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Note: This page is under construction and is incomplete.

This page will hold the tools that can be used to author the Platforms that Flashpoint currently supports and plans to support.

If you know how to help with any issues that arise from problems with these, join the #plugin-chat channel in our Discord.

Logo Name Supported? Links to tools Tutorials Notes
Flash Logo.png
Flash Yes FutureSplash Animator Located within program Installer requires otvdm, might not fully work on Windows 10
Macromedia Flash 4 Located within program
Macromedia Flash 5 Located within program
Macromedia Flash MX Located within program
Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Located within program
Macromedia Flash 8 Located within program
Adobe Flash CS5.5 Professional
Shockwave Logo.png
Shockwave Yes Macromedia Director MX 2004 Located within program MX 2004 needs to be run in compatibility mode.

Also requires an activation code

Adobe Director 11.5
PopCap Plugin Logo.png
PopCap Plugin Yes No known
Authorware Logo.png
Authorware Yes Macromedia Authorware 7.02
Hypercosm Logo.png
Hypercosm Yes Hypercosm Studio 2.2 Has a few problems running on modern devices.
GoBit Logo.png
GoBit Yes No known Manual creation may be possible by editing one of the existing curations, however this would simply be a reskin.
ShiVa3D Logo.png
ShiVa3D Yes ShiVa Authoring Tool 1.9.2 Includes plugin installer.
Alambik Logo.png
Alambik Yes Alambik Basic Core - FREE Editor
Atmosphere Logo.png
Atmosphere Yes Adobe Atmosphere Builder Located within program Program is cracked
Cult3D Logo.png
Cult3D Yes Cult3D Designer
LiveMath Plugin Logo.png
LiveMath Plugin Yes LiveMath Maker 3.5.9 30 day trial
Viscape Logo.png
Viscape Yes Superscape VRT v5.60 Located within program Crack is included
Superscape 3D Webmaster v5.50 Located within program Requires a crack for 3DWebmas.exe
Superscape Do 3D v5.10 Located within program Crack is included
HotSauce Logo.png
HotSauce Requires a support pack MCF Generator, Parser and SDK Classic MacOS-only program
FreeHand Logo.png
FreeHand Requires a support pack Macromedia Freehand MX Serial key is in the review of the archive.
ThingViewer Logo.png
ThingViewer Requires a support pack ThingMaker Trial
DPGraph Logo.png
DPGraph Requires a support pack DPGraph
Envoy Logo.png
Envoy Requires a support pack WordPerfect Customer Advantage Program October 1994
Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 Legal Edition
MHSV Logo.png
MHSV Requires a support pack Virtual Home Space Builder 2.2 Installer requires otvdm
PointPlus Logo.png
PointPlus Requires a support pack PointPlus Maker PointPlus Maker is likely lost.
Calendar Quick Logo.png
Calendar Quick Requires a support pack Calendar Quick 3.2 Located within program otvdm is included
D'Fusion Logo.png
D'Fusion Requires a support pack D'Fusion Studio 3.26 Located within program Account login has yet to be bypassed; no known way to get it to work as of yet.
WebAnimator Logo.png
WebAnimator Requires a support pack WebAnimator for Windows Authoring Tool Installer requires otvdm; 30 day trial
Illuminatus Logo.png
Illuminatus Requires a support pack Illuminatus Producer v4 Located within program Installer requires otvdm
Harvard WebShow Logo.png
Harvard WebShow Requires a support pack ASAP Internet Graphics Suite Harvard Graphics for Harvard Webshow content.
ASAP WebShow Logo.gif
ASAP WebShow Requires a support pack ASAP WordPower for ASAP Webshow content.
Lightning Strike Logo.png
Lightning Strike Requires a support pack Lightning Strike Image Compressor
IPix Logo.png
iPix Requires a support pack iPix Interactive Studio v1.2 Located within program An installer needed, flexidsilent.exe, needs to be run in compatibility mode.
Fractal Viewer Logo.png
Fractal Viewer Requires a support pack Fractal Imager 1.1
Live Picture Viewer Logo.png
Live Picture Requires a support pack Live Picture PhotoVista, Object Modeler, and Reality Studio
NoteWorthy Composer Logo.png
NoteWorthy Composer Requires a support pack NoteWorthy Composer WorkSpace
Jutvision Logo.png
Jutvision Requires a support pack Jutvision Design Kit Freeware Edition 1.0 Installer requires otvdm
Cool 360 Logo.png
Cool 360 Requires a support pack Ulead COOL 360 Located within program
MrSID Logo.png
MrSID Requires a support pack MrSID Photo Edition v1.1 Can only be used on Windows 98; doesn't run properly in Windows 10.
PanoramIX Logo.png
PanoramIX Requires a support pack PanoramIX Authoring Tool Located within program
MBed Logo.gif
mBed Requires a support pack mBED Interactor Pro Trial version.
Jamagic Logo.png
Jamagic Requires a support pack Jamagic Studio Demo Demo version, can not save files in .3dd format
Scorch Logo.png
Scorch Requires a support pack Sibelius 4 Demo Located within program Demo version.
EMBLAZE Logo.png
EMBLAZE Requires a support pack (and does not work once imported) Emblaze Creator Classic MacOS-only program; program is being sold on eBay - this includes the windows version
Atomic3D Logo.png
Atomic3D No Proton Pro Installer requires otvdm; 30 day trial, needs unlock code
Astound Web Player Logo.png
Astound Web Player No Astound 2.0 Installer requires otvdm; 30 day trial
Astound 4.0 Can only be used on an old Virtual Machine due to the installer not working with otvdm (the program won't run on a PC it wasn't registered on). The serial key is 3260952387; to export to Astound plugin files, you need to have the Astound Web Installer installed.
Astound 5.0 Installer requires otvdm; needs serial key
O3D Logo.gif
QuickTime Logo.png
QuickTime VR No QuickTime VR Authoring Studio Classic MacOS-only program
3DMLW Logo.png
3DMLW No Quantum Hog Lost
HD View Logo.png
HD View No Microsoft Image Composite Editor Doesn't install properly on Windows 10.
MPire Logo.png
mPire No mTropolis
Scream Logo.png
SCREAM No SCREAM Editor Save-disabled demo; needs QuickTime installed
TurnTool Logo.png
TurnTool XPCOM No TurnTool Studio
Winds3D Logo.png
Winds3D No Awakening 1.0 Unregistered, limited features
Awakening 2.0 Unregistered, limited features

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