Atmosphere Curation

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This guide will show you how to curate Adobe Atmosphere content using Flashpoint Core.

Before You Start

  • This tutorial will assume you've read the standard Curation Tutorial, which is highly recommended to go through. Try curating a Flash game before moving on to other platforms like Atmosphere.
  • The general list of Atmosphere worlds are listed here: (most of them are offline).

How to recognize an Atmosphere application

Important things about Atmosphere curation

  • .aer/.atmo files always need to be embedded in HTML! If the original files are lost, use this:
<body style="margin:0">
<object id="main" classid="CLSID:03F998B2-0E00-11D3-A498-00104B6EB52E" height="100%" width="100%">
    <param name="Source" value="">
    <param name="Component" value="IVirgoComponent">
    <param name="ComponentFileName" value="VirgoComponent.mtc">
    <param name="BroadcastKeyFileURL" value="''">
    <param name="properties" value="''">
  • Mention in notes: "Original .html is lost, game embedded in new instead.".

Meta Fields

  • Original Title - Adobe Atmosphere 3D Gallery was used as a default name when galleries didn’t have a specified name. To distinguish galleries between them, add something to the title, e. g. Adobe Atmosphere 3D Gallery - Mancuso Cheese Company.
  • Logo - use Viewer.png, if it wasn't lost.
  • Date - This can be found in the .aer file. (MM/DD/YYYY) This is the date of which the file was created, but it doesn’t always match with the actual release date.
  • Tags - Use the 3D and Virtual World tags for most games.


  • Ignore request of files from directory in logs.
  • Most times you can ignore avatars from external sites, but you will have to remember your last used avatar as you will be asked for it in your next curation.
  • Merge worlds as microsite if possible (e. g. Visitable Extreme Physics (xfzx) Worlds Microsite).
  • If you have any questions/problems, ask on #vrml-chat