Toldy and the Legend of Dragon Peninsula Adventure Red Herring Labs Gamesgames.com
SpongeBob: FrankenPatrick Puzzle Workinman Nickelodeon
Buster Baxter, Lung Defender Shooter PBS N/A
Compulse Puzzle John Cooney N/A
Alexia Crow The Cave of Heroes Adventure Questtracers N/A
Smoking Zombies Shooter leonardozimbres N/A
Granny Strikes Back Shooter SilenGames, Mikozoid N/A
Penalty Fever Plus Sports FlashFooty.com N/A
Cyber Chaser Action SilenGames Not Doppler
Oh No U DI'N'T Quiz Zinc Roe N/A
Design a Cell Phone Quiz Edheads N/A
How To Cook Everything Simulation Ryan Sandvik, Pierce McBride, Mke Salyh N/A
Moss Platformer DABontv N/A
Mardek Chapter 3 RPG Fig Hunter Games Kongregate.com
400 Years Adventure Scriptwelder, Kevin Macleod N/A
Mirror Image Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Nine Rooms Adventure Noah Berkley N/A
Nevermore 3 Platformer Adamskii 2DPlay.com
Cosmic Cannon Arcade Nitrome N/A
Marble Romp Action Gio-M N/A
Open Doors Puzzle soapaintnice N/A
More Zombies Action Tanoku MaxGames.com
Ambition Episode 2: The Hitchhiker Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Playroom 1 Adventure Kayzerfish N/A
The Strangers 3 Shooter Pyrozen N/A
Bloons: Player Pack 2 Puzzle Ninja Kiwi N/A
Uninvited: Quest for the Red Diamond Adventure KeatonKeaton999 Albino Blacksheep
Quantum Patrol Platformer Lebox Games N/A
Rainbow Dash Rescue Arcade CertaintyPrinciple N/A
Shuriken Challenge Shooter N/A N/A
My Life as a Teenage Robot: Techno Tennis Arcade Nickelodeon N/A
Railroad Rampage Shooter Miniclip.com Miniclip.com
Dress Charlotte Dress-Up Gen8 N/A
Batman: Night Sky Defender Arcade WB Games N/A
Ninja Quest Brawler Agung Setyo Prabowo, Suci Kusuma, FreePlayNow.com ArcadeBomb.com
Caila Raven and the Ritual Adventure Esklavos N/A
Tankmen: Battle 3 RPG C01 N/A
Station 38 Platformer Pat Kemp and Lang Kirchheimer N/A
Dancing Queen Rhythm Arkadium N/A
Effective Detective Puzzle PBS N/A
Warrior House Escape Escape the Room Games2Jolly.com Games2Jolly.com
Multishop Tycoon Strategy Maulidan Productions ArmorGames.com
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 12 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Simpsons Springfield Snowball Fight Shooter The Simpsons, Fox TheSimpsons.com
Experimental Shooter 2 Shooter iLegendary N/A
Earn to Die 2012 - Part 2 Driving Toffee Games N/A
TU-46 Action Pavloff N/A
Awesome Tanks Action Alexander Gette, Jurij Krivonos, Christian m. Krogsvold BigDino
Magic Gum Ball Toy Bubbletape.com Bubbletape.com
Yeti Sasquatch Annihilation Shooter Adult Swim N/A
Operate Now! Brain Surgery Puzzle Spil Games B V N/A
World Domination Demo Strategy TotallyGame.com N/A
Fantasy Horse Maker Dress-Up DolphyDolphiana, DollDivine N/A
Sticky Blobs Puzzle MadFatCat Cool Math Games
Super Mafia Land Platformer BomToons, JMTB02 N/A
Holio U Russian Girl Adult Holio.net N/A
Zombokill 2 Shooter Grmaster Gamezhero.com
Esklavos Chapter 1 Adventure N/A N/A
Nambers Puzzle Oleg Kuzyk, Georgiy Stepanov Armor Games
Super Castle Sprint Runner MaxGames.com N/A
Simian Interface Puzzle Vested-Interest N/A
Isoball Puzzle CandyFlame N/A
Addictive Tri Peak Puzzle Nobstudio N/A
Flash's Bounty Strategy Megabyteceer ZyBy.com
Caravaneer 2 RPG gamesofhonor.com N/A
Jenga Puzzle Parker Bros. N/A
Stylistas Arcade Arkadium N/A
Match and Merge: Levels Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Virtual Knee Replacement Surgery Quiz Edheads, COSI N/A
Droid Team Platformer N/A PhysicsArcade.com
Insane Orb Pong Werner Valdez Newgrounds.com
Paws Action Simon Gustafsson, Niklas Strom, Tobias Oldegren N/A
Strollin' Runner Jeff Schofield N/A
Must-a-Mine Clicker TOGE Productions N/A
MOTAS: Mystery of Time and Space (Hacked) Escape the Room Jan Albartus N/A
The Ninja Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Coke Zero Retro Electro Football Sports Coca-Cola N/A
Stickfigure Penalty Simulation Ringfinger N/A
Sexy Fairy Flash Game Dress-Up The Parody Network N/A
Naruto's Rage Adult HentaiKey N/A
Chestnut Avenue 101 Escape the Room Milica Andelkovic, Stefan Nikolic N/A
The Mechanicer Platformer MyPlayYard Games N/A
Population: Tire Arcade Videlectrix Homestar Runner
DragonflyTV: Planetary Rescue Squad Artillery N/A N/A
Turkageddon Arcade Artix Entertainment, Voltaire Battleon.com
CA Brumbies Challenge Sports Grasshopper N/A
Super Norris Advance Platformer Cha0tic221, Carbonwater N/A
Kill The Heroes Tower Defense Nerdook N/A
Coal Runner Platformer JJWallace N/A
Monday Girl Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Invasion Action pytachok N/A
Shape Invasion Arcade Funbrain N/A
3 Point Shootout Sports Arkadium N/A
Super Obama World Platformer ZenSoft N/A
Treadmillasaurus Rex Arcade jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Wonder Juice Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Clarence's Big Chance Platformer Fig Hunter N/A
BlueShift Shooter N/A N/A
Rescue Team (Uzinagaz) Simulation Uzinagaz N/A
Faraday's Flaw Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Revenge of Brainzilla Arcade N/A N/A
Infected Blood Shooter Andriy Pidvirnyy, Incompetech.com Armorgames.com,
SpongeBob: Bikini Bottom Festival (All Games) Variety N/A Nickelodeon
American Dream Simulation Increpare; Terrorbull Games; Jasper Byrne; Terry Cavanagh N/A
Adventure Time: Fionna Fights Action Cartoon Network N/A
999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Demo (Japanese) Visual Novel Chunsoft N/A
Mario Party 7 Bon Voyage Quiz Quiz Nintendo, Neopets Neopets.com
Guardians RPG GamesFree.com N/A
Dale and Peakot Adventure JuicyBeast N/A
Genetic Glow I Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
Pyongyang Racer Racing Nosotek N/A
Jailbreak 3 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Mr. Flacit's Word Search! Puzzle liljim N/A
Katerpillars Puzzle Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Daniel McNeely, John Cooney, Chris Ignatov, Hades, Waterflame, Midimachine Armorgames.com
Hospital 46 Adventure Jo99 Jo99.fr
Praepoch Adventure TimeBlog N/A
Scoops Runner CBC Kids N/A
Zombie Home Run Arcade Christian Ibarra N/A
Chibi Knight RPG Bomtoons ArmorGames.com
NG's 20th Anniversary Collab Variety Newgrounds N/A
DragonflyTV: So Many Parts Platformer N/A N/A
Bleach (fan game) Brawler N/A N/A
SpongeBob: Atlantis Squarepantis - Bus Rush Driving N/A N/A
Cody Jones and the Chocolate Factory Adventure Inka Games N/A
Royal Smash Puzzle Arkadium N/A
The Tower 42F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Survival Lab Arcade OneSexyPaperBag N/A
Bloons Pop Three Puzzle NinjaKiwi N/A
S-Tuner Toy STurner N/A
Esklavos Chapter 6 Adventure N/A N/A
Kamikaze Race Racing Tasty Play N/A
Paladin: The Game RPG Jazza Studios N/A
Snow Line Puzzle Iriysoft Miniclip.com
Stickman Madness 3 Shooter Hidden Ninja Games Productions N/A
Mad Bombs Puzzle DreamGate Company ArmorGames.com
The Island: Castaway Adventure Awem Studio and Sahmon Games Shockwave.com
The Tower 9F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Belle's Beauty Boutique Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes Find Sherlockian-Sherlock N/A
Sailor Fuku Game Makeover Dress-Up HlYA, Rutch N/A
Have A Rest Amea Action Godlimations N/A
Blob Escape from Lab-16B Platformer N/A N/A
Twang Arcade Nitrome N/A
Cargo Express Motocross Flobzoo.com N/A
Fire (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Meeblings Puzzle Ninja Kiwi N/A
Father's Day Word Search Puzzle Arkadium N/A
This Is The Only Level Too Platformer jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Glue Knight Runner GameReclaim N/A
Honey Punch Dress Up Dress-Up Yookeeah N/A
SpongeBob: The Race to Goo Lagoon Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Batman: Thief Locator Puzzle WB Games N/A
Cube (Hacked) Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Let's Get Grillin' Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
「逆転裁判5」WEB体験版 (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Demo) Visual Novel Capcom N/A
Old Mario Bros Platformer Ray Beckham Newgrounds
Singing Horses Toy Avsluta N/A
Playoff Arena (Demo) Sports Design Assembly N/A
Mario's Time Attack Platformer Alerta N/A
Alien: Assembly Required Toy PBS N/A
Cube Escape Harvey's Box Escape the Room Rusty Lake N/A
An Escape Series 6 Escape the Room Afro Ninja Productions N/A
SpongeBob SnowPants! Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Flakboy 2 Action Agame.com Gamesgames.com
Bowja the Ninja 2 - In Bigman's Compound Adventure Pencilkids N/A
Orion Sandboxed - Enhanced RPG id.net and y8.com N/A
Void RPG Alexander Petrov N/A
Boss Battle Shooter TheFinalChapters N/A
Reincarnation: Let The Evil Times Roll Adventure Chris Gianelloni Kongregate.com
Circlo Puzzle MJ Games N/A
Enduring Indymedia Action Molleindustria N/A
Storm Hawks. Squadron XL Shooter Gamezhero N/A
Happy & Smile Shooter Park Byung Sun N/A
The Decoder Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Oozy and the tower of Wulu Puzzle Sylos Gamesbutler.com
The Man With The Invisible Trousers Adventure TurboNuke N/A
Chinese Checkers Strategy Arkadium N/A
Captain Foraxian Shooter Farbs N/A
Snail Bob 8: Island Story Puzzle Andrey Kovalishin, Andrey Ivanov, Alexander Ahura, Maxim Yurchenko, Eugene Kisterev, Ytred Ned N/A
Labor Day Word Search Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Protocol Prologue Animation Project Protocol N/A
Holio U Leetah Chord Adult Holio.net N/A
The Strangers Shooter Web Cypher Games N/A
QWOP Arcade Bennett Foddy N/A
Armor Defence Tower Defense Godlimations N/A
Galaxy Evo Shooter Maulidan.com N/A
The Infection Shooter EGGY, Drew Armorgames.com
Ball The Box Pong 4fuy.com N/A
Bionicle Rapid Descent Arcade Lego N/A
Flight Simmerator Arcade Zinc Roe N/A
Box Clever 2 Platformer Gaz Thomas N/A
Evilgeddon Spooky Max Shooter Fire Beast Studios, Steven Aang Hartono Peng, Bobi Hartanto, Hanrianto Tan Armorgames.com
Pico's School Remake (DeadToast) Adventure DeadToast N/A
You Only Live Once Arcade N/A N/A
TACS Visual Novel Atelier-C N/A
BigTree Defense Tower Defense Burstyx Studio N/A
Ivan Drago - Justice Enforcer Action I-Mockery, Bomtoons N/A
Super Word Scrapers Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Mallet Mania Arcade Nitrome N/A
Monster Legions Strategy nerdook N/A
Umeko Gentle Vampire 2 Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Dance Element in the Keyboard (version 3.0) Rhythm 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Drakojan Skies - Mission 3 Shooter Drakota Studios Entertainment N/A
Space Pips Shooter spacepips.com N/A
La princesa i el drac Platformer Quarantados N/A
Weird Bicycle Game 3 Prologue Arcade RVWD N/A
La Isla de lo Mono Adventure Locoarts N/A
Speed Trucks Racing Startonlinegames.com N/A
H.O.U.S.E. Sports Simeon Wilkins Sony Pictures
Wheely 3 Puzzle Pegas Games N/A
Dodge Brawl Sports Blockdot N/A
