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| 360 Games || Zaidos || 360 Games || [ Download]
| 360 Games || Zaidos || 360 Games || [ Download]
| Gamehouse Games Collection || RB || Gamehouse Games Collection || [ Download]

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How to Make a Playlist

To make a playlist you must be on the Games or Animations tab with the left sidebar open. Scroll to the very bottom of the left sidebar and click the New Playlist button. Add your title, author, description, then add an icon by clicking on the ?. Save your changes by double-clicking the checkmark. Add games by dragging and dropping from the main game area to your playlist entry on the left sidebar. To share the playlist, click the box icon which will save the playlist to your Data\Playlists folder.


How to Import

To import a playlist, you must be on the Games or Animations tab with the left sidebar open. Scroll to the very bottom of the left sidebar and click Import Playlist.

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Playlist Name Created by About Download
Hall of Fame tomzacz Animations Download
Flash365 Stickman Universe Listerine99.9 Animations Download
Who is Mister Coo Ekul Animations from Download
Weeble's What Ekul Animations from Weeble's Stuff Download
The Fear Hole Ekul Webshow Download
Lenore Ekul Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl Download
Animal School Ekul BBC's Animal School Download
Not Your WB Ekul Non Classic Animations from WB Download


Playlist Name Created by About Download
Ya Like Jazz Akte Games with the best soundtracks Download
8Bit Wonders ThePowerPlayer Pixel Based Games Download
Tom Fulp Collection MantraBeeg Tom Fulp Collection Download
The Huang Collection MantraBeeg The BFDI Guys Games Download
Bart Bonte Classics MantraBeeg Bart Bonte Hood Classics Download
Toge King Kaiyegi Toge Download
Going Mobile 404_11 Games ported to a mobile platform Download
Power Plays ThePowerPlayer ThePowerPlayers Favorites Download
D.O.N.G. Feromount Do Online Now Guys by VSauce Download
Hangame Flash Listerine99.9 Games made by Hangame Download
Episodic Essentials Ekulreklawyks Must play 1st episode games in a series Download
Stop Bullying Now Friendly Floyd Stop Bullying Now Download
Zach Picks mathgeniuszach Zachs Picks Download
Character Creation Friendly Floyd Games were you create a character Download
Pinball Paradise appleCider (she/her) Pinball Games Download
Popcap mariteaux Popcap Games Download
Multiplayer Magnificents Gidd_77 Multiplayer Games Download
Blast from the Past oshaboy (Not Sodium Chloride) Remakes and Ports of video games Download
AdultSwim Souls AdultSwim Games Download
Nick Games Allanbuzzy Nick Games Download
RB Gameplays Youtube ki(RB)y Games Played on YouTube Their YouTube Stream Download
Game Jolts Best Games Fat Cat from Nitrome Top Rated Games Download
ClickaMajigs drmalouf Nicks Click A Majigs Download
Advertisement Pipe smoking garfield Adver Games Download
Greatness Awesome_Squid Games Destined for Greatness Download
Mario Awesome_Squid Mario Games Download
Lego MiploloArchiletti Lego Games Download
North Korean Games Souls Games that were created in North Korea Download
Evil Dog Games King Kaiyegi Adventures of the Zombie Apocalypse in multiple games Download
Adventure Time King Kaiyegi Engaging Adventures and Impressive Plots Download
Fight in the Streets King Kaiyegi Without rules or time in most cases, you fight to the end. Download
Bowling King Kaiyegi Do you like hitting consecutive plenary sessions and becoming the ultimate bowling master? Download
Tomy Show and Tell TOMYSSHADOW Games which I think are worth playing because they're just really good or interesting Download
Zombie Gnashers Ekulreklawyks Just some Zombie Games I like Download
Flashpoint Memes RB Flashpoint Memes Download
Eyezmaze Ekulreklawyks Games from Eyezmaze Download
Firma Studio Ekulreklawyks Games by Firma Studio Download
Foofa Studio Ekulreklawyks Games by Foofa Studio Download
Lorestrome Ekulreklawyks Games by Lorestrome Download
Pastel Games Ekulreklawyks Games Pastel Games Download
Pencil Kids Ekulreklawyks Games from Pencil Kids Download
Ridlake Ekulreklawyks Games by Ridlake Download
Sarbakan Ekulreklawyks Games by Sarbakan Download
Zeebarf Ekulreklawyks Games by Zeebarf and the rest of the Reemus Series Download
Happy Tree Experiences samuster.pdn Happy Tree Friends Download
TV Show Games EnzoTheGreatWare Games based on TV shows Download
Sara's Cooking Class Mizuki Sara's Cooking Class Games Download
Mateusz Skutnik Ekulreklawyks Games by the Great Download
Fig Hunter Games / Pseudolonewolf Ekulreklawyks Games by Download
Turkey Season S. Carp Happy Thanksgiving! Download
360 Games Zaidos 360 Games Download
Gamehouse Games Collection RB Gamehouse Games Collection Download


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Playlist Name Created by About Download
NSFW Souls NSFW Download
HuggbeesR34Showcase 404_11 NSFW Download
TRY NOT TO CUM! Souls NSFW Download
Sex in the inner city Ekul Series from Download
Wizard of OZ Ekul Series from Download
Tardz Ekul Series from Download
T.V. Interactive Ekul Series from Download
Crispy & Root Ekul Series from Download
Coach Bigot Ekul Series from Download
Bill & Tedd Ekul Series from Download


Playlist Name
1001 Video Games
Adventurous Avenues
Best of Adult Swim
Brawler's Battles
Daily Distractions
Escaper's Encyclopedia
First Past the Post
Flash Food
Flashpoint Hall of Fame
Halloween Haunts
Hot Java Beans
Idly Incrementing
Jingle Jollies
Launch, Upgrade, Repeat
Mollenindustria's Recommendations
Pico Gr8s
Player-Producted Perils
Puzzling Pursuits
Rage for the Ages
Rhymic Rhapsodies
Roleplaying-Propelled Reserves
Rubberburning Racing
Running Riot
Shockwave Shockers
Skip, Smack, Shoot
Sniper Stakeout
Strategic Strengths
Tasselfoot's Favorites
Toe-to-Toe Tussles
Tony's Favorites
Tower Tactics
Toys to Enjoy
Various Varieties