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Logos must be in PNG format. A good logo shows the entire title of a game or something else that is representative of the game. It must be named <code>logo.png</code> and placed in your curation folder. You can add a logo to a curation in Flashpoint Core by dragging it on to the left panel above ''Drop an image here to add it''.
Logos must be in PNG format. A good logo shows something that is representative of the game, like the game's main characters (from the title screen, for example) or other prominent art. You can also use the entire title of the game, preferably including a visual element along with it. The file must be named <code>logo.png</code> and placed in your curation folder. You can add a logo to a curation in Flashpoint Core by dragging it on to the left panel above ''Drop an image here to add it''.

Recommended tools for grabbing logos include Snip & Sketch and Paint, both included in Windows 10/11 by default. You're free to use other tools, but remember, always save logos in PNG format.
Recommended tools for grabbing logos include Snip & Sketch and Paint, both included in Windows 10/11 by default. You're free to use other tools, but remember, always save logos in PNG format. When possible, it is preferable to make logos more or less square-shaped.

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<gallery mode="traditional">
<gallery mode="traditional">

Image:Logo-bad.png | Bad example. Crop it down to just the logo.
Image:Logo-bad2.png | Bad example, has bad aspect ratio.
Image:Logo-good3.png | Good example. Logo is sufficiently cropped.
Image:Logo-bad.png | Bad example, contains gameplay options and buttons. Crop it down to just the logo.
Image:Logo-good.png | Good example. Can show off a bit of the artist's work, but no menu options or other things to get in the way.
Image:Logo-good3.png | Acceptable example. Menu options are cropped out, but the logo is not square-shaped.
Image:Logo-good2.PNG | Good example. This is a decent shot of the focal point of the game.
Image:Logo-not-very-good.png | Acceptable example. It is preferable to use higher quality art from the game.
Image:Logo-good2.PNG | Good example. This is a decent shot of the focal point of the game, taken from the title screen.
Image:Logo-good.png | Great example. Shows off both the artist's work and the title, but no menu options or other things to get in the way. It is also square-shaped.
Image:Logo-good4.png | Good example. Logo is sufficiently cropped and has acceptable dimensions.
Image:Logo-great.png | Great example. Logo has both the title and the artwork.


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This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about putting together a curation and submitting it to Flashpoint. If this is your first time contributing, be sure to follow our step-by-step tutorial.

Before You Start

Checking the Master List and Discord submissions

Before curating, please check the Game Master List (and for animations, the Animation Master List) as well as the curation submission channels in our Discord for newer games or animations that might have been done recently before taking time out of your day to save something that's already been saved. Use CTRL+F to search the list of titles. If you're having difficulty searching the Master List, try our new search tool.

Banned Games and Animations

These are games/animations not allowed in Flashpoint for any reason. You can make an effort to get them working in Flashpoint if you want, but you may not request or submit them.

  • Games/animations that are still on sale, we will not distribute currently paid content. (Don't forget that some games start in web browsers for free then get paid versions later, the web browser version would be allowed in Flashpoint in this case; be sure to check the history before you archive.)
  • Games that require a server and have zero single player content. The amount of work it takes to preserve these is too high relative to what else we can be working on.
  • Any outright emulation of a commercial game (Such as a swf of Contra which contains the Contra ROM image). Ports of games are absolutely fine, but games that are a ROM wrapped in an emulator are not allowed unless they contain only non-commercial games and/or allow you to load your own.
    • While not emulation, fan remakes/conversions of Nintendo projects like Full Screen Mario are too risky to add if they were taken down by Nintendo. Not all remakes/conversions are risky though, if you are unsure just ask in #curators.
  • Videos embedded in SWF files:
    • If the SWF has nothing on it other than it requiring a separate FLV to run the SWF file properly (and if the FLV works perfectly fine on VLC), then it won't be allowed on Flashpoint and it should rather be uploaded through
    • If it use any Flash elements like ui, special effects, loop etc., it can be curated.
    • This means that your curation can't be only a video embedded in a SWF.
    • Games, animations and websites that use video are allowed, and you should include the video files and/or SWFs containing video in the curation.
  • Animations using the HTML5 platform have to include animated components and make use of HTML5-specific tags, CSS, and/or Javascript.
  • Games/animations with cub, shotacon or lolicon content.
  • The following are not allowed at developer request:
    • Any game from XForm Games
    • Windows 93
    • Dragon Ball Devolution, and other games from
    • Any game developed by Nitrome
    • Flash Flash Revolution
    • Any game developed by Farrago Fiction
    • Any game/animation developed by Anonymous-Frog
    • Cookie Clicker

It should go without saying that blatantly illegal games/animations are not allowed, either.

What is a Curation?

Flashpoint is not just a collection of files; it is a museum of playable web games. As in any other museum, each item needs to be curated before it can be put on display. Curating for Flashpoint is more than downloading an SWF, dropping it off in the submission site and expecting it to appear in the next update. Instead, you'll need to put together an archive file (ZIP, 7Z, etc) called a curation.