Powerfox V3 Fighting Mausland Newgrounds.com
Magicians Platformer TinSleeves N/A
Ace Blackjack Card Addicting Games N/A
The Blue Chamber Escape the Room Toshimitsu Takagi N/A
The Christmas Sigworminator Dress-Up Splapp-Me-Do Newgrounds
Sling Junior Puzzle Ezone N/A
Dig Dug Action Playr N/A
Mahjongg Dimensions Classic Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Kitchen Brigade Simulation Shockwave Shockwave.com
SpongeBob: Plankton's Patty Plunder Puzzle N/A N/A
STALKER Flashed Adventure Tymchenko N/A
Bionicle Mata Nui The Online Game (Hacked) Adventure Lego N/A
Top Defense Strategy Gaming Car, Alexander Porechnov, Vadim Chaliy N/A
Gateway Puzzle Cockroach.se N/A
Chomp Sewey Arcade Zinc Roe N/A
Starfire Retaliation Shooter Dennis Van Koningsbruggen N/A
Sneaky Sniper 2 Shooter Gonzo Games N/A
Sex Kitten Sim-Date 6 Adult Klacid N/A
Necromanthus Warcraft Strategy Necromantus N/A
Daily Pictegories Puzzle The Article 19 Group Shockwave
Sift: Renegade 2 Brawler Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Milk Crisis Action Armegalo Kongregate.com
El joc de la prehistòria: Poblat 2 Variety NS-Studios N/A
Quest for Pancake Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Dick Gumshoe Night Attack Adult dudedle-studio N/A
The Old West Shoot Em Up Shooter Tech Radium N/A
Tower of Hanoi Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
The Light Asylum Escape Room 1 - The Beginning Escape the Room faustofonseca N/A
Hollywood Rising Star Dress-Up Addicting Games N/A
Call of the Ages Puzzle Playrix N/A
Hammy the Flying Squirrel Arcade Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Tommy Robin, Josh Woodward, Dan Mcneely, John Cooney Armorgames.com
Pole Slip Down Arcade ABAGames N/A
All Out Puzzle Netcent Communications N/A
Portal Fighter 2 Fighting Raitendi Newgrounds.com
Red Ball Platformer Evgeniy Fedoseev N/A
Shop Empire Underground Simulation LittleGiantWorld N/A
DN8: Pulse Shooter Squize TurboNuke
Sonic Mega Collection Plus Mini Platformer Sega N/A
Xunmato Alpha Knights Brawler Godlimations N/A
A Daily Cup Of Tea Arcade Orisinal N/A
Hot Air Bloon Runner Ninja Kiwi N/A
Letters from Nowhere 2 Find Shockwave.com N/A
Marvel Tribute Fighting Flashkof N/A
Demolition Drifters Driving Peter Kaspar GameTornado
Ambition Episode 1: The Desperate Dad Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
Pikachu's Pika Seek at the Pokemon Factory Toy Neopets Neopets.com
Crunchdown Brawler I-smel N/A
Sentry Fortress Shooter NukeBros N/A
Little Wheel Adventure OneClickDog.com FastGames
Morbid Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Cloud Control Puzzle Glen Forrester, Radix N/A
Extreme Air Arcade Funbrain N/A
One Button Arthur Puzzle Ninjadoodle ArmorGames.com
Furry Tale Action nono1013 N/A
Shoot 'em In Sports GZBZ N/A
Mountain Monster Motocross NewKrok N/A
H.A.L.C. Slot 8 - Valentine Special Gambling HALC Newgrounds.com
Mission to Mercury Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Zombie Demolisher Puzzle Koshechkin Anton notdoppler
Critical Zone Arcade Orisinal N/A
Polar Bear Payback Brawler Adult Swim N/A
3 Foot Ninja II Action N/A Miniclip.com
Pink Panther and Pals Ocean Adventure Racing Cartoon Network Boomerangtv.co.uk
Strip Sexy Pirate Shooter N/A N/A
Tinyverse Puzzle Xaychru04 N/A
Body Ladder Action Insanicode MoFunZone.com
The Adventures of Red: The Quest for the Chocolate Muffin Adventure Rob Donkin, John Donkin, Jon Sayies N/A
The Tower 62F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Dragon Essence - Color My World - Demo Visual Novel Zeiva N/A
Gladicus Zero Fighting Dizims N/A
Goldburger To Go Puzzle PBS N/A
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Miller Estate Episode 4 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Super Cut-It Puzzle Monster Brain Games N/A
Movie Munchies Arcade Miniclip N/A
Viking Defense Tower Defense iriysoft Miniclip.com
Days 2 Die Shooter TOGE Productions N/A
Stunt Pilot Arcade Rock Solid Arcade N/A
To Build a Better Mousetrap Strategy Molleindustria N/A
Disney Girls ~ Frozen Mix n Match Dress-Up Niobesnuppa Doll Divine
Pour the Fish Puzzle PSPMiracle, Disofish, Mrfuby N/A
Droplets Arcade Nitrome N/A
Strip That Cowgirl Arcade Ken1171, FransMensink N/A
Backyardigans: Mission to Mars Platformer 360KID NickArcade
Endless War Shooter BlackFox-of-ITMO N/A
Armed with Wings: Culmination Brawler Sun Studios CoolBuddy.com
Feed Us 4 Xmas Xpension Action Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
Mega Man Vs. Ghosts and Goblins Platformer StaticCreator Newgrounds.com
Glitch Lab Platformer nazywam N/A
Snow Bowling Arcade Orisinal N/A
Chomp n' Stomp Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Buggle Stars Platformer The Casual Collective N/A
The Tidepool Simulation Cary & Michael Huang N/A
Aelita's Battle Action France 3 N/A
Excite Bike Trouble on the Tracks Racing Kittyslasher Gamesbutler.com
Tinysasters Strategy StormAlligator N/A
Vegas Nights Puzzle Mean Hamster Inc. N/A
Mario Bros. in Pipe Panic Arcade Game Show Network N/A
Kangoo VS Kangoo Fighting Baandola N/A
Chemistry Set Toy Nick Online N/A
Hood Episode 2 Adventure Hyptosis N/A
Cat A Pult Arcade N/A N/A
Office Paintball Shooter FreeOnlineGames N/A
Iron Mike's Punchout Fighting Tritonweb N/A
Papa Louie Platformer Flipline Studios N/A
BinB Arcade Kendja Armorgames.com
Murdoc's Operation Rejuvenation Simulation Gorillaz N/A
Submachine: the Basement (version 3) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Cover Orange Puzzle Johnny-K N/A
Edgestone Adventure Selfdefiant - Melting-Mindz.com N/A
Potty Racers Arcade Gonzo Games N/A
Nevermore Platformer Westykid FlashPortal.com
Surprise Bullfight Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Spider-Man 3: Photo Hunt Arcade Sony N/A
Beach Reversi Card FlashTeam Cool Math Games
Sky Attack Shooter dannysit N/A
Coloring With Sweetie Bell Toy Drud14 N/A
Defend Your Nuts Shooter espace, Armor Games (N/A)
Flea Platformer kchamp N/A
Mr. Bounce Arcade Andreas Zecher & Martin Straka N/A
DS Flux Shooter Tony N/A
Flatout Minigame Arcade Nicolay Edin, Axel Hammarback N/A
Club Penguin Bean Counters Action Disney N/A
Bad Boys Arcade NovaIdeas N/A
Operation Chaos Shooter ArcadeTown N/A
Last Battle Shooter Gametornado Gametornado
The Republia Times Strategy Lucas Pope N/A
Wrassling Sports Colin Lane, Folmer Kelly, Isyourguy N/A
WorldBox Toy Kendja N/A
Adventures of Valentin Adventure N/A N/A
Siege Master Arcade bogimp N/A
Lab of the Dead Toy Evil Dog Newgrounds.com
Holly Hobbie: Lemonade Stand Arcade Unknown N/A
Angelcakes Action Armegalo Funnylishus.com
Amateur Surgeon Christmas Puzzle Adult Swim N/A
The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Find Shockwave.com N/A
Grow Cannon (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Collateral Damages Shooter Offline Pixel N/A
Vortex Point 2 Adventure Mouse City N/A
Thisissand Toy Beige Elephant N/A
A Fall from Grace Adventure Studio Maarten N/A
Smash Palace Driving BulletProof Arcade N/A
Jimmy the Eye Shooter Artrix Entertainment Ebil Games
Sling Puzzle Ezone N/A
Utopian Mining Adventure Schulles N/A
Putt Base Puzzle jayc N/A
Valor Brawler Stone and Cosmoseth N/A
Mario Kart Flash Game Racing Shield Arcade N/A
Pinch Hitter 2 Sports Mousebreaker AddictingGames.com
Happy Wheels Demo Platformer TotalJerkface N/A
Altered States Episode 1: The Lusty Barfly Choose Your Own Adventure ZapDramatic N/A
The Soul Driver Driving Argl, Kuhogan, Zhyr Kongregate.com
Ninja Brawler Seething Swarm Armorgames.com
Stick War Strategy Crazy Jay StickPage.com
Escape from Scientology Land - 3 Adventure Liquid Generation N/A
Glean Adventure Positech Games, Leguma, Kevin Macleod, Leguma N/A
Chroma Wars Strategy PM Studios N/A
Demolition City 2 Puzzle Armorgames.com N/A
Sonic X Vapor Runner Nike? N/A
Zombie Society Dead Detective: Rats In A Hole Adventure Interactales N/A
Dave Fearless is Stuntdriver 2 Driving Bad Viking and RobotJam N/A
Text Twist Puzzle GameHouse N/A
Aquascapes Puzzle Playrix N/A
Yaruo Quest 7: Mystery of Red White Island English RPG Atelier-C N/A
HentaiKey Girl Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Eminem Mania Platformer Gamesarcade.net N/A
Overwatch Strategy N/A N/A
Brave Shorties 2 Strategy Denis Vasilev ArmorGames.com
Sinjid Battle Arena RPG Krin MoFunZone.com
Wallace & Gromit Top Bun Simulation Aardman Animations N/A
Big Bed Boogeyman Adventure Spillgames.com, Martinespaans N/A
Bug Slayer Shooter Awoke N/A
Submachine 2: the Lighthouse Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Vortex Point 3 Adventure Mouse City N/A
Call Of Duty 2 Shooter N/A N/A
Disney's Golf Sports Disney N/A
Crush the Castle Players Pack Artillery Joey Betz ArmorGames.com
Mario Remix: Boss Edition Platformer Phendrana N/A
Rabbit Hop Puzzle M.Aono N/A
The Doors Adventure N/A N/A
Monster Slayers Action nerdook N/A
Boys' Life Knight Switch Puzzle N/A N/A
Gluefo3 Arcade Irregulargames.com Irregulargames.com
Female Furry Dollmaker Dress-Up geN8hedgehog N/A
Fantasy Kommander Strategy Foofa & PM Studios N/A
Maw Shooter Acrid Rose Entertainment N/A
Save the Clock Tower! Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Park My Wrecked Car Driving AddictingGames & Gamezindia N/A
Microlife Strategy Kerb N/A
SpongeBob: Avalanche at Plankton's Peak! Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Bonita Quest Platformer Turners & Growers Limited N/A
Rogue Horse Puzzle RatoLibre1 N/A
Repton Action Neil Crutchlow N/A
Snow Storm Arcade artificial environments N/A
Saucer Destruction 3: Armageddon Arcade Gurflob Productions N/A
Soul Sword RPG Ryan Carag (Raiyumi) Itch.io
Ladybug Action Unknown N/A
Final Fantasy Sonic X Episode 5 Visual Novel BlackDevilX N/A
Traffic Collision Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Revenge of the King Arcade The Brothers Chaps N/A
The Zombie 7 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
The Kung Fu Statesmen Arcade KillerViral N/A
Rocket Tactics Action orugames N/A
Hands of War 3 RPG Axis-Games N/A
Wolverine: Search & Destroy Arcade Marvel Kids N/A
Armored Ashura 2 Arcade Fortunacus Newgrounds.com
Xolga and Mr. Toko Again - Episode 8 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Me and the Key Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Legends of Kong Action Nerdook N/A
Shopping Cart Hero Arcade Monkey Want Banana N/A
Clash n Slash Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Firework Frenzy Arcade ??? Miniclip.com
Cell Defense Strategy Funnaut N/A
Nyan Cat Fly! Arcade krangGAMES N/A
Daily Spot the Panda Find The Article 19 Group Shockwave
Smithys Quest RPG EGGY, Shibby Media Armorgames.com
Frank TV - Face Off Puzzle Red i Studios N/A
Ringmania 2 Puzzle jp N/A
Zombie Society - Death after Death #2/3 (Hacked) Choose Your Own Adventure Interactales Y8.com
The Harry Stick Journey Puzzle Belugerin Games N/A
Nekra Psaria 2 Adventure Drawmaneater N/A
Elite Forces: Defense Tower Defense Badim N/A
Flight of the Season Arcade Orisinal N/A
Hunted Forever Platformer Evan Miller N/A
Red Flight Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
The Gun Game 2 Shooter Chaz, plumpman, Morgan King N/A
Vinnie's Rampage Shooter Pyrozen N/A
Looney Tunes Doodle Pad Toy Warner Bros Entertainment Boomerangtv.co.uk
Mystery Case Files: Huntsville Find Shockwave N/A
Solarmax 2 Strategy Nico Tuason N/A
Let's Go Jaywalking Arcade Robert Shenton N/A
Emoticon Defense Tower Defense Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto) Newgrounds.com
Satellite Catch Arcade ABAGames N/A
Big Brain Wolf Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Robo Farmer Shooter AcidBasick N/A
How I Buy Petrol Adventure scottmale24 N/A
The Tower 25F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Disc Battle Sports Yahoo Games, MiniMeMedia (?) N/A
Earl Grey and This Rupert Guy Adventure Agate N/A
Pokemon Trainer Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
GunRox Zombie Encounter Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Ben 10 / Generator Rex: Heroes United Brawler Cartoon Network N/A
Sweet Drmzzz Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
New Land Puzzle Ubagames.com, Dan-O, Alisa Sakhatskaya, Gregory Zemskov, Kevin Macleod N/A
Seconds of Madness Action Alex Bedenko aka GHOST N/A
Give Up, ROBOT Platformer Matt Makes Games Adult Swim
Mickey's Robot Laboratory Toy N/A Disney
Sprite x Xevious Shooter Coca-Cola Japan N/A
Inspector Parker Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Numrows 2 Puzzle Maras N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko Again - Episode 5 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
Sonic Charrie Maker Dress-Up Chriserony, Kayonia-Kim, Martin Nass N/A
Cockroach Dream Shooter Gamedesign N/A
Red Driver 3 Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Luigi's Mansion: PolterCue Sports Nintendo N/A
How Smart Are You? Puzzle Entertainment Forge N/A
Magus RPG RPG Nashkel N/A
CSI:NY Keyboard Crime Scene Typing Red i Studios N/A
Baxter's Biotech Bargain Basement Simulation Orgdot N/A
Vegetable Game Action Terry Cavanagh N/A
The Bucket Arcade Nitrome N/A
Tiny Treasure Platformer Alberto A. Braga, Zach Striefel, RedGear Armorgames.com,
Backfire Action piratejuice.com N/A
The Mummy Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Drift Runners Racing LongAnimals N/A
Create a Cyborg Toy molim N/A
3 Pandas in Brazil Platformer Vadim Pecherskiy N/A
Sewer Escape Arcade gamesheep N/A
Crazy Flasher 2 (English) Adventure bbplayer.net N/A
Loot Clicker Clicker TrampolineTales N/A
G.I. Joe Viper's Reef Scuba Training Action N/A N/A
Piggy Bank Smash Toy GameMelon N/A
Iron Terror Runner Oddity Games N/A
Arthur Comics: So Funny I Forgot to Laugh! Visual Novel PBS Kids N/A
Nicholas' Weird Adventure 2 Adventure Nicholas Walstrom MaxGames.com
Hexxagon Puzzle Neave Interactive N/A
Pong 2 Arcade pongflash.com N/A
Homestuck - ACT 4 Adventure Andrew Hussie N/A
Type & Relax Typing Fortunacus Lucas, (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Newgrounds.com
Memphis Beat Blues Rhythm Red i Studios N/A
The Tower 29F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Demologic 2 Puzzle Maras N/A
SpongeBob: WhoBob WhatPants??? Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
Governor of Poker 2 Card Youda Games N/A
Madness Lunacy Action Spudzy N/A
Voices from the Sea Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
Wheely 4: Time Travel Puzzle Pegas Games N/A
Siegius Strategy Juice-Tin, Mike Sleva N/A
SQRL Golf Arcade TechRadium N/A
Skies of War Extended Action Youda Games N/A
Chronicles of Albian 2 Find Shockwave.com N/A
Sonic RPG Episode 5 Visual Novel MidNightMaren, Acid Shiver N/A
Mr. Mothball Platformer Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Cheese Quest 3D: The Brother Lady Saga Arcade N/A Cartoon Network
Wonder Boy Legends RPG Godlimations N/A
Room Escape 21 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
ABC Simulation Orgdot N/A
Aqua Slug Shooter Glaiel Games ArmorGames
Mario Street Fight Fighting Playcow.com N/A
Clear Vision Shooter Daani AddictingGames.com
Basket Balls: Level Pack Puzzle Turbo Nuke Kongregate.com
Super Pinkie World 2 Platformer CertaintyPrinciple N/A
SeppuKuties Platformer Tony ArmorGames.com
K.O.L.M. 2 Platformer Tony N/A
JFK Airport Parking Driving Gang of Gamers N/A
Free Ball Sports Kynetik Art N/A
Prior Platformer krangGAMES N/A
Forgotten Hill: Memento -Buried Things- Adventure FM-Studio, Francesco, Manuela Forgotten-hill.com
Ricochet Kills 3 Arcade Mibix N/A
Derpy's Story Adventure 4as N/A
One Bullet (Flashygoodness) Tower Defense Flashygoodness, Pix3M, Potentialing N/A
Drag Race Demon Racing Mousebreaker N/A
Hyper Pixel Man Platformer Pixelulsar N/A
Hello Venice Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Obsessive Compulse Tournament Pack Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
Squares 2 Arcade Gavin Shapiro Albino Blacksheep
P.U.N.K Platformer Vancouver Film School N/A
Holiday Time Travel Escape: Valentine's Day Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Reflector Satellites Arcade ABAGames N/A
Super Smashing Duck Hunt Shooter tomoAwasu N/A
Second Wind RPG squidly N/A
Neon Race Racing LongAnimals N/A
Caila Raven and the Draco Adventure Esklavos N/A
Curveball Arcade N/A N/A
1 Will Survive 2 Strategy Tremor Games N/A
Kingdom Days Dating Sim Pacthesis N/A
Mario Strikers - Heads Up Arcade Nintendo N/A
Deterministic Panels Puzzle ABAGames N/A
Moon Sweeper Shooter Ben Olding Yoarcade.com
Bridgecraft Puzzle N/A N/A
Matsumoto Rangiku Dress Up Dress-Up Teodoralaessa N/A
A Snail Story Adventure Belugerin Games N/A
Adventure Time - En Busca de la Justicia 1 Platformer Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.es
Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in London Puzzle Aardman Animations Expedia
Ragdoll Laser Dodge Action StupidFlashGames101 N/A
Payphone Mania Adventure Snap Break N/A
Holy Crap Bears! Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Videl's Heavenly Pleasure Adult HentaiKey N/A
Park This Boat Driving Gamezindia N/A
Goat Guardian Platformer Cartoon Network N/A
Rocket Man Artillery person333 N/A
Panda Golf II Puzzle Panda Golf N/A
Tom and Jerry meet Sherlock Holmes Platformer ? N/A
Freeway Fury Arcade Vasco Freitas CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Natation Sports ENIstudio N/A
Snowstorm Puzzle Artificial Environments N/A
Beaking Great Mango Quest Platformer N/A N/A
Floats Arcade Orisinal N/A
Oiligarchy Strategy Molleindustria N/A
Wine Pong Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Madness Miscreation Shooter Moonkey N/A
The Tower 70F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Puzzle Solitaire Card Dekovir Entertainment Shockwave.com
Boys' Life Marty the Monkey Arcade N/A N/A
Hinata's Memory Game Adult HentaiKey N/A
People Bucket Arcade Dominik Hofmann Armorgames.com
Heart The Beat Arcade nicotuason N/A
Boys' Life Multi-Code Machine Simulation N/A N/A
Dogfight Aces Shooter Wide Angle Games Tremor Games
Kung Fu Grandpa Brawler Aliza Armorgames.com
The Old West Shoot Em Up 2 Shooter Tech Radium Miniclip.com
El joc de la prehistòria: Poblat 1 Variety NS-Studios N/A
The Last Stand: Union City Shooter ConArtists ArmorGames.com
Goime 500 Platformer Cary Huang N/A
MADNESS: Hank's Nemesis Arcade JPGarcia N/A
Catch the Cheese Puzzle Kedicik, MXPain N/A
Avatar Fortress Fight 2 Strategy Nickolodeon N/A
Mr. Vengeance Upgrade Shooter LegendsOfFlash N/A
Run from the Sun! Runner Anthony Gowland, Joe Cavers N/A
Synapsis 2 Adventure robotJAM N/A
Soundodger Rhythm Adult Swim N/A
Infectonator Hot Chase Arcade TOGE Productions N/A
Rumor Control Quiz PBS N/A
Pico's Infantry Covert Operatives Strategy Bomtoons N/A
Esklavos Chapter 11 Adventure N/A N/A
Snipedown Shooter Johannes Wolf N/A
Darkness 3 Adventure Lutc N/A
Motorcycle Tycoon 2 Racing Disco Blimp N/A
Score (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Steppin' Stones Puzzle Emiel de Graaf N/A
Vault of Xenos Strategy GoodyPundit N/A
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Head Games Puzzle Adult Swim N/A
Adventure Ponies Platformer The Hub Network N/A
Twin Botz Arcade Fortunacus Lucas, (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), One-Tank Newgrounds.com
Madness Scene Creator 3 Dress-Up F1Krazy N/A
Rhythm Fireworks 2 Rhythm Coolio-Niato ArmorGames.com
Hotel Translvania: Wayne's Wolf Pup Wrangle Action Hotel Transylvania Addictinggames.com
Ghost Motel Choose Your Own Adventure Violet-AIM N/A
Daily Jigsaw Challenge Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Fireman Incoming Storm Shooter iragination N/A
Crazy Cruise (Squirrel Family) Runner Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Voltron Force Ultimate Victory Arcade Nicktoons N/A
Endless Migration Arcade Hot Air Raccoon Armorgames.com
Knocked Out 2 Arcade 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
SpongeBob: Elbow Grease Scrub-Down Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Storm the House Action Ivory N/A
Fanta Dash Arcade TheWeebl, PEAB0 Newgrounds.com
The Simpsons Home Interactive Online Game Toy N/A N/A
Demogorgon 2 Strategy Wizard Studioz N/A
Rhythm Blaster Shooter Coolio-Natio N/A
4 Differences Find Ivoryboy N/A
Cosmic Defender Shooter 2dplay.com N/A
Youda Camper Strategy Youda Games N/A
Skywire VIP Shuffle Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Escape from Abandoned Factory 2 Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
King's Rider Runner Vincent Cloutier, Etienne Jean N/A
Thunder Struck - Desert Force Action Skillpod Games N/A
Where's An Egg? Adventure Videlectrix N/A
Gravity Action N/A N/A
Bat and Pitch Sports Shockwave N/A
Jet Velocity 2 Racing DEVM-Games Miniclip.com
Demolition Driver Racing Gamezindia N/A
Rock, Paper, Scissors (Eyezmaze) Rock Paper Scissors Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Destination Earth Arcade N/A N/A
Shrink Puzzle kchamp ArmorGames.com
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 6 Adventure Melting Mindz N/A
Rudy's Fruities Puzzle Chevron N/A
JackSmith Simulation Flipline Studios Papa Louie Arcade
Autumn (Squirrel Family) Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Clock of Skittles Puzzle Mars, Neopets Neopets.com
Anglebeat Puzzle jmtb02 N/A
The Fabulous Screech Adventure Jonas Kyratzes N/A
Mercenaries 2: World Nearly In Flames Shooter EA and Armor Games ArmorGames.com
Madness Accelerant Shooter Tom Fulp Newgrounds.com
Hashi Ex Machina Puzzle Digital Machina N/A
Batman vs. Mr Freeze Arcade WB Games N/A
Mining Truck Motocross Anton Harlov N/A
The Telekinetic Incident Platformer Skeik-Sprite N/A
Crazy Knight Brawler Imanga (Originally), Unkown N/A