To make a curation from scratch, first create a new folder with any name (preferably the name of the game you'd like to save, but it doesn't matter). Inside of that folder, you'll add a screenshot and logo, a meta file containing metadata about the game, and a content folder containing all of the files needed to run the game; all of these are required. The following sections will explain each of them in detail. You can download an example curation ZIP file to see what a completed curation folder looks like.

To make this process easier and reduce errors, a smaller, for-curators version of Flashpoint named Flashpoint Core was created with a special tab for curating named the "Curate" tab. This tab will allow you to automatically make new curations with the "New Curation" button, edit their logos, screenshots, and metadata quickly, and test games with the "Run" button at the bottom of each curation. You still need to manually add the content folder to curations made this way. You can download Flashpoint Core from the bottom of the downloads page, and new curations you make will be stored in a folder named "Curations" wherever you extracted Flashpoint Core. See the Curation Tutorial for more information about Flashpoint Core.


All content for each curation must be placed inside a content folder, then arranged in the same way that they would be placed in Flashpoint proper from the "Legacy/htdocs" folder - the best practice is to try and recreate the same structure that the game had on the internet. For example, if a game was hosted at you would create the folders in the format shown in the top example in the image below. If you cannot find the full URL the game is hosted on, a secondary format is acceptable - a domain folder, a folder with the game's name, then the game files, displayed as the second example. Note that if you are using Flashpoint Core, you will still have to make this folder yourself.

Some games request files from other domains. If this is the case, you can include more than one domain folder inside of the content folder.

You might also notice that some games in Flashpoint use a domain called localflash instead of a website domain. While this used to be the protocol for games without a known URL, this is not to be used this way anymore. The localflash folder should only be used curations of offline media, including but not limited to CD-ROMs and personal projects.

If you do use localflash, make sure to contain the files within a folder that shares its name with the game or disc. This minimizes the risk of files clashing. For example, http://localflash/shrek2promodisc/game.swf would be a valid launch command for a localflash curation.


Logos must be in PNG format. A good logo shows something that is representative of the game, like the game's main characters (from the title screen, for example) or other prominent art. You can also use the entire title of the game, preferably including a visual element along with it. The file must be named logo.png and placed in your curation folder. You can add a logo to a curation in Flashpoint Core by dragging it on to the left panel above Drop an image here to add it.

Recommended tools for grabbing logos include Snip & Sketch and Paint, both included in Windows 10/11 by default. You're free to use other tools, but remember, always save logos in PNG format. When possible, it is preferable to make logos more or less square-shaped.



Screenshots must be in PNG format. A good screenshot is a credible 'action shot' of the game (no menus or obvious tutorials). It must be named ss.png in your curation folder. You can add a screenshot to a curation in Flashpoint Core by dragging it on to the right panel above Drop an image here to add it.

Recommended tools for grabbing screenshots include Snip & Sketch and Paint, both included in Windows 10/11 by default. You're free to use other tools, but remember, always save screenshots in PNG format.



The metadata for a game must be included in a file named meta.yaml or meta.yml in your curation folder. It is recommended that you use Flashpoint Core's built-in "Curate" tab for entering in metadata instead of writing this file manually as this can significantly reduce errors. If you choose to create a YAML/YML file instead of a plain TXT file, check out the YAML Format article.

The table below shows all of the fields that you can include in your meta files or type into Flashpoint Core. All fields should be included if they are applicable. Pay special attention to fields marked with * - they are required fields. If a field is not applicable and not required for your curation, either omit it or leave it blank.

Many fields allow multiple values. If they do, separate each value with a semicolon and a space. For example, Value1; Value2.

Some fields have only a few possible values to choose from. If this is the case, they'll be shown in the table as a bulleted list, with the default value in italics. If you omit this type of field, it will take on its default value automatically.

If you're not sure how to use a metadata field, see the example meta file.

List of Metadata Fields

Field Explanation
Title* Always required. The name of the game, in full. When in doubt, use the name indicated in the game's logo. Use the game's official title; don't add anything to it, such as a franchise or series name, if it doesn't exist in the game's title.
Alternate Titles Alternate titles that can also be used to refer to the game. For example, an alternate name for Gateway II is Gateway 2. You also may use this to indicate the title of the game in other languages. Normal rules pertaining to Title field do not apply. Use ; to separate multiple values.
Library* Required if you are curating an animation for Flashpoint Theatre. Possible values:
  • Arcade: This is a game that should go in Flashpoint Arcade (the Games section).
  • Theatre: This is an animation that should go in Flashpoint Theatre (the Animations section).
Series The name of the specific-to-webgames series. This is for games that have prequels and sequels, such as Run, Run 2, and Run 3. Make sure you're not confusing a game's series with its franchises (e.g., The Fairly OddParents or Pokemon), which go into the Tags field.
Developer The name of the developer(s) who made the game. Separate multiple developers with ; . Make sure that each person or game studio actually developed the game; sponsorship does not count. Look for a Credits section! If a developer is known by multiple names or aliases, you may separate each with a slash, like this: Kajenx / Lucas Paakh
Publisher The name of the site that published (sponsored/branded) the game. Look for a "More Games" link or prominent logo; it will probably lead to the Publisher's website.
Play Mode Can be either one, two, or all three of these values:
  • Single Player: A solo experience from start to finish.
  • Cooperative: Like "Single Player", but with others being in the journey of finishing the game from start to finish.
  • Multiplayer: Playing against someone else or multiple players in a session, competing to win.