Dark Cut Puzzle jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Block Drop Puzzle Dan Russell-Pinson N/A
999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Demo Visual Novel Chunsoft N/A
Glophone Puzzle Glophone, Neopets Neopets.com
Snowball Siege 2 Puzzle Alma Games, Box2D N/A
MoonHex Action Umut Dervis N/A
Orisinal Rain Animation Orisinal N/A
The Fairly OddParents Wishology Chapter 3 Platformer Nickelodeon N/A
Test Subject Arena Arcade Nitrome N/A
Frost Bite Platformer Nitrome N/A
Camper-Strike Shooter BarrakWorld N/A
G-Switch 3 Runner Serius Games N/A
Snake Trouble Arcade Tomas Eriksson N/A
Mountain Maniac Arcade Adult Swim Battleon.com
Let There be Smite Strategy Pippin Barr N/A
Penguins Attack 2 Tower Defense Jon Bartram N/A
Spiderling Platformer Petrini MaxGames.com
Cute Music School Rhythm HlYA N/A
Dark Fairy Dress Up Game Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
Above Average Guy Platformer Chris Jeff Addictinggames.com
Deadly Dash (Squirrel Family) Runner Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Breakdown Blast Puzzle Cartoon Network N/A
Pocks Friend Adventure hanamushi N/A
Weird Bicycle Game 2 Arcade RVWD N/A
Sonic Saves Mario Driving Toon Heroes N/A
Caravan Beast RPG GoodyPundit N/A
Zombie Situation Shooter Elliot Pace N/A
Dream Tower Platformer Miniclip N/A
MadArrow Strategy Anton Pendur N/A
Mahjongg Dimensions: Beat the Best Puzzle Arkadium N/A
My Friend Pedro Shooter DeadToast Entertainment Adult Swim
Crunchball 3000 Sports Ben Olding Games N/A
StripBowl! Sports StripArcade N/A
Modern Moana Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen Dressupgames.com
Puzzle Tower Puzzle MyPlayYard Games N/A
Bluey in Space Puzzle glowmonkey N/A
Cunning Sam Action Dmitry Zhuravlev, Anton Golovcheno, Qwentin N/A
The Tower 21F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Ninja Showdown Action EA N/A
Create a Ride Toy Createaride.com N/A
The Ultimate Video Game Quiz NES Quiz ZipperFish.com N/A
Rush Arcade Nitrome N/A
Armored Ashura Arcade Fortunacus Newgrounds.com
Hector Holmes Adventure Abroy.com N/A
Catch and Dunk Sports Addictinggames.com AddictingGames.com
Burger Shop 2 (Demo) Action GoBitGames N/A
Guardian Angel Platformer DesignAssembly N/A
Cyberchase: Railroad Repair Puzzle PBS N/A
Seedling Adventure Connor Ullmann N/A
Create a Rat Dress-Up PidgePudge N/A
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Pizza Party Pickup! Arcade Disney N/A
Grapple Cat Runner 2D Heroes BigDino
Parking Frenzy Driving Games2win N/A
Bike Mania Arena Motocross FlashGames247 N/A
Grow v1 (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Firefly (Arkadium) Arcade Arkadium N/A
Extreme Building Runner/No Fear Extreme Energy Runner Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Olanov Newgrounds.com
Tactical Assassin 3 Shooter Simon Hason N/A
Robot Unicorn Attack: Christmas Runner Adult Swim N/A
Mini Bet on Soldier Shooter Inbox Digital Digital Jesters
Xenon Prime Racing Racing Andromedus.com N/A
rd flying Toy empalu N/A
Carlos and The Murder Farm Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Zombie Squirrel Attack Shooter Mindistortion N/A
Nuclear Justice 2084 Brawler NextPlay N/A
Beat Beat Revolution 1st Progressive Rhythm Expecter N/A
The Bonte Room Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
ハロウィンSP 鏡の中の間違い探し 2011 Find Yukawa's Soft N/A
Club Penguin ThinIcetroBarrier Shooter Disney N/A
Kids WB Turkey Day Food Fling Shooter Kids WB N/A
Brainless Monkey Rampage Action BeefMonkeys N/A
Flash Cat Runner Nitrome N/A
Tevlon 3D Shooter MyGame N/A
Elastic Soccer Sports GameSheep.com N/A
Blue Precure Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Snake (Miniclip) Arcade Miniclip N/A
E-volution Adventure Abroy N/A
Dr. Yagokoro Puzzle chibitami.net, works N/A
99 Rooms Escape the Room N/A 99rooms.com
Bubble Guinea Pop Puzzle LongAnimals N/A
ToonTown Card Cog Action Disney N/A
Dynamite Train Driving Gametornado Gametornado
Epic Sax Game Rhythm Pippin Barr N/A
SpongeBob: Gone Fishing Card Blockdot Nickelodeon
DK Country GBC Interactive Toy Nintendo N/A
Raju Meter 2 Racing Games2win N/A
625 Sandwich Stacker Arcade Disney N/A
Monkey Go Happy 4 Puzzle Pencil Kids N/A
Whack the Terrorist Toy Tremor Games N/A
Flash Geometry Wars Arcade AtmosGames N/A
Moto Rush Motocross N/A AddictingGames.com
Fruit Fall Puzzle Sogoplay N/A
Castle Cat 4 Platformer Wiesi Mausland N/A
Sonic Transformed Adult CTRL-Z (previously known as Enormous) N/A
Baron's Gate 2 Shooter Dragosha Games N/A
VR Defender Y3K Tower Defense DizzyWeasel N/A
Hobo Brawl Brawler SeethingSwarm N/A
Apple Jack's Moped Madness Arcade Kelloggs, Neopets Neopets.com
Room Escape 16 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Amigo Pancho 2: New York Party Puzzle ConmerGameStudios N/A
Polar Bob Artillery Fire Beast Studio Armorgames.com
Manta Claus Arcade Arkadium N/A
Busy Bistro Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Fate Extra CCC Visual Novel Marvelous N/A
Psychic Stevie's Answers Toy NewJoiseyWop N/A
Aurica Cosmosphere Part 2 Visual Novel Koei Tecmo N/A
Necronomicon Card Game Card Games of Cthulhu N/A
Maze Man 2 Arcade The Game Homepage N/A
Fuel Conductor Puzzle Ivan Golmer Addictinggames.com
Shrink It Puzzle NPGAM.ES None
Reach the Core Arcade Magnetic Asteroid SilverGames.com
Flash Bash Fighting Godlimations N/A
Hi-Chew Candy Hunt Arcade Morinaga, Neopets Neopets.com
God's Playing Field Toy MercuryLime CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up Shooter Jonathan Howe, The Brothers Chaps N/A
Nostalgic Chainsaws Arcade Adult Swim N/A
UPSQUID Arcade 01010111 N/A
Medivoid Arcade armorstudios N/A
Transmorpher 2: Alien Assault Platformer FlashRush Games Gupp.com
Earth Hour Game Platformer N/A N/A
Drop Dead 3 Toy ttursas N/A
Agent J's Mission Escape the Room N/A N/A
GingerBread Circus Arcade iojoe N/A
Starcraft Flash RPG Strategy N/A N/A
The Last Door Chapter 3: The Four Witnesses Adventure TheGameKitchen N/A
Soifon Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 6 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
But Robopolice Are... Runner NoCare Games N/A
Miss Fortune's Booty Trap XXX Parody Adult LustyLizard N/A
Armor Picross Puzzle Armor Studios N/A
Drop 3 Puzzle irRegularGames Frosmo
Cave Chaos 2 Platformer Nitrome N/A
Adventure Ponies 2: Wait! Theres More?! Platformer The Hub Network N/A
Midnight Race Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
Dune Buggy Racing IriySoft Miniclip.com
The Closer - Sweet Shot Puzzle Red i Studios N/A
Tortuga 3 Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Helena Arcade N/A My Chemical Romance
James the Beach Zebra Sports Super Flash Bros. N/A
SiON TETRISizer Puzzle WonderFL N/A
Standoff: Turn Based News Strategy squidly N/A
Wilt: Last Blossom Platformer Asvegren N/A
Kindergarten Killer Shooter Zsoa N/A
Huntloween Brawler Josh Tam (Tamugaia.com), Kimble & Kheni, Armorgames.com
A Blocky Christmas Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Alien Attack Team 2 Shooter Ace Viral Addictinggames.com
Puzzle Bobble Arcade Nils N/A
Super Dune Impossible Arcade Tremor Games N/A
Guardians of Altarris Brawler Scott Stoddard N/A
Portal Defenders Brawler Tom Fulp Newgrounds.com
Bomb Catcher 2 Arcade Satellite Animations N/A
The Ballad of Ketinetto Adventure Esklavos N/A
Pee Man Shooter Psycho Goldfish N/A
Super Slyder Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Balloon Pop (The Fair) Action Disney N/A
Fix-a-turkey WTF kevin swearingen, Frog Studios N/A
Nelly Adventure DeqafStudio N/A
Dildo Heroine Rhythm Mutanky Mutanky.com
Toon Crisis Shooter KillerViral N/A
River Poker Solitaire (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Cash Machine Puzzle green mines N/A
Barbarian Fighting Lyxergina N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 20 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
American Racing 2 Racing TurboNuke, Longanimals, Robotjam Addictinggames.com
Modern Ariel Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen Dressupgames.com
Cursor Invisible Arcade Amo's JUNK=LIFE N/A
Scooby Doo and the Creepy Castle Puzzle N/A Cartoon Network
Boys' Life Scout Bowling Sports N/A N/A
Rose of Versailles Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
Freshman Year Visual Novel Nina Freeman N/A
Naruto Ninja Survival Shooter ? N/A
Electric Joint Puzzle Char Studio Jeddah Bikers
Black Jack Puzzle Puzzle WellGames Shockwave
Galaxy Siege 2 Strategy MyPlayYard Games N/A
The Zombie 6 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Victorian BMX: Death on Wheels Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Tales of Carmelot Adventure Snap Break N/A
Red Driver Racing Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
TheMJ Dress Up Of Madness II Dress-Up TheMJ N/A
Skeleton Park Arcade N/A N/A
Showdown Poker Solitaire (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
The Mummy Maker (BBC) Toy N/A N/A
Time Blast Shooter N/A N/A
BUG Battle Combat Arcade finefin N/A
Stuart Little Crazy Drive Racing Sony Pictures Sony Pictures
Fishdom: Harvest Splash Puzzle Playrix N/A
Fireboy and Watergirl 4 in The Crystal Temple Platformer Oslo Albet A10.com
Aimbooster Arcade Aimbooster N/A
Rural Racer Racing Miniclip N/A
Casus Platformer TimeBlog N/A
My Dolphin Show 2 Arcade AGame N/A
Monster Dropper Puzzle Nobstudio N/A
Rally (Hacked) Racing Uzinagaz N/A
Manamancers Puzzle Maras N/A
Hot Air Arcade Nitrome N/A
Izumi Konata Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Love Chase Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 5 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
TicTac Melon Mango Mayhem Puzzle Soap Creative N/A
Pixelvader Shooter Ace Shooting Games N/A
Starry Night Arcade Orisinal N/A
Portable Curse Device Toy HTN12 N/A
Hokuto no Huchen (Fist of the North Karp) Arcade Emmett Butler, Nina Freeman N/A
Firefight Shooter N/A N/A
Special Delivery Arcade OneMrBean N/A
Persona Eyes Generator Dress-Up McGenio N/A
Holiday Time Travel Escape Easter Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Kill Me Platformer K. Kristensen, M. Poppel, S. Pedersen, M.P. Larsen, X. Lafont N/A
Cyberchase: U Fix It with Ziff Puzzle PBS N/A
Allstate Toll Booth Tournament Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Reiko Biker Girl Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Don't Escape 2 Escape the Room Scriptwelder ArmorGames.com
Malik's Busy Day Simulation Red i Studios N/A
Park This Car! Driving AddictingGames and Games2Win N/A
Tiles of the Unexpected! Puzzle Zombie Flesh Eaters N/A
Isoball 2 Puzzle CandyFlame N/A
Crash n Smash Derby Driving Booty Arcade N/A
Ed, Edd n Eddy Spin Stadium Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
Earth Dismantlement Adventure Gam.eBB N/A
Bowja the Ninja 3 - Ninja Kami Adventure Pencilkids N/A
HentaiKey Girl 3 Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Platforming Game Test Platformer InfinityDash N/A
ClixSposing Samus Adult GSPervert N/A
The Flood Runner 2 Runner Ben Rad Vinyl N/A
Futility Simulation Dissolute Production N/A
Lord of Vandaria Strategy TogeProductions N/A
Get Out Escape the Room Gon Games N/A
Political Duel 2 Fighting FreeWorldGroup.com N/A
Barry Potter and the Stoned Philospher Shooter N/A thepcmanwebsite.com
Get On Top Action Bennett Foddy N/A
Navy Advergame Shooter N/A N/A
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Shadow Tag Adventure Elvidian Entertainment N/A
Wolf Maker 2.3 Fox Edition Dress-Up PerianArdocyl N/A
Slingshock Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Dead End St. Shooter Justwo N/A
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Halloween Girls Kissing WTF Games2Rule N/A
Pokanoid Arcade xpndsprt N/A
Drift Runners 3D Driving Long Animals and Biscuit Locker N/A
Awexome Cross 98 Runner Videlectrix N/A
Hood Episode 3 Adventure Hyptosis N/A
Alerte Virus - Adventure Game Adventure Frima Studio N/A
Mountain Bike Motocross Miniclip.com N/A
Swindler Arcade Nitrome N/A
ROM CHECK FAIL (Hacked) Action Farbs N/A
Virtual Cop Shooter 2DPlay N/A
Edmonton City Hall Virtual Tour Toy Somnia City of Edmonton
Katie Commando Shooter Xform N/A
Twilight Sparkle Pest Exterminator Arcade InfinityDash N/A
ClickPlay Rainbow Puzzle Ninjadoodle N/A
HentaiKey Girl 5 Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
SpongeBob: Belly Bounce Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Skullgirls - On Fours Adult EroPharaoh N/A
L'aventure enchantee Adventure N/A N/A
Exposed Adventure 01101101 N/A
Billy's Hill Arcade Uncle Handsalt N/A
The Ambridge Mansion Adventure jimgray N/A
Chicken Wings Are Not For Flying! Arcade Orisinal N/A
Himatsubushi Action N/A N/A
Horrortale- Prototype Adventure Sour Apple Studios N/A
Upgrade Complete 3mium Shooter Tony ArmorGames.com
Automaton Part 2 - Mr. Crumpet Adventure Little Norwegians N/A
Championship Cock Fighters Fighting BostonXBA N/A
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Lights (Neutral) Escape the Room Neutral N/A
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Rail of Death 2 Arcade Belugerin Games N/A
Matrix Pandemonium Action T.Suriyathep N/A
Necronator Strategy TOGE Productions ArmorGames.com
Teen Titans Ciudad Bajo Fuego Brawler Marvel Kids N/A
Panty & Stocking Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Crush the Castle 2 Artillery ArmorGames.com ArmorGames.com
G.I. Joe Defend the Base DS Demo Action EA N/A
Goat Mechanic Arcade Epace N/A
Absolutist Black Jack Card Absolutist.com N/A
Newton's Law Shooter Justwo N/A
Factory Balls 3 Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Doodle Brigade Tower Defense N/A N/A
The Rainy Day Adventure N/A N/A
Mr.Timan Puzzle Vogd3 N/A
Defend Your Honor Arcade Tony Armorgames.com
Cargo Bridge - Armor Games Edition Puzzle Limex Games N/A
Bloons Super Monkey Shooter Ninja Kiwi N/A
Samantha Wins Adventure Silver Stitch N/A
Journey To The Center Of The Mind Action EA Games N/A
Nuts and Bolts Puzzle Gaming Your Way N/A
Princess: Piece of Cake Adventure Carmel Games N/A
Pursuit of Hat 2 Platformer Anton Rogov, Alexander Ahura N/A
A Small Favor Adventure Zeebarf Newgrounds.com
Epic Combo Redux Arcade jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Sonic Transformed 3 (Shadow Transformed) Adult CTRL-Z (previously known as Enormous) N/A
The House Adventure Sinthai Studio N/A
Pipol Smasher Puzzle Dmitry Zaletov; Konstantin Jenchur; Dmitry Petyakin N/A
Boys' Life Arcade N/A N/A
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4th & Goal 2013 Sports glowmonkey N/A
Protocol Visual Novel Project Protocol N/A
Larry and the Gnomes Brawler Jazza Studios Newgrounds.com
Cable Capers 2 Action GamesArcade.net N/A
Mission to Neptune Arcade Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Hoshi Saga 12: Minnano 3 Puzzle Yoshio Ishii (NEKOGAMES) N/A
SpongeBob: Gnarly Rip Curl Arcade This is Pop Nickelodeon
Balance Balls 2 Arcade Bill Northcott N/A
Tsunami (Demo) Shooter JustinBaldwin N/A
Meat Boy Platformer Edmund McMillen N/A
Learn to Fly Idle Artillery Lightbringer Games N/A
Peace Break Hero Shooter Annie and Mark, Justin R. Durban, Edgen Animations, Calpomatt Teagames.com
Dot Action 2 Platformer OffGao N/A
Sky Invasion Shooter Art Logic Games N/A
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Pinkie Pie Dress Up Dress-Up gaminggoru N/A
Monster Flood: The Zombie Gate Shooter Fog.com N/A
Mini Dash Platformer Pavel Kupriyanoc, Andrey Kovalchuk PlayCreek
Xtreme Xmas Shopping Strategy Persuasive Games N/A
Alien Hominid Shooter The Behemoth Newgrounds.com
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Out of Wind Puzzle Lampogolovii, Leric, Ahura Not Doppler
The Tower 5F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Zentences Toy Phenomenon.org Phenomenon.org
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Sniper Assassin 2 Shooter JB N/A
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SpongeBob: Classroom Cupid Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Hack Slash Crawl RPG Hatched Games N/A
Wrax Puzzle www.superdudes.net www.superdudes.net
Coke Zero Classic Football Sports Coca-Cola N/A
Apple Pie on Halloween (Russian) Arcade Hanna Striganova, Dmitriy Shevchenko, Fairy-tale Worlds N/A
Final Fellatio X-2 Adult NastyB N/A
Achilles II: Origin of a Legend Brawler Ben Olding N/A
Rockin' It Adult LustyLizard N/A
Coffee Tycoon Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Sex Kitten Sim-Date 2 Adult Madhavi N/A
Bit Battles Strategy Boarding Party N/A
MIRC 2 Shooter OneSexyPaperBag N/A
Tontoko Tontie ver.0 Arcade Eyezmaze Eyezmaze
Jack French 1: All Roads Lead To Paradise Adventure Johnny B Design N/A
Seiba Kiki Ippatsu Variety Marvelous Entertainment, Inc. N/A
Super Mario Flash 2 Platformer poeuetpu-games.com N/A
SpongeBob: Monster Mashup! Fighting Workinman Nickelodeon
Toxic Jump Arcade games_games N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 10 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Addiction Solitaire (Classic) Card Arkadium N/A
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Alice is Dead Chapter 2 Adventure Lorestrome Newgrounds.com
Talesworth Adventure Episode 1 Puzzle Sean Gailey N/A
Half Baked Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Cub3d Platformer N/A N/A
Pancake Surprise Visual Novel berrymelon N/A
Captain Zorro Last Hope Shooter GameZHero N/A
The Tower 58F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Shumujong (Digitz Mahjong) Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Timespunkers Action N/A N/A
Spike: A Love Story Arcade Loserulliex Games N/A
Time Goes By Racing Burstyx Studio N/A
Stickman Madness Shooter DragonGamez N/A
Confrontation - Nuke Affair Shooter N/A N/A
Plankton Life 2 Arcade LogicCollision.com N/A
Abandoned Sanatorium Escape Escape the Room World Escape Games N/A
Street Fighter II - Ryu vs Sagat Fighting OTR N/A
Hoshi Saga 7: Ringohime Puzzle Nekogames N/A
Max Dirt Bike Motocross N/A MaxGames.com
Free Cell Solitaire (Classic) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Fireboy and Watergirl 2 in The Light Temple Platformer Oslo Albet N/A
Cha-Ching Saver World Tour Platformer Cartoon Network Asia/Prudence Foundation N/A
Criss Cross Bombs Arcade ABAGames N/A
Tricky Fish North Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Mr Lal The Detective 8 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Satanorium Adventure Belugerin Games N/A
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Cody Halloween Rescue Adventure Inka Games N/A
Planet Noevo II Shooter Louissi N/A
Minna no Kisekae! R18 (Let's Dress-up! Adult Version) Dress-Up Pochikou N/A
SpongeBob: Kitchen EnCOUNTer Arcade Workinman Nickelodeon
Dressup Avengers Dress-Up ElinTan N/A
Reincarnation: A Taste of Evil Adventure Chris Gianelloni N/A
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Skeet Shoot Shooter Arkadium N/A
Epic War 4: Alliance of Heroes Strategy ArtLogic Games Kongregate.com
Park My Big Rig 3 Driving AddictingGames & Gamezindia N/A
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Mechzilla Arena Fighting Godlimations N/A
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Dress Up Giselle Dress-Up AzaleasDolls N/A
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Backyards Buzzing Strategy Flashmania Studio FreshNewGames.com
Xmas Meltdown Shooter Dang Kian Sang, Filippo Vicarelli, Gionathan Pesaresi Rettilonteam.com
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Ratminator Shooter RT Logic Games N/A
Chamber Door Adventure Silver Stitch N/A
After Years in Dark Tunnels Platformer CosmicMaher, Flender N/A
Zombies Inc. Strategy Thomas Griffin, Evil Space Chicken, Symphony of Specters Arcadebomb.com
Time Explorer Adventure British Museum N/A
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John McClane's Bare Knuckle Brawl Fighting Arkadium N/A
Tetris (GamesX.com) Puzzle N/A Gamesx.com
The Tower 19F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Nell's Orgasm Adult HentaiKey N/A
Demologic Puzzle Maras N/A
Sift Heads Assault 3 Shooter Pyrozen GamesFree.ca
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Dressed Up Game Dress-Up Dollieguts N/A
Arm of Revenge Brawler Funnaut N/A
I Was Hungry But There Were Cannons Platformer Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), Dan Mcneely Joel Atkinson, Joey Betz, Larry Root, John Cooney, Kevin Maceod, Incompetech.com, Chris Ignatov Armorgames.com
Garfield Mystical Forest Adventure Platformer Garfield Garfield.com
Superfighters Brawler Mythologic Interactive N/A
Kagi Nochi Tobira 2 Escape the Room escape-game.com escape-game.com
Xolga and Mr. Toko Again - Episode 3 Adventure Pacthesis Games N/A
SmileysWar Shooter Interactive-Pixels MaxGames.com
The Tower 34F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Sneak Thief 5 - Final Five Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Poltergifts Action Evil Dog N/A
Metroid Hunter Shooter Wolfinity N/A
Just Shut Up and Drive 2 Racing Umut Dervis N/A
San Marino Find rhosus N/A
Dribble Arcade Uzinagaz N/A
Zodiac Tower Demo Puzzle Enkord N/A
Freedom Tower 2: The Invasion Shooter Demonte Maximiliano Swartag
Bucketball Puzzle Arseniy Desrosiers, Florian Himsl N/A
The Daily Snoop Collage Bonus Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Bowman Artillery Unknown Unknown
Sound System Toy Pippin Barr N/A
Absorption Platformer MoFunZone N/A
Esklavos Chapter 7 Adventure N/A N/A
Flash-Drive Demo Version Racing Martin Games N/A
Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Shooter nerdook N/A
Red Ball Hero Platformer Evgeniy Fedoseev N/A
Morse Puzzle Alexvscoding Itch.io
Flygirrl Platformer Solo N/A