For example, a fighting game where you can play against another player or the computer would be Single Player; Multiplayer.

  • Playable: Fully playable from beginning to end. Not hacked or modified.
  • Partial: Game is missing files, impacting the player's experience. You'll need to elaborate further in the Notes.
  • Hacked: Game has been hacked or modified to work in Flashpoint. Use the Notes field to explain what has been modified. If you hack a game, you MUST also include the original, unhacked file(s) in your curation, even if they are just extras.

If a game is both Hacked and Partial, its status would be Hacked; Partial. If a game is playable from beginning to end, but missing assets impact the player's experience, then its status would be Playable; Partial.

Release Date The date that the game was first released. Use YYYY-MM-DD format, with whatever precision is available. For example, if you knew a game was released in January 2010, you could say 2010-01.
Version The version number of the game. This is for revisions of the same game, not games in series. Leave this field blank if the game's version number is not clearly shown somewhere.
Languages* Required if you are curating a game that supports languages other than English.

A list of all languages that the game supports. Use ISO 639-1 language codes and separate each code with ; . For example, if a game supports English and Spanish, you would say en; es. Defaults to en.

Extreme* Required if you are curating something unsuitable for minors. Possible values:
  • Yes: Indicates that a game is unsuitable for minors because of excessive violence, sexual content, or other mature content.
  • No: Indicates that a game is suitable for minors.
Tags* See Tags. Pay special attention to the tags in the Content Warnings section, because these are required if they apply to the game you are curating. To add a tag, first type it into the meta field, then select it by either clicking on it or pressing the Tab key until it is highlighted and hitting Enter. You can add a new tag to Core by typing it into the meta field, hitting Enter, and then following the normal process. If you are manually writing a meta file (not using the Curate tab), separate multiple tags with a semicolon and a space.
Source* The full URL of the webpage where you found the game. If you found the game on the Wayback Machine, follow this format: Original URL (via Wayback Machine), or specify the full capture URL instead if necessary. If you found the game somewhere other than a webpage, use whatever format you find appropriate to indicate the source.
Platform* The web game technology that the game uses. See the Appendix for a list of supported platforms. Note that a game is only considered to be HTML5 if it does not require any browser plugin.

If your curation omits this field, the Platform is assumed to be Flash. This field is required for all non-Flash curations.

Application Path* The path to the application to use to launch the game. This path is relative to the main Flashpoint folder. For example, the Application Path for most Flash games is FPSoftware\Flash\flashplayer_32_sa.exe.

If the Application Path is omitted, it will be automatically chosen based on the game's Platform. See the Appendix for a list of default Application Paths for each Platform. We recommend that you always use this field.

Launch Command* The location of your file inside the content folder, replicating an internet URL. This is case-sensitive. Never have https:// at the beginning of a Launch Command, as it will not work properly; ALWAYS use http://. Flashpoint DOES NOT have HTTPS support. If you found the game on the Wayback Machine, the launch command is the original URL, without the section (same goes for the folder structure inside the content folder).

This field is always required. If you're having trouble figuring out the correct launch command for your curation, see the Curation Tutorial.

Mount Parameters Allows passing certain parameters to game zip related launcher extensions which may alter the way games are mounted. This is only used for specific edge cases, so most curators can safely ignore this field.
Notes A message that will appear on the right panel of the launcher. Use this field for important information about the game not explained in the game itself. For example, Notes can provide details about cheat codes, missing assets, hacked files, or unimplemented features. If you are creating the meta file manually and need to create multiple lines for Notes, use the pipe symbol: Notes: | , then indent each line. To learn how to do this correctly, see the example meta file.
Original Description If a game's webpage contains a description of the game or its controls, you may copy and paste it into this field. If you can't find a description on the game's webpage, you can check the page source for the <meta name="description"> HTML tag. If you are creating the meta file manually and need to create multiple lines for the Original Description, use the pipe symbol: Original Description: | , then indent each line.
Curation Notes Use this field to show a message to BlueMaxima if he needs to add your curation in a different way from usual. If you are creating the meta file manually and want to write multi-line Curation Notes, use the pipe symbol: Curation Notes: | , then indent each line.
Additional Applications Use this section to add a message that pops up before a game runs, a link to an Extras folder, or an alternate version of a game. For more details, see the Appendix.

A Good Meta File

Title: Alien Hominid
Series: null
Developer: The Behemoth
Publisher: Newgrounds
Play Mode: Single Player
Status: Playable
Release Date: 2002-08-07
Version: null 
Extreme: No
Tags: Shooter
Platform: Flash
Application Path: FPSoftware\Flash\flashplayer_32_sa.exe
Launch Command:
Notes: |
  This is our sample curation in Flashpoint Core.
  Multiple lines in notes and descriptions are cool.
Curation Notes: Thanks for your work!