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Running Man 2 Platformer Maya Games, Joe Gibbon N/A
Calligraphic Arcade Mateuz Skutnik N/A
Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Clay Pidgeon Hunter Shooter Henry Greer N/A
Shredding Goofy Sports Disney N/A
BMX Tricks Sports CBC Kids N/A
Steak and Jake: Midnight March Puzzle Flipline Studios Flipline Studios
Infestor Platformer Wobly MaxGames.com
Red Remover Player Pack Puzzle Gaz Thomas N/A
Infectonator Christmas Edition Strategy TOGE Productions N/A
BLOCnog Puzzle GameShot.org N/A
Geyser Surpriser (Hacked) Artillery PBS N/A
10 Gnomes 6: the Hall Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Thing Thing Shooter Diseased Productions CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Accurate Slapshot: Level Pack Arcade Ivan Pavlov MouseCity
Elite Forces: Jungle Mission Platformer Badim N/A
Frank's Adventure 3 Adult Mausland Entertainment N/A
Sonny 2 RPG ArmorGames.com ArmorGames.com
Refraction Puzzle GameScience N/A
Global Gizmo Puzzle PBS N/A
Grand Prix Go 2 Racing Turbo Boing N/A
Binary Puzzle N/A N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 23 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Dragon Fortress Strategy LittleGiantWorld N/A
Daily Jumble Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Holio U Phyllis Nightengale Adult Holio.net N/A
Hidato Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Horse Maker Ver. 1.0 Dress-Up PerianArdocyl N/A
Wonderputt Arcade Damp Gnat Kongregate.com
Word Roundup Puzzle David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek Shockwave
Crazy Penguin Catapult Arcade Digital Chocolate N/A
Slow Down Arcade austineast N/A
Boys' Life Pedro's Pancake Panic Arcade N/A N/A
Scuba Action Louissi, Mapoga N/A
Eco Ego Adventure www.marukin-ad.co.jp N/A
Newgrounds OSX Toy Mandog Games N/A
Uncontrollable Platformer Mastergamez N/A
Puzzl3D Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Stone Circle 7 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Trigger Knight RPG Mintsphere N/A
Revenge on Brazil Soccer Arcade Matmi N/A
Megaman Project X - Time Trial Platformer Andrew-Travisse, Sean Thibaudeau, Asylum Avatars N/A
Champions Field Sports Playposition.com Shockwave.com
Demonia City Adventure FR N/A
The Last Ninja from Another Planet 2 Platformer Dharmasta Adriwara Widhayaka N/A
Nico Robin Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA N/A
Spellsword N/A Lorestrome N/A
Beat Chaser Shooter Nonako N/A
FPS in Real Life 4 Shooter Aerdail N/A
X-hoc Sports Andromedus N/A
Puke the Pirate Platformer Kaboose inc. N/A
Upgrade Complete Shooter Tony ArmorGames.com
RPS-25 Arcade Dave N/A
The Rise and Fall of Mecha-Peron Arcade Hierophant Games N/A
Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas 4 Rhythm BekhoTeam, Nicolas Villarroel Nicolas Veas, Marcelo Serres Bruno Camousseigt, Charlie Parra Del Riego, Hernan Bruna, Ronny Antares, Felipe Cortes, Gamenode
Mario Vs Monsters Shooter Freegamepick.com Newgrounds.com
SMO Arena Fighter Action Fungus Shark N/A
Punk-o-Matic 2 Rhythm Evil Dog N/A
Disc Golf Sports Miniclip N/A
Elf Girl Sim Date RPG II Dating Sim Ludy Graffelman N/A
Arco Bowling Sports TGFG Programming Division N/A
SpongeBob: Hot Sand Hustle Platformer N/A Nickelodeon
Fruit Defense Tower Defense Belugerin Games N/A
Tombscape Adventure Bubblebox.com N/A
Pop-Tarts: The Great Pop-Tarts Chase Platformer Pop-Tarts, Kellogg N/A
Bike Mania 5: Military Motocross FlashGames247 N/A
Skywire VIP Extended Puzzle Nitrome N/A
NUMB3ERS: Digit Decoder Quiz Red i Studios N/A
Viva Caligula! In Hell! Arcade Adult Swim N/A
The Border Lands Shooter Gearbox Interactive N/A
Tentadrill Arcade Tony N/A
Rune Raiders Strategy Retro64 N/A
KhanKluay - The Last Battle Fighting Kantana Animation N/A
FlashTrek - Defiant Strategy N/A N/A
Gloomy Truck Driving Flash Racing Online N/A
Feed the Head Puzzle VectorPark N/A
Among the Clouds Arcade Orisinal N/A
10 Gnomes in Dubrovnik Find Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Mosquito Mayhem Arcade Arkadium N/A
Sonic Speed Dimension (beta) Arcade ferni2007001 N/A
The Picnic of a Ghost Family's Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Docking Perfection Driving Mousebreaker N/A
Phantom Mansion II: The Black Sea Puzzle gimme5games N/A
Chris Moyles Parody Island Platformer Koko N/A
Tenkai Knights: Bravenwolf's Run Brawler N/A N/A
The Z-Word Brawler Hellfang N/A
Black Box (Hacked) Adventure Eyezmaze N/A
Squawk Arcade Nitrome N/A
Gansters Action Freeaddictinggames N/A
Mr. Vario Arcade VarGames N/A
Bloons: Player Pack 1 Puzzle Ninja Kiwi N/A
Katawa Crash Arcade brent N/A
Armored Ashura: Ultimate Arcade Fortunacus Newgrounds.com
Blox Forever Puzzle ArcadeTown N/A
Daily Rebound Puzzle The Article 19 Group Shockwave
Hired Heroes Strategy Badim, MrDN, Squall_SS N/A
Icarus Proudbottom's World of Typing Weekly!: S1E1: Pilot Typing Holy Wow Studios N/A
My Friend Pedro Arena Action DeadToast N/A
Madness Clay Destruction Shooter Spudzy N/A
Island Escape 3 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Sieger 2 Strategy gmentat N/A
Must. Eat. Birds. Arcade Mediatonic N/A
Thing Thing 4 Action Diseased Productions CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Freedom Skies Shooter Justin N/A
Ghost Guidance Shooter Hatched Games N/A
Quibble Race Gambling Blackeye Software N/A
Return to Earth Platformer N/A N/A
Bob the Robber 2 Platformer N/A N/A
Super Mario PowPowPow Platformer ??? N/A
Jerry's Merry Christmas Adventure Mouse City N/A
Pixel Pop Variety Nitrome N/A
SpongeBob: Candy Dis-Order Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Spike's Day Off Adventure sonicboy112 N/A
Mr Lal The Detective 3 Adventure Ena Game Studio N/A
Swarm Control Strategy joeybetz N/A
snek REDUX Arcade squidly N/A
Achilles Brawler Ben Olding N/A
Desert Storm Shooter N/A Flashgames247.com
Crimson Eve Adventure Lorestrome N/A
Johnny Test Street Skate Race Sports Cartoon Network Cartoonnetwork.com
Whack Your Zombie Neighbour Toy Brutal Studio N/A
Bongo Boom Battlegrounds Rhythm nerdook N/A
Max Strong Adventure OK Interactive N/A
Call of Bieber Shooter FunnyGames N/A
Big Cats Cub Creator Dress-Up Kamirah, Dolldivine N/A
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Miller Estate Episode 1 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Mission: Migration Simulation Audubon N/A
The Best Love Test Ever Toy Shockwave N/A
Rose & Camellia: La-Mulana Fighting Nigoro N/A
Pussymon Full-Beta - Special Edition RPG SP3KTR3-X N/A
Robin Steele the Waifu Thief v2.1 Action Pix3M, BlitzProg, BritishMindslave, MandoPony N/A
Party Hard Action tinyBuild Kongregate
Galagon 2004 Arcade Jason Cirillo N/A
Days of Our Lives Solitaire Card King.com King.com
Space Lord Puzzle Axcho N/A
Frozen Swimmer Platformer ludosity ludosity
Boombot 2 Puzzle Kaiparasoft Ninja Kiwi
Bombay Taxi Driving Games2win N/A
Madness Dissension Action kroleux N/A
Steamlands Strategy Nitrome N/A
The Tower 37F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Bloons TD 3 Tower Defense Ninja Kiwi N/A
Phineas and Ferb Escape from Mole Tropolis Arcade N/A N/A
Frontline Defender Shooter HardCircle N/A
Monkeymetric Puzzle ArmorGames N/A
Super Treadmill Arcade Nitrome N/A
Ninja Turkey Shooter Nobstudio N/A
Mario Combat Brawler Sun Studios Newgrounds.com
Megaman Zero 1.5 Action Haileon Games FlashPortal.com
Genestealer Shooter Grmaster, Active Games Armorgames.com
Gun Knight Shooter Godlimations N/A
The Uptown Brothel Adventure HobartStarr, ToonPimp N/A
Colour My Dreams Platformer SilverStitch N/A
Tres Con Quistadores Adventure Cast Away Games N/A
EnDice Puzzle soapaintnice N/A
The Valley Rule Platformer Raiyumi N/A
Night of the Loving Dead Platformer Rhuno N/A
Garden Gnome Carnage Arcade Daniel Remar, Joel Nystrom, Daniel Kaplan, Jacob Wallen, Linus Sjoholm, Camilla Dalence, Erik Thelander Miniclip.com
Infested Space Shooter alexlarioza N/A
Dafne DressUp Dress-Up Sarakuan N/A
Coin Hunter Arcade Aethos Games N/A
Fear Less Runner Greg Lane N/A
StickMan Sam - Part 3 Shooter io3 (Crazy Monkey Games) N/A
A.V.G.M. Clicker Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel N/A
Little Big Square Puzzle emanon N/A
Gravitee Wars Artillery FunkyPear Kongregate.com
Daily Jigsaw Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Escape from Ice Mountain Adventure Team Polar Bear N/A
Abandoned: The Cube Chambers Puzzle Igor Krutov Addictinggames.com
Pumpkin Patch Blast Arcade CBC Kids N/A
12 Swap Puzzle Addicting Games N/A
Shuger's Rush Arcade CBC Kids N/A
King's Towers Tower Defense N/A N/A
ControlCraft Strategy MassaGamesDev N/A
Blocks 2 Puzzle Cool Math Games Cool Math Games
Music Catch 2 Rhythm Reflexive Entertainment Newgrounds.com
Coffee Shop Simulation Armor Games Armor Games, Coolmath Games
Hungry Spiders Arcade Orisinal N/A
Clear Vision: Elite Shooter Daani and Komix N/A
LONEWOLF Shooter simonhason N/A
Tech and Magic Action FlashRush Games N/A
Earth Taken 3 Action SeethingSwarm N/A
Zombinsanity Shooter Jay Armstrong Games, JIMP Armorgames.com
Jetpack Jailbreak Arcade Pehri Games N/A
Burrito Bison Arcade Juicy Beast NotDoppler.com
New Super Mario Bros. Flash Platformer Josh Anderson N/A
Myosotis Chapter 3 Adventure ImpendingRiot N/A
Fishy Waters Arcade Fabian Van Dommelen, Joris Van Leeuwen, Ivo Van Dijk N/A
Firework Facts Toy Armegalo Planet-Science.com
BOUNCE SHOT (Hacked) Shooter Nigoro N/A
Goalkeeper Premier Arcade FlashFooty.com N/A
Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack Artillery joeybetz N/A
Red Remover Puzzle Gaz The Game Homepage
Fury's Escape Puzzle Marvel Kids N/A
Sewer Escape 2 Puzzle gamesheep N/A
Fly Me To The Moon Arcade Addicting Games N/A
Snail Bob 2 Puzzle Andrey Kovalishin, Maxim Yurchenko, Dmitry Petyakin N/A
Cube Escape Arles Escape the Room Rusty Lake N/A
Accurate Slapshot Arcade Ivan Pavlov ZayPlay
Bad Ice-Cream 3 Puzzle Nitrome N/A
GingerBread Circus 3 Arcade iojoe N/A
Cube Escape: The Lake Escape the Room Rusty Lake N/A
Ninja Painter Coolmath Edition Puzzle Coolmath Games N/A
Ayiti: The Cost of Life Puzzle Gamelab N/A
School Invaders Shooter fmstudio N/A
Chainmaster Puzzle Games1.com N/A
Jamming with Grandma Adventure Carmel Games N/A
David & Keithan: The Haunted Lighthouse Adventure Snap Break N/A
Flash Vs HTML5 Arcade ComputerLove N/A
Mario is Missing: Peach's Untold Tale Platformer Ivan Aedler N/A
Game of the Probabillity Goose Strategy Alexandre Szybiak N/A
Golden Gate Drop Shooter 3DJoe N/A
The Visitor Returns Adventure Zeebarf ArcadeBomb.com
Vacation from Homework Adult Jasonafex, SpottyJaguar N/A
Hoshi Saga 1 Puzzle NEKOGAMES N/A
Vehicle Tower Defense Tower Defense robscherer123 N/A
Mitoza Toy Gal Mamalya (Baboon) N/A
High Speed Chase 2 Racing Johnny Two Shoes N/A
Obey The Game Arcade jmtb02 ArmorGames.com
Computer Defense Tower Defense N/A N/A
Megaman vs. Ghosts 'n Goblins 2.0 Platformer Staticreator N/A
Mummy Hunt 1 Quiz Funbrain N/A
Duck Hunt (Psykhoh) Shooter Pshykoh N/A
Haya Arcade N/A N/A
Onslaught 2.2 Tower Defense Gaby N/A
Reel Gold Arcade Miniclip N/A
Hoshi Saga 6: Ringoen Puzzle Nekogames N/A
Daily Tantrix Match Puzzle The Article 19 Group Shockwave
Gem Shop Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Thing Thing Arena Classic Shooter crazymonkeygames N/A
Crazy Over Goo Puzzle Xraven13 N/A
Don't Escape 3 Escape the Room Scriptwelder ArmorGames.com
- Music in Motion - Rhythm Coolio-Niato N/A
Darfur is Dying Variety InterFUEL ArmorGames
Armadillo Knight Brawler N/A N/A
Adventures of Miss Libellule: the Mother of the Bird Men Adventure Jo99 Jo99.fr
Barons Gate Shooter N/A N/A
Rat Maze Arcade Richard Grillotti, Miles Tilmann N/A
Math Puzzle Blitz Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Android 18's Thirst For Power Adult HentaiKey N/A
Street Skater Arcade BS Games N/A
Hell Yeah Copter Flying Dirty Coffee, Chris Woodhams, Tj Wilkinson Addictinggames.com
Monkey Slide Arcade Orisinal N/A
Gugol Chroma Toy GyromiteROB N/A
Magneboy Puzzle Nitrome N/A
Loved Platformer Alexander Ocias Kongregate.com
Like Like Likes Shields Arcade SugarToast N/A
Dirt Bike 2 Motocross fog.com N/A
Pogo Swing Arcade Tony, Anthony Lavelle (The EXP), James Pearmain (JIMP) Kevin Macleod (Incompetech), Dan Mcneely (Armor Games) Armorgames.com
Midnight Serenade Arcade Orisinal N/A
Combat Instinct Shooter McFretN N/A
Daily Unblock Puzzle The Article 19 Group Shockwave
Maze Puzzle Gamedesign N/A
Infectonator Puzzle Toge Productions Toge Productions
The Sun Goes to Space Puzzle Point38.com N/A
Catch Soul Find 3DBBQ - Net Terminator N/A
Gretel & Hansel Adventure Makopudding Newgrounds.com
Christmas Game! Motocross Filipe Sheepwolf N/A
SpongeBob: Skater Sponge Runner This is Pop Nickelodeon
Bike Mania 4: Micro Office Motocross FlashGames247 N/A
Steam Heart Platformer N/A N/A
Defense of Portal 2 Action N/A N/A
Gear Hero RPG Thefriend N/A
Scribble Two Arcade jmtb02 N/A
Sudoku Omega Puzzle Dennis Remme N/A
GunRox Santa vs Elves Demo Shooter Enkord N/A
Saucy Devil Gordon 2 Adventure Carmel Games N/A
The Morning After Escape the Room Mousebreaker N/A
Nebula Arcade Nitrome N/A
Anime Face Maker 2 Dress-Up Gen8 N/A
Klondike Solitaire (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
aBowman Penguins Toy Adam Bowman N/A
Alien Attack (Arkadium) Arcade Arkadium N/A
Zap Apple Buckin' Puzzle zztfox N/A
Bosses!!! Platformer N/A GunGamesOnline.org
Homerun Hero Artillery Shockwave.com N/A
TextWars Shooter Rounders N/A
Baseball Card Shark Arcade MLBPA, Neopets Neopets.com
Super Mario Bus Driving N/A 4463.com
Emit Platformer N/A N/A
Bunni: How We First Met Simulation Spryfox N/A
Pyro II Community Edition Puzzle damijin N/A
Pacman Arcade Neave N/A
Ski Runner 2 Runner IronZilla Armorgames.com
Interruption Puzzle Indeepop N/A
Yahoo Advergame Toy Yahoo N/A
Causality - Office Adventure N/A N/A
A Bonte Christmas Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Contra 20th Anniversary Edition Action N/A N/A
Cyberchase: Virus Hunt Puzzle PBS N/A
King's Island 3 RPG P.M Studios & FoofaStudios, Christian Convertino Fabio Belsanti, Matteo Sosso, Fabio Casale, Elisa Di Lorenzo, Giacomo Zanghi, Cristian Convertino, Luciano Iurino, Giorgia Arena, Rosamario Bartucci, Giueppe, Guglielmucci, Valeria, Schino, Mino Petruzzelli, Valeria Schino, Luca Eberhart, Alessandro Accardi Ageogames.net
Go Go Goblin! Arcade IriySoft N/A
Urban Slug 2 Action N/A N/A
RedEye 1031 Brawler jmtb02 N/A
The Way Home Arcade Orisinal N/A
Viktor the Nth Platformer Catavento N/A
Air Hockey Sports Downtime N/A
Hotel Translvania: Dracula's Maze Puzzle Hotel Transylvania Addictinggames.com
Building Rush Strategy Barbarian Games ArmorGames.com
A Knight's Story Toy Colino N/A
Wallace and Gromit: Invention Suspension Arcade Aardman Animations N/A
Artifission Chapter 1 Adventure Fickludd N/A
Forget-Me-Not Arcade kurismakku N/A
Prizma Puzzle 3 Puzzle SilenGames MoFunZone.com
Stalwart Arcade Jonathan Whiting N/A
Electric Box 2 Puzzle Twinkle Star Games Studios N/A
Room Escape 17 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game N/A
Kaboom! Action Groovz N/A
Warzone Tower Defense Tower Defense Jeff Gold N/A
Master of Illusion Investi-Catch Arcade Nintendo Neopets.com
Twisted Mario Platformer Teletoon playoffline.com
Doodle God Puzzle Avaloid N/A
Spring Cleaning Toy 01010111 N/A
Upgrade Station 2 Simulation Walk Plank Games N/A
ATV Destroyer Driving Gametornado Gametornado.com
More Brain Exercise Puzzle Mediatonic N/A
Pyramid Card King.com N/A
Carious Welting Shooter Edmund Mcmillen N/A
Causality - Candy Land Adventure N/A N/A
Binga 2 Puzzle Ninjadoodle N/A
Solipskier Arcade Mikengreg Games Newgrounds.com
Submachine 8: the plan Adventure Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure Platformer Nick Jr. N/A
Christopher Reeves Lander Flying Zipper Fish N/A
The Tower 38F Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Strike Force Heroes Shooter NotDoppler.com ArmorGames.com
Evangelyne & Amalia Interactive Animation Adult ZONE-SAMA, Fluffy N/A
Fish Eat Fish Action Joey Chappel, (Essence of Desgns) Dave Jackson (Inky Media) Addictinggames.com
Drihoo Arcade Shockwave.com N/A
Tesla Defense Action NSBrotherhood, Michael Gribbin N/A
Detective Grimoire Adventure Super Flash Bros ArmorGames.com
Raven Crime Adventure JacobDzwinel N/A
FF x KH Girls Dressup Dress-Up ElinTan N/A
Rhythm Blaster 2 Shooter Coolio-Natio N/A
Toss the Turtle Action Foreverkul ArmorGames.com; Newgrounds.com
Alchemia Adventure Springtail Studio N/A
Scooby Doo: Crystal Cove Online RPG Cartoon Network N/A
Bejeweled Blitz Regular Puzzle Popcap Games N/A
Deep Forest 3 Escape the Room Dassyutu Game Info WEB N/A
Excit Puzzle MIS GmBH, Darnstadt N/A
The Slob Platformer N/A N/A
Prizma Puzzle Puzzle Silen Games N/A
Dfragmente Adventure hexdie N/A
Midarezima Action 90k-games.com N/A
Space Dad Arcade Emmett Butler, Nina Freeman N/A
Troll Face Sniper 2 Shooter Qrash N/A
General Stick Suicide Choose Your Own Adventure JustinBaldwin N/A
Bassteroids Arcade Weaselcircus.com Weaselcircus.com
Word Winder Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Gem Invasion Puzzle GamesGames.com N/A
Easy Joe 3 Adventure Functu Fast Games
Scrabble Sprint Puzzle Pogo (?) N/A
Bio Zombie Origin Shooter N/A N/A
Magic Pen 2 Puzzle Alejandro Guillen N/A
Alexia Crow The Deal of the Gods (Hacked) Adventure Questtracers N/A
Pixel Room Adventure Kotorinosu N/A
Jinx Minx Tower Escape Adventure Jmkit.com N/A
Doc Ock Rampage Arcade N/A N/A
Decision Medieval Shooter FlyAnvil N/A
Mining Truck 2: Trolley Transport Motocross Ant Karlov N/A
Tennis Ace Sports GamesArcade.net N/A
Range Man Platformer TheVillageBlacksmith, Zethama N/A
The Splitting: Chapter 2 Adventure FireberryStudio N/A
Tradewinds Legends Strategy Shockwave.com N/A
Dance Dance Evolution Rhythm Zeiva Inc Productions N/A
Me and the Key 3 Puzzle Bart Bonte N/A
Extract (Arkadium) Puzzle Arkadium N/A
Tainted Olive Chapter 2 Adventure Black Olive Games N/A
Freaky Friday Adventure Ytv.com N/A
Nimble Knight Puzzle Yuri Krivonos, Oleg Tomenko Kiz10.com
The Scene of the Crime - Dream Murder Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Sex Racers Adult Mattis-Fiction, Supersatanson N/A
Mayhem in the Skies! Arcade Brett McLean N/A
Myosotis Chapter 2 Adventure ImpendingRiot N/A
Phantom Seeds (Spanish) Visual Novel Zeiva, Muhoho-Seijin N/A
Epic War 3: War of Heroes Strategy ArtLogic Games Kongregate.com
Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Stone Circle 6 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Can You Escape Fate? Visual Novel Chibixi N/A
Trauma Center Dress Up Dress-Up Hapuriainen N/A
The Last Angel Arcade Mostly Imaginary Studios N/A
The Last Door Special Feature: The Prototype With Developer Commentary Adventure The Game Kitchen N/A
Chisel Arcade Nitrome N/A
Groove of the Dead (Demo) Toy Design Assembly N/A
Pipedreamz Arcade Adult Swim N/A
Train of Thought Typing Arkadium N/A
Badass Builder 2 Shooter N/A N/A
Esklavos Chapter 17 Adventure N/A N/A
Bricks of Egypt Arcade ArcadeLab N/A
Kasumi Rebirth Adult Sawatex N/A
Stick Tennis Sports Stick Games N/A
Drop Dead Final Cut Toy Ville Helin N/A
Urban Sniper Shooter FreeOnlineGames.com FreeOnlineGames.com
Combat Instinct 3 Shooter McFretN N/A
Dave's Phat Beat Machine Toy Andrew Hussie N/A
Acaro 2 Adventure Angelo Ridone N/A
Goodnight Mr. Snoozleberg 2-2 Adventure Sarbakan N/A
Hungry Gamers Action TomFulp, JohnnyUtah, Oney N/A
Windows Xp Parody (Korean) Toy ??? www.zuzunza.com
Ocean Survivor Arcade Erlend s. Heggen, Bernat Pina, Charlotte Mcmillan, Nathan Madsen, David Hamner, Daniel Harris, Joseph Gordon N/A
Oppa Gangnam Run Platformer Fortunacus Lucas (Fortunatus Hadi Pintarto), Adreamofficial, Yong Jun Seo Newgrounds.com
SpongeBob: Plankton's Krusty Bottom Weekly Arcade N/A Nickelodeon
Motobots Racing Flash Racing Online N/A
Blast Door Action launch_44 N/A
Maverick Shooter jmtb02 N/A
Incursion Tower Defense Booblyc ArmorGames.com
Exmortis 2 Horror Ben Leffler N/A
It's a Nice Day Today Action Scottmale24 N/A
Allstate Spider Solitaire Card Arkadium N/A
Halloween Trick or Treat Escape 3 Escape the Room WowEscape N/A
Jungle Zombie Action Uzinagaz N/A
Click Maze 2 Arcade SylrePony N/A
Easter Island Mystery Adventure www.freeworldgroup.com N/A
Under Pressure Quiz Armegalo BBC's Blue Planet Website
Moonlight Difference Puzzle DifferenceGames, SoS N/A
Picturrific: Facts & Figures Puzzle Shockwave N/A
Mahjongg: Age of Alchemy Puzzle Arkadium N/A
PacMan Platform 2 Platformer knugen MaxGames.com
Bulwark 53 Shooter Pyrozen N/A
FlashGol Sports Mad Pixel N/A
My Little Pony: Adventures in Ponyville Adventure 360KID Electronic Arts
Golf Solitaire (Arkadium) Card Arkadium N/A
Hole In The Wall - Twisted Figures Puzzle Cartoon Network N/A
Cats Arcade Orisinal N/A
The Fog Fall 4 Adventure Pastel Games N/A
Civilizations Wars Ice Legend Strategy Cave of Wonders N/A
Transylvania Adventure N/A N/A
Trolley Problem Adventure Pippin Barr N/A
Mr. Mothball 2 Shooter Mateusz Skutnik N/A
Newgrounds Rumble Brawler NegativeOne, Mindchamber, Luis Castanon Newgrounds.com
Galacticab Arcade CBC Kids N/A
Zeta Flow Shooter SkyLogic N/A
Rev-Ups Puzzle Mattel N/A
B.L.A.C.K. Shooter Jacob Dzwinel StickPage.com
BLACK 2 Shooter Jacob Dzwinel StickPage.com
BLACK 3 Shooter Jacob Dzwinel AddictingGames.com
BLACK 4: Time of Revenge Shooter Jacob Dzwinel StickPage.com
S.W.A.T. Shooter ESP Animation StickPage.com
Sakarin Villapaitapeli Quiz N/A N/A
Springfield Cemetery Shooter N/A N/A
Goin' to Acapulco Adventure Marek Kapolka N/A
Dare Devil Motocross FreeOnlineGames.com FreeOnlineGames.com
NERF Dart Tag: Arena Showdown Shooter N/A Hasbro Inc.