Blank Meta File

Title: null 
Alternate Titles: null
Library: null 
Series: null 
Developer: null 
Publisher: null 
Play Mode: null
Status: null 
Release Date: null
Version: null
Languages: null
Extreme: null
Tags: null
Source: null
Platform: null
Application Path: null
Launch Command: null
Mount Parameters: null
Notes: null
Original Description: null
Curation Notes: null
Mount Parameters: null
Additional Applications: {} 


You'll need Flashpoint Core to test your games in a lightweight copy of Flashpoint you can afford to break.

If you've created your curation from scratch, click one of the buttons on the right-hand side of the "Curate" tab to load it into Flashpoint Core. From there, you'll be able to edit, import, and export the curation.

To test a curation in Flashpoint Core, locate the respective curation in the "Curate" tab and press the "Run" button at the bottom of it. Make sure you physically play through part of the game when testing it.

All games should be tested in Flashpoint; if not Core, then at least Ultimate. Just opening the game in a projector or browser is not enough of a test.

Here is the full example ZIP file. (This was also linked earlier, in the Overview section).

Note: that any save data for games will not be included in a curation you do when submitting.

Packing it up

You've finished your first curation! Now follow the instructions below to make sure it gets added to Flashpoint.

Submitting a Curation

Submissions are uploaded in the Flashpoint Submission System, which requires you to join our Discord server first. An explanation of how the site works is available here.

If you have any questions, ask in #curators and a Curator will answer them.

After you have uploaded your curation to the website, a Curator will check it. This can take some time, so please be patient. You will be pinged in #fpfss-notifications about whether or not your submission was approved, and if any changes need to be made.

Once your first submission is approved, you'll be given the Trial Curator role. That means you will be able to submit more curations and upload bigger files.

Congratulations! Your submitted game/animation will appear in the next update to Flashpoint.

Appendix I: Flashpoint Platforms

This is the page of all web game/animation technologies ("Platforms") supported by Flashpoint.

Here's what each column in each table means:

  • Logo: The logo that represents each technology.
  • Short Name: The name of the technology displayed in Flashpoint Launcher.
  • Official Name: The official name(s) of the technology. Useful for searching for information about the technology or looking for games online.
  • Entry Count: Number of game/animations for this technology in Flashpoint (as of 17/09/2023). New games are added very often, so it may not be 100% accurate.
  • Version Added: The Flashpoint version the platform was added in.
  • Support Pack: The support pack you can download to add a new platform to your copy of Flashpoint.
  • Default Application: The path to the default application used to launch a game of this technology.
  • Curation Tutorial: A link to a curation tutorial for this technology. Some tutorials are not available yet, so please help create them if you can!
  • Common File Extensions: List of the common file extensions associated with each platform.

Further information on each implemented platform can be found here.

Current Platforms

Platforms which are available in the latest build of Flashpoint.

As of version 12, there are 110 total platforms, with more coming in future updates.