Mexico Rex Action GameTornado N/A
Yeti Rampage Action GameTornado N/A
Paris Rex (Hacked) Action GameTornado N/A
Action Bros (Hacked) Action GameTornado N/A

3D Groove GX

Title Genre Developer Publisher
Danny Phantom Ghost Sweep Action Ezone N/A

3DVIA Player

Title Genre Developer Publisher
Dora's Rapido River Rafting Race Racing Sarbakan NickArcade
Kaotik Shooter V-Gamar N/A
2 Minutes of Mayhem Shooter Xform Games N/A
Risky Arcade V-Gamar N/A
FALCON 900LX Virtual Showroom Toy SoBuzzy Dassault Aviation
Witch Racing Championship Racing LakavProd LakavProd
Bucking Fuggy Racing Aquiris Game Studio Aquiris Game Studio
SpongeBob Shrink 'n' Sink Golf Sports N/A N/A
Phone Toy Xform Games N/A
3DVIA Player Rollercoaster Toy N/A N/A
Space Pebbles Shooter V-Gamar N/A
Extreme Bike Game Racing LakavProd, AD-Invaders LakavProd, Dassault Systemes
Jump Around Arcade Xform Games N/A
Drone Slayer Shooter V-Gamar N/A
Diego's Mudboarding Adventure Educational Sarbakan NickArcade
Flock Animation Xform Games N/A
The Backyardigans Super Spy Adventure Adventure Sarbakan NickArcade
Soapbox Race Racing CAMF Productions N/A
The Backyardigans Racing Adventure Racing Sarbakan NickArcade
The Hammer Shooter Xform Games N/A
Gunner Shooter V-Gamar N/A
Diego's Animal Park Simulation Sarbakan NickArcade
Extreme Bike Racing AD-INVADERS N/A
Toyota Auris Ice Experience II Racing AD-Invaders Toyota France
Brick Out! Arcade V-Gamar N/A
Slideball Arcade V-Gamar N/A
Ray Blaster Shooter V-Gamar N/A
Phileas One Puzzle Lexis Numérique N/A
Radical Aces Evolution Shooter Radical Play N/A
Rallye Demo Racing 3DVIA Virtools Dassault Systemes
Nick Jr. Tic-Tac-Toe Educational Sarbakan NickArcade
Hell Cat Shooter V-Gamar N/A
Snake It Arcade V-Gamar N/A


Title Genre Developer Publisher
Regular Show: Battle of the Behemoths Fighter Cartoon Network N/A
Slenderman History WWII Faceless Horror Shooter Kiz10.com Y8.com
Memory Platformer Brlka N/A
Super Santa Kicker Puzzle Coolmath Games N/A
Puzzle Farter Arcade Pet Tomato N/A
Traffic Car Racing Racing Meena Games N/A
Lock Simulator / Lockstep Simulator Toy pengu123 N/A
Daily Mystery Guest Bonus Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Nuclear Autumn Action Code : Phi Dinh (phi6) Art : Andy Dinh (andinh6) Audio: Robin Ogden (ogresounds) Itch.io
Dalek Hack Puzzle Microbit N/A
SAND MOJI ver2.0 Typing ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
Path of Pacifism RPG JohnnyHotshot Itch.io
Old Spice Big Lavender Game Shooter Old Spice Biglavendergame.com
Zoe and the Polypantheon Adventure carraka, SheldonZS Itch.io
Wonder Pity Platformer Shitty Games N/A
Die Alone Puzzle Sean Mombo Games N/A
Pizza Wizard+ Arcade Daniel McFarline N/A
Tanks!? Artillery Pippin Barr N/A
Daily Spot The Pic Emoji Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
Monster Box ver5.5 Fighting ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
Deadlocked Shooter khreathor, Christian Nordgren N/A
1000 Degree Heated Knife Game Arcade Chill Games N/A
Asmrion Toy Hipstersound N/A
Sign Escape the Room Neutralxe N/A
Age of Steel Strategy Quaint Emerald N/A
Rogue Quest 2: The Curse of the Weeping Queen Adventure Expera Game Studio N/A
My Dolphin Show 4 Arcade AGame N/A
Shiritori Strategy Andy Pickering N/A
Arca Ninja Droid Kitty Catastrophe Fighting Gamkedo, Reimy Lapointe, Christer "McFunkyPants" Kaitila, Jaime Rivas, Chris Markle, Michael "Misha" Fewkes, Stebs, Marc Silva, Brandon Trumpold, T. Baris Koklli, Sam Seltzer-Johnston, Kyle Thomas, Ashelee Muscroft, Trenton Pegeas Itch.io
Magical Maiden Madison Visual Novel Love Conquers All Games N/A
Micro Panda ver1.6 Arcade ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
Sibilant Snakes Arcade Pippin Barr N/A
VRUN Platformer Redscientist Media N/A
Antiquaria: The Mystery of the Moon Rabbit Find Solmis Limited N/A
Burnin' Rubber HTML Arcade XForm Games N/A
Daily Freecell Puzzle Cool Math Games N/A
Powder Game 2 ver8.8 Simulation ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
31 Puzzle Coolmath Games N/A
The Infamous Big Green Button Puzzle kontraband.com N/A
Finders Critters Puzzle Fundemic N/A
Thoughts & Prayers: The Game! Clicker The GOP Arcade N/A
Powder Game ver9.6 Simulation ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
2048 Fibonacci Puzzle Coolmath Games N/A
Kill Baby Hitler Adventure jacklehamster Newgrounds.com
Two Cars Racing Onduck Games N/A
Sidewalk Sidestep Simulation Will Herring (Grey2scale) N/A
Lim Rocket ver1.9 Puzzle ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
Bayonetta 8 Bit / Angel Land Shooter Platinum Games N/A
Maid of Venia RPG PoleCat Games Kongregate.com
Adventure Time: Sound Castle Arcade Cartoon Network N/A
Oni Hunter Puzzle Alexandre Villiers-Moriamé, Antoine Destailleurs, Guilhem D’Humières, Nicolas Ceriani N/A
Just One Boss Arcade Lexaloffle N/A
b r 1 Adventure Pippin Barr N/A
Metro Cop Shooter Helpcomputer Itch.io
Aegis One Shooter AddictingGames N/A
Moto Xtreme Construction Site Motocross Qky Games N/A
Cookie Clicker Clicker Orteil & Opti N/A
Dubai Police Parking Driving Vitality Games VitalityGames.com
Spot the Difference Daily Puzzle Cool Math Games N/A
Rockets ver1.8 Arcade ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
We Become What We Behold Puzzle Nicky Case N/A
Shaft Puzzle Coolmath Games N/A
Nothing to Hide (Demo) Puzzle Nicky Case N/A
alt-J - World of RELAXER Simulation alt-J N/A
Truck Loader 4 Puzzle Coolmath Games N/A
platelets.fun Toy N/A N/A
99 Balls Puzzle Coolmath Games N/A
Candy Box 2 Clicker Aniwey N/A
Donald-Trap Shooter Broken-Arms, Thomas Baron - Programmation Sylvain Guerrero - Programmation/FX Mojo - 2D artist nonamenosocks - 2D artist/Animation Grizzly Cogs - Music/Sound-design Itch.io
DynoStory Adventure DynoStorm Kongregate.com
Cowboy Football Shooter Yashpal N/A
Logi Box ver3.0 Puzzle ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
100 Arrows Artillery CircusMoth N/A
Ezender Keeper Action Vladimir (Vlandemart) Solovyev, Denis (interpol_kun) Timonov Y8, Id.net Y8.com
Final Fantasy (HTML5) RPG Square Enix N/A
A Matter of Caos Episode 1 Adventure Expera Game Studio Newgrounds.com
Ham Race 2 ver1.6 Racing ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
no-one has to die. Visual Novel Stuart Madafiglio N/A
Planet Simulation ver2.0 Simulation ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
Colorzzle Puzzle Darong Studio N/A
Sky Chasers Flying Poki Poki.com
Zombie Derby 2 Racing Olexiy Nolex N/A
60 Second Santa Run Platformer Coolmath Games N/A
Trump's Pussy Grabber Arcade Thegoarcade Thegoarcade.com
The Way Home Adventure Xiaohan Gao (Xyterix) , Joshua Kwan Itch.io
Nora The Explorer Adventure Phil Greenway (Sikosis) Itch.io
There Is No Game Toy Kamizoto Coolmathgames.com
Ultimate Evil Horror VirtuaWave Itch.io
Angry Olds Puzzle The GOP Arcade N/A
Compasses ver1.3 Simulation ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
Space Rogue Shooter RottenFish N/A
Epipen Tycoon Arcade Thegoarcade Thegoarcade.com
City Stunts Driving Adogames.com Y8.com
Trump's Convention Rampage Shooter The GOP Arcade N/A
Vex 3 Platformer kizi.com N/A
Ray Trace Fighter ver1.5 Fighting ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
Cyberchase: Watts of Trouble Puzzle PBS N/A
Shootout Shooter SmokeySpace Itch.io
Over Cursed Horror Pietro Ferrantelli, Florent Juchniewicz Itch.io
3D City Racer Racing Poki N/A
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Power Rangers: Ultimate Hero Clash 2 Fighting Nickelodeon N/A
Curtain Call Adventure Robin Allen N/A
WebGL Water Toy Evan Wallace N/A
Wolfenstein 3D Shooter ID Software N/A
Save Planet Arcade Play To Max N/A
Bomb The Right Place Simulation The GOP Arcade N/A
Bio Evil 4 Horror Gypopothomas, Awesemmz, Bibikigl, Clayzulah Itch.io
Vlambeer Clone Tycoon Simulator Rik Nieuwdorp & Martijn Frazer Vlambeer
The Mansion of Dr Anton Shooter Anton Gerdelan N/A
VIM Adventures Puzzle Doron Linder N/A
Liquid Webtoy ver2.6 Simulation ha55ii, DAN-BALL N/A
Cave War Shooter Y8.com Y8.com
MacriCat Go! Arcade Ey Pacha N/A
Daily Mystery Guest Puzzle Shockwave.com N/A
It is as if you were doing work Simulation Pippin Barr N/A
Rogue Quest: The Crypt of the Leech King Adventure Expera Game Studio N/A