Logo Short Name Official Name Entry Count Version Added Default Application Curation Tutorial Common File Extensions
Flash Logo.png
Flash Adobe Flash Player 148797 0 FPSoftware\Flash\flashplayer_32_sa.exe Curation Tutorial, Flash Curation .swf, .swc, .swz, .spl
HTML5 Logo.png
HTML5 HTML, HTML5, WebGL, or WebAssembly 30454 3.3 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe, FPSoftware\startChrome.bat HTML5 Curation .html, .htm, .php, .aspx
Shockwave Logo.png
Shockwave Adobe Shockwave Player 6845 3.2 FPSoftware\Shockwave\PJ101\SPR.exe Shockwave Curation .dcr, .dir, .dxr, .cct, .cst, .cxt, .w3d
Unity Logo.png
Unity Unity Web Player 2280 4.0 FPSoftware\startUnity.bat, FPSoftware\startUnityFF.bat Unity Curation .unity3d, .unityweb
Java Logo.png
Java Java Applets 1530 4.1 FPSoftware\startJava.bat Java Curation .class, .jar
Vitalize Logo.png
Vitalize Clickteam Vitalize! 902 8.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe Vitalize Curation .ccn
VRML Logo.png
VRML VRML, Virtual Reality Modelling Language 527 8.2 Multiple, refer to curation tutorial VRML Curation .wrl, .wrz
EVA Logo.png
EVA Extended Vector Animation 457 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat EVA Curation .eva
Silverlight Logo.png
Silverlight Microsoft Silverlight 243 5.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe Silverlight Curation .xap
3DVIA Player Logo.png
3DVIA Player 3DVIA Player, 3D Life Player, Virtools Player 223 5.1 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe 3DVIA Curation .cmo, .vmo, .nmo
Alambik Logo.png
Alambik Alambik Player 198 10.0 FPSoftware\startAlambik.bat Alambik Curation .tv, .tvs, .tvd, .tvv, .tvb, .tvl
Hypercosm Logo.png
Hypercosm Hypercosm Player 184 8.0 FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe Hypercosm Curation .hcvm
E-animator Logo.png
e-animator E-アニメータ, e-animator, SharpMotionART 154 11.0 FPSoftware\startEanimator.bat e-animator Curation .nva
ShiVa3D Logo.png
ShiVa3D ShiVa3D Plugin 146 7.1 FPSoftware\startShiVa.bat ShiVa3D Curation .stk
Atmosphere Logo.png
Atmosphere Adobe Atmosphere Player 138 10.0 FPSoftware\startAtmo212d.bat Atmosphere Curation .aer, .atmo
LiveMath Plugin Logo.png
LiveMath Plugin LiveMath Plug-In 126 10.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe LiveMath Curation .thp
Viscape Logo.png
Viscape Superscape Viscape 121 8.0 FPSoftware\startSVR.bat Viscape Curation .svr, .xvr, .ssv
Authorware Logo.png
Authorware Authorware Web Player 126 6.1 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe Authorware Curation .aam, .aas
ActiveX Logo.png
ActiveX Each game generally uses its own ActiveX control name 106 6.0 FPSoftware\startActiveX.bat ActiveX Curation .cab, .dll, .ocx
TurnTool Logo.png
TurnTool TurnTool XPCOM 91 12.0 FPSoftware\startTurnTool.bat TurnTool Curation .tnt
Xara Plugin Logo.png
Xara Plugin Xara Plugin 75 10.0 FPSoftware\startXaraPlugin.bat Xara Plugin Curation .web
Tcl Logo.png
Tcl Tcl Plugin 74 8.2 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe Tcl Curation .tcl
Cult3D Logo.png
Cult3D Cycore Cult3D 71 10.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Cult3D Curation .co
BitPlayer Logo.png
BitPlayer BitMagic Player 70 10.1 FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe BitPlayer Curation .bm
BioPlayer Logo.png
bioPlayer bioVirtual bioPlayer Version 0.0.16 69 12.0 FPSoftware\startBioPlayer.bat bioPlayer Curation .bio
REBOL Logo.png
REBOL REBOL 67 10.0 FPSoftware\startRebol.bat REBOL Curation .r
Flatland Rover Logo.png
Flatland Rover Flatland Rover 65 11.0 FPSoftware\startFlatLandRover.bat Flatland Rover Curation .3dml
IPix Logo.png
iPix iPix Viewer 51 11.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe iPix Curation .ipx, .ips, .bub, .aut
Squeak Logo.png
Squeak Etoys Plugin, Etoys, Squeak 50 11.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe Squeak Curation .pr
Envoy Logo.png
Envoy Envoy 39 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Envoy Curation .evy
3D Groove GX Logo.png
3D Groove GX 3D Groove GX 33 5.3 FPSoftware\startGroove.bat Unknown if more exist yet .grv
Surround Video Logo.png
Surround Video Surround Video™ Plug-in for Netscape™ 31 11.0 FPSoftware\startSurroundVideo.bat Surround Video Curation .svh
SmoothMove Panorama Logo.png
SmoothMove Panorama SmoothMove Panorama 30 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat SmoothMove Panorama Curation .pan
AXEL Player Logo.png
AXEL Player AXEL Player 27 10.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat AXEL Curation .axs
ThingViewer Logo.png
ThingViewer ThingWorld ThingViewer 27 11.0 FPSoftware\startThingViewer.bat ThingViewer Curation .tms
AnimaFlex Logo.png
AnimaFlex AnimaFlex 26 10.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe Unknown if more exist yet .afl
DPGraph Logo.png
DPGraph DPGraph, DPGraph: Dynamic Photorealistic 3D Graphing Software for Math and Physics Visualization 22 11.0 FPSoftware\startDPGraph.bat DPGraph Curation .dpg
WebAnimator Logo.png
WebAnimator DeltaPoint WebAnimator 22 11.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe WebAnimator Curation .wan
Common Ground Logo.png
Common Ground Common Ground MiniViewer Plug-In 19 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Common Ground Curation .dp
Flick Logo.png
Flick Flick V.BC04 Animation and Audio Player 19 12.0 FPSoftware\startDosbox.bat Flick Curation .sec, .cft
MHSV Logo.png
MHSV Multimedia Home Space Viewer, VHSB, Virtual Home Space Builder, D96 Plug-in Viewer, D96 Netscape Plug-in, Virtual Space Viewer 17 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat MHSV Curation .mus, .d96
FreeHand Logo.png
FreeHand Adobe FreeHand, Shockwave for FreeHand, Shockwave Graphics Player 17 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat FreeHand Curation .fhc, .fh4, .fh5, .fh7
DjVu Logo.png
DjVu DjVu Browser Plug-in 16 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat DjVu Curation .djvu, .djv
Winds3D Logo.png
Winds3D Winds3D Plugin 15 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Winds3D Curation .aw3, .exe, .w3d
DX Studio Player Logo.png
DX Studio Player DX Studio Player 14 12.0 FPSoftware\startDXStudioPlayer.bat DX Studio Player Curation .dxstudio, .dxmesh
Fractal Viewer Logo.png
Fractal Viewer Fractal Viewer 13 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Fractal Viewer Curation .fif
MBed Logo.gif
mBed mBed Plug-in 13 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat mBed Curation .mbd
ASAP WebShow Logo.gif
ASAP WebShow ASAP WebShow, ActivePresenter WebShow 12 11.0 FPSoftware\startASAPWebshow.bat ASAP WebShow Curation .asp, .ap
Burster Logo.png
Burster Burster Plugin 12 8.2 FPSoftware\startBurster.bat Burster Curation .blend, .blendz
PopCap Plugin Logo.png
PopCap Plugin PopCap Plugin 12 5.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe All content already included .cab
ProtoPlay Logo.png
ProtoPlay Altia ProtoPlay 12 10.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Unknown if more exist yet .dsn (+.rtm)
Pulse Logo.png
Pulse Pulse Player 12 8.1 FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe Pulse Curation .pwc, .pws
Formula One NET Logo.gif
Formula One Formula One/NET 11 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Unknown if more exist yet .vts
PointPlus Logo.png
PointPlus PointPlus Plug-in, PointPlus Plug-in Viewer 11 11.0 FPSoftware\startPointPlus.bat Unknown if more exist yet .css
HyperChem Logo.png
HyperChem HyperChem Web Viewer, Cow Viewer 11 12.0 FPSoftware\startHyperChem.bat HyperChem Curation .cow
Calendar Quick Logo.png
Calendar Quick Calendar Quick Plugin 10 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Calendar Quick Curation .cqk
X3D Logo.png
X3D Extensible 3D Graphics 10 11.0 FPSoftware\startView3dscene.bat X3D Curation .x3d, .x3dv, .x3db
MrSID Logo.png
MrSID MrSID Browser Plug-in 10 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat MrSID Curation .sid
Octree View Logo.png
Octree View Octree Viewer, Octree FastView 9 10.0 FPSoftware\FlashpointSecurePlayer.exe Unknown if more exist yet .oct
Blender Logo.png
Blender Blender 3D Web Plug-in, Blender Game Engine plugin 9 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Blender Curation .blend
Ambulant Logo.png
Ambulant AMBULANT Open SMIL Player 8 11.0 FPSoftware\startAmbulant.bat Ambulant Curation .smi, .smil, .grins
O2c-Player Logo.png
o2c-Player objects to see, o2c, O2C, 02c, o2c-Player, o2c Player, o2c player 8 11.0 Multiple, refer to curation tutorial o2c-Player Curation .o2c, .e3d, .aco
NoteWorthy Composer Logo.png
NoteWorthy Composer NoteWorthy Composer Browser Plug-in 8 11.0 FPSoftware\startNoteWorthyComposer.bat NoteWorthy Composer Curation .nwc
Jutvision Logo.png
Jutvision Jutvision Plug-In 8 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Jutvision Curation .jut
Sizzler Logo.png
Sizzler Netscape Sizzler Plug-in 8 12.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe Sizzler Curation .spr, .sprite
Hyper-G Logo.png
Hyper-G Hyper-G Web Protocol, Hyper-G Scene Description Format 7 10.0 FPSoftware\startVRweb.bat Unknown if more exist yet .sdf
SVF Viewer Logo.png
SVF Viewer SVF viewer, Simple Vector Format Viewer 7 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat SVF Curation .svf
Live Picture Viewer Logo.png
Live Picture Viewer Live Picture Viewer 7 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Live Picture Curation .ivr
VReam Logo.png
VReam VReam, WIRL Interactive VR Browser 7 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat VReam Curation .vre, .vrw
Jamagic Logo.png
Jamagic Jamagic 7 12.0 FPSoftware\startJamagic.bat Jamagic Curation .3dd
Scorch Logo.png
Scorch Sibelius Scorch, Scorch Netscape Plugin 7 12.0 FPSoftware\startScorch.bat Scorch Curation .sib
Petz Player Logo.png
Petz Player Petz Player 3, Petz Player 5 7 12.0 FPSoftware\startPetzPlayer.bat Petz Player Curation .ply
DevalVR Logo.png
DevalVR DevalVR 3D Plugin 0,9,1,4 7 12.0 FPSoftware\startDevalvr.bat DevalVR Curation .dvl, .jpg, .mov
HotSauce Logo.png
HotSauce HotSauce, Project X 6 11.0 FPSoftware\startHotSauce.bat HotSauce Curation .mcf
Lightning Strike Logo.png
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike 6 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Lightning Strike Curation .cod, .tcod
Pixound Logo.png
Pixound Pixound Plug-in 6 11.0 FPSoftware\startPixound.bat Unknown if more exist yet .pxd
GLG Logo.png
GLG Plugin Generic Logics Dynamic Graphics Plug-in, v. 2.4 6 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat GLG Plugin Curation .glg
Show It! Logo.png
Show It! Corel Presentations Show It! Plug-in 5 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Unknown if more exist yet .pqi
Visual WebMap Logo.png
Visual WebMap Visual WebMap Client/Server Concept, Visual WebMap for Microstation Files 5 10.1 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe Visual WebMap Curation .dgn, .rle, .cit, .vec
TWF Logo.png
TWF TWF Viewer/TWF OpenGL Viewer 5 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat TWF Curation .twf, .twfz
XVR Logo.png
XVR Xtreme VR 5 12.0 FPSoftware\startXVR.bat XVR Curation .s3d.bin
AboutPeople Logo.png
AboutPeople AboutPeople 4 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat AboutPeople Curation .vcf
AboutTime Logo.png
AboutTime AboutTime 4 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat AboutTime Curation .vef
QuickSilver Logo.png
QuickSilver Micrografx ABC QuickSilver 4 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat QuickSilver Curation .drw, .ds4, .dsf
D'Fusion Logo.png
DFusion D'Fusion @Home Web Plug-In, D'Fusion Web Plugin 3 11.0 FPSoftware\startDFusion.bat D'Fusion Curation .dpd, .dll
DeepV Logo.png
DeepV DeepV Plugin 3 10.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe Unknown if more exist yet .DeepV
Illuminatus Logo.png
Illuminatus Illuminatus 3 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Illuminatus Curation .ilm, .ilz
Cool 360 Logo.png
Cool 360 Ulead COOL 360 Plug-in 1.0 3 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Cool 360 Curation .upj, .uvr
PanoramIX Logo.png
PanoramIX PanoramIX Plugin 3 12.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe PanoramIX Curation .svh, .svj, .pan
Visviva Logo.png
Visviva Visviva Animation Player 3 12.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe Visviva Curation .vobj
MegaView Logo.png
MegaView MegaView Plugin 3 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat MegaView Curation .xmz
Fractal eXtreme Logo.png
fractal eXtreme FXMovie Player plug-in 1.11 3 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat fractal eXtreme Curation .fxz
EGI Logo.png
EGI EGI Animation Player 3 12.0 FPSoftware\startEGI.bat EGI Curation .flc, .fli
NAPLPS Logo.png
NAPLPS UCL NAPLPS Viewer Plugin Personal Ver.1.0b 3 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat NAPLPS Curation .pdi
SVG Viewer Logo.png
SVG Viewer Adobe SVG Viewer 3 12.0 FPSoftware\startSVGViewer.bat SVG Viewer Curation .svg, .svgz
GoBit Logo.png
GoBit GoBit Games Plugin 2 6.3 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe All content already included .cab
Harvard WebShow Logo.png
Harvard WebShow Harvard Graphics WebShow 2 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Harvard WebShow Curation .pr4
JCAMP-DX Logo.png
JCAMP-DX JCAMP-DX 2 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat JCAMP-DX Curation .jdx, .dx
MapGuide Logo.png
MapGuide Argus/Autodesk MapGuide 2 11.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat MapGuide Curation .class, .mwf
WebXpresso Logo.png
WebXpresso WebXpresso Dynamic Graphics v2.0 2 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat WebXpresso Curation .xpg
RealiView Logo.png
RealiView RealiView Internet Plugin 2 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat RealiView Curation .rbs
Virtuoso Logo.png
Virtuoso Virtue3D Player plug-in 2 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Virtuoso Curation .vtu
NetWriter Logo.png
NetWriter Netwriter Plug-in for Netscape 2 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat NetWriter Curation .nwr
Play3D Logo.png
Play3D Play3D Plugin 1 10.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Unknown if more exist yet .p3d
Animated Widgets Logo.png
Animated Widgets Animated Widgets Plugin 1 12.0 FPSoftware\startAnimatedWidgets.bat Unknown if more exist yet .anm
FastBid Logo.png
FastBid FastBid 1 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat Unknown if more exist yet .fbs
CambridgeSoft ChemDraw Logo.png
ChemDraw CambridgeSoft ChemDraw, CS ChemDraw Pro Plugin 1 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat ChemDraw Curation .cdx
20-20 3D Viewer Logo.png
20-20 3D Viewer 20-20 3D Viewer 1 12.0 FPSoftware\startActiveX.bat 20-20 3D Viewer Curation .axs
FIGleaf Inline Logo.png
FIGLeaf FIGleaf Inline Plug-in for Netscape 1 12.0 FPSoftware\startNetscape.bat FIGLeaf Curation .cgm, .jpeg, .tiff
WebGlide Logo.png
WebGlide WebGlide Player v1.02.0092 1 12.0 FPSoftware\fpnavigator-portable\FPNavigator.exe WebGlide Curation .vpg, .wgs

Upcoming Platforms

Platforms which are ready for addition to future Flashpoint updates and versions, but not in the current version. Curations for these platforms are accepted, assuming you have added the support packs to Flashpoint. Example curations for these platforms can be downloaded and tested from FPFSS. Support packs can also be found at the /Addition dates page alongside further information.

As of 17/09/2023, there are 5 upcoming platforms, 105 less than the current number of platforms.

Logo Short Name Official Name Version Added Support Pack Default Application Curation Tutorial Common File Extensions
Chem3D Logo.png
Chem3D Chem3D ActiveX Control TBA Chem3DSP.7z FPSoftware\startChem3D.bat Chem3D Curation .c3d, .c3t, .ftr, .tbl, .tbt, .pdb
Web-Active Logo.gif
Web-Active Web-Active 1.0.1b6 TBA FPSoftware\startBasiliskII.bat Web-Active Curation .wvr
Electrifier Logo.png
Electrifier Electrifier MFC Application TBA Electrifier Curation .elec
SuperCard Roadster Logo.png
SuperCard SuperCard Roadster TBA SuperCard Curation .sca
Mirage Logo.png
Mirage MediaForge ~Mirage Plugin TBA FPSoftware\startMirage.bat Mirage Curation .mfg, .mfp

Work in Progress

The following platforms are actively being worked on for implementation to Flashpoint. However, support for them is not yet complete. You are encouraged to assist in the implementation of these platforms into Flashpoint if you have the necessary skills.

Note that this section only includes technologies which have had a significant amount of work put into implementing them or have support packs ready but can't be added yet due to a specific factor. A more comprehensive list of technologies which may be added in a future update can be found in Technologies to Add.

Logo Short Name Official Name Version Added Curation Tutorial Common File Extensions
Astound Web Player Logo.png
Astound Astound Web Player TBD Astound Curation .asn, .asd, .smp
Atomic3D Logo.png
Atomic3D Atomic3D, Neutron Viewer TBD Atomic3D Curation .agp, .psq
Chime Logo.png
Chime MDL Chime, Chemscape Chime TBA Chime Curation .mol, .rxn, .pdb, .emb, .embl, .xyz, .gau, .mop, .spt, .csm, .csml, .jdx, .dx, .scr, .tgf, .skc, .cub, .cube
EMBLAZE Logo.png
Asymetrix Neuron Logo.png
Neuron Asymetrix Neuron TBD Neuron Curation .tbk
O3D Logo.gif
O3D O3D TBD O3D Curation .o3d, .o3dtgz

See also

Appendix II: Additional Applications

The Additional Applications metadata field can be used to add Messages, Extras, or Alternates to a curation. If you're using Flashpoint Core, you can add these through the "New App", "Add Extras", and "Add Message" buttons at the bottom of each curation in the "Curate" tab. Each of these items is explained in detail below.


Use the Message sub-field to add a short, one-line message that pops up before a game runs. You'll want to use this if there's something that Flashpoint users need to know before playing a game. If you have less-important information about the game, use the Notes field instead. You can only have one message per curation.

In Flashpoint Core, use the "Add Message" button at the bottom of the curation to add a message.

You can also add a Message to your meta file manually. For example, here is the Additional Applications field of a game that starts in fullscreen and is difficult to close:

Additional Applications:
    Message: This game starts in fullscreen. To exit, alt-tab and close the window in the taskbar.


Extras allow you to include a folder of bonus materials with your curation. If you would like to include files related to a game that are not required to play it, such as source code or unlockable items, this is how you can do it:

  1. Inside your curation's folder, next to the content folder, create a folder called Extras.
  2. Place all of the bonus materials you would like to include inside of the Extras folder.
  3. In the Notes field, add a short explanation of what's included in the Extras folder.
  4. In Flashpoint Core, press the "Add Extras" button at the bottom of the curation and type gamename into the "Extras Folder" field. For example, if the title of the game was Tokyo Guinea Pop, you would type tokyoguineapop. Do not edit the "Heading" field!

If you're not using the Curate tab of Flashpoint Core, you can manually add Extras to your meta file. In the Additional Applications field, add an Extras sub-field like this: Extras: gamename.

For example, here is the Additional Applications field of a game called Tokyo Guinea Pop. The curation's Extras folder contains unlockable items from the game's original website.

Additional Applications:
    Extras: tokyoguineapop

When the above curation is imported into Flashpoint, the curation's Extras folder will be renamed to tokyoguineapop and placed in Flashpoint's main Extras folder.

Note that you can only have one Extras folder per curation.


Alternates allow you to add alternate versions of a game into the same curation. This is commonly used to add older versions of a game, alternate languages of a game, or hacked versions from sites like Arcade Prehacks. Note that all of the files required to run an Alternate should be included in the content folder of your curation, along with the files for the main version.

If you're using the Curate tab of Flashpoint Core, you can use the "New App" button at the bottom of the curation to add alternates. Provide a short name for the alternate version in the "Heading" field. For example, you might say Hacked Version or Version 0.5b. Be sure to fill out the Application Path and Launch Command fields, then test the alternate thoroughly.

You can also manually add an alternate to your meta file under the Additional Applications field. For example, the curation of a game called Drop 3 includes a hacked version. Here is the Additional Applications field of this curation:

Additional Applications:
    Hacked Version:
        Application Path: FPSoftware\Flash\flashplayer_32_sa.exe
        Launch Command